Quickie in the Office

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As I sat on a bench outside my office building, reading a mystery novel, I was lost in my own world. Sure it was a bit chilly, but it was quiet and a chance to escape the busy world. Occasionally someone walked by, but I barely noticed; the book was too good.

Without a word, someone sat on the bench next to me. I paused, not wanting to look up in case they expected me to engage in conversation. Typical, I finally get some peace, and someone wants to interrupt. The other person didn’t speak; I presumed maybe they just wanted the seat and relaxed a little.

The relaxation didn’t last long, as I saw a man’s hand waving between my face and the book. I looked up, smiling before I even saw his face as I realised exactly who had found me. His eyes looked full of mischief, and his smile was wide. Underneath it, though, was a nervous hesitation as he watched me. My face was beaming, my eyes lit up and a big smile.

As we made small talk, I tried hard to resist the urge to perv on his body. I didn’t manage to last long, and every time he looked around or elsewhere, I tried to sneak a look. I was aware he knew what I was doing and that he was deliberately looking around more to get me to stop trying to hide my glances.

Eventually, after what felt like an hour but was probably a couple of minutes, I gave up and just openly enjoyed the view. You could hear the cheeky satisfaction in his voice that he knew I wanted him.

We discussed how packing my team’s offices was going to move to a new area. I said it was progressing but not as quick as we’d hoped. He said he had enough time to come and look before his next meeting, so we got up and wandered upstairs. As we entered my team’s main room, it was clear I was the only one around today. The door closed behind us, and the piles of boxes were unmissable.

As he curiously looked around, I wandered to the far side of the room. With the boxes, you couldn’t see that section from the Windows; it was private. ağrı seks hikayeleri As he moved towards me, we stood staring at each other. As I removed my jacket, my bra straps became visible, a green set he’d seen in photos. I moved closer to him, and he moved in.

As we kissed, I found myself stripping off and trying to get his clothes off too. Yes, we were in public, but the rest of the team was out, so no one was likely to unlock the door and come in, and we were out of sight of the window, so we had some privacy. Still, it was hot knowing where we were and the fact someone could potentially see.

As our clothes came off, I found myself gasping for breath, exploring his body with my hands and mouth. He was equally busy exploring, but he was very much in control of the situation despite his unmistakable lust. I spied an open box with our coffee room stuff in; it had a few throws and pillows from the chairs, and I grabbed one of each and put them on the floor.

We laid down, breathing more erratic, as my breasts heaved. I could feel his breath over my body as his mouth explored my breasts and neck. My hands running over his chest and back, I felt his fingers slip between my legs, and 2 of them slipped inside my pussy with no resistance. I was so wet, so in need, I just wanted to be filled.

As he pulled his fingers out, he rolled on top and looked down at me as I gazed at him with desperation. My legs were in the air, waiting for his cock to enter. My hips moving, desperate to feel him. As he watched me, desperate, he moved down and began exploring my breasts in more detail with his mouth.

I was gasping desperate, so hot, so unable to think of anything but the feeling inside of needing to be filled. I was so wet you could hear how much I wanted and needed this. My breasts enjoying the attention as my hips kept bucking. As he flicked a nipple with his tongue, I lost control.

“fuck me”, I mumbled,

His eyes glanced at me, but he barely stopped what he was doing. As he tugged at my nipple playfully with his mouth as his other hand explored. He purposefully pushed his body into mine so I could feel his hard cock but couldn’t have it. I needed fucking; I just needed cock inside me.

My hand moved down to push on his shoulder to get him up as the desperation was too much. I confidently, without thinking, said

“Please *gasp* fu *gasp* ck me….. *gasp* please…..”

And with that, like a dominant gentleman, he reached down for his cock and slid himself easily inside. As he entered, I moaned uncontrollably. The sensation of him entering me and filling me, consuming my body. My legs were in the air clutching at his hips. He was now fully inside and staring at me, checking I was ok. As my hips moved, he started fucking me with a lustful urgency that filled us both.

With each thrust, you could hear how wet I was; you could also hear both of us breathing heavily and entirely in the moment. Whilst not the most comfortable floor, it added to the excitement. Occasionally you could just about hear someone walking by in the corridor, the thick walls taking most of the noise. Not that the noises impacted one bit, we were both enjoying each other too much.

I didn’t think it was possible, but his thrusting got more desperate, and his body started to tense; it was clear he was close to cumming. As it got closer, he stopped, pulled out and had barely aimed his cock in my direction before the cum started hitting my stomach. I laid there enjoying the feeling, but still very hot.

He got up and gently kissed me as he looked into my eyes. I laid smiling but still a bit out of breath. He asked if I had my lush with me, and I nodded. He asked where and I pointed at my bag; he went over and took it out. As he came back over, he turned it on, so it started flashing, and he rubbed it over my soaking pussy. It hadn’t yet started vibrating but was now very wet from me. He pushed it quickly inside and left it there.

He then handed me my phone as he got dressed and told me to send him details of the remote control. So I did. Once he was dressed, he leant down, kissed me again and told me to stay there until told I could move. I laid smiling as he left the room, checking the door was locked behind him.

He could barely have made it out of the building when I felt the lush start to vibrate inside me. It was only low, but I laid enjoying the drying cum and the vibration. The draft in the room hitting my sensitive nipples and pussy, adding to my enjoyment.

After a little while, he started to text; clearly, the guest presenter at the meeting had started. As he texted about how much he’d enjoyed himself, I felt the lush starting to vibrate more and more. My hips reacting involuntarily, and my body was desperate for an orgasm.

As he asked how I was feeling, I texted all about how much I’d loved what just happened, how great his body had felt and how desperate I felt for cock. I told him how much I loved the feeling of the cum on my body and how much I craved more mischief.

Suddenly the vibrations went from constant to a pattern. It was clear he’d worked the app out now and was amusing himself. As I laid there, both nervous I’d be found and enjoying every moment, my body started heating up as the pattern got stronger. He’d stopped texting, probably engaged in the meeting, but the pattern was continuing. I’d lost all focus anyway and was just fantasising about mischief time.

As my breathing increased and my body moved in rhythm to the lush, I found myself closer and closer to orgasm. Before I knew it, the heat building inside me had overcome me with what felt like shockwaves over my entire body. I messaged to tell him I’d orgasmed, and he just replied with two words.

“Good Girl”

With that, I knew it was time to get up and dressed. I sorted myself out and tidied the throw and pillow away.

“Coming over later?” I texted

“Cumming over, most definitely”, he replied

… I could not wait!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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