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It was going to be one of those warm, muggy days and as the sun rose, Lauren lightly awakened from her slumber. With the sun beating against the curtain and throwing a delicate pattern on her bedroom wall, she lazily stretched beneath her silk sheets and smiled to herself.

Just before waking, she had been enjoying a recently recurring dream – an erotic and enjoyable one in which she and James were making mad, passionate love in her bed. As always, she had awakened, feeling somewhat frustrated, just as James was ready to penetrate her. That memory turned her smile to a pout and, as seemed to happen often lately, she rather wished she hadn’t decided to wait for the right man. Lately, it seemed, she thought about nothing but sex in quiet moments.

None of Lauren’s friends had remained virgins and they seemed to enjoy her being uncomfortable as they regaled her with tales of their sexual escapades. Half of those tales, she believed, were bullshit, but, with no experience of her own to go by, she couldn’t really dismiss them outright. Still, she and James had been dating for a while and she felt she was deeply in love with him. Enough so that she thought she could now give herself completely to a man. Sure, in the past, she had enjoyed passionate embraces and her share of fumbling gropings, but just a week ago, as she and James had made out in his car, he had undone her jeans and pleasured her pussy. She shivered with pleasure at the memory and the feeling.

And now, lying in her bed with her silk sheets around her body, she thought back to that moment and realized her nipples were hardening with excitement once again. She had recently taken to sleeping naked, to further enjoy the cool feel of the silk against her skin. Thinking of James’ body as she had seen him several times at the beach, she took the sheet in her hands and began to pull it gently across her breasts. She sighed deeply as the silk caressed her nipples, and she realized her pussy was becoming wet with anticipation. Thinking of James, her green eyes sparkled as she ran a hand down her belly. As she spread her legs, she slipped a long slender finger deep inside…

Across town, James was dealing with his own sense of frustration. He had awakened while dreaming of Lauren; awakened with a raging hard-on once again. James had had his share of women, but there was something about Lauren that really turned him on. He found himself thinking about her all the time and he was aching to make love to her. He badly wanted to hold her body close, large firm breasts pressed against him, smell her auburn hair and look into those sexy eyes. Like Lauren, James had images of their time at the beach, and her bikini-clad body, imprinted in his mind.

At the moment, though, James was in the shower, his long thick penis in hand, stroking away his sexual frustration. He had lathered himself up with plenty of soap and, as the water rinsed away the fragrant soap, he thought of Lauren while he stroked…

At 6:30 p.m. sharp, James pulled up outside Lauren’s apartment. They had a date to see a movie and, James hoped, maybe he’d see a little more afterward. He made his way to Lauren’s apartment door and knocked, then was surprised when she pulled it open almost immediately.

“Hey babe,” she said, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close. As they kissed, Lauren pushed against him with the full length of her body and James felt an immediate stirring in his crotch as he squeezed her. After they kissed, they pulled apart and appraised each other. Oddly, they both had chosen to wear nearly identical clothing. Being that the weather had been hitting record highs, both wore lightweight cotton shorts, Lauren with a form-fitting halter top, James with a tight T-shirt that showed off his buff upper body. As she liked to do, Lauren stroked his black goatee, then kissed him again. “You look great. Let’s go.”

A short drive had them at an oldies arthouse theatre, where they were to see 9 ½ Weeks, with Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. James had seen the steamy flick before and he hoped Lauren would be aroused by its erotic imagery. Popcorn and Cokes in hand, they settled in at the rear of the nearly empty theatre and settled back to enjoy. As Mickey and Kim met, then became involved on-screen, James and Lauren held hands and watched as the stars became more and more intimate. In one scene, Basinger watched slides of art images flash past and found herself aroused; she began to fondle her breasts, then moved a hand between her legs to pleasure herself. As she did so, James couldn’t help but notice that Lauren was rather squirming in her seat as she watched.

The movie progressed, with Mickey and Kim erotically eating food on the kitchen floor and enjoying each other’s bodies. When a scene of Mickey and Kim running up flights of stairs to a clockwork room began, James found Lauren squeezing his hand tighter. As the pair on-screen tore at each other’s clothes and bahis siteleri fucked against a wall in the clockwork room, Lauren let out a nearly silent “wow” when she saw the pleasure in Basinger’s face. She leaned to rest her head on James’ shoulder and he felt the stirrings of a hard-on as he watched the action.

James turned to kiss Lauren and she met his lips hungrily, mouth open, probing with her tongue. She put a hand behind his head to pull him close as he reached to touch the skin of her bare belly. Lauren started a little as he ran his fingers over her belly, which quickly became goosebumpy from his touch. As they continued to explore each other’s mouths, James eased his fingers under the stretchy material of Lauren’s halter top to cup a breast in his hand. As he found her nipple hardening, Lauren plunged her tongue deep into his mouth and reached to put her arms around him. Although things were awkward with the armrest between them, James fondled Lauren’s breasts as she kissed him fiercely.

As James enjoyed the feeling of Lauren’s nipples firming up to his touch, she ran a hand down his chest and under his T-shirt. As she touched his belly and felt his belly button, James felt his penis stiffen more. As she ran her fingers over his chest and touched his nipples, he hardened to his full length, his penis pushing uncomfortably against his shorts. He was glad nobody was sitting near them.

Now it was an aroused James who was squirming in his seat. As the light of the movie flickered over them, James moved his hand from Lauren’s breast to touch the inside of a silky smooth thigh. As he did, Lauren stopped kissing him and pulled away a little to look into his eyes. As she looked at him, she invitingly spread her legs further; James moved his fingers to her crotch and touched her through the fabric. As he did so, Lauren closed her eyes and tilted her head back in pleasure.

But just as James was thinking, all right, she took his hand and moved it back to her breasts. He was a little disappointed, and more than a little horny, but he didn’t want to turn her off. His spirits lifted quickly, though, when he realized that, as he touched her breast again, Lauren was looking at his crotch. James quit fondling her and spread his legs apart, so his penis pushed hard against his shorts. “Go ahead,” he whispered. As Lauren looked into his eyes once again, she tentatively reached to put her hand on James’ shorts, feeling the stiff penis beneath. “Mmmm,” he moaned a little, hoping to encourage her. It seemed to work, as Lauren began to rub him and feel with her fingers.

But then, in a classic case of bad timing, 9 ½ Weeks ended and the credits began to roll. As the handful of people in the theatre began getting up to leave, Lauren quickly removed her hand from James’ crotch and he from beneath her halter top. “Damn,” he whispered, “I was really enjoying that. Too bad you had to stop.”

“I know,” she whispered back. “You felt wonderful.” She kissed him again. “Want to leave now?”

Still hard, James chuckled. “I can’t go yet, babe. Gotta wait ‘til this goes down.” Lauren also laughed as James turned in his seat so nobody could see him from the aisle as the lights went up.

As they left the theatre hand in hand, James couldn’t help but feel disappointed. He had wanted Lauren so bad and it had been the first time she touched him. Still, he felt they had made some progress toward sex. Lauren had seemed more open to him and the fact she had spread her legs so he could touch her crotch, well…

The ride back to Lauren’s was a quiet one. James was feeling a little disappointed and a little frustrated, while Lauren was quietly dealing with feelings she was unused to. When James had touched her crotch in the theatre, she could feel herself getting wet and didn’t want to embarrass herself by having something show on her white shorts. She could feel James’ disappointment when she moved his hand away, but… And when she had touched his penis through his shorts, she was a little surprised at how solid he had felt. She had also been deeply surprised, and a little embarrassed, at the hot feeling that had flashed through her as she touched him. There was little doubt now, she realized, that she wanted James to be her first man – as unsettling a thought as that was.

Hand in hand, the couple walked from the street to Lauren’s apartment door. As she dug in her purse for her key, James wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed the back of her neck, which was bared with her auburn hair pulled into a ponytail. As she turned the key, she squirmed around in his arms to kiss him. In a tight embrace, the pair nearly tumbled into the apartment when the door opened. Both laughed and Lauren pushed James away as she flipped on a hallway light. “Have a seat, I’ll get us a beer.”

“Sounds good,” said James, who eyed Lauren’s tight bum as she walked to her tiny kitchen. Sitting on a loveseat, James again felt stirrings canlı bahis siteleri in his crotch.

“Here you go,” said Lauren, sitting a cold beer on the coffee table in front of the loveseat. “Your favourite, nice and cold.” Lauren opened a bottle herself and perched on the seat as well.

“Thanks,” said James, picking up the beer. “Nice and cold is right.” Both took a sip and set their bottles back on the table.

As she did, Lauren moved closer and kissed James once again. “Thanks for taking me to the movie, I really enjoyed it.”

He kissed her back. “You’re very welcome. I thought it was great, especially the hot and heavy scenes. I didn’t actually realize how built Kim Basinger was. I knew she was hot, but, wow…”

“Yes,” said Lauren, blushing slightly. Those scenes were really… something.”

“Yeah, they were,” he said, and moved closer to kiss her again. Lauren kissed him deeply back, her mouth open, her tongue wet and slippery. Looking into her eyes, James gently touched her face, then ran his fingers down an arm. “I really liked the scene where she reached into her blouse to touch her breasts, then moved her hand between her legs.” As he whispered to her, James continued running his fingers over the skin of her arm. He then took her hand and kissed the back of it before kissing the tips of her fingers, each one in turn. After kissing each finger, he gently sucked on her thumb, then licked the tips of her fingers. Eyes closed, Lauren leaned back into the soft material of the loveseat, enjoying the sensation.

Encouraged, and aroused by the look on her face, James kissed the inside of her wrist, then slowly worked his way along her arm. “And I loved the scene where they made love in the clock tower,” he whispered. He kissed along her arm to the inside of her elbow and planted several kisses on the warm skin there.

“Yes,” she whispered, and kissed his cheek. “It was almost violent… but very erotic.” She shivered as her kissed her arm once again and moved even closer on the loveseat.

“Yeah, and I thought the kitchen scene, where he fed her the food blindfolded was very cool.” Kissing his way to her shoulder, James noticed her nipples had hardened, to show through the light material of her halter top. He gulped a little, then moved to place his hand over a breast. Lauren shivered once again, but pressed against his hand. Through the thin cloth, he touched her nipple, which caused her to arch her back. As she opened her eyes to look into his, he kissed her again.

Lauren had never felt anything like the feelings that now coursed through her body. She felt warm all over, her face was flushed, her pussy was feeling wet and within; well, within, she felt an incredibly strong desire for this man. Still looking into James’ eyes, she pushed away a little and removed his hand from her breast. A quick look of disappointment flashed through his eyes. The look disappeared, though, as she began to unbutton his shirt. James now had one arm on the back of the loveseat and the other in his lap as she worked her way down his buttons. James was now hard in his shorts, enjoying her soft touch as she undid the buttons. With the last button undone, she ran her hands over the smooth skin of his chest and touched his nipples. James took off his shirt and tossed it to the floor. Looking into each other’s eyes, she ran her hands over him, enjoying his smooth skin, his well muscled arms and shoulders, his flat stomach. Now it was James’ turn to give an involuntary shiver.

Now very turned on, he looked at her, then moved to touch her halter top. “Do you mind?” he whispered very quietly.

Lauren stopped touching him, then looked into his eyes. “Please,” she whispered, barely audibly. As James gripped the material more firmly, he eased it up her body as she raised her arms over her head. The feel of the material pulling across her nipples caused her to shiver again and, as he lifted her top over her arms, she felt her skin both cooled and hot at the same time. As she lowered her arms, James could only feast his eyes on her full, firm breasts and erect nipples. Her creamy skin was highlighted by the tanned skin surrounding them. In every way, Lauren’s breasts were just as he had imagined them.

Seeing James eyeing her, and feeling a little embarrassed by her nudity, Lauren moved to cover herself with her arms. He took her hands, though, and stopped her. “Please don’t. You are absolutely beautiful.” Noticing the goosebumps on her breasts, James whispered, “don’t move,” and got up to turn up the heat and fan of the gas fireplace on the nearby wall. As he settled back on the loveseat, he took Lauren in his arms and pulled her tightly against him. With her breasts pressing against his chest and the warm air of the fireplace now flowing over them, he felt in heaven. They sat for some moments, embracing as they ran their hands over each other’s back and neck.

James now felt, though, that it was canlı bahis time to take charge. Believing Lauren was ready for her first time, he slid out of her arms and off the loveseat to the floor. Lauren turned to face him and, as he kneeled in front of her, he again marveled at the beauty of her breasts; full and perfectly symmetrical, nipples fully erect. He also noticed that her breathing had quickened, which made her breasts rise and fall more quickly. Incredibly turned on, he placed his hands on her knees and gently forced her legs apart. She resisted a little, but then relaxed and allowed him to spread them.

A quick flash of uncertainty disappeared as she looked at James’ bare chest, then to the bulge in his shorts. She now knew absolutely that she was ready for her first time. If he wanted her, she thought, she was his. James crawled forward slightly on his knees, between her legs, as she sat on the edge of the seat and put her arms around him, pressing her breasts to his face.

On his knees between her legs, James breathed in Lauren’s scent and placed his hands on her thighs. Without thinking, she wrapped her legs around his as he stroked her thighs. Lauren’s pussy was very wet now and she enjoyed the feeling and wondered at her need to have James inside her. James pulled away slightly and, with Lauren’s breasts in front of him, gently licked her nipples, alternating between them as she placed her hands on his shoulders. As he began sucking her nipples, waves of desire shot through Lauren’s body and she threw her head back in enjoyment as James touched her through her shorts. “Oh, God, James,” she breathed as he both sucked a nipple and ran his fingers over her pubic mound.

“Lie back now,” he whispered. “Relax and enjoy.” As she lay back on the loveseat, resting her head on its back, James leaned forward to again take a nipple in his mouth. As he did so, he pressed his hard-on against her mound and gently ground against her. Lauren’s panties were now soaked and she held his face in her hands, luxuriating in his tongue’s attention.

For his part, James could feel pre-cum wetting his boxers as he knelt before her. His full nine inches of penis was now very uncomfortable, trapped, as it were, in his shorts, begging to be released. Now flushed with desire, he whispered in her ear, “Lauren, baby, I want you so bad. You’re so beautiful, you’re body is so incredible and you’re turning me on like you wouldn’t believe.”

Thrilled by the words, Lauren responded by pressing her crotch against him. “I want you too, James. I really want you. I need you. Fuck me. Please.”

James needed no further encouragement. Settling back on his haunches, he again moved his fingers over her mound, feeling the wetness. He undid the button of her shorts, then pulled down the zipper. He moved away from her a little and pushed her legs almost closed. “Lift your bum up.” As she did, James pulled her shorts and pink panties down her long legs toward him, finally sliding them off over her feet. Looking at her now completely naked body, James could only murmur a quiet “wow” as he ran his eyes over her.

Lauren looked at him as he took in the curves of her body, her breasts, her flat belly, the way tan lines framed her breasts and groin and said, “Take off your shorts James. I want to see you too.” He moved her legs apart once again and, in the dim light of the fireplace, looked at the folds of her glistening pussy, the trimmed patch of auburn hair above it. Up on his knees again, Lauren couldn’t take her eyes off him as he undid the button on his shorts, then unzipped the fly. She could see his bulge in the firelight and felt the urge to see his manhood exposed. As James slid his shorts and boxers down, his thick penis flopped out before her. She took in the engorged head protruding from his foreskin and his thick shaft, which stood out proudly from the dark trimmed pubic hair. As the firelight played over him, she thought she’d never seen anything so beautiful.

Still between her legs, James pulled her bum to the edge of the loveseat, then got on his hands before her. Eyeing the dimly lit soft folds before him, he ached to taste her. He moved closer to gently run the tip of his tongue over her, tasting her wetness. As he did, Lauren moaned with pleasure.

“God, baby, you look like a beautiful orchid.” He licked her again. “Really, your pussy looks like a flower, with lovely petals, inviting.” He kissed her clit, sending a shock through Lauren’s body. Pushing his tongue between her wet lips, he let her flavour linger on his tongue. “God, babe, you taste like a fine nectar.” Lauren squirmed and moaned as he continued to kiss and run his tongue over her. As he moved his fingers through her pubic hair, he pushed his tongue as deep inside her as he could.

Lauren moaned loudly and, with her feet firmly on the floor, pushed against James’ mouth, wanting more of his wonderful tongue. She placed her hands on his head, twining her fingers in his black hair and pulled him into her as she writhed with pleasure. “Oh my God, that feels so good. Mmmmm.” As he continued to pleasure her pussy, Lauren fell back on the loveseat, letting her lust flow over her.

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