Reunited Lovers Ch. 01

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Leah walked out onto the dance floor, her short black skirt swaying as she went. She blinked, trying to adjust her eyes to the room dimly lit by candelabras, and moved off to a table by the side, scanning the dimness for a trace of the man who had invited her. She hadn’t known who it was, but the man had paid for her ticket, and she hadn’t wanted to disappoint him. She gave her golden hair a shake, causing the tips of it to dance over her shoulder, and looked around. Then she heard a voice, directly behind her.

She looked around, then realized that the man had moved to stand beside her. She jumped. “Miss Swanson?” The man had dark brown hair and deep eyes to match. She stared at him for a moment, sure she recognized her from somewhere. His eyes glittered in amusement, then she called herself back to reality and nodded.

“Yes. That’s me. Do I know you from somewhere?” She brushed her chin with her forefinger.

“Of course… but if I told you where, that would take all the fun out of this, wouldn’t it? I’d ask you to dance… but I’m not sure if you would accept or if I would remember how with you here.” He smiled at her, waiting as the soft music washed over them.

“Well, I would accept… but would you remember how?” She smiled, her hazel eyes causing the pulse of her would-be date to quicken.

“I’m sure I could, just give me a second.” He wore a dark suite with a plaid tie; the severity of it contrasting with the softer tie gave him a somewhat enticing kaçak iddaa look. He took her hand and led her out to the dance floor. Looking down at her perfectly curved body, he complimented her. “You know, you look just as stunning as you did a year or two ago.”

Placing one hand on her waist, the two of them began to dance, Leah’s suspicions growing stronger as to who he was from his style. Leah reached her hands around his back and began to massage him. He bent down to give the golden-haired goddess a kiss. Her lips tingled as his pressed against hers and he pulled her to him, the other few couples becoming part of the background. His kiss became more urgent as she teased him with her tongue, and her round breasts pushing into his chest caused a bulge to form in his pants.

Feeling this, she laughed, and reached one hand down to brush carelessly against his now-erect penis. He gasped and broke off the kiss. “Now, Leah, don’t you think it would be better to continue this elsewhere?”

She cocked her head to one side, her hazel eyes glinting playfully in the dim light. “Well, sir, that depends on how far you intend to continue? If you are who I think you are, I think that would be a good idea.”

He grinned at her and reached one hand around to brush her bottom. “Well then, we’re both agreed that it is a very GOOD idea.” He took her hand and led her from the room to the hotel across the road. Opening the door for her, he then took her to the open elevator and pressed the kaçak bahis button for “Floor 36.” The separated lovers’ passion for each other rose with the elevator, and the man stroked Leah’s nipple through her clinging shirt as they ascended, ignoring the looks of the other passenger.

He took her quickly to his room, and after locking the door, Leah quickly began to help him shrug off his clothes. Once he was naked, he began to do the same for Leah, touching her perhaps a bit more than strictly necessary as he removed her panties and shirt. Her turquoise bra revealed most of her breasts, and her just over shoulder-length hair swayed enchantingly over her bare skin.

He began to kiss her again, and pushed her down onto the bead. Reaching down between her legs, he began to caress her through her silky skirt. Her lips caressed his as she began to slowly stroke his erect cock. His lips stiffened around hers and he reached into her bra with his free hand, beginning to squeeze her tits gently.

She broke her mouth away, gasping for breath, her firm breasts heaving as she unclasped the bra. The wetness between her legs began to soak through the thin fabric, and he smiled as he felt this, slipping his hand underneath the skirt and circling her entrance.

She leaned over for a second, and traced the tip of his cock with her tongue. The look of ecstasy on his face was enough for her; straddling him, she lowered herself onto his shaft.

Her breasts rubbed against his nipples illegal bahis as she began to move up and down. They embraced tightly, locking their lips together as their lust grew. He moved one hand down and began to rub her ass from behind, the other keeping their bodies pressed together. She lifted off of him as she felt tremors within her pussy, and he sighed. Rolling her over, he entered her from behind, sweat covering them both. His hands reached around to clasp over her breasts as he rocked back and forth into her, waves of pleasure emanating from his groin travelling through his body. He closed his eyes and pressed his lips against her golden hair, and moved his cock faster in and out of her pussy. He gasped. “Oh… Leah…”

Her breathing shortened as she neared orgasm, gasping as he rocked in and out of her. Finally she was pushed over the edge, her body spasming as he continued to pump into her. Finally he went rigid and released his load of cum into her, the rocking of their hips slowly coming to a halt. They lay on the bed for a few minutes, then he turned around and positioned his head between her legs, probing at her clitoris with his tongue. She gasped and twitched as he flicked his tongue over her, causing her to orgasm again, the contractions causing her to press her thighs against his face. As her twitches slowed, he stopped, and rolled over to face her. As they lay beside each other, gasping for breath, Leah trailed her fingers over his chest. “Well,” she grinned. “I guess we’ll have to see each other again, soon.”

He grinned right back. “I suppose so. You know what? You’re even more beautiful, if that’s possible, when your clothes are lying on the floor.”

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