Revenge against the Swim Champ

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Daniel was eighteen years old, with a trim hard body, jet black hair and eyes to match that could burn through you when they stared. He was one of the fastest swimmers in his Georgia high school, and he took no crap from anyone.

On this particular day, like so many days, he was out in his apartment pool doing laps, churning them out with a speed and an intensity that was truly remarkable. He was driven by the state meet was just one week away and he wanted that trophy, bad! Consequently, he was pushing himself hard, and spending more time in the water than he was out. His body cut the cool water like a knife, and his arms seemed to fly through it, pushing him forward relentlessly. For the last two weeks he had been spending all of his spare time at the pool, either practicing at the high school or doing laps at the apartment complex. Today, like so many days, he was being watched, and there were more than a few girls sunbathing at the edge of the pool under the heat of the Saturday sun. Daniel was proud of his body, and proud of his abilities, and he knew he looked sexy, and he enjoyed being stared at. Simply put, he was hot, and he knew it.

Daniel had one of those perfect adolescent bodies, the kind that really stand out when the only thing worn is a Speedo bathing suit. He liked the tightness of it, and the way it barely covered his body. He also liked the way it made all the girls stare and long for him. That was the best thing of all, oh how he loved to catch people looking, wishing their body was half what his was. He loved a crowd! Yeah, its was as much fun to walk the poolside at the meets and feel the envy as it was to win the trophies.

Today, he was being bothered. He should have waited until later, but his school had been closed and he had been too impatient to get in the water. Besides, there were some advantages of working out in mid-afternoon, and chief among them were the girls that would be there to watch. And they were there now, and he enjoyed showing off his body as much as anything, so he didn’t mind a few distractions and up until now he had been enjoying the stares. But today, his swimming was not going well and his practice was all but a waste of time.

In the pool, splashing and carrying on liked they owned the pool or something, was a group of three older guys who were too busy playing to care about his laps or what he was working on. As they cannon-balled off the sides and took turns splashing each other, they generated waves and didn’t seem to care what he was trying to do. Two of the guys were nineteen, and the older boy was just twenty by a week. The guys were all friends from the local college, and right now they were just being obnoxious to everyone. Their language was crude, and more than a few of the people around the pool were annoyed at their behavior. They didn’t seem to care, or notice. They had their skater looks to match. Their hair was a little on the wild side, the ends bleached and short. Two of them had been in the high school swim team last year before they graduated. With a tremendous show, the youngest of the three boys cannon-balled off the diving board, and landed directly next to the swimming senior. With the impact and the concussion that reverberated into the water, Daniel’s concentration was totally interrupted and his rhythm he had been working on was gone with it.

Finally, he could stand it no more, and as he reached the shallow end he gave up, and pulled himself from the water, exiting the pool with a single push. One of the girls smiled at him, and as she watched the water running off his perfect body, you could almost feel her teenage desire just hanging in the air. Daniel smiled back at her, stealing a glance at her tits as he did. Then, turning to face the college guys, his face screwed into a look of disgust. Then, he made the remarks that started what would later come back to haunt him.

“God you faggots are brats…think you’re so fucking cooooool with your stupid skateboards and your tiny little dicks.”

The oldest boy of the group, a lad just twenty and who went by the name of Sidney, was standing directly next to the high school senior when he had pulled himself from the water, and now his eyes were flush with the center of the taller boy’s smooth chest. Still, even though he was small in stature, he didn’t seem to be afraid, and acıbadem escort his blue eyes radiated an air of haughtiness as he looked up at the senior. He threw his head back, bouncing his blond hair out of his eyes with a well-practiced motion. As his friends gazed on at him, their looks encouraging him further, everyone was wondering what was about to happen. The air was thick with the tension, staring at each other and everyone looking on with interest. The older lad didn’t flinch and he never looked away. Then, while the poolside audience watched, he started to speak, and he made sure he was speaking loud enough so EVERYONE could hear him.

“Hey hotshot-you don’t own this pool! You think your so damn cool–well fuck YOU!”

Every once in a while young men do something incredibly stupid, and well, this was one of those times. As he finished speaking his words he suddenly and on a whim spit, and the wad of goo flew from his lips and impacted Daniel’s face so fast everyone that saw it was just shocked at what he had done. Time seemed to stand still then, the gob of spittle actually hitting the senior just under his left eye. As it did so, Daniel hesitated, not making an initial reaction but the fury clearly building in his eyes.

But the college guys watching sure reacted, and burst out laughing with a roar that could have been heard across the complex. Instantly, the status of their friend was accelerated to new heights, and hell, he was a HERO for God’s sake! However, his leap to stardom didn’t last long, and there was no way that Daniel could ignore the comment or the wad of spit that had gone with it, considering his reputation around the area as well as his ego.

As the guys were still roaring with laughter, the eighteen year old senior suddenly went into action, almost as if he had snapped, and with a swift upper cut his right arm flew out, nailing his tormentor right square under his chin. The impact was hard and direct, and the effect was immediate. The young college guy staggered from the blow, and then with a stunned expression that was somewhere between surprise and shock, his eyes seemed to roll to the sky. Then, slowly, ever so slowly, he just started to fall backward, so slowly in fact he appeared to hardly be moving. His back stayed straight, and he fell like a board would topple, his eyes rolled back in his head and his body rigid and straight. Instantly, the pool area went totally quiet as everyone watched him fall. Just then, Daniel gave him a little shove with his right hand, pushing him harder, while at the same time reaching out to his bathing suit and grabbing the front of it with his left. The shove propelled the boy with a burst of speed, but as he fell backward, Daniel never let go of his suit. Consequently, as the boy’s body fell towards the water, propelled from the momentum of the hit and the push and the weight of his movement, the thin material of his suit was unable to stop the physics that were in motion. And, so, as he fell, his mouth was open in shock but although he was stunned he wasn’t too far out of it to realize that as he was falling he was leaving his bathing suit behind.


As his body hit the pool, there was a burst of laughter from a few of the girls that were nearby. On impact, the young teen lay momentarily stunned, mostly from the blow under his chin. For a few priceless seconds he lay frozen on his back, his arms and legs spread wide and his entire genitals exposed and visible to everyone. He wasn’t stunned very long though, and in fact came to in an instant after he hit the cold water, his face flushing light pink with the embarrassment, and his hands desperately clawing to cover his bare crotch as fast as he could move them. What was immediately apparent was that the cool-acting kid’s body hadn’t quite caught up with his adolescent bravado, and it was clear that he was lacking the finer attributes of manhood. Yeah, without any doubt, it was obvious that puberty had hardly touched the twenty year old yet, and as his friends gawked in amazement he freaked as he realized what had been revealed. It had just happened so fast…and he couldn’t help it! He had only the tiniest bit of pubic hair and now EVERYONE knew it! He could have DIED! He hadn’t lain still very long, but it had been long enough for everyone atalar escort to see how little his dick was and how small his balls were. For the boy who owned them, it was the most humiliating moment in his twenty year old life.

Daniel was glaring at him, a huge smile slowly creeping across his face as he took in the little boy look of the guy he had hit. As Sidney reacted, covering himself and praying that he hadn’t been seen, he realized from the expressions and the smiles that were staring back at him that he had. Oh GOD they had seen it ALL–even the GIRLS! Then, his face went from a shade of pink to a bright red crimson with that realization.

To make matters worse, Daniel suddenly yelled out “That’s one small dick you have BALDY!”

Sidney, still holding his hands over his crotch, stared back at the senior, his lower lip literally quivering from the embarrassment. Still, he had a defiant side, and in a somewhat subdued tone, he tried to save some dignity from what had just happened and he yelled back “You’re a fat ass and I’m gonna get you someday. I am!”

Daniel burst out laughing, and then said “Who, you mean ME?–you CALLING ME A FATASS???? Is THAT the best you can do? Listen, you, YOU WITH THE BALD DICK, you’re not gonna GET anyone you hear me?”

The kids face went beet red, and as the girls nearby laughed he lowered his eyes, totally defeated and hopelessly embarrassed, his tiny and virtually hairless dick just a point in the water and the source of shame from which he knew he had no recovery.

Daniel laughed with the amused crowd, and then, with a flip of his wrist, he tossed the remains of the guy’s ripped suit he still held in his hands over to the girls that were giggling, and then, still laughing himself, he turned around and walked back towards his parent’s apartment. As he exited the pool area, the three guys were in shock, Sidney still blushing red from shame and the others scrambling to get a towel so their humiliated friend with his tiny dick could cover himself. Needless to say, they left the pool area as fast as they could get out of there.

Five days later Daniel was doing laps again. With the meet now only days away, he had been staying late after school doing laps for the coach. In the evenings he had waited until the apartment pool closed, and then, around 11pm, he would hop the fence and enjoy the pool to himself for a final midnight swim before bed. Tonight, he was really making progress, and he could almost feel it as he worked to shave seconds from his times. The coach at school had detected his drive and improvement, and he was actually looking forward to Saturday and the almost certain wins he was going to accomplish. As he rounded the turn on his 29th and next to last lap, he was thinking of the meet and who the competition was. With his mind running hard and his body stretched out into a perfect butterfly stroke, he hadn’t seen the large group of young college guys as they had slipped over the fence, moving in the shadows almost like an army of ants. They had been planning revenge since last Saturday, and now, it was time to put their little plan into progress.

Daniel never saw them. As he neared the shallow end, preparing for yet another turn, suddenly they were on him, leaping into the water and grabbing at him from seemingly nowhere, and everywhere. Startled, he came up swinging, but he was surrounded. GOD! There were at least eight of them in the pool with him, grabbing at him, pulling at his arms, two guys on each of his legs, holding them. He fought like a madman, and as he turned and twisted and then flipped over he saw too that they were not the only ones. What the hell was going on? There had to be another fifteen kids standing on the sides of the pool, a cheering section of girls and guys and obviously thrilled to be witnessing his assault. Daniel was desperate, but one of the guys had him in a full nelson, and, already exhausted from his hard workout, he was just trying hard to catch his breath. The boys holding him submerged him, dunking him under and holding him until he was gasping for air, and then again, and then yet again, barely coming up long enough to let him suck in any air at all. It didn’t take very long until they had him totally winded and out of breath, gasping and desperate for air and even struggling just to remain aydınlı escort conscious. Soon he had lost most of his ability to resist and for the most part the fight was taken out of him.

Suddenly, as he looked down, he saw Sidney. Baldy! Yeah, it was HIM alright! So this is what it was all about! Damn! As he started to tell him to fuck off he stopped himself as he suddenly realized what the boy was doing. Oh shit–NO!

As he watched he saw the boy slowly reaching out to untie the drawstring of his suit and he started struggling like a madman to stop him. But damn, they were holding him good, and there were a lot of them! He pulled one arm free, but before he could do anything with it they once again pushed him under the water and held him there, finally letting him up as he gasped and heaved for air once again. Two guys then grabbed his free arm again. Then, oh my God, as he watched, powerless to prevent it, he felt his own Speedo bathing suit being lowered, down and then down some more. “Oh no… no noooooo!” he pleaded, his voice soft as his chest still heaved for air. Even as he pleaded, he felt his suit hanging on that magic point just before his dick would pop free, his balls barely covered and his pubic hair exposed to the crowd.

He fought again, as hard as his weakened state would allow, begging now with desperation, but even as he struggled he could feel himself being dragged to the edge of the pool and then out of it, his suit still only half covering his genitals. He was still softly pleading “no…no…no…no” and then “oh pleaseeeeee, don’t…please.” There was nothing he could do. He was surrounded by a mixed crowd of boys and girls, mostly from the high school. While he was bigger and stronger than any one of them, as a group they clearly had the upper hand and they seemed to have an agenda and he was powerless to stop it. Daniel felt his eyes water, and he just wanted desperately to be anywhere else than where he was. Then, the twenty year old guy he had humiliated last Saturday, looked him in the eyes as he held the edges of his suit. Then, slowly, and with a smile, he leaned over and said “Are you crying? Hey, he’s CRYING!!”

“Hahahah ha ha ha” he laughed, along with the others in the crowd. Then, with a smirk, he began to pull downwards on the fabric a little harder, pulling Daniel’s Speedos down ever so slowly in front of everyone. His dick finally popped free, bobbing as it did so. He gasped, and then yelled ‘OH fuckKKK” as his dick became exposed, and his faced flushed bright red with embarrassment. Instead of its usually length, it was small and rounded, his balls tight and up firm against his body, the cold water and the fear of what was happening combining to shrink his dick down until it looked like a little knob.

In desperation, he started to yell out, to cry for help, but just as he did so he felt a dirty sock being stuffed in his mouth, and then something being tied around his head to hold it in place. After that, all he could do was grunt out his protests, as the countless hands spread his feet and arms wide apart. Then, without hardly a word being spoken, he was flipped over, and pulled across one of the many tables that were located throughout the pool area. His legs were held off the table, and were being stretched apart and spread wide by the group of kids that had taken him. As he struggled he suddenly felt someone’s hand reach out underneath him and cup his tight little ballsack! OH GOD he thought, as he bucked his hips and struggled desperately to get away! Suddenly, a voice from someone he didn’t recognized whispered in his ear: “Stop your struggles man, or your nuts aren’t going to be happy.” As he heard the words, he felt a gently but firm squeeze from the hand that cupped his balls. OH GOD!

Daniel’s eighteen year old body was completely at the mercy of the young crowd, and as he was stretched out face down across the table, even his asshole, with its ring of sex hair, was exposed and open. His smooth white ass bobbed in the light of the apartment complex, his big balls still crunched up under him and one of the lads holding them, and clearly ready to squeeze them hard if he started to misbehave. The boy’s arms were stretched out wide, and there were three guys holding each arm. Likewise, there wasn’t anyway he could move his legs, they were stretched out and open, and his ass was perched to the sky. It was an embarrassing position, and he felt totally exposed and totally vulnerable. Where his bathing suit was he had no idea.

Suddenly, Sidney came up to him with a cocky smirk. Not so big now, huh, Daniel?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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