Rebecca’s Road To Satisfaction Ch. 01a

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I, Rebecca Thorpe, looked hungrily at his erect cock struggling to break free of the material concealing it. Many thoughts were running through my mind at this point, if I gave him the best blow job ever, would he finally fuck me?! And I decided I was going to use all the tricks I knew. So I pushed him onto the bed, and he looked at me begging me to suck him off! I smiled and knew that I had him where I wanted, so I stuck one of my fingers in my mouth and began to lick it seductively. In and out of my mouth it went as I forever kept eye contact with him. I could see him struggling, he wanted me bad. I continued to play my game however, and I untied my sexy little pink robe, and it dropped to the floor revealing my 34 c tits and shaven pussy. His jaw almost hit the floor when he saw my beautiful body, and I laughed, before using my wet finger to flick my nipples. I gasped at my touch as they hardened.

“What are you waiting for, get on with it Becky?!” he shouted.

“Your wish is my command honey,” I replied seductively, and I slowly made my way to the bed. I climbed on and placed myself next to him.

I heard him breathe a huge sigh of relief, as I put my fingers in the waistband off his boxers, and I pulled them down releasing his gorgeous cock. It was fully erect now. I leaned down so my mouth was directly above his cock, then I looked into his eyes and I could see the anticipation of what was to come. I smiled, I had him exactly where I wanted, stage one of my plan was over, now to move to stage two. I grabbed his rock-hard shaft with my hand and I roughly drew back the foreskin. Pre-cum began to ooze out of the tip and I wiped it away. He groaned and I hesitated, teasing him slightly.

“Come on baby, don’t do this to me!” he moaned, so I started to lightly masturbate him, taking care with the strokes. I looked up to see if he was enjoying it, and he had his eyes closed clearly savouring the moment. I quickened my pace, wanking him with long hard fast pulls. I was sending him wild, as he wriggled around in ecstasy. I suddenly stopped giving him a hand job, and lowered my face so that my mouth was level with his erection. I paused for a moment before wrapping my lips around his cock. I licked the tip with my tongue, and he shivered and squirmed. I tickled his balls with my nails, before taking the whole of his dick in my mouth. He gasped, and pushed my head down, and I was choking, gagging, but I didn’t care. I was so god damn horny! My head bobbed up and down as I sucked him off, deep throating him, as he thrust his hips trying to push his dick further into my mouth. I was sucking faster, harder, pleasuring him.

“Yes, yes, Becky, mm!”

I suddenly felt his hips buckle, as he shouted, “Oh god, I’ cumminggggggggggg!”

He came in my mouth, wet shots of cum flooding it. I swallowed it all, before he stopped, and his limp dick fell out of my mouth, and he collapsed, panting hard. I giggled, stage two was over, now roll on the sex!

“My turn baby,” I whispered, but there was no response. I pushed him, trying to awake him, but he just grunted. I was getting really frustrated, here I was, horny as fuck, soaking wet, needing to shag, but my own boyfriend was too selfish to satisfy me. I screamed out in disappointment. My plan had failed, yet I needed seeing to.

I made my way to the bathroom, and I turned on the shower. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was quite a petite woman, with a curvy body. I had long brown hair, and hazel eyes. I had been told quite a lot that I was sexy, but I didn’t believe it right then. All I could think was: why won’t he take my virginity? Is my body ugly? I began to sob quietly.

I had met Dave in school when I was 16. He was two years my senior and in the sixth form. I fancied him like mad, but I didn’t know how I would get him to notice me. However, halfway through the year, I found out he had joined the drama club, and auditioned for the school play, Romeo and Juliet. He had won the part of Romeo, yet the part of Juliet was still open. I immediately auditioned, and surprisingly got the part. Over the six months of rehearsals, we got quite close, and he asked me on a date. It went smoothly, but he told me he had to move away, and after the performance, we would never see each other again. I was distraught, I had fallen in love with him, big time. He didn’t tell me where he was going, but that it would be the day after the performance, which was in five days time. That night, I locked myself in my room, crying myself to sleep. I faked an illness, and didn’t go to school that week, nor did I turn up for the performances. I tried to get over him, I really did, but it took about a year before I was finally over him, but I still didn’t date after that, I was scared that my heart would be broken again. I went to university, got my teaching degree, and then went on a gap year.

I travelled the world with my friend Alisha, and we went everywhere, from the pyramids in Egypt, to Disneyland in Florida. Anyway, about three months into our trip, we found ourselves in Germany. We went clubbing one night, and to my utter surprise, Dave was there bahis siteleri too. We got talking, and I got his number, and my feelings for him came flooding back. We met up, and we kissed, he told me that he loved me, so I abandoned my trip, left Alisha with some man she had met in Spain, and went back home with Dave. We moved in together shortly after.

I know all this sounds rather hasty, but I was in love. However, I always questioned whether he loved me. Sure we made out a lot, and felt each other, and I gave him regular blow jobs, but he rarely touched me, and we never had sex. Twenty one and still a virgin! As I thought of this, I looked at my naked body in disgust, turned the shower off, and climbed into bed.

My alarm clock woke me up at half past six the following morning, and I got up, and went downstairs, where Dave was sat at the table eating his breakfast.

“Good morning honey,” he said chirpily.

“Morning,” I grunted.

“Last night was brilliant, thanks babe.”

“No worries.”

“What’s up?”

“Nothing, I’m just tired, shouldn’t you have left by now.”

Dave looked up at the clock.

“Oh shit, yes, have a good day at work hun,” and he kissed me on the cheek. “Oh, and before I forget, my mother is coming down later, I said she could stay for a few days.”

He exited the house, and I sighed. I had never met his mother before, but I really couldn’t be bothered with her. I got dressed into my blouse and shirt, and put some make up on, and then I made my way to school.

First class I was going to be teaching was an English sixth form class. As I headed to my classroom, George Stockwell appeared from around the corner. He was an 18 year old boy in my English class, and he was every teenage girl’s fantasy: tall, dark and handsome, very muscular, and very polite, with a hint of mischievousness about him. It was no secret to me that he fancied me, as he never hid his obvious lust. I smiled and thought to myself; well at least someone thinks I’m sexy.

“Hello miss, did you have a good weekend?” he said smiling.

“Erm, wasn’t the best to be honest George.”

“Oh, still having problems with your fella?”

“Yes, you could say that.”

He looked at me with real concern in his eyes and put a hand on my shoulder. A soft, warm hand, and began softly caressing my arm. His touch made me feel funny downstairs.

“Aww, miss, I’m really sorry, but I’ve got you a little something that might cheer you up.”

“Oh no, really you didn’t have to, I can’t take anything from you.”

He made his hand upwards so it was touching my face, and he gently stroked it.

“I insist, you deserve it, now follow me.” And with that he took my hand and led me to the store cupboard. On the top shelf was a big bouquet of flowers. Tears began forming in my eyes. This was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me.

“Don’t cry,” George said, as he wiped away the tears.

“It’s just, it’s jus-, oh thank you. Oh come here,” I stammered, and I pulled him into a hug, and I held onto him. He was trying to pull back, but I wrapped him tight and brought him to my body, and immediately felt why he had been pulling back, he had a rock hard erection. I could feel it rubbing my crotch through my blouse and my panties became damp. I was getting horny, and had this uncontrollable urge to fuck him! However, just at that moment, the bell rang signalling the beginning of the first lesson, and I came back to reality, and let go of George. He stood staring at me, breathing hard. An awkward silence followed, where we looked at each other. I broke the silence.

“George, I, I’m really sorry, I don’t know what overcome me then, I’m your teacher for god’s sake. Thanks for the flowers, and I’ll see you in my lesson in a moment.”

Then I left him standing mesmerised, and went to my classroom. A couple of kids were already there, but shortly after, everyone was there, and so I began my lesson, recapping the previous lesson, and quizzing the students. Of course, as always, Demi Chong was answering all the questions with ease.

Demi was my top student. She was from an Asian background and her oriental looks made her very pretty. She had long dark hair, and had a very innocent look to her. She was extremely intelligent and some what of a teacher’s pet.

After the little quiz, I set a silent written test for the class, and as they got on with it, I sat in my chair, my mind wandering. I thought back to the incident in the store cupboard and I felt myself getting wet once more. I was feeling extremely naughty, and decided that George needed a reward for being so kind. I pushed my hair behind my ears, and looked at him, hoping he would catch my gaze, and he did. I winked at him, and licked my lips seductively. He stared at me wide mouthed, as I continued my show. I unbuttoned the top button of my shirt and blew a kiss towards him, before unbuttoning three more buttons. I then leaned forward, so that if he was to look down my top, he would be able to see my tits in all their glory, and lo and behold, that’s where he looked. I undid another button, and moved my hand canlı bahis siteleri towards my blue bra. Before I could go any further though, I heard a small groan. I stopped, and looked up to see everyone staring at me. My face went bright red, as I realised I had been caught out.

“Can I go to the toilet miss,” gulped Demi. I nodded and she made her way out of the room. Everyone continued staring at me, and I bollocked them, even though I was in the wrong. They took the message and carried on with the test. I sat there confused. What was I doing? I was risking my job and respect for a quick fix. I was being stupid, and it needed to stop. On the other hand, I was in desperate need of a good fucking, and I was fast becoming a horny little devil. I’m fine with that, I told myself, it’s just I can’t do it in school, not in my lessons, or with my students. The bell rang, and everybody rushed off to their next lessons, everyone that is except George.

“Can I help you George?”

“Erm, well, I was wondering if you were such a slut outside of school. I mean I know you’re having problems with Dave, but if I was him, I would never row with you if the little striptease was an indication of how good you may be in bed.”

I blushed, and before even pondering my next mouth, I blurted out, “Well I wouldn’t know if I’m good in bed or not.”

He looked at me weirdly, confused, then it dawned on him, and his confusion turned to shock.

“What, you’re not telling me you’re a-. Are you a virgin?”

I scolded myself for letting that slip out, but realised I couldn’t deny it now, so I nodded my head slowly. He opened his mouth as if to say something but thought better of it. He looked me up and down as if he were planning something, then he flashed me a dirty smile, before leaving.

Try as I might, I couldn’t stop thinking about George for the rest of the day. However, I hadn’t given anyone another saucy striptease thank God. By the time I was on my way home, my pussy was throbbing, and I couldn’t wait to jump in the shower and play with myself. I parked my car, ran up the path, and got my keys out of my handbag. Just I was turning the key in the lock, the door opened. I absolutely shit myself as a woman I had never met, yet recognised from pictures, greeted me with a warm smile.

It was Dave’s mum Karen. To my knowledge she was 44 years old, yet had the face and body of a girl my age. She was quite tall, and extremely curvy. She had quite short red hair and sparkling green eyes. She was wearing a blue t-shirt, jeans, and heels. She had an hourglass figure, and I instantly became jealous. Put it simply, she was beautiful!

“Hello, I’m sorry I gave you such a fright. I’m Karen, and you must be Rebecca, pleased to meet you,” she said kindly and offered a hand for me to shake.

I shook it briefly before replying, “No, it’s not your fault, I should have expected you to be here, I completely forgot, oh and please call me Becky.”

“Ok I shall Becky,” she laughed. I smiled too, and despite only just meeting her, I felt comfortable around her. “Dave won’t be back for another hour, so how’s about we have a little chat, get acquainted with each other and have a cup of tea.”

So we did. She told me stories about her, about her failed marriage, all of her jobs, how she turned to prostitution when Dave was born. How she struggled financially, and how she had survived cancer. I was riveted, and extremely interested in her tales, yet I wondered how a woman had gone through so much, yet could be so nice and pretty. I told her about my family, and my teaching (I obviously left out my infatuation for George). We got on like a house on fire! She got up to put our mugs in the kitchen and knocked the remote from the sofa onto the floor.

“Oh crap,” she shouted, and I giggled.

“Here I’ll take those,” I said holding out my hands to receive the mugs. “And you see if my remote is still working!”

She smiled and gave me the mugs, then bent down to pick up the remote. As she bent over, her gorgeous arse came into view, the curvy big arse. My eyes were fixated on it, and I hadn’t even seen that she had now got up and was looking at me.

“Ooo, caught you looking didn’t I?” Karen whispered gently.

Before I could reply the front door opened and in walked Dave. I inwardly cursed him for ruining the moment. I gave him a kiss on the cheek, and then my phone started ringing. I left the room and answered. It was Alisha.

“Heya baby cakes,” she sang down the phone.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Well, I was just ringing to tell you that I’m having an Anne Summers party tomorrow night, loads of sexy lingerie and naughty toys and girly gossip. You in?”

“Hell yeah, seeya then.”

“Cool, bye.”

I put the phone down and couldn’t wait for the party now.

The night came and went without any event or sexual action as per usual. Except for this time, I hadn’t tried to get it out of Dave. Instead I had dreamed about George, and all the naughty things he could do to me. However, halfway through the dream, George disappeared and was replaced by Karen. It was at that canlı bahis precise moment that my alarm clock rang, and I got up a little annoyed that my fantasies had been destroyed.

I did my usual morning routine, and headed off for work. I didn’t see George all day, and that made me feel a little upset. I tried to conjure up ideas in how I could seduce him, but every one of them seemed too risky and not worth losing my job over. At the end of the day, I entered the staff room to get my stuff. Just as I was leaving, I heard a man call my name. I turned around to see Mr Farrell, the head teacher. He was a monster of a man, big rippling muscles, huge hands, really tall, and I was guessing by the colour of his skin, a really huge cock. He towered over me as he spoke.

“Miss Thorpe, would you like to come with me to my office, a very unfortunate circumstance has occurred.”

“Sure,” I said quite puzzled. We walked to his office silently and he opened the door, allowing me to go in before him. I entered and turned to him, eager to know what the problem was.

“There has been a complaint made about you by one of your students, a very serious complaint. Could you hazard a guess as to what this is about?” he said calmly.

I blushed realising why I was in trouble. I knew why, I just didn’t want to admit it, so I shook my head, whilst I looked at the ground.

“Well I’ll tell you then shall I? Apparently, during one of your classes, you decided to show your tits to the whole class! Is this correct?”

I sheepishly nodded.

“You must know that sexual acts are not permitted in school, and that we expect every teacher to act professionally at all times. So in that case, you must receive a punishment,” he said. His tone had got a little aggressive now, and I became scared. Seeing the fear in my eyes he smiled.

“Oh, there’s no need to be afraid Miss Thorpe. In fact, I think you might quite like this punishment, seen as you’re such a filthy minx. Now what I want you to do is bend over, and pull your blouse down, so I can see your arse in your panties.”

I looked at him, and although alarm bells started ringing, I felt really naughty. After all, my boss had just asked me to strip for him. I obliged and slowly took down my blouse. His eyes fixed on my blue thong, and he hungrily licked his lips.

“Oh, and seen as you like showing them off so much, I would like to see what all the fuss is about regarding your boobs,” Mr Farrell suggested flirtily.

“Well your wish is my command boss,” I giggled. I unbuttoned my shirt, and ripped my bra off, showing my marvellous tits. He gulped, and stared for what seemed like hours. He regained control of his eyes however and told me to bend over, close my eyes and let the punishment begin.

I obeyed and felt a huge hand caress my butt gently. It kneaded my left cheek, then my right. Then I felt then hand leave my arse, and as soon as it did, I felt it coming back with force. Pain surged through me as he slapped my arse. He did it again and I whimpered. He was hurting me, how was I supposed to enjoy it. Yet, I felt wetness in my panties. He was turning me on. I grimaced as the next slap came, harder this time. The pleasure this time beating the pain and I relaxed as he spanked me. I was getting wetter and wetter than I ever had done in my life, I was being dominated, and if felt oh so good. His slaps became more frequent now, and he was building me up into a frenzy. Moans were coming from my mouth as I anticipated the first orgasm in my life, caused by another person. However, my pleasure was short lived, as his mobile rang. I opened my eyes, and turned to him. He mouthed the word sorry and pulled my blouse up. I got myself dressed and exited the room, horny as fuck. Frustration coursed through me. As I made my way to the car, I looked up at the sky and screamed. Someone up there had something against me!

I drove home, my pussy throbbing, calling out for me to give it some attention. It was dripping wet, yet I couldn’t tend to it whilst I was driving. I could kill myself for god’s sake. I parked the car onto my drive and opened the front door of my house. I threw my stuff onto the sofa and shouted.

“Oh my lord, I’m horny as fuck, why can’t someone fuck me!”

I heard footsteps and turned to see Karen coming from the kitchen. I went bright red, I had forgotten all about her.

“Oh really Becky, well seen as I’m the only person about, maybe I will have to tend to your needs,” she smiled slyly advancing towards me. I froze; maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all. She came closer and our noses touched. I began breathing hard. She moved her lips to mine as if she was going to kiss me, and then she pulled back, and tapped me on my nose.

“Then again maybe I won’t,” she teased and she turned into the kitchen leaving me confused, and seriously turned on. I didn’t have time to dwell on the event though because the sound of Pussycat Dolls singing Dontcha, filled my ears, as my phone rang (By the way isn’t Nicole from the Dolls hot, oh my god she has everything, tanned body, beautiful face, gorgeous tits, perky arse, legs to die for, oh my she is the ultimate creature. She is the only girl that could turn me lesbian. Then again, didn’t I dream about Karen last night? Was I actually lesbian?). I shook my head and answered my phone with a hello.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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