Renewing Old Friendships

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Fuck Hard

We are a 47 & 48 year old bi couple living in the outer Brisbane suburbs we had married in our 20’s and had travelled the width and breadth of Australia with the wife and family following my 25 year career in the Army. I joined as a 15 yr old apprentice mechanic.

I had been out of the Army for 6 and a bit years when a friend Cliff, living near Cairns phoned to say that one of our friends, Bill had succumbed to the big C, colon cancer. Bill, Cliff and I had followed or met during many posting’s through out our Army careers. Cliff said Bill’s funeral was to be in 7 days time. I said we try to get there for it and would let him know where we would be staying. Cliff said that as it is the tourist season we would be lucky to find accommodation and that we were welcome to stay at his place.

Thanking him I told Jan my wife of Bill’s death. We were all close and kept in contact regularly since leaving the Army so it hit Jan as hard as it did me. After arranging air flights the only ones I could get was arriving 4 days before the funeral and leaving 3 days after, This meant away for 8 days. The business could survive for a few without us but not both for 8 days so we decided that Jan would stay behind. After phoning Cliff to see if it was ok for an extended stay I confirmed the flights. Stepping out of the air conditioned plane was like walking into a wall, the humidity was so thick. Cliff met me and after collecting my baggage we were off to his farm.

Cliff hadn’t changed in the time he’d left the Army, he still looked fit and never ceased chatting. I asked how Jenny and the kids were and that I was looking forward to seeing them again. Cliff then dropped the bombshell that they had divorced last year and the kids were all grown up with one living in Sydney, one in the Army and one in Cairns. Jenny was back in Tasmania. After the shock had passed I asked what happened, Cliff said that Jenny came home a week early from a family visit and found him in a compromising position in the bedroom with someone else. I gave a laugh and punched him on the arm and said to him, I told you one day you would get caught not keeping that weapon in your own pants. We used to call Cliff donkey dick because of the size of his cock, he was never short of some woman who wanted it. We used to tease Jenny saying we knew why she was always smiling. I asked how the divorce went, he said as far as divorces go good. it was an amicable split 50/50 down the line and he and Jenny speak once a month.

The country side was changing from sugar cane, banana plantations to rain forest, Cliff slowed the car turning of the road down a track with Banana’s lining either side, he said welcome to 150 acres of banana’s and 100 acres of cattle breeding land. The road opened up to a clearing revealing a beautifully restored Queenslander with wide open veranda’s surrounding the house. After parking the car we went up to his house Cliff never ceasing the chat, describing what they’d done and giving me the guided tour. I started to laugh and he asked what was wrong, I said have a look at this place, I feel the need to put on the white glove and go hunting for dust, it is immaculate. How much does it cost for the cleaner? Cliff laughed saying well, I did do a spring clean sorta, have to on a regular basis as the spiders spin the webs pretty quick here and always dust floating about being so open.

We ended up in the room I was to stay in dropped my bags, Cliff had already opened the french doors onto the veranda and stepped out so I followed to enter a large open deck with a spa tub in the middle, that would easily seat a dozen people comfortably, a large 5 burner rotisserie BBQ, an open air shower on the wall. Built into the side of the tub was a large ice box to which Cliff opened and selected two cold beers throwing one to me. We sat down enjoying the cool taste just waffling shit. Cliff got up and walked to the open air shower dropped his shorts and removed his shirt to be naked and turned the shower on.

All the time never ceasing the talk as if it was a natural thing, which obviously was as he had a well defined body with an all over tan and no white bits and had shaved himself of all toplu porno body hair around his cock and balls making them seem so much larger. I must have shown some sort of shock as he said get over it, I don’t stand on ceremony here and sometimes you just need to cool down from the heat and humidity. H e commented on the lack of pubic hair saying he and his partners enjoy the feeling of skin on skin. I said I know the feeling as Jan and I like it too. There is a shower in your room if you need a tub old fella and with that sauntered over to the tub plonking himself in. I said ok I do need to get the sweat of me and went to the room for a shower.

I stepped out onto the deck again dressed in shorts. out the corner of my eye I saw movement and my reflexes kicked in catching the beer thrown to me. Cliff said get in its great. I looked down at my shorts debating with myself weather to take em off only to be interrupted by Cliff saying lose the shorts I have seen your little cock in the showers many a time. Ok Cliff’s cock looks about 8 maybe 9 inches on the slack so my respectable 7.5 incher (hard that is) may look small to him when it is a soft 5 or 6 inches. I said to him small it maybe but he wouldn’t want it hanging off his nose for a wart, as I was climbing in the tub.

I was really enjoying the freedom of being naked floating in the tub and catching up on old times and soaking up the sun and beers. There was a lull in the conversation, and I was feeling really relaxed and could feel my cock becoming half hard. The feeling of the water gushing over it may have had something to do with it, I looked at Cliff and it was obvious he was enjoying the same affect as he looked to have a half an erection too. His cock looked so good, during our discussions I nearly let slip a couple of times that Jan and I enjoy swinging but didn’t quite know if I should. I asked about the pussy he was getting and how many of the local farming wives had he spoiled forever. Cliff went all quiet so I opened my eyes to see him looking at me.

He said, Wayne I haven’t had a piece of pussy since just before Jenny found me that day. You see Jenny found me on my back sucking on Bill’s cock, another guy fucking my arse with his cock buried deep in me and another guy sucking my cock. I thought of myself as bi at the time but guess you could say I am Gay now. I didn’t need to respond as my body took all of this in and gave me up. I felt faint sort of as the blood coursed from everywhere in my body to my cock and it as typical with a mind of its own stood up harder than I could have imagined

I said fucking hey, wow. Cliff said tell me you ain’t offended, I stood up and said look at this, my cock at its hardest must have been near on 8 inches. I went over to the ice box and grabbed two more beers and said to Cliff that is one of my fantasies to have a cock in my arse mouth and someone sucking mine. Cliff asked if I had experimented with other guys. I said I am way past experimentation, Jan and I have been swinging for about 5 years now and in that time we have both had same sex, sex and that not only were we swingers we are both very bi. By now Cliffs cock was standing up to which had to be a very thick nine inch monster so I eased my way over and slipped it between my lips taking him as far as I could and after a while had him deep in my throat. Cliff commended me saying not many can deep throat him and it is obvious I have done this before. I continued to devour his cock and sort of mumbled around it. Cliff then said he wasn’t ready to cum and told me to lay back and he proceeded to suck my cock then down to my balls and tonguing my arse.

This was heaven, lets go inside old fella and get comfortable. We went to the room I was staying in and got into a 69 er I said to Cliff i can’t hold back much longer and he released my cock saying shoot it in my mouth so I went back to sucking on his cock when I felt his cock head expand and then he was filling my mouth with his hot cum, this sent me over the edge spurting a decent load into his mouth. We both licked each other clean and came up for air both of us saying fucking awesome at the same time.

Cliff türbanlı porno replenished our beers saying that he can go for a few more times if I was up for it. I replied that the night is just beginning and the next time I get this up, as I took his cock in my hand, I want it filling my arse. half way through my beer I started to suck his cock again getting it hard Cliff asked how I’d like it so I rolled over onto my back and pulled my legs up in the air and said, this do? Cliff got up and and went to is room reappearing with a bottle of lube and a medium sized vibe. Just to loosen you up big boy, he said. after applying a liberal amount to my arse he turned the vibe on and eased it in while licking the precum oozing out of my cock.

I was in heaven enjoying sensations, next the vibe disappeared and I felt his hot cock head ease its way into me. Cliff was a master at this, soon he was in me to the hilt slowly thrusting in and out. my prostate was getting a good workout. Just then my phone burbled its song of someone ringing, I said to Cliff don’t stop keep going. It’ll be Jan calling, I was sposed to call her to let her know I am here safely. So I grabbed the phone of the bed head and answered, first words she said you were spose to ring me, I bet you got on the grog and forgot all about me. I said yes dear, we did get otherwise occupied.

Jan said well it appears you are ok put Jenny on the phone. I then said to her that Cliff and Jenny had divorced last year and that I would tell her about it later. Meanwhile Cliff never let up his assault on me, he pulled out and tried to roll me over onto my hands and knees and slipped his cock back in me. I couldn’t contain all of the moans and groans and Jan said what are you doing there, I replied to her she wouldn’t believe me If I told her. She said, try me so I said hang on I have a better idea and passed the phone to Cliff and said say hi to Jan and tell her what your are doing to me. But make sure you don’t stop with that I buried my head into a pillow while he talked to Jan describing he was doing to me. I could guess that Jan was urging him on as he picked up speed saying I’m nearly there, then he spurted a hot load in my arse saying that your husband is one great fuck to Jan. Cliff’s cock slipped out of me when it went soft and he rolled over and told Jan of his and Jenny’s divorce. I took the opportunity to try and get rid of the cum he spurted in me as I don’t like the cum farts brought on by a good ramming.

After cleaning up I grabbed two more beers and a wash cloth and cleaned Cliff’s cock up, he then said well your old man is back all cleaned up so I am going to get cleaned up here he is handing the phone back to me. Jan said you lucky dog getting that great hunk of meat in you, to which I said how do you know he has a big hunk of meat to which she said, well after all of those years all of you teasing him about it. Besides after hearing you guys go on about it all those years ago I had to see if it was true and find out for myself. I said, so it all comes out now and did you like it, to which my darling wife replied so much that I liked it several more times. I laughed and said bloody typical of him or you not to say anything. Jan then said well seeing as you are having fun I might see what the next door neighbours are doing and see if I can get some pussy and cock. I told her ok will call in a couple days.

Cliff was in the kitchen now and he said I was lucky having such an understanding wife, to which I replied and such an accommodating one. Just how many times was she so accommodating by the way. Cliff turned around with a shit eating grin and said, well, now, lets see. There was the time you were on course, then there was the time you. I said ok ya prick so now ya fucked us both. We both had a laugh. After dinner Cliff said do you remember the time you went to England for six months and that Bill and I were so glad you were back? I said yeah, and Cliff said that he and Bill were both servicing Jan on a daily basis and sometimes they’d tag team her. I was clueless, didn’t have a clue I said. Well I did ask yours to keep the home fires burning, laughing. türk porno

Hearing Cliff’s revelations about his and Bill’s exploits with my wife all those years ago my cock was standing up again. Cliff said great now it is my time for my arse to be serviced, so of to the bedroom again after applying some lube and easing his arse with my fingers then the vibe then I slipped my cock into his hot arse. The humidity was really telling on me as I was perspiring like I’d just had a good workout, well I guess I was, I slipped out of Cliff and rolled him over on his back and slipped my cock back in him while getting some lube on my hand I started to wank his cock while fucking his arse, he was using all of his muscles gripping my cock so it wasn’t long that I emptied my load into him as he was cuming from my wanking him.

The next day we visited Cliffs daughter in Cairns had lunch with her then went to visit Bill’s widow Mary. mary asked if the both of us could deliver the eulogy seeing we were such good friends. We had dinner with Mary and stayed with her chatting the night away and ended up sleeping the night as we had too much too drink. The next day we did a few things for Mary then went back to Cliffs, I needed a shower as I was getting ready Cliff came in and asked if I still ran and did I want to go for a short run cleanse the body like. So of we went trying to out do each other and ended back at Cliffs after what had to be a 15 km run. I always feel horny after exercising so I was sitting with a hard on after stripping off and cooling down under the outdoor shower, Cliff came out with a hard on too so we went into a 69 er on the deck drinking each others cum. We then sat down to write Bills eulogy, we had come up with something that set Bill apart from us and something his mates would understand and appreciate. Refreshing ourselves under the shower and in the outdoor tub with a beer I was feeling quite mellow when I felt my legs being parted and Cliff going down rimming my arse before slipping his cock into me. I was getting used to his size and really enjoying his cock fucking me, we changed positions several times with me bracing myself against the tub standing up and Cliff fucking for all he was worth the sensations were too much and my cock erupted a load into the tub, Cliff had great powers of holding off and fucked me for a good 30 minutes before my clamping my muscles around his cock finally brought him off.

As far as Funerals go we thought we had done Bill justice, caught up with some old friends and solved some of the worlds problems over a beer or 3. We stayed at Cliffs daughters the night of the funeral and recovered the next day back at Cliffs. Cliff had a few things on the farm to do and I never seen him till later that night. we had a couple of drinks and went to our separate beds early it was all catching up with me. The next morning the day before I was due to leave Cliff came in early and suggested a run, so of we went another short run around the bloke he said. The blocks are big up in the tropics, another 15 km at least. As usual I was horny and Cliff said get ya self organised and cleaned inside, seeing this is ya last day up here I have organised a surprise for you. Fulfil your fantasy as such. While I was cleaning up I heard a car and voices so I headed into the kitchen to meet two other guys. Introductions all round done we ventured into Cliffs bedroom and got down to sucking cock. The plan was i was going to bo gangbanged by them all, I was to take all there cum in either orifice. For the rest of the day they proceeded to fuck me and deposit cum in my mouth and arse I loved it all. I lost count of how many loads I took and how many times i came I but can assure you that Cliff had no problems slipping his cock into me. The next morning I woke up with a sore arse and a hard cock so as a parting gesture I fucked Cliff thanking him for the great sex.

On the way to the airport I asked Cliff if he’d like to renew his liaisons he had with my wife? I also said that its ok if he is Gay now, he replied that he didn’t classify himself as gay but he just hadn’t found any women after Jenny appealing. Mind you he said, Jan from memory was a spectacular fuck. I assured him she still was and gave him an open invitation to cum down and sample some wares of old.

Tomorrow I meet Cliff at the Brisbane airport, Jan and I both cannot wait to be filled by his cock again. Maybe I will let you know how his stay goes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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