Raging Love Ch. 10

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Hmm, I can’t believe this will be the final chapter to this epic drama. I am feeling really bad that I will be letting go of this story that has become a part of me. Welcome to the tenth chapter of this lovely series. I love you guys a lot and I thank you for your love and all your comments in the previous chapter. It shows that you guys really love this story a lot. I appreciate that.

I am truly sorry for this late reply. I had a problem with my PC so I couldn’t write anything but now everything is alright. Get hooked with me on the grand finale. Don’t forget to drop your comments and rate this chapter. I am definitely looking forward to your comments, whether negative or positive because they inspire me a lot. I love you once again.

Falling in love feels so good but it has its consequences. Will this be a tragic ending or it will be a new beginning for Travis? Find out as your favorite story continues.

Raging love, feel the passion…


Travis came running in the abandoned building, breathing like he was in labor. He was really so tired, so scared and so helpless. He was a bit sweaty and his heart was racing miles away. He had his eyes scanning all around the building which had boxes and planks lying around. He had ran as fast as he could all the way to the tenth floor according to Bruce’s instructions.

Travis’ eyes widened and he gasped. “Sean, my baby.”

“Daddy!” Sean cried at the top of his voice.

Travis started running to his son who was tied to a huge plank. He looked helpless… his eyes were red and his face was wet with tears. Travis couldn’t understand how someone could be such a monster as to tie a little boy like Sean.

“Daddy!” Sean sobbed. “It hurts.”

“I am coming, baby.”

Travis continued running towards his son and he was almost reaching him when a gunshot was heard, stopping him in his tracks. He felt like someone had shot him. He quickly stopped and stood still, getting even more scared when his son’s cries intensified.

“Wow! Finally!” Travis heard Bruce’s voice from behind him. “I was starting to wonder what was keeping you.”

Travis slowly turned and found Bruce with a really brilliant smile on his face, kissing on his pistol. He was wearing a black jumpsuit with sandals on his feet. His hair was cut really short and he looked very different. He had several stitches on his face and there were a lot of bruises too. He didn’t look like the Bruce he had ever encountered before. He looked really dangerous.

“Bruce, please…”

“Move away from him!” Bruce gestured with his gun. And when Travis remained standing there, he screamed. “Fucking now!”

Travis raised his hands like he was surrendering and glanced at his crying son before he moved away from him. He didn’t like seeing his son in that state. His poor little boy was in so much pain and it hurt him to see him like that.

“Bruce, I am begging you.” Travis put his hands together. “Please, let my son go. He’s just a little boy and…”

“Shut the fuck up!” Bruce yelled, breathing harshly. “Shut your trap before I do it for you.” Then he laughed at the top of his voice acting like he’d won a lottery. He’d never felt as much pleasure as he did that time. “You must be wondering how I did it, aren’t you. You thought you had gotten rid of me but you were dead wrong. Bruce is always a step ahead of everyone.

You might have placed me behind bars but you forgot that I was a very famous model with loyal fans, people that would do anything for me at the right price.” He laughed. “Even in the police force, I had such people. So your mistake was to underestimate what I can do.

I had it perfectly planned. I vowed to use all my money if I had to and so I hired some powerful thugs.” He opened his arms widely, chuckling. “And trust me, those idiots you call guards had no chance against them and not even your darling Santiago had expected it. I was a little disappointed when I didn’t find you in the house but my plan still came into action because your life was there. He made my plan even better.” He chuckled, getting closer. “And now here we are, a wonderful reunion.”

Travis shook his head, a tear going down his cheek. “Bruce, I am begging you. Let my son go. I am here now. I didn’t call the police and…”

“Oh, I know…” Bruce gave a teasing smile. “…had you done that, you’d have found your precious life in pieces. I have someone in the police giving me all the information so if you had made that mistake…” He chirped, shaking his head. “…that would have been the end.”

“I did what you told me. Now let my son go.”

“Why?” Bruce laughed manically. “And miss out on the fun? Not a chance.”

“Please…” Travis put his hands together. “I am the one you want. I am here and I promise you that I won’t go anywhere. You can do as you wish with me but please, let him go.”

Bruce laughed when he saw the tears in Travis’ eyes. He felt like he’d hit the jackpot. “Please?” He yelled. “Please! You’re pleading with me after ruining full hd porno my life? You took everything away from me. I had a perfect life… a more than perfect husband… a perfect family… a perfect career… a perfect home and you took all that away from me. My parents paid me a visit the other day and they disowned me! They disowned their own son!” He yelled, furiously rubbing his tears. “And you think your pleas are gonna fix everything? No! I will start by taking your happiness away.”

With those words, Bruce furiously pointed his gun in Sean’s direction, slowly touching on the trigger. When Travis saw that, he felt his heart miss a beat and an emotion so strong that it brought him to his very worst. He felt his strength leave him.

“I hope you’ve already said your goodbyes to your precious son.”

With those words, he furiously pressed on the trigger.

“No!” Travis screamed right before he heard a loud gunshot.

Travis felt his heart go cold and a myriad of tears fell to his face. He started gasping, holding his chest while he slowly moved his head in the direction of his son. He knew it was all over. Shit! He had never felt such pain. His entire body shook in pain and fear.

And when he eventually landed his eyes on his son, he died. He really died when he looked into those beautiful teary eyes and… he couldn’t believe what he saw. At first, he saw his son bleeding to death but then again, he was alright. His mind had played a terrible trick on him and it had left him so weak. Bruce hadn’t even pulled the trigger.

“Hahaha…” Bruce laughed at the top of his voice. “…I haven’t even pulled the trigger yet and you’re looking like that? What about when I eventually do it?”

Travis wanted to say something but he was too scared and too weak to speak. His mouth shook uncontrollably.

Bruce got closer and continued laughing. “What I just gave you is the taste of how you’ll feel when you eventually lose everything. First you lost your entire family, then you lost your dear husband and now you’ll lose the one person that you consider your life.”

Travis was still staring at his son with tears rolling down his cheek. There was just a lot in his mind and he didn’t know what he was gonna do to save his son.

“Your feeling right now is the story of my life.” His face got stern, clenching his fist. “And you have written that story. You made me lose everything that I had. You destroyed my life and my marriage. Antonio has been the only man that I have truly loved and you took him away from me.”

Travis looked at Bruce and slowly rubbed his tears. “You can kill me right now, Bruce.” He said softly. “You can even torture me but please, don’t harm my son. He’s only a child. How’s he involved in all of this?”

“His crime is having a father like you.” Bruce snapped, cocking the gun angrily. “Whoever is connected to you has wronged me and what can make me feel better than seeing you suffer?” He yelled. “You’re the reason why I am like this.”

Travis had no idea what he was feeling. “No, Bruce. I am not the reason that you’re here. You’re here because of your deeds. You’re here because of your past actions.”

Bruce got so mad when he heard Travis’ words. He furiously moved closer to Travis and smacked him hard across the face, sending him flying to the hard floor. It hurt and Travis held his cheek, staring right at Bruce. He was somehow getting angry but he didn’t wanna do anything that was gonna put his son’s life in danger.

“Don’t you dare tell me that when you’ve been the thorn in my flesh all along!” Bruce yelled, breathing heavily. “Antonio and I were meant to be together. We were destined to be together. Our love was strong. It was pure. But you came and you started destroying everything.” He snapped, feeling tears building up in his eyes. “You’ve been the villain in my love story and today… today I am gonna end this villain’s life. You deserve to suffer because of what you’ve been doing to me.”

Travis slowly got up and looked at Bruce. “You think I have had it easy, Bruce. You nearly destroyed my life. My son is innocent and doesn’t know about all this. He isn’t involved in any of it. You can kill me right now but let him go.”

“Oh, he is involved alright.” Bruce chuckled bitterly. “He bears your and Antonio’s blood, the product of your love.” He couldn’t fight his tears. It was really so painful.

Travis felt a really cold wind hit him in the face and he gulped. “You’re mistaken. Sean is my son alone and…”

“You don’t have to lie. I know everything.” He snarled, losing the smile on his face. “Antonio’s mother paid me a visit the other day and insulted me, telling me about how I ruined her son’s life and how he couldn’t be with his son because of me. I know everything and it all just makes me so mad.”

He pointed the gun in Sean’s direction, an evil grin appearing on his face. “What would happen if I pulled the trigger right now?”

“No!” Travis put his hands together. “I am begging you, Bruce. Please, don’t harm him. I am the one you want.”

“He’s gangbang porno not going anywhere.” Bruce yelled. “We’re gonna settle this and…”

“Daddy!” Sean cried.

Travis glanced at his son and his heart broke. “Don’t be afraid, baby. I am right here. I won’t allow anything bad to happen to you. I promise.”

“Never make a promise you can’t keep.” Bruce chirped, giving Travis a grin.


“But anyway, you’re right.” He laughed. “What’s the fun in killing a child when…” He cocked the gun angrily and pointed it right at Travis’ forehead. “…I could just kill the motherfucker that ruined my life?”

Travis felt his heart pound sharply in his chest and his breaths became harsh. He knew just how dangerous Bruce was and he wasn’t gonna hesitate to shoot him. He was nervous and he was feeling really hot.

“If I kill Sean, I will lose this fight anyway.” He glowered. “You and Antonio are just gonna replace him and forget about him. But if I kill you, then Antonio will also be in pain and he might just die from grief.”

Bruce laughed at the top of his voice, scaring Travis.

“But I have got the perfect plan.” He sneered, shaking his head. “I am gonna blow your fucking head off and then I am gonna take your son far away, so far that no one will be able to locate us. I have a chopper waiting for me as we speak.”

“No!” Travis muttered. “Please!”

“And then Antonio is gonna lose both the boy that he loves and the son that he’s always wanted to have.” He smiled. “That way, he’s gonna feel exactly what I felt when he decided to break my heart. I will hit two birds with one stone.”

“Antonio and I are no longer together.” Travis hollered. “I don’t want anything to do with him. You can stop this, Bruce. You can start…”

“Shut the fuck up!” Bruce glowered, feeling a whole lot of pain. “You don’t know exactly how I feel right now. I am a fugitive because of you… I lost everything because of you and now, I am gonna kill you and take your son away. That way, Antonio will feel exactly what I felt. And you will get to understand what it means to lose everything.”

With those words, Travis saw just how serious Bruce got and how he held the gun. He knew that it was gonna be all over and nothing was gonna stop his death. He was really so scared and he closed his eyes, clenching his fists.

“Goodbye, Tra…”


Travis had no idea how he felt when he heard Antonio’s voice and then footsteps coming towards him. He quickly opened his eyes and saw Antonio running towards him, looking really scared.

Bruce on the other got the shock of his life when he saw Antonio coming towards them with his fists clenched. But then, an evil grin appeared on his face and he laughed at the top of his voice, pointing his gun at him. He gestured for him to stand still and Antonio got closer to Travis, standing right by his side.

“Wow!” Bruce chuckled bitterly. “Isn’t this a wonderful family reunion?”

Antonio stretched his hand forward, trying to get closer to Bruce but the man pointed the gun at him and he stopped.

“Please, let Travis and Sean go.” He pleaded.

“You really have some balls showing up here, Antonio.” He chuckled. “But anyway, it’s really good that you’ve joined us. I missed you so much.”

“Stop it!” Antonio snapped, getting a bit angry. “What do you really want? Are you that pathetic that you’d tie up a child like that? I thought you were despicable but I was wrong. You’re worse than that!”

“Yes!” Bruce roared, stamping his foot on the ground. “I am despicable, I am disgusting, I am horrible, I am a beast and I accept it all. But do you know why I am like this?” He said with tears following. “It’s because of you, Antonio. It’s because I love you and that’s why I am like this. You turned me into this beast with your rejection and your betrayal.”

Bruce couldn’t believe the pain that he felt.

“It was supposed to be the two of us forever.” He yelled. “You promised we were gonna be together forever and nothing was gonna come between us. But this whore… this… this slut…” He furiously pointed at Travis angrily. “…came into our lives and changed everything about us. What was my crime in trying to protect what belonged to me? You were mine and you were supposed to be mine forever. Even when I got married to you, you didn’t make me feel like I was married to you. You made cheat on you all because I need your love.” He cried. “It’s fine but I will not allow you to use and dump me just like that.”

“This is between us, Bruce.” Antonio raised his voice. “Leave Travis and my son out of this. I am the one that betrayed you. I am the one that had left you and sent you to prison. Leave them alone. You can do with me whatever you want.”

Bruce laughed, licking his lips sensually. Then he slowly pointed the gun at Antonio. “I don’t want you anymore, Antonio.”

“Then what do you want?”

“The death of the one that you love.” He glanced at Travis who was quiet. “That will be punishment enough for what genç porno you did to me.”

Antonio glanced at Travis and got scared when he saw tears in his eyes. He knew he had to act fast. He was ready to give up his life for him. He angrily tried to move but…

“Don’t even fucking think about it!” Bruce warned, now pointing the gun at Travis. “I swear I’ll pull the fucking trigger right now.”

Antonio stopped in his tracks and felt really scared. He knew that Bruce was a mad man and with the hatred that he had for Travis, he wasn’t gonna hesitate to shoot him.

“What did you all think?” He glowered. “That by having me locked up you’ll be saved from me? And Travis… you took away everything from me, right?” Travis was just quiet, standing like a statue. He didn’t know how to act.

Bruce glanced at Antonio and gave an evil. “Antonio, get to know that even you today will lose everything forever. I will make you feel exactly the same way I am feeling right now.”

He now looked at Travis and his evil grin grew even bigger. “If I can’t have Antonio, then neither will you.”

With a final evil grin, Bruce angrily pressed on the trigger and a really loud gunshot was heard. Travis quickly closed his eyes, expecting for pain to welcome him before death came crawling. His heart was racing so much that it hurt and he was breathing harshly. But he got shocked when he couldn’t even feel a thing, not even pain from anywhere on his body.

Travis quickly opened his eyes to the shocking discovery of Antonio standing right in front of him. Travis’ breaths stopped and he could have sworn his heart instantly stopped beating. He stared at Antonio like he’d seen a ghost. The man had his back to him.

Antonio was gripping the gun hard. He had no idea how he’d managed to block the bullet from reaching Travis or how he found himself in front of Bruce, holding the gun which was pointed right on his abdomen.

Bruce on the other hand just stood still, looking really scared and nervous like he’d seen the hounds of hell. His eyes were teary and he instantly got really scared. His plan was to shoot Travis but Antonio had prevented that. He had almost shot him but the guy came out of nowhere and gripped his gun, trying to get it out of the way.

Antonio tried to breathe but was welcomed by a really sharp pain that travelled to the rest of his body, weakening him instantly and making his vision blur. He slowly let go of the gun and fell on his knees right before he fell on his back.

That was when everyone saw it, the wound on his abdomen which was bleeding uncontrollably. He had blood from the abdomen going down all the way to his trouser. He put his hand on the abdomen and his hand instantly became bloody. He took a really deep breath but ended up coughing blood. It was the most painful physical thing he’d ever experienced. He tried to breathe again but felt like someone was squeezing his heart.

Travis on the other hand got really scared when he saw the state Antonio was in.

“Antonio!” He screamed, dropping to his knees. He slowly pulled the guy close to him, holding him tightly. Suddenly, he had Antonio’s blood all over his hand and a lot on his shirt. “Hang on, Antonio!”

Travis had no idea when he started crying or screaming and pleading with Antonio to hang on. But he was really, really scared.

Antonio raised his head and stared into the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen. He tried to say something but the pain was just too much to bear. He couldn’t utter a word and he ended up coughing more blood.

“I… I…”

“Shh…” Travis whispered, looking into his eyes. “…you’ll be fine. Please, hold on.”

Travis continued crying. He could hear his son’s cries but he was in a big dilemma. He didn’t know what to do at that time.

“Antonio!” Bruce screamed, his hands beginning to shake uncontrollably. He’d never been that scared before. “Oh my God… I … I am so sorry.” He tried to touch him but he was too weak to do anything. His face was wet with tears. “I didn’t… I swear, I didn’t mean to shoot you.”

He slowly raised the gun and pointed at Travis, sobbing softly. “This is your fucking fault, you whore! I shot him because of you.”

Travis raised his head and the moment he stared into Bruce’s face, he had no idea what possessed him. He felt so much rage and he slowly let go of Antonio, clenching his fists.

“You made me shoot the man that I love!” Bruce cried, glancing at the man who struggled to breathe. “This is your fucking fault!”

Travis shook his head. “No! I am not at fault here. Your selfishness and evil ways made you do this. I thought you would change, that you would give up your evil ways and start anew but I was wrong. An evil person like you has already lost his soul. There’s no hope for you.”

“Shut the fuck up!” Bruce yelled. His hand was shaky and he was ready to pull the trigger. “I killed him because of you. You’ll pay for this with your life.”

He furiously cocked the gun and was about to pull on the trigger. But Travis’ hands were too fast to move on the floor and picked up a piece of wood that he used and furiously hit Bruce’s hand. Bruce was caught off guard and before he knew it, the gun he was holding was flying to the floor, a distance away from him. The wood hit his hand so hard that he felt like it was broken. It was painful.

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