Returning the Favour

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We had been friends for some time, we had met at the restaurant where I was working, and had become drinking buddies. At the time of this story, I was 22, and he was 45.

Paul and I would often go out together pubbing. At some point (I really don’t remember when) he told me what he wanted to have sex. The thought didn’t offend me, but made me very nervous; my only male experience had been a public washroom masturbation encounter, so I told him I wasn’t interested. We remained friends, but I never forgot his offer.

One night, after a good haul at the pub, I was too drunk to get home. Paul said it would be all right for me to stay at his place, and off we went. As I lay on his bed, ready to fall asleep, he started to caress my bum, and I realized I was getting aroused. I knew he wanted to blow me, and feeling aroused I relented, and he was fantastic. After I released my load into his mouth he rolled on his back and masturbated himself. I pretended to be falling asleep, but I was thoroughly enjoying the show…and felt my cock twitch when he groaned and shot streams of whiteness across his chest and belly.

After that night I started staying at Paul’s more frequently, and we repeated this exercise; he would suck me off, and I would watch him jerk off after.

After about a year of Paul pleasing me fairly regularly, the urge to return the favour was getting strong. I decided I wanted to try it, I wanted to please him the way he had been pleasing me all this time, I wanted to be the reason he shot streams of cum from the beautiful cock I had come to admire.

I also decided that I would make it special for both him and I, so I made my plans, and this story is to tell you how well they were carried out.

Instead of going to his place, I suggested that we go to my little studio pad to relax after our night out. Actually, I had cut our night short because the anticipation of the rest of the evening had grown too much to bear.

Once at my place, I suggested that I would wash up while Paul made himself a drink. I went into the bathroom (leaving the door slightly ajar), stripped down, and climbed into the shower. I quickly soaped up, washing my body while being careful not to stroke my dick too much, as it had stiffened up with the anticipation. I was sure I had seen Paul sneaking a peak through the doorway (which is what I wanted), so I turned ‘innocently’ so he could get a glimpse of my now rigid member as I dried myself off. Paul had always been a gentleman, so I wasn’t surprised when he didn’t rush through the door.

I exited the bathroom wearing only a small pair of underwear and my bathrobe, which was loosely tied at my waist. He was leaning against the wall, looking at a picture I had up on the wall opposite him. I walked up to him and kissed him full on the mouth, allowing my tongue to slip between my slightly parted lips into his mouth. He was clearly stunned, but responded in kind. I then broke the kiss, and the silence.

“Paul, I really want to do this- I want you to let me do this. This is my ‘thank you’ for all the pleasure you have given me.” I allowed the bathrobe to fall open as I lowered myself before him, and slowly undid his belt and jeans. My heart was pounding with excitement, and and I thought it May burst from my chest. My cock was so hard it ached as I gently tugged his jeans just below is bum, and found his member semi-rigid in front of me.

I tenderly took his penis from his briefs, and stroked my tongue across the underside of the head, then moved my tongue to slip into the slit that had been looking down at the floor as it slowly rose to meet my lips. I had imagined doing this often as I watched masturbating beside me in the recent past- now I was doing it. When he was half-mast and still growing I couldn’t resist anymore, and I sucked the whole head into my mouth, past my lips. I gently sucked on the wonderful zenci porno tasting helmet he was offering me, the flavours and scents of his manhood were even more arousing than I had anticipated. Slowly, I worked more of his stiffening shaft into my mouth, gently beginning to move my head back and forth and sucking, occasionally letting his warm velvety head slip across my lips, when I would then lick his penis from the tip down to his balls. I remember hearing myself moaning with pleasure while I did this.

“How am I doing, Paul?” I asked, almost jokingly, as his soft moans and the stroking of my hair with his hands told me was doing pretty well. The only reply I got was an extended “mmmmmmmm” of satisfaction. My own cock was hurting it was so hard, but I managed to remove my underwear with one hand (it wasn’t easy on my knees!) while I continued my exploration of his groin.

“Let’s get more comfortable,” I said as I rose to meet his lips with mine, again entering his mouth with my tongue while stroking his dick with my hand. I couldn’t believe how good this all felt.

I helped him undress (I was now naked myself). I took my time undressing him, kissing his neck and sucking on his nipples while I touched his chest, moving my fingers down across his stomach to his groin, and cupping his warm balls in my hand. He pulled me into an embrace, and a warm flush crossed over me as our arms entwined. I reached around and held his ass cheeks, pulling him closer against me, and I felt the heat of his erection against mine, and we passionately kissed, eyes closed but mouths open. I felt myself melting away in his hold, wanting to be taken, and it was a powerful aphrodisiac.

He took my hand and led me to my bed. He sat on the edge and directed me to stand before him. I wondered if he knew I was putty in his hands, I would do whatever he asked of me. As I stood in front of him he drew me close, placing one hand firmly on my bum to draw me nearer, and taking my extremely hard cock in his other. He stroked me twice while he looked up at me, then smiled and sucked the end of me into his mouth. First he worked his tongue around my swollen head while his lips were closed around the end of my shaft, then he began sucking, stroking motions, his head slowly bobbing. I put my hands on his head and stroked his hair while he made love to me with his mouth. Occasionally he would stop sucking to look up at me and smile and then lick up and down my shaft, fondling and licking my balls. It felt great, but I wanted to have him back in my mouth, so I gradually persuaded him to stop.

I got on my knees in front of him, my face in his lap and lifted his cock to my mouth. It had softened slightly, but that was okay, because I remembered how thrilling it was to feel it grow in my hand and mouth. Knowing I could give him this much pleasure just made me want him more. I took my time sucking his hot cock, and he moaned as he lay back on the bed. I took one, then both testicles into my mouth and gently rolled them around while I stroked him with my hand. The flavour of his balls turned me on even more, and I licked every inch of his groin, under his balls, the insides of his legs, and worked my way back to his shaft. Licking it up and down, and then moving back to his cockhead, I sucked it back into my mouth, sucking more feverishly now, and I could tell by the way he was breathing that he was really enjoying this. So was I!

I was surprised when he sat up and slid closer to the edge of the bed, closer to me, but I didn’t mind. “Dan, this is so wonderful,” he said between breaths, “I’m going to cum soon, so maybe you want to just let me finish it…?”

“No, this is mine,” I replied between sucks on his cock, “I want to see you cum, I want to TASTE you.” I was stroking his shaft now, while I sucked and worked my tongue around his beautiful cockhead. I zorla seks porno had his balls cupped in my other hand and I could feel them tightening up, telling me what was soon to come. I wanted to see him cum too, so as his moans increased, I stroked faster with my hand while pointing his cocks opening at my mouth from a slight distance, and sticking my tongue out to catch his load.

“Cum for me Paul,” I said, “I want to taste you!” It didn’t take much longer.

He let out a groan as his first shot hit my upper lip a fell onto my tongue, and I felt its warmth, and tasted the sight saltiness. The next shot was more of a stream that hit my cheek and chin, and ran a streak across my chest. I was moving forward now (this all happened so fast) to close my mouth around his cockhead, and just as I did, he let out another warm burst of his cum into my mouth, and then two smaller bursts as his orgasm subsided. I was in paradise with the taste of his cock and semen in my mouth, and as I swallowed, I noticed I could smell his cum on my face and body. I licked and sucked his cock clean as he watched me (this was also a turn-on), and looked up at him as lusciously as I could while I licked his orgasm off my lips. He was slightly sitting up now, so I stood before him, erect as I was, and with two fingers worked the cum he shot on my chest into my nipples, and then offered my fingers to him to suck on, which he did. Then, pushing back against his shoulders, I made him lie back and I climbed on top of him and kissed him feverishly, our tongues wrestling as he held me tight.

He pulled me up as we were kissing, working his way to my neck and then chest. He began sucking my nipples, moist with his orgasm juice. I was turned on by this too, and pleased when I felt his penis becoming erect again where it rested against my leg. I wanted to do more with him, and I was happy he was so pleased with what was going on. We had pushed ourselves completely on to the bed now.

“I want you in my mouth,’ Paul said.

Not to disappoint, but having a desire to have him again, I turned 180 degrees, so that I was over him with my hard cock above his face, and my face above his half-stiff member. I felt him suck my cock into his mouth as I began to suck on his, slowly working my tongue around his head while I felt his shaft stiffen in my hand. I heard him moaning as I gently worked my cock in and out of his mouth.

He stopped, catching me by surprise, and urged me to slide down his body only slightly farther, so that my ass was above his face (but I still had his tool in my mouth). Then he did something that sent lightening through my body. He parted my bum cheeks, and I felt his face press against my ass, and then his tongue was licking my anus, occasionally poking past the ring of muscle into the canal. I knew I had washed very well while showering, and this felt great, so I allowed him to continue his exploration of my backdoor. I wasn’t sure earlier in the evening how I would feel if this came up, but now I knew. I loved it. I could feel how wet his saliva was making my asshole as I began to suck faster on him.

“Do you like this,” I heard Paul ask, “or would you like me to stop?”

“Ohh, don’t stop…” The words were barely audible as I said them, but Paul understood, as I had begun to move my ass in fucking motions across his tongue. Then he did something that drove me through the roof.

Paul had large hands with thick fingers, and I felt one pressing against my moistened anus. I relaxed my anus, and Paul slowly slipped it in, deeper, then slowly deeper. I felt incredible pressure on my cock as his finger enters my canal, and I slowly began to fuck his finger rhythmically in small circles. He began moving his finger in and out of me, and it was paradise on earth.

I stopped sucking him, and look at his cock, and I knew what I wanted.

“Paul, stop for a minute,” I said, “there’s something I want.” He removed his finger and I got up, went to the bedside table, and withdrew a lubricated condom. Opening the package, I went back to the bed and rolled the condom out over his stiff cock. I then climbed on top of him, facing him, and straddled his waste. I could feel his heat resting under my crack, just where it had to be. I leaned forward against him and kissed him hard.

“I want to fuck you. Would you let me fuck you, Paul?” I whispered into his ear. He responded by reaching behind me and parting my ass cheeks with his hands. I sat back up while he pulled my cheeks, exposing my anus. I reached under and held his cockhead up to my anus, and relaxing as much as possible,

I pushed my asshole over the tip of his cock. The end slipped in okay, but there was a twinge of pain as Paul pushed up, inserting the whole head in my butt. It felt gigantic, and I stopped for a moment so I could get accustomed to having his size in there. It was only when I comfortable with his girth that I started sliding onto him more, gradually, and really started to feel the pleasure. Soon he was in me up to the base, and I revelled in the feel of having his heat and size in my behind.

As I leaned forward to kiss him, I moved the muscles inside my anus both to try to please Paul and to help adjust to my newfound thrill.

Still kissing him, I began slow rocking motions, at first only letting small amount of his cock to slide back and forth, but gradually increasing the amount each time. He lay still, allowing me to get comfortable for a while, but once I was, I whispered “Fuck me”, and with his hands on my buttocks, he started his own rocking motions to counter mine.

I was truly in paradise. With my face beside his, I could hear his breathing warming my ear as the rate increased, and I knew he loved it like I did. I heard myself actually groaning with the pleasure of feeling him moving inside me, and lost in my own pleasure, I think I heard him say something about ‘so tight’ and ‘so good’.

I sat up on him, trying to make sure I was getting the full length, and with my cock sticking out facing Paul, I started to stroke myself as he increased the speed he was pumping me. I stroked slowly, taking the time to squeeze my cockhead, and I was as hard as I’ve ever been, and I knew it wouldn’t take long. I wanted to cum at the same time as Paul, so I leaned forward to his face, and when we were nose-to-nose, I pleaded “Fuck me harder Paul, fuck me like you mean it!” We french-kissed feverishly, and I felt him pick up the pace considerably. “Ohh, yes Paul, that’s what I want!” I didn’t realize how loud I had said this until it was said, but that didn’t matter.

I sat up again, stroking myself a little more rapidly now, as my friend and I fucked each other beautifully. The he grabbed my waste and forced me down hard onto his cock, and held me there. I knew he was cumming by his spasms, so I increased my speed on my cock to join him. I remember wishing I hadn’t used the condom so that I could feel his load blowing into my cavity, but it was too late now, as I approached my own breaking point. With one hand Paul’s chest, and the other working my shaft, I let out a loud groan, and shot a burst of semen into the air, which landed on Paul’s chest and tummy, followed by another, and then another. I had never cum so much, and felt fully drained from the experience.

I got off Paul, removing the condom from his penis, and sucked his softening cock clean. With Paul watching, I stuck out my tongue and drained the contents of the condom onto it, some of the love juice missing my tongue and falling on to my neck and chin. I swallowed deeply. I then lie down on the bed beside him and slurped my own cum off his chest and belly, into my mouth. Not swallowing, I pulled myself up to meet his mouth, and kissed him wetly, and Paul sucked my cum coated tongue into his mouth. We kissed passionately for a while, and then fell into a deep slumber.

It had been a night to remember, and finally his favours had been returned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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