Revenge, of Sorts

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They had both been asleep for a couple hours. It had been a rather sensual evening. He had cooked dinner, which was eaten by candlelight. Followed by a few short minutes of cuddling on the couch before they were into kissing, fondling and heavy breathing. They made their way into the bedroom they shared in the small apartment and proceeded to make passionate love. They were both mostly satisfied, but there was something missing from these sessions, she just wasn’t quite sure. Not to mention, her significant other’s world would crumble, he firmly believed he was the pimp of the nation and that he could rock any woman to the core and leave her walking bow-legged for days.

She stirred in her sleep and finally woke, feeling a tingling between her thighs. She had never felt she needed more after a romp between the sheets with anyone. It surprised her, greatly. She tried to wake the slumbering beast next to her, but only failed to arouse him from his state of less than consciousness. She rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, there was always morning wood, right? She’d have a chance to get it again before the both of them had to be at work. Yes, that was a great plan.

There was only one problem, she couldn’t fall back to sleep. She tossed ataşehir escort bayan and turned for a half hour, grunting and groaning. It wasn’t happening, she knew it. No sleep, no sex. She tore off her blanket and went to the dresser, opening it up and scrounging around for her favorite phallic shaped object. She fumbled around a moment before finding it. She turned it on to check the batteries, it was dead. Piece of shit. It was no good to her unless it was powered, the batteries probably died due to long lengths of unusedness, her man always had done it for her. He tossed the erotically shaped hunk of plastic into the dresser and closed it quietly. She went back to bed and tried to ignore it. She couldn’t. She couldn’t and it pissed her off greatly.

She laid there for another half hour, occasionally glancing at the clock to see that only a minute or two had passed when she swore it had been at least 3. The lucky bastard next to him, still sawing logs like no one’s business, suddenly moaned in his sleep. She had heard that moan before, just a few hours ago. She looked over at him and arched an eyebrow. Interesting turn of events crossed her mind. She reached over and took his slightly stiff penis in hand. At this point in time, escort kadıköy the other eyebrow rose. She was genuinely shocked. He was having some sort of kinky dream. She thought about this a moment and began to squeeze and stroke the growing cock in her hand.

He was at full mast in no time and that damn tingling wasn’t dissipating between her legs in the least. He groaned and moaned again, seems the dream and real life were beginning to match up nicely, great for him, horrible for her. It was then that it struck her. An erection is a terrible thing to waste. She threw all the blankets off the both of them and straddled his waist. She hadn’t ever been on top before, well, long ago. But not with this man, missionary all the way with him. He was pointing straight at her entrance as she steadied her self over him. Holding and aiming him straight into her with a hand, she lowered herself down on top of him slowly.

Now the only question was this, why didn’t he wake up when she screamed in delight? It was much louder than any before, ever. She began to ride him up and down, up and down. Deeper and deeper he sunk into her as she lowered herself down his length each time. She was absolutely losing her mind. She was fucking the love bostancı escort of her life while he was dead asleep and completely unaware. She had never done anything like this, in fact she was mostly sure it was some sort of rape, but she didn’t care. It felt REALLY good. And anyway, he was enjoying himself. It was obvious, between the grin on his sleeping face or the moans that came from within.

She kept it up. Up and down, in and out. She felt his body tense and convulse, he hit his climax and exploded inside of her. This only gave her more incentive to go harder and faster. It was her turn and damn it, she wanted it, badly. Second after he did, she orgasmed and hard. She continued to fuck her unconscious love, continuing to orgasm many times over, each stronger than the one prior. She was blessed with that capability and to be honest, she quite enjoyed it. She slipped off him and fell down next to him, curling up next to his warm body. He was completely unaware of what had just happened to him. For the rest of the night, she slept like a baby, content and satisfied as one can be.

Dawn broke and they both woke and stumbled out of bed. He looked at her and blinked a few times as he yawned. He had this look of absolute and complete confusion. “I had this dream last night, it was as real as can be. We were having sex, but you were on top.” He shook his head, not wanting to believe it, “Weird, eh?” She looked at him, grinned and nodded her head, keeping her little secret to herself. For now atleast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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