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This is a short sequel to my first story, How the River Feels. The sex is there, but the main point of the story is the relationship.

* * * * *

Jack, heart of my heart, do you remember? That wonderful time in the cabin in the woods, our favorite spot to get away from everything. It was only a year after we first met. After all we had been through, the crazy twists and turns of life that first brought us together, we slipped away to celebrate the anniversary of our first encounter at the symphony concert.

As always, the cabin was the epitome of peace and quiet. I remember leaning on the rail of the balcony, looking across the gravel road to the lily pond. The only sounds I heard were the crickets and frogs making music. Then you silently slipped up behind me and wrapped your arms around me, leaning your head against mine and whispering in my ear the words that brought me life and happiness: “I love you, Dan!”

I turned in your arms and pressed my lips against yours. Then you deepened the kiss as our tongues explored and tasted each other. In the dimmed light of evening, with just the faintest glow of the sunset remaining, I parted your robe and kissed my way down your chest, reveling in your furry body, until I reached your beautiful cock, already half hard with desire.

I remember how you shuddered with pleasure as I took you into my mouth, making love to your cock and balls with my mouth and hands. I reached around you to grasp and caress your perfect ass, pulling your cock further into my mouth. You rested your hands on my head, gently holding me in place as you caressed my ears and stroked my hair. The tenderness in your touch reassured me of your love.

I felt your balls tighten as you reach your orgasm, your body tensing and releasing your warm semen into my mouth, evidence of your pleasure and love. I stood and shared your cum with you as we kissed, savoring the taste of passion.

Then you took me by the hand and drew me into the bed loft. You lay back and pulled your legs up, opening yourself to me. My erection was insistent, throbbing with desire. You pulled me on top of you and guided my cock into your body, your eyes glowing with desire and love. As I thrust into you, your hands caressed my chest, pulled at my nipples, and reached for my ass to pull me deeper into your body. Finally, I could hold off no longer. You repeated the magic words: “I love you, Dan!” Your words were the trigger that set off the explosions of my orgasm as I came in you, filling you with my love.

* * * * *

I remember the two of us looking at each other in the mirror. The tuxedos were immaculate, the boutonnieres glowing red on our coat lapels. The smiles on our faces were the smiles of complete joy and happiness.

Then there was a knock on the bedroom door. “Grandpa! Dan! It’s time!”

I opened the door to see Cody and Conner, now ten, waiting impatiently to escort us down the aisle and give us away to each other.

“Come on!” they said. “Everyone is waiting!”

They turned and led us down the stairs and through the house to the back porch, where we paused and surveyed the scene before us. There were about a hundred people in our backyard, all turned toward us with smiling faces. I was glad that the house we bought together had a beautiful garden with a gazebo. Maybe that was what made us decide to buy that house. I think we both envisioned our wedding there.

Cody took your hand and Conner took mine as we walked down the aisle together. Sean was there as your best man. Ironic, isn’t it? You were his best man when he married Hannah. Not many men get to return the favor to their own dads. And my buddy Ian, now married for two years to Sharon, was my best man. After all he and I had been through, it was gratifying to see both of us fulfilled in happy relationships.

Reverend Martinez took us through the ceremony step Maltepe Escort by step, and as the reality of the wedding vows sank into my brain, I realized more strongly than ever that all the wild living I had experienced before we met was worthless in comparison to the bond I had with you, Jack, the man I loved with all my heart.

Sean and Ian handed the Reverend our rings, plain gold, simple but beautiful. As we placed the rings on each other’s fingers, I could feel your hand trembling in mine, as once again I felt that current of energy pass between us, just as it did the first time we met. But this time, I knew that it was the current of a love that was binding us even closer together.

By the time Reverend Martinez said we could kiss, I think I was as hard with desire as I had ever been. I was glad the tux coat covered my crotch! Then when we kissed, you went well beyond the polite, chaste kiss we had practiced at the rehearsal. Your tongue touched my lips and I instinctively open my mouth to you. Oblivious to those around us, I reached to hold your ass and pull you against my body.

Then we came back to reality and saw the smiles and heard the cheers. I think I blushed fifteen shades of scarlet, finally realizing what we had just done. I caught Ian’s eye and he gave me a thumbs-up. Then I heard Sean shout, “You go, Dad!” It was a relief to know that we were among friends and family who accepted us, who would support us and be a source of strength for us in the years to come.

As wonderful and romantic as our honeymoon was, I remember the wedding as a towering high point of our life together. What a wonderful way to cement our love, proclaiming to all that we were fully committed to each other.

* * * * *

We had been married about three years. We were at a family gathering, Thanksgiving, in fact. Sean and Hannah were hosting again, and I walked out to the back patio to escape the swarm of children who had worn me out playing games. Still not used to big families, I needed a break.

I saw Keith, one of Hannah’s brothers, sitting on a lawn chair, facing away from the house. He was obviously lost in thought and seemed upset and depressed. I pulled up another chair beside him and sat down in silence.

Keith heaved a sigh and turned toward me. “Dan,” he said, “when I first saw you and Jack that Thanksgiving eight years ago, I was so proud of you two, and also incredibly envious. What you two have is so amazing, so inspiring. And it breaks my heart, Dan, it’s killing me.”

I must have looked shocked, but he went on to explain, “I’ve tried to find someone who completes me the way you and Jack complete each other. But all I’ve found is dead ends and betrayals. I’m so lonely, Dan. I’m starting to think that I’ll be alone the rest of my life.”

Then I smiled to myself, remembering how we “accidentally” met, how something so wonderful came out of a chance encounter. I never thought about God, purpose in life, or any kind of faith. But, Jack, you turned my life inside out and upside down. I told Keith that I no longer believed in chance. Somehow, I knew that you and I were destined for each other, Jack. And I told him that I was sure that his man was there, that he would be guided to a place where they would find each other.

Keith wasn’t convinced, but as I related to him some of the details of how we met, how we went through severe trials those first months, he began to see that all things were working together to push us toward each other until the inevitable happened. We were brought to the point where we realized we couldn’t live without each other.

All the sexual attraction was only one facet of our relationship. Our hearts were fully committed to each other in a bond that would hold, no matter what life threw at us. Our bodies were fully united, but that was only the outward manifestation of a deep love Tuzla Escort that would withstand all the tests and trials of life.

And as I talked to Keith about our love, Jack, it began to sink into his mind that he should keep hoping, keep searching with his heart. And even if there was more pain to endure, when he finally found his partner, the man he would share life with, it would be worth it all. All the dead ends, the false hopes, the pain of rejection and betrayal, all that would be nothing when he found his love returned.

Keith had a new look of hope in his eyes when we rose and headed back into the house. I found you talking to Ben and Janet, and I stepped up next to you and slipped my arm around your waist to pull you close. It was gratifying to see the look of approval from Ben and Janet, knowing that they had fully accepted our relationship, just as they had come to understand that their son Keith needed their support.

As we were leaving to head home, Keith pulled me aside and gave me a big hug. “Thanks, Dan,” he said. “You’ve given me hope again. Seeing you and Jack together helps me believe in real love. I’m keeping my heart open now.”

We went home, and after I told you about my conversation with Keith, you told me, with tears in your eyes, that you loved me, words I would never tire of hearing. We made passionate love that night, letting our bodies express the deep bond we had.

Jack, your kisses captured me from the very first time. I became a prisoner of your love, knowing that whatever happened, our love would be the source of our strength. I kissed my way down your chest to your nipples, tugging on them with my teeth, hearing your moans of pleasure.

I knelt between your legs and took your cock into my mouth, sucking and licking up and down your shaft, then bathing your balls with my tongue. You were writhing on the bed, and when I began to lick and tongue fuck your ass, you shivered and trembled in extasy. I slowly inserted my finger into your ass and rubbed your prostate, feeling you push back on me. I couldn’t hold off any longer.

I used some of my precum to lube my cock and slowly slid home in you. I held still, reveling in the sensations of our joining. Then I began to move slowly, pulling out and thrusting back in, moving my hips so you could feel my cock differently each time I entered you.

You looked into my eyes, radiating the depth of your love as I moved in you, pushing us both closer to powerful orgasms. I leaned down to kiss you again, our tongues dancing a romantic slow dance. Your breathing became more ragged and your beautiful hairy chest was heaving as you cried out and exploded between us, your semen coating both our chests.

That pushed me over the edge and I shouted out my joy and pleasure as I filled you with my cum, thrusting deeply into your body. I felt my cock pulsing as jets of my semen spurted into you. Then I collapsed on you. You wrapped your strong arms around me and held me to your body, finding my lips again as you kissed me deeply.

Finally, I rolled to one side and snuggled up to your side, resting my head on your chest. Just before I drifted off to sleep, I heard you say, “Dan, sweetheart, thanks for sharing our story with Keith. I’m proud that our love can be an encouragement to someone else who is still seeking his partner in life.” You kissed the top of my head and stroked my hair, your gentle touch sending me into sweet sleep.

* * * * *

And now the memories rush in, racing around my mind and confusing me. Some are mere flashes, images of a special moment here or there, a loving kiss, laughter with family and friends, the white cliffs of Dover in the distance, the clear waters of the Caribbean on our twentieth anniversary cruise.

The bright day our twin grandsons, Cody and Conner, got married to two beautiful young women at Briscoe Anadolu Yakası Escort Manor, outdoors by the lake. The celebration we had for Sean and Hannah for their fortieth anniversary last year. They are a lovely couple, but in my opinion, you were still the most handsome man in the room that day.

I loved the way we celebrated our twenty-fifth anniversary by recreating our European travels the year we first met. Even staying in the Opera Suites in Vienna. It wasn’t Tristan and Isolde onstage at the State Opera that time, but La Traviata was romantic enough to stir our blood. Amazing that at our age, we were as frisky as we were twenty-five years earlier. And you, my love, aged so beautifully! Your appearance was more handsome every year, and your body still aroused me. But the love shining in your eyes always was my undoing. You conquered my heart all those years ago, and I was the willing prisoner of your love.

Our life together has been so full of beauty and happiness, and even the hard times were made bearable by sharing. The joys doubled and the sorrows halved.

My mind is overflowing with thoughts of us, memories that spin me around, that race in faster than light, gone before I can grasp them. And I am truly trying to grasp them, to hold them fast.

* * * * *

And now, Jack, my love, heart of my hearts, for the very first time, you have hurt me. No, it’s beyond hurt. My heart is crushed beyond repair, and darkness is all I feel now. For you have left me alone, and I can’t go on.

One memory, the strangest of them all, has lodged in my consciousness. It was when I was in the hospital, wanting to let go of life because of the wounds from my father. Your voice called me back to life with words I could never remember, except for these:

“Dan, my darling, my heart, come back to me. Please don’t leave me alone. You showed me how to live again, and if you go, I’ll go with you. I love you so much. Come back!”

Your love made me come back to you, but now you’re gone, and I will go, too.

I stared down into the grave at your casket, my heart in utter darkness.

“Dan. Dan!”

I barely heard the words.

“Dan, it’s time to go. He’s not hurting anymore.”

I slowly roused from my haze and realized Sean was speaking to me. He took me by the hand, and we walked toward our family, all of them there out of love. Even the first great-grandchild, too young to understand at age two, was smiling at me, welcoming me back into this circle of love.

It’s amazing how we can go through the motions of life when we feel dead. We drove home, ate a meal, greeted other mourners who had come in tribute to a life well lived, to a man who made the world a better place, a man whose influence made others into better people.

But all through these activities, I knew it was the end.

* * * * *

One month later

Sean stood thoughtfully by his father’s grave, his mother’s grave next to Jack’s on his left, and now Dan’s grave next to Jack’s on the other side. He shook his head, wondering at the way these three had made him into the man he had become. Sean had been loved by these three people, Jack, Karen, and Dan, his heart made full by their hearts’ overflow.

Hannah slipped up next to him and kissed his cheek. She took his hand and they walked away from the graves, back to the living inheritance of the power of love, his own children and grandchildren, thankful for the strength given to him by these three that he had loved.

Jack and Karen stood looking down at Sean and the others. They smiled at each other and turned to welcome Dan with outstretched hands. Together, the three walked into the light.

* * * * *

Author’s Note: The idea behind this short story is taken from Chamisso’s Frauen Lieben und Leben (A Woman’s Love and Life). These were set to music by Robert Schumann in a song cycle of the same name. The woman recounts the awakening of her first love, praising the wonderful man who loves her. She describes their wedding and the joy of their married life. In the last song, she chides her love for hurting her for the very first time since they met. He has died and left her alone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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