Ridden West Ch. 02: Westward

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“Is Colorado near California?”

McCoy winked at Givens and replied, “Almost spitting distance.”

Billy was inside a coach traveling west from the Kansas orphan farm. They’d barely started on the journey before McCoy, the man in a black suit sitting across from Billy, started telling Billy where they were going and what the deal was.

Nothing had been said about this back at the farmhouse when the men had arrived and Mary had called Billy in to tell him that he was going with them. Jeremiah was off on his supplies buying spree. Billy had spied Jeremiah fucking Clyde in the hayloft the afternoon before Jeremiah left on his trip, so Billy didn’t really care where Jeremiah was. And once he’d heard one of the men in the black suits tell Mary that they were headed West, Billy didn’t have to hear any more to be good about going with them.

“We’re going to a mining town in the Colorado Rockies called Cedar Hill,” McCoy told Billy. He was leaning in toward Billy in the compartment of the couch, which meant that he almost was in Billy’s lap. The distance between the two facing seats was so narrow that the man’s knees were nearly in Billy’s crotch. Billy’s legs were spread around the man’s. The other man, Givens, who was pretty silent and who was shorter, beefier, and somewhat younger than McCoy in appearance—but also wearing a black suit—was sitting beside Billy in the forward-facing seat.

A black man was up top, driving the team of horses. Billy hadn’t seen many black men in Kansas, but he knew that there were some who had drifted there away from the Civil War fought some ten years earlier. If this black man had been in the Civil War, he would have had to be very young when he did it, Billy thought. He appeared to be a strapping, large-framed, very muscular young man.

“You’ll be working in a saloon,” McCoy continued. “They need fresh, young men coming in to work the saloons in those mining towns. You’ll do quite well from the look of you.”

“Thank you.” Billy couldn’t think of much else to say. As long as it was getting him close to California, he didn’t particularly care what his job would be. It would be his first job as a man—leaving the orphanage.

“Mrs. Atwell says you have no relatives.”

“Not that I know of—none that have shown up for the last ten years,” Billy said.

“It’s hard to believe you are nineteen,” McCoy said. “Or even eighteen for that matter. But I have a birth certificate here that Mrs. Atwell gave me that says you are.”

He looked at Billy as if he expected Billy to explain the difference between what was in print and what the man observed, but Billy had nothing to offer.

“We lose track of the passing years in the orphanage,” was the best he could offer.

McCoy put his hands on Billy’s knees and pushed the young man’s legs apart a bit more. At the same time Givens put an arm around Billy’s neck and palmed Billy’s bicep.

“Mrs. Atwell assured me that you lay under men. Was she telling the truth?” He was giving Billy an intense look.

“Under men?” Billy answered with a gulp.

“Yes. She said you would let a man put his pecker inside you. I must know if she lied. If so, we will take you back and recover what we paid for you. The job in Colorado requires you to let men fuck you. Will you lay under men?”

How did she know? Billy wondered, feeling panicked. He was shamed and embarrassed all at once. But why should he be? He hadn’t chosen that. It wasn’t his fault that it seemed natural enough to him. He could never go back now. And he didn’t want to go back. He wanted to go to California. He’d do anything to get there.

“I might will lay under men,” he answered, hedging as far as he was concerned, but that wasn’t exactly the way the two men heard it.

It was like both men had been holding their breath to that point. Smiling, McCoy moved his hands to between Billy’s legs, running his fingers up and down Billy’s crotch. Billy felt himself becoming aroused. Givens moved a hand to the back of Billy’s neck and ran his fingers up into the blond curls on the back of Billy’s head.

“We’ll need to have proof of that.”


“You’ll have to lie under both of us. And of course we can’t go too much further on our journey without testing out the quality of what you will do with a man.”

“The suadiye escort quality?” Billy asked, somewhat confused.

“The quality, yes, how well you do lying under a men—how much pleasure he gets from penetrating you and releasing his seed. How well you make him hard and pleasure him. Am I embarrassing you?”

“No,” Billy answered not wanting to appear naïve. But scaring me more than a little, he thought.

“Have you sucked a man’s pecker?”

“Yes,” Billy answered. It was, after all, the truth.

“And you have had a man’s pecker inside you?”




“And he has moved it inside you for a while? And released his seed inside you?”


“Good. And we must test for endurance. I can tell that you will be popular, in high demand. Do you think you can have one man pull out of you and another man enter you almost immediately? And even more men than two?”

“I don’t know,” Billy answered with a shaky voice. “There has only been one man.”

“Was the man thick and long?”

“I don’t know,” Billy answered honestly. “How does one compare when there is only one man . . . oh.”

Both men had unbuttoned themselves and had their cocks out in their hands. Billy reddened a bit.

“Yes, the man is thick and long,” he answered. He didn’t want to say more to make the men angry, but there was nothing special about the size of McCoy’s cock, although it was growing in his hand as they spoke. Givens was quite thick, but nothing as long as Jeremiah was.

“I am going to undress and fondle you now,” McCoy said. He didn’t ask for permission, but he gave Billy a quizzical look.

Billy knew that it was now or never to object to this—to object to everything that these men would do to him. And, if they were laying out the job fairly, everything other men would do to him, probably many men. He set his sights on California and steeled his will. He had no skills or talents. He was coming out of an orphanage. No past or family or attachments. It was up to him to make his own way, using whatever he had to work with. He had a body that inflamed a man—Jeremiah. Maybe it would inflame other men as well. That’s what he had to work with. Still, this was getting a bit too much for him. Going too fast, being too much in the open on what they wanted to do.

“I don’t know about any of this. Maybe I shouldn’t go with you. You could just pull over to the side here and I’d—”

The stinging slap came as a surprise. Billy’s head snapped to the side, and McCoy’s hand connected with another slap when he turned it back. It more than stung him. It both told him they were serious, this had gone beyond the turning back point, and it had aroused him. He felt himself harden. He lay back in the seat and gave McCoy a glazed look.

“You gonna fight us on this, boy?” McCoy growled.

“No, sir, I’m not,” Billy answered meekly.

He moved his hand down to his crotch to cover McCoy’s, looked directly into McCoy’s eyes, and didn’t flinch as McCoy unbuttoned his fly and pulled his cock and balls out. Billy knew that he was going hard, but, after observing what was between the legs of Jeremiah and the other orphans at the farm, he knew that he didn’t measure up well. But McCoy surprised him.

“Ah, small balls and cock. There are men who will be very aroused by these.”

He started tugging off Billy’s jeans, while Givens palmed Billy’s head, turned it to him and took Billy’s mouth in a kiss. For the next several minutes, McCoy fondled and manipulated Billy’s cock and balls, ending up by stroking Billy’s cock. Givens continued possessing Billy’s lips while unbuttoning the young man’s flannel shirt with his free hand.

As he felt himself ready to come, Billy struggled to come out of the kiss, but Givens held him close. He was pinching and thrumming Billy’s nipples with his free hand. Billy gave a couple of jerks, released a muffled cry, and shot his load.

McCoy laughed. “Nothing wrong with the force of ejaculation on this one.” At McCoy’s command, Givens came out of the kiss.

“You said you have given a man mouth play,” McCoy said. “Come down on your knees and service me.”

McCoy’s low moans while Billy was sucking his cock seemed to indicate that Billy passed that test. He also left McCoy with a throbbing yakacık escort erection, pushing the young man off him before he lost his seed.

Givens had pulled Billy’s shirt off his back as Billy was sucking off McCoy, so Billy now was naked, while the two men were fully dressed in their black suits, with just their cocks protruding from the flies of their britches.

McCoy grabbed Billy’s legs under his knees and pulled him onto his thighs and then onto his throbbing cock, working hard initially, despite not being oversized, to get his bulb into Billy’s entrance. But when he had, his eyes flared and he laughed, as Billy’s channel pulled the cock inside. “Good, very good,” he muttered.

He ran Billy’s legs up his chest, grabbed hold of Billy’s hips, and started pulling the young man on and off his cock. Givens went up on his knees on the seat, turned his pelvis to Billy, palmed Billy’s head, and put the young man’s mouth on his cock.

When McCoy had come and Billy was panting and sucking on Givens’ cock, McCoy signaled Givens, who reached down and twisted around, bringing Billy’s small body around to the corner of the seat, with one leg stretched along the base of the backseat rest and the ankle of the other leg being hooked on Givens’ shoulder, as the stocky man grabbed, squeezed, and separated Billy’s butt cheeks and brought his now-open entrance, glistening with McCoy’s cum, down to sheath and draw in Givens’ thick cock.

Billy moaned and sighed as Givens fucked him. Both black-suited men were impressed that Billy took them both in succession without objection or a lot of noise, other than groaning, snuffling, and an occasional encouraging, “Yes, yes, just like that.”

Clearly the young man enjoyed being fucked.

When Givens had finished, he reversed Billy again, setting him down in the center of the seat, while McCoy grabbed his ankles, raised and spread his legs, came down between the legs, entered him strong again, and began to pump hard.

Several minutes later, Billy was plastered to the far corner of the backseat, sitting into the corner at an angle. He was panting heavily and looking at the two men at the other end of the seat with wary eyes. Givens turned toward him, coming up on his knees and holding his thick, hard cock in his hand. He looked into Billy’s eyes, and Billy returned the look.

Out of the blue Givens slapped Billy across the face. When Billy turned his face back, he was licking at a trickle of blood in the corner of his mouth and gave Givens a hooded look. “Fuck me,” he murmured, the punishment translating to higher arousal in him.

Slowly Billy reached down, grabbed his ankles, and raised and spread his legs. He rolled his pelvis up. “Fuck me,” he repeated, the invitation addressed to Givens. Givens slid across the seat on his knees, palmed and raised Billy’s butt cheeks for a straight shot, and thrust inside Billy’s now-gaping hole and started to pump as Billy threw his head back and cried out, “Yes! Fuck me hard!”

The young man, setting his mind to dreaming about California, obviously had passed the endurance test.

A few hours later, the couch came to a stop and they all got out and moved to the side of a stream to eat the meal that Mrs. Atwell had prepared for them for their journey.

The four men separated, seemingly by class, to eat their meal. McCoy and Givens went down to beside the stream and sat on rocks. Billy, barefoot and clothed now only in his trousers, gingerly settled down, with a sigh, between the roots of an oak tree. The black driver, identified as James, stood near the driver’s box of the couch.

As they neared the end of their meal, McCoy walked over and said something to James, who grinned. McCoy went back to Givens, said something to him, and then the two men walked up to rocks near the oak tree and sat down.

Billy’s attention, though was on James, who started walking toward him, a big grin on his face, his short horse whip in one hand. He was pushing his suspenders over his huge biceps with the free hand and letting them drop to the side. And then he unbuttoned his fly and let the britches slide down his slim waist and hips.

Billy gasped at the sight of a cock thicker and longer than Jeremiah’s. The muscles of the man’s thighs bulged and, despite the slimness of şerifali escort his waist and hips, the man’s buttocks were two plump orbs. Then his eyes went to the hand whip and he licked his lips.

Reaching Billy, James reached down and grabbed the young man by the throat, making Billy gag and clutch at the choking hold of the big, strong hand. James held him there, cruelly, off the ground, pressing his forehead to Billy’s and capturing his eyes, while he stroked his cock hard. Then he slammed Billy back down on the ground between the roots, taking the air out his lungs. Billy’s eyes went big as he saw the hand go up in the air and then descend, fast. Billy gasped and groaned as the thongs of the whip caught him on his chest. He rolled over and took two more strikes on his bare back.

Then, though, Billy turned onto his back, scrabbled at the buttons of his fly, flared his trousers, and pushed them down to his knees. “Yes, fuck me,” me cried out to the black bull. “I ain’t gonna try to fight you off. Take it, if you want it.”

Leaning down, James pulled the trousers the rest of the way off Billy’s legs, grabbed the young man’s right leg and hooked the ankle on his shoulder, and grabbed the other leg and held it out to the side. The black bull sank to the ground on his knees, and Billy arched his back and cried out his passion at taking it big, black, and deep, to the leaves on the branches overhead as the black giant thrust inside a hole still gaping open from earlier penetrations and began to pump hard.

The two men in the black suits leaned forward, watching Billy’s reactions carefully.

“That un likes a bit of a jolt to git goin’,” Givens said.

“I can see that. There will be a lot of that where he’s going, I reckon,” McCoy answered. “Good thing he likes it.”

As James set a rhythm and the shock of the assault flowed out of Billy, he raised his torso to James’ chest, unbuttoned the black man’s shirt, and started sucking on the taut nipples on the man’s bulging pecs. Simultaneously, he set his pelvis in motion, working with James in the deep, thick fuck.

Billy widened his stance as much as he could, dug his claws into James’ shoulder blades, and used everything he’d learned in the last couple of weeks to open his channel, go soft at the core for the big, black cock, and take it in deep. He set his pelvis in countermotion to the thrusts. James opened his eyes wide, in surprise, and thrust all the harder and deeper, finding Billy’s passage muscles able to clutch his cock, ripple over it, and pull it deeper. Billy’s gasps and groans were match with the black bull’s own.

“Yes, take me hard! Take me deep! Work me with your big, black cock! Fill me with black buck cum!” he cried out. Billy wasn’t thinking about California now. He was thinking about taking a bigger man than Jeremiah—bigger in all dimensions.

He was meant for this. He was meant to be FUCKED by a big-cocked STUD!

McCoy and Givens exchanged smiles. The young man had passed the quality test.

When the two men were spent, James walked over to the two white men.

“You gots yourselves a real sweet whore there, gentlemen,” he said. “I’d pay good money to get inside that again.”

“You won’t be given a chance to pay for the likes of that where that whore’s going,” McCoy growled. Best you get on up in the coach now. You were just a test for him—whether he can take a cock like you got. We see that he can.

Billy still lay there, panting hard, on the ground where James had left him. He’d taken a cock the size of James’ yes—and enjoyed doing so. At the same time, he sure as hell hoped they didn’t get much bigger than that.

* * * *

It took the coach ten days to reach Denver. When they’d done so, Billy asked, “Could I see the Pacific Ocean from the tops of those mountains over there?”

“Not quite,” McCoy said, giving Givens a wink.

Each night en route to Denver, the couch pulled up to a saloon. After a brief discussion between McCoy and the saloon manager, they were given two rooms. McCoy and Givens shared one room and James was given a pad to sleep on outside the door of the other room, which was assigned to Billy, and where he opened his legs to and otherwise entertained men sent up to the room by the saloon manager throughout the night to cover their lodging and food bill.

When Billy wasn’t thinking about California and about getting almost there, he was feeling the surprise that he had discovered he walked along the clouds having a man’s cock moving inside him, and that he liked variety. He had found his talent.

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