Raven Robinson Ep. 07

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This was it. The day Raven had been waiting for what seemed like an eternity. She sat up with a wince, wiping sleep from underneath her green eyes. It took her a moment to remember how last night had ended.

She’d slept through the night without so much as a stir despite the small black toy still buried in her ass. She eased it out slowly. She realized she had put herself in quite a dilemma. The toy was Liz’s and she had taken it from her secret drawer. She’d need to get it put away as soon as possible. The longer it was gone the greater the chance of discovery.

She saw it was still early just 7:15. Someone was in the shower she could hear the water running. Raven figured that it would be Liz in there now. Dad would’ve left for the road already – he usually got going by 6:30 when he was headed out of town in order to beat the morning commuters. If luck held and it was Liz in the shower she could slip in and out in less than three minutes and accomplish her task.

Raven crept across the hall and darted inside the room without making a sound. Only, she had been wrong in jumping to conclusions. Liz was in the bed, still sleeping. It was dad in the shower! Still she was here now and needed to act fast.

Crouching down Raven began to crawl towards her goal. The drawer was still open. Despite the obvious danger she was in, Raven couldn’t help stopping to stare just a moment. Liz was stunning even a state of sleep. The curves of her body under the sheets seemed especially delicate. The smile on her face made Raven wonder what she was dreaming of. Just then Liz began to move. The was merely turning over but it was enough to scare her step-daughter half to death. Raven dropped the plug in it’s drawer and practically stumbled out of the room.

Back in her room Raven sprawled out on her bed. Her heart thumped with fear and excitement. There was a definite ache in her butt. It was dull and slightly fuzzy warm feeling – similar to an itch but a little different. The exertion of being scared helped her drift back asleep for a while.

She woke for the second time to a knock at her door. “Raven honey it’s past 10:00. Are you still not feeling well? I can brew you some tea and get you something to eat if you’d like.”

Raven was thankful that she hadn’t actually opened the door. “No” she said. “I’m alright just extra sleepy I guess. Don’t worry about breakfast. I’ll get myself some cereal sex izle when I come down. I’m just going to shower first today. Ok.”

“Sure babe, no hurry”.

The shower did her wonders. She couldn’t remember when the hot water had felt so good, so cleansing. She felt her muscles loosen in her shoulders and instantly had an idea. She spread her cheeks open and gasped as the warm water soothed her formerly virgin hole. It was fantastic and made her horny all over again. She could have pleasured herself right then and probably gotten away with it. But Liz was still rummaging around upstairs and she didn’t want to push her luck. She finished cleaning up and got dressed as quickly as she could. There was something that told her time was of the essence.

Raven ate a bowl of fruit loops and then sat down to read for a while while Liz finished getting ready herself. The two were planning to hit a photography expo in the park that afternoon.

Liz came down the stairs in a pale green summer dress. She did a little twirl when Raven looked up from her novel. “Like it? I made your dad buy it for me the other day.”

Raven told her it looked nice and asked when they were heading out. “Well I figured we’d try and get there by 4:30. I sent an e-mail to my friend I told you about, you remember right, Mina. Well she said she’d be their from noon until around 6:00. I was really hoping I’d get a chance to introduce you two.”

“Sounds good” was all Raven could muster in reply with an awkward smile.

When they arrived there were only a few people milling about the park grounds. They were all lazily browsing. Raven figured it wasn’t what the photographers would consider to be a good crowd. She tried her best to seem interested as they strolled along.

“Hey over there that’s her, that’s Mina.” Raven looked up and was stuck dumb with surprise. Not by Mina, she was pretty she suppose but not in a way that would leave you speechless. What did was the two girls standing with her, and also apparently talking with her. It was Sam, and next to her Anna Sumner!

They were both looking great today and their body language said they were really enjoying themselves. Raven had completely forgotten it had been Sam that told her about the expo.

When they approached the trio Liz spoke first. “Hey Mina, doll how you been?” She didn’t even wait for an answer before continuing. “This is Raven, Bob’s alt yazılı porno girl. My new step-daughter. Mina had red slightly curled. Her features were severe, her eyebrows were thin sharp lines and she looked to be a little sunburned.

“Ah, Mrs Robinson” Raven wasn’t sure she was the one being spoken to until she added – “Liz has told me a lot about you, you know she thinks very highly of your discerning eye. She says you’re a good judge of art, so let me ask you, what do you think of my two models?” She gestured toward the girls.

Sam didn’t speak but nodded in her friend’s direction. Raven figured she was probably feeling the same thing she was just then. Namely anxiety over their wild night together playing with Liz’s toys. But then she saw something that honestly shook her.

Anna had her arm around Sam’s lower back. The grip was slight and easy but it made Raven incredibly uncomfortable. She needed to say something, anything to get the focus off her.

“M-models, she stuttered. What kind of models are they, exactly. I mean what kind of pictures have you been taking?”.

“Only classy ones darlin’ I assure you. Not that I haven’t been trying to get them to lower themselves just a little, and agree to take some more raw stuff. Artistic nudes are my specialty but alas I haven’t succeeded fully on that front as of yet. You like them don’t you? I’m sure you do, I saw you blush babe – thought that escaped me did you?” Mina gave a high hard laugh that seemed to come from her chest as much as her throat.

Raven was still taken aback but she had to say something her cheeks were on fire now. “Oh Sam and Anna, of course they are beautiful, uhh anyone would say so I’m sure.” She tired to seem nonchalant.

“You know each other do you, well that’s great, maybe I can talk your step-mom here into letting me use you too, if you’d like to, of course. She used to model for me back in school. I once used her for an end of the year final. Got an A too. I think my professor had a major hard-on for Liz.” She once again broke into a full bodied laugh.

The rest of the conversation was a blur in Raven’s memory. She kept glancing at Sam looking for some sign, but none that she could read made her feel any less weird about the whole afternoon. It was all very surreal. The shock of seeing Sam, and Anna to boot. She couldn’t stop wondering if they were perhaps altyazılı sex izle more than friends.

When Raven and Liz got home they ate dinner in near silence. Liz broke it. ” I hope Mina didn’t scare you hon’. I probably should have warned you first. It’s just that we know each other so well I sometimes forget myself how she is, to other people I mean, ones who don’t know her well enough to not take her seriously. You certainly don’t have to humor her if you don’t want to. God knows she doesn’t pay her models, in money anyway.” She didn’t elaborate and Raven let the rest go unsaid.

When she was finished Raven fibbed and said she wasn’t feeling well. She thought she’d get to bed early to avoid thinking about the day. It had started with such promise and was now a real bummer. She thought that she’d have some fun by herself tonight and console her wounded heart.

“Ok Raven, feel better sweetie. I think I’ll have a good soak for an hour or so before turning in.”

In bed she took Liz’s panties from under her pillow. She wrapped them around her hand she tried to please herself but couldn’t get in the mood. Before she even realized it she began to cry softly. A while later she got up to brush her teeth and pee. The light was on in the bathroom. Liz was still in the tub.

The door was open. Raven thought about just walking in and saying something bold and possibly suggestive – but she just couldn’t muster the courage. Instead she crept up to the door and tried to peek inside. To her delight Raven began to hear soft moans from within. She couldn’t venture to open the door and get a better view but as luck would have it the mirror over the sink was there to help her. Through it’s reflection she saw Liz. With a washcloth resting on over her eyes. She was rubbing herself down there, and doing a bang up job of it if the sounds she made were any indication. Raven’s mouth watered and her sex was wet with desire. She was licking her lips imagining Liz’s body under the warm water. When Liz came she shuddered mightily. So much so that the washcloth over her face fell into the bath.

Raven saw her eyes widen in the mirror. She couldn’t be sure if she’d been seen or not, but she thought so. She quickly retreated to her room. Maybe she should have been more worried, but in spite of herself Raven was more excited than anything else.

The day had been a real roller-coaster of a ride. It seemed like Sam may already be spoken for if her suspicions were correct. And so as she went to sleep that night Raven Robinson had one prevailing thought. Screw it. She would allow herself to lust after Liz all she damn well pleased, that, was at least stimulating.

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