Punished by Mrs. Riker Ch. 02

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I wandered out through the glass doors of Mrs. Riker’s office dazed and tingling over to the receptionist. “You need to schedule your maintenance appointments?” she said, looking at her computer. I managed a quick “Yes” and she started typing. “How ’bout one week from today, same time?” I agreed that would be fine, unconsciously rubbing my sore bottom. I must’ve looked like a kid who’s been crying, she gave me a knowing, sympathetic look and handed me a jar of soothing cream. “See you next week.”

Returning to my cottage I breathed a long sigh and set out to care for my burning cheeks. This was my first spanking ever as an adult, and I wasn’t sure what to do. So I decided to use my tried and true ‘when in doubt – do nothing’ policy and flopped on the bed. I drifted easily into a dreamy, half-conscious daze. Several hours went by before I got up and took a shower. The warm water flowing over my backside was doing me good. Finally able to relax, I got dressed and went to dinner.

In every day that followed my mind was filled with visions of the experience. I would often get a boner thinking about it, then wonder why, because the pain was almost unbearable. I hated the spanking, yet I got horny recalling it. I masturbated often. Just imagining or considering getting spanked would send me off searching for some privacy. But still I had no explanation for this strange attraction. I certainly wasn’t into pain, and being controlled or shamed has never appealed to me. So why the perpetual hard-on?

I gave up trying to answer that, and just kept wanking whenever possible. Days flew by and before I knew it, my session was the next morning.

I headed to my 10AM appointment. Mrs. Riker greeted me, sitting at her desk looking dignified and professional. “Hello David, glad you’re on time. I’m happy that you’ve made the decision and agreed to our weekly ‘maintenance sessions… it’s a serious commitment, and you know you are in for a lot of pain…” she paused, looking at me intently. “But you really do need this in order to learn respect and to improve your behavior here at Britain Acres.” I nodded politely.

“It is never too late to get this sort of discipline. In fact, receiving a good thrashing has many benefits” she advised. “I will be taking you over my lap to burn your bottom with a variety of implements during each of our sessions.” I started to get uncomfortable, wondering what she was getting at. “And these spankings will involve real pain – that is the purpose.” Her face was so authoritative there was no doubt. I felt innately required to comply with anything she said. She had that old-fashioned look about her, like a strict teacher or a stern, demanding aunt. As a kid I was always fearful and yet curious of these ladies.

She came from behind her desk and moved toward me as she spoke. I was totally taken by her stately, imposing manner. It was truly elegant how she deliberately and expertly took control. I noticed she was wearing different shoes, thin strapped sandals with 3 inch heels. And her dress was a V-neck summer frock made of rather thin, silky material. Enticing, yet proper. Decent and respectable but definitely more seductive than last time. Granted, it was a hot summer day, but why such alluring attire this time? I wondered if she was maybe getting a little horny from spanking such a grown-up brat as myself. It didn’t seem probable, considering how straight and proper she was. Besides, she just didn’t look to be the naughty type. I couldn’t let myself believe…

“You did very well last week. I’m proud of you.” Then with a subtle smile she winked and said, “Brave boy!”

Walking back around the desk she continued, “David, I admire your courage and want you to know I do appreciate that you are really trying. Just the fact that you showed up today tells me you’re making an effort to get better. And let me assure you, I will be fully supportive all the way.” I trusted this was for real, that if I ever came apart at the seams or had an emotional issue I couldn’t handle, she’d be there for me.

Fascinated, I watched and listened as she strolled around the room elaborating and expressing her thoughts.

She gazed out the window and spoke softly, “As you’ve probably gathered, I enjoy spanking. I am good at it. To me there’s nothing quite so glorious as making someone squirm while I’m slapping their bottom to a rosy red.” She looked back at me and said, “Giving a good thorough spanking gives me a deep sense of fulfillment.” Again I wondered if she could be aroused. Here she was, gazing wistfully out the window zorla sex and baring her innermost thoughts to me, a perfect stranger. “And you sir, are one of my best patients,” she folded her hands together, “You take it very well.”

I was mesmerized, totally focused on this majestic woman.

“I can sense exactly how much a person can take. I know just when to back off, give a little soothing caress, then resume the spanking. This technique allows the subject to withstand greater levels of pain than they normally would.”

She came closer, and put her finger under my chin. “And know this, I’m going to take great pleasure in bringing you beyond the limits, to places you never thought possible.”

I shuddered.

Then she slid the strait-back chair to the middle of the room, and announced, “Alright Mr. Carstairs, it’s time to get those clothes off.” Trembling, I did so and much to my embarrassment, ‘mister happy’ was standing at full attention. I couldn’t look at her. I just stood there fidgeting nervously with my hands over my privates, as if that would do any good. I was standing half way across the room, yet mortified and utterly self-conscious.

“Come over here.” she ordered, “Stand in front of me.”

Blushing, I waddled over trying to hide my bouncing hard-on. “Hands at your sides.” I sheepishly obeyed, exposing my still twitching boner. She sat forward and looked right at it. Then with a stern expression on her face she shook her head with a sigh, paused, and spoke, “Okay David, I realize this is a natural reaction with you and I won’t do anything to suppress it. Nor will I try to encourage it.”

My dick danced as she went on: “But again I must warn you, if you should happen to orgasm during the spanking, your punishment will continue until I decide it’s over. And, as you should know, it hurts a lot more then.”

Fidgeting awkwardly, I wondered how I could possibly put off the inevitable. She seemed to understand my dread as she continued, “Listen honey, I know you’re scared, but we have to do this… Look, it’s gonna hurt a lot either way, so just resolve to take your medicine and get it over with.” I got that hopeless sinking feeling again. Here I am standing naked with a full erection in front of this poised, authoritarian lady, knowing she’s about to spank me hard and long.

“Understood?” I nodded that I did. “Good, let’s begin. Now, over my lap.” She pulled my arm gently as I slid across her bare thighs. I could see her feet in those sexy shoes, her ankles looked so gorgeous. My cock felt the wonderful skin-to-skin touch and for a second all was well, but then she started slapping.

Quickly and methodically she spanked in rapid-fire, gradually harder and harder. Whap whap whap whap Speedy smacks continued for at least a full minute. In the process I was brought from ultimate pleasure to alarming pain. This was different than the first time. Now she kept on spanking from the start. It took me by surprise, this was supposed to be the ‘warm up’ and now I’m already thinking I can’t stand much more. I kicked and thrashed and squirmed on her lap. She held me firmly in place with her left arm wrapped around my right hip. The squirming only increased my arousal, even as my erection had diminished to half-mast. The ‘pain-pleasure’ thing became thoroughly confused as she just went on and on without let up.

“Am I getting through to you?” Smack! smack! “Does it hurt?” Whack! “Good.” Slap! slap! slap! “It’s gonna hurt more, do you know that?.” I could only grunt a muffled reply and could not believe how long she was going without even a brief pause. The pain got worse and worse as her swats covered my entire bottom down to my upper thighs. I started pleading, “Please… no… no more!” but she went on spanking furiously. My semi-erection slipped down between her thighs and she squeezed them together as if to hold me in place. That’s what I always wanted, but not exactly like this. The stinging pain grew worse and seemed to engulf my whole body. And yet, I still had erotic feelings! Right in the midst of this searing pain, part of me was getting horny! As I writhed and bucked with each slap, my dick just grew harder. I was amazed.

Then she stopped. It had been almost three minutes of high speed walloping and finally a break. “Let’s give you a little time to recover,” she cooed as she brushed her hands softly over my burning bottom. “I’m going to start in again shortly, but for now, just relax.” My butt cheeks were on fire and her smooth caresses felt good. At one point she spread porno indir them apart, viewed my butt-hole, and continued her massage along the crack of my ass. Touching my anus caused an immediate jerky shiver, and she clucked, “Don’t tell me you’re anal-erotic too!?” laughing softly. I was dumbfounded, wondering “how did she know?” I winced in total self-consciousness. This only added to my already acute embarrassment.

“There there, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.” she purred, giving my hole a playful tweak. “Lots of people have that fixation. Besides, I think it explains a lot about you.” I winced again, blushing, utterly mortified. “I might consider sending you to the T-building for a good colonic.” I didn’t know exactly what that would be like, but my body twitched at the thought. “Mmm-hmm, I think you’d probably like it.”

She continued massaging softly while I lay there spread-legged over her lap trying to breathe easy. With my butt on fire, my balls in full view squished against her thigh, and my entire body surging in pain, I finally started to let go; to stop fighting and embrace it all.

My body quaked and trembled as I gradually wound down to a relaxed state of mind. Mrs. Riker seemed to sense this, and murmured encouraging words as her hands soothed my burning skin. Then, all too soon, she gave me a pat and asked that I stand up. Rolling off her lap I was too shaky to stand. “That’s okay, you can just kneel,” she reassured. “Here, come closer, I want to check you.” I hobbled closer and when I did, she positioned me sideways and smoothed her hands all over me as she inspected my bottom.

“Mmm hmm,” she said, inspecting her handiwork. “Looks good, but we’re not done yet.” I cowered at the thought but my erection was returning. She glanced at my frontside saying, “I think it’s time for the hairbrush,” as she was still running her hands up and down my body. My boner started bouncing of its own accord.

“We’re going to try a different position,” she spoke in an official tone. “Come forward over my left knee.” I lifted my trembling body up and slowly crawled on to her knee. “That’s right, easy now…” She guided me gently and as my head went over her skirt, I swear I smelled the unmistakeable musk of a sexually aroused woman! Also, I couldn’t help but notice her breathing was rather heavy.

Now I was straddling her thigh with my head almost in back of her. My rigid hard-on was pressing against her inner thigh, pointing directly at the ‘forbidden zone’. Needless to say I loved this – my dick having skin-to-skin contact and ever so close to where it wanted to go. I was crazy with lust. Lost in a dream of desire for this powerful woman. She was in total control. I surrendered totally.

But this brief reverie ended abruptly as she picked up the brush and started paddling vigorously. My ass was pointing outwards and upwards, my balls were squished against her knee, my legs were pumping like riding a bicycle. Whap! whap! whap! she spanked with stern determination. The pain became so severe I couldn’t take it, and once again found myself going into an altered state of consciousness. My perception shifted to an exterior viewpoint. Seemed like I was outside my body looking down on us from the ceiling. There I was, my butt-cheeks fiery red, legs straddled and twitching as I grunted and mumbled incoherently.

This seemed to go on for quite some time, although I can’t say how long, because time itself had changed from its ordinary meaning. I simply wasn’t aware of the passage of time in the normal sense. And yet, I still felt connected to the physical sensations. Her slaps hurt like hell, beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. But, by the same token, my boner felt so good rubbing along her thigh. I was gradually getting closer to the edge of orgasm and there was nothing I could do about it.

“That’s right, just take it David,” she spoke in a low, sultry voice. I noticed her heavy breathing again as she continued, “Just a little more… for me.” I realized she was loving this. Also that I really was her favorite ‘subject’. Why else would she have made such intimate confessions to me about her love of spanking?

The very thought that she got pleasure and satisfaction from spanking me caused me to spiral back into my body and all the pain combined with sexual arousal. Back to a blithering idiot, jerking and convulsing uncontrollably at the mercy of this magnificent woman.

“Come on David, you can take it,” as she kept on smacking with the hairbrush. She sounded so dignified, so refined, ensest porno I was at this moment totally captivated and under her spell. The pain was beyond pain. It became more like an abstract buzzing that spread loudly from my rear end.

As the strokes came down relentlessly in rapid tempo I continued to writhe and squirm in helpless abandon. I groaned and cried out at times but my dick just got harder and harder. I couldn’t stand it. I gradually came to grips with the unavoidable fact: I was gonna spill. I don’t know why, but all the sensations combined: the pain, my boner rubbing her leg, her demeanor, my predicament, the fact that she enjoyed this; all added up to the one thing I didn’t want to happen – not just yet. I knew we had a ways to go before my punishment was over and I damn sure didn’t want to lose it early. What would follow would be pure agony. Entirely non-erotic.

But then with increasing dread, and in spite of my efforts to stave it off, it happened. I passed the point of no return. I felt the exquisite pulsations and I just let fly with rope after rope of sperm filled man-juice all over her inner thigh. Grunting and twitching, I spurted on and on as colors and sensations swirled around me. Mrs. Riker slowed, then stopped spanking and just held on to my hips as I spasmed uncontrollably. I was tumbling in ecstasy, lost in space. This felt so good it was beyond belief. It seemed to go on forever, with me thrusting lewdly and her holding me quietly, saying nothing. She was every inch a professional.

As my orgasm wound down I rested there slumped on her knee, panting and tingling in afterglow. But my reverie was all too short. Coming out of this beautiful daydream I heard her say, “Oh dear, dear… I’m so sorry.” I tried to clear my head. “David, I’m not mad at you, but I’m sorry to say that this spanking is not finished.” I thought, “Oh my God, no” my worst fears had come true.

She helped me up, then reached for the paper towels. “Here,” she blurted, handing me a few sheets. She took a couple herself and we both started to wipe off the gooey mess. I was trembling in fright thinking about what was coming, but glancing at her did afford me a nice view. She had to lift her leg to get at all the spots on her thigh, and I got to see all the way up to her crotch. She had white panties (like mom used to wear) and I believe I detected a wet spot! She went on oblivious, and I tried to conceal my delight at every glimpse. I wondered if she was letting me see this on purpose. Again I thought it couldn’t be true, but then there was growing evidence. The shoes, the dress, the heavy breathing, the musk scent, and now the wet spot.

I was almost gonna let myself believe it when she barked out, “Okay get back over my knee!” I slid up over, this time with total dread. My dick was completely soft, and my mind completely void of any horny thoughts whatsoever. But I had agreed, she had control, so I meekly complied.

Now it was the worst nightmare come true. She resumed spanking with the same veracity as always, only this time it was nothing but pain for me. No erotic feelings, only the burning pain. No boner for any of it. And let me tell you, this really hurt. I had no idea something could hurt this much. I squirmed in agony, making futile attempts to avoid each crashing blow. Slap after slap on my already sore bottom and no sign of when this torment would end. Now there was no fanciful delirium. No going into a ‘dream state’, only the stark reality. And not a thing I could do about it.

I reached the point where I didn’t care when it was gonna end. Didn’t care about anything else, for that matter. I gave up all hope. I had no idea how this would affect me in the long run, nor did I really give a shit.

Then, without a signal, she stopped. I sighed relief as she let me lay there in abject, aching discomfort. She lightly brushed her hands over my injured butt-cheeks, whispering softly as I lay collapsed on her lap. “That’s right sweetheart, it’s over now,” she murmured. “No more hurt today, honey.” I thanked God and everything in the universe. After a generous period of recovery, she helped me up. “Very good David, take your time and get dressed.” I slowly found myself able to walk over to my clothes and started, one leg at a time. “You will feel better soon… trust me.” I didn’t have much faith in anything at this moment, but proceeded to dress as best I could.

She came close and gave me a peck on the cheek, and I was outa there. At least until next week’s maintenance session. Walking back to my cabin, I must admit I did notice the pain was turning to a warm glow (“after-burn”) which felt much more tolerable, and by the time I got back was thinking the whole ordeal wasn’t so bad. Maybe in some cases I WAS into the pain and being controlled.

“Mr. Happy” had reared his ugly head!

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