Radio Show

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Last week one of the local radio stations announced that they were giving stuff away in the next suburb from where I worked. I had just got in the car and thought, “Why not swing by and pick up a freebie.”

I pulled up where I saw the radio station’s cars and walked up to the back of one. Two lovely young ladies were handing out some gifts to people. The girls were dressed in tight red t-shirts and short black shorts. They were both gorgeous and approximately in their mid-twenties.

As I walked up I saw that they were handing out some fluffy hand cuffs. They were giving them away and giving discount cards for an adult bookstore. With each person that they were giving them to, they would ask them if they could take a picture for the radio stations web page. Most people declined.

There was a girl who had arrived there before me and when she was given the cuffs she was asked and she said, “Sure, that would be fun.”

I had been talking while we were in line and we were daring each other to do something outrageous for the photo. One of the radio girls had a riding crop and the girl I had been speaking to, a latin looking young lady in a short summer dress, posed while the other radio girl took the photo.

The latin girl looked at me and said I had to do something sincan escort naughtier than whatever she did. I said sure, not thinking she would do anything that wild.

She asked the radio girl to help her and got her to slip the fluffy cuffs on her and she raised her arms over her head. The radio girl did it and the short summer dress hiked up until her panties were almost visible. The radio girl taking the pictures told me to get over to where she was and start directing the photo shoot for my ‘girlfriend’.

I said, “You bet.”

I told the radio girl to pretend to frisk her, and she immediately started running her hands up the girl’s legs. She did everything I told her to do. She pretended to whip the young girl with the riding crop. The young girl said to me, ‘You know I like it rough’, playing along with the girlfriend scenario.

I told the radio girl to bend my ‘girlfriend’ over the tailgate of the SUV, lift the back of her dress up and whip her with the riding crop.

The radio girl did as she was instructed and the young girl gave me a look like she was loving it. She moaned with each slap. It was so erotic.

The camera girl looked at me and said, “What next?”

I was very hard. I didn’t really care if it showed. çankaya escort I was having too much fun.

I told the young girl to face the camera. I told the radio girl to get behind her and with the young girl standing with her feet apart. I told the radio girl to lift up the girl’s dress at the front and slap the flat of the riding crop on her mound. She was wearing a little red thong.

As soon as the radio girl did it, my girlfriend started whimpering sexily. The camera girl whispered under her breath, “Oh, that’s hot.”

The camera girl told me to look over her shoulder at the view screen on her digital camera, “to make sure the poses were right”.

I did as she asked, and she backed up against me, her shoulder blades against my chest and her ass pressing against my hard on.

I had stopped directing as my ‘girlfriend’ didn’t need much more help. She was swivelling her hips like a stripper. The radio girl was rubbing the shaft of her riding crop against her thinly covered pussy and with her other hand, was cupping her tit, pinching the nipple.

The radio girl and her captive were right into it and I could hear the radio girl whisper in my ‘girlfriend’s’ ear, “Do you like that?” right before they started licking each eryaman escort other’s lips and tongues.

We were all lost in our little erotic world and it seemed that everyone else had disappeared. Just before my ‘girlfrend’ orgasmed on the riding crop shaft, a car drove up fast and stopped right between the camera girl and I and our models.

A lady jumped out, apparently a radio station manager or something and she started yelling that everything that had been said was on the air…they hadn’t turned their mikes off.

The camera girl was shocked and stepped away from me, with a tent in my trousers. My ‘girlfriend’ stepped towards me and with a smirk, said I was lucky because she was going to have me do a full porno right there after she was done.

The radio girl with the riding crop came over looking very smug and gave me a pair of fluffy cuffs and a discount card.

She then asked if she could see my ‘girl’ again sometime.

I said, “Be my guest,” and with that, with her manager still yelling at her, she kissed my ‘girlfriend’, a slow, sensual, erotic, kiss.

As she broke off the kiss, she whispered before she left, “At least I get to keep the pics.”

The young girl said goodbye and said that she couldn’t tell her boyfriend, he wouldn’t believe her.

I said, “Yeah, unless he was listening to the radio.”

She looked a bit shocked and worried and she left in a hurry too. I turned to go back to my car, but did see a lady looking out through the window of the adult store, but that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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