Robbie’s Stool of Discipline

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Robbie is spanked by his wife while the neighbor watches

Susie had come to the end of her patience with her husband Robbie. He had been complaining all week about every little thing and she was fed up with it. She hadn’t disciplined him in several days, which is perhaps why he was misbehaving. So the only solution was to condemn him to the stool for a discipline session.

Susie was 26 years old and a vivacious brunette with a fantastic figure. Her husband Robbie was 27 years old and looked like a real stud. He was a well-paid young executive and they lived in a nice neighborhood. However, it was Susie who was the Dominant one in the relationship and Robbie submitted to her will.

Very early in their relationship Susie recognized Robbie’s potential in the business world, but she also knew he had to be kept in line. As a result, Susie knew that the only way to keep Robbie straight was with good strong discipline whenever he got out of line. After they had dated for about three months, Susie threatened to leave Robbie because he continued to be cantankerous and do silly things.

Robbie really loved Susie and pleaded with her to reconsider. Susie told him she would think about it. She talked with a few friends for advice and was surprised when a few of her girlfriends told her that sometimes a potentially good man simply needs feminine discipline to keep him in line. On inquiring further she found out from her friend Carol that she disciplined her husband on a regular basis by spanking him when he needed it.

Susie found it hard to believe and so Carol invited her over to her house to see her husband Chad get spanked one night. Right there in front of Susie, Chad had his pants and underpants removed and down over Carols’ lap he went for a good sound spanking. It was long after Chad ended up crying howling, kicking his legs wildly and begging and pleading for mercy, that Carol stopped spanking him.

Carol had Susie spend most of the evening and they discussed how Chad was spanked frequently, including different methods. Carol also had Susie talk to Chad in private about his feelings about being spanked. Chad told Susie he did not like to be spanked, but to her surprise he told her that it was probably good that Carol did spank him for his own good, and that he deserved most of what he got. He also told her that most men need to be spanked and they are simply waiting for a woman who is woman enough to give it to them.

Susie left that night thinking that maybe that was the solution for her and Robbie. She did love him but felt she needed more control in the relationship. Robbie kept calling her to see if they could patch things up. Finally, Susie told Robbie to come over one evening and they would discuss it.

When Robbie showed up they spent quite awhile talking and then Susie boldly went to the heart of the issue for her.

“Robbie I do love you but sometimes you are a real jerk that needs to be taught a lesson. Therefore, the only way that I will continue to see you is if I can discipline you as I see fit and in the way I see fit.”

Robbie gave a nervous laugh and said, “And exactly what does that mean?”

Susie said, “That means when I think you deserve it, you will be soundly spanked by me.”

Robbie’s jaw dropped and said, “You can’t be serious?”

“I am very serious,” Susie answered. “I believe you have a lot of potential but when you get out of line you need to be spanked, and I am just the woman to give it to you.”

Robbie still could not believe she was serious but the more they talked the more he became convinced she was. Finally Susie told him point blank that there was nothing more to talk about. She told him to go home and think about it and he was not to come back unless he was willing to be spanked.

“If you decide to be spanked by me then that is what will happen. Then once you are spanked you will go home and think about it some more. Then if you decide to permit me to spank you whenever I think you deserve it, then and only then, will I take you back.”

It took several days for Robbie to think about it. His urge to be with Susie, the woman he truly loved, continued to build and he finally decided if it takes being spanked, then so be it.

He called Susie one afternoon and after some light talk, Susie asked firmly, “Why did you call Robbie?”

Robbie swallowed his masculine pride and finally blurted out, “Susie I love you and because I love you, I agree to let you spank me.”

“Robbie, if I spank you it will be in the way I determine appropriate, and for as long as I want to. Do you agree with that?”

“Yes ma-am,” Robbie answered submissively.

“Okay then be over at my house at 7:00 tonight and you will be spanked by me,” and she hung up.

Susie was beside herself with excitement and anticipation. She called Carol and told her the good news. Carol asked her if she had any spanking instruments and Susie told her she had not gotten that üvey kız kardeş porno far. Carol told her that was no problem and she would loan her a paddle and a wooden backed hairbrush. Susie rushed over to get them and rushed back home to wait for Robbie.

When Robbie showed up that evening he ended up with his pants and underpants off, lying helplessly over Susie’s lap. That night Robbie got a good sound spanking from Susie, the love of his life. Susie used both the paddle and the hairbrush on him and before she was done he ended up thrashing around wildly, kicking his legs uncontrollably, crying, howling and begging and pleading for mercy.

When Susie was done spanking him she let him get dressed. After he was dressed Susie told him she wanted him to go home and think about what had happened to him. She told him that if she took him back he would be spanked like that whenever she thought he needed it. He needed to decide if the relationship was that important to him and if he would willingly submit to her control. Susie then gave him a note to take home and read once he got there and the let her know what he decided, and he better be quick about it

Robbie got home and read her note that night and over and over for the next few days. The note told him that if she took him back she would always be the dominant one in the relationship and he would be the submissive one. She would spank him whenever she thought he needed it and however she chose to spank him and for as long as she chose to spank him. If he ever rebelled at being spanked the relationship would be over and there would be no hope of her taking him back. She also told him that he needed a strong woman to dominate him and she was just the woman who could do it.

In her note she also gave him specific instructions on what to say if he decided to accept her offer. At first Robbie had trouble saying the words aloud even to himself but eventually they came easier. The more he thought about them and said them the more they reached into his soul and became a part of him and who he was. After five days he called Susie and told her he would be over that night.

Robbie showed up and 7:00 and Susie was anxiously waiting for him. She led him into the living room and said, “Do you have something to say to me Robbie?”

“Yes ma-am,” he said humbly.

“Good,” she said, “Then look me right in the eyes and tell me.”

Robbie began to talk as he had been instructed. “Susie I love you very much and want to be with you. However I need a woman who is stronger than me and is willing to Dominate me and let me submit to her will as I rightfully should. I here and now submit to you for as long as you want me to. I also know that when I behave badly I will submit my body to you to be spanked in any way you see fit. To prove myself to you I want you to strip me naked, take me to your bedroom, take my naked body down over your lap and give me the good sound spanking I deserve.”

Susie’s heart jumped for joy. She was going to get the man she wanted and loved but on her terms. She reached over and kissed him and said, “I love you so much Robbie but you are going to be spanked tonight and it will be a good one.”

Susie started immediately to strip Robbie naked for his spanking and as soon as she had him completely naked, she led him back to her bedroom. In the bedroom was a simple straight-backed chair she had waiting for him.

Robbie had been so concerned about his spanking that he hadn’t noticed that Susie was only wearing a short robe that opened in the front and tied by a simple tie in the middle. Before she sat down she undid the tie and Robbie could see the front of her now vivacious naked body including her breasts and nipples and her nice full V patch. Before he could say anything, Susie pulled his naked body down over her now bare thighs and let him lay with his bare back just under her full bare breasts and nipples.

That night Robbie got a good long hard sound spanking from his partially naked vivacious brunette girlfriend. Susie also discovered something else that night as she gave Robbie a good sound spanking. Both the sight and feel of his naked body squirming and wiggling against her own naked body and the sight of his legs kicking wildly as she spanked him really turned her on sexually. Robbie ended up begging and pleading for mercy, which only aroused her even more.

Once his spanking was over Susie took Robbie over to the bed and they had the best sex they had ever had together. From that night forward Robbie was now hers to be Dominated by her, and he, submitting completely to her will. As promised, Robbie got spanked whenever Susie thought he needed it, which was quite often. Depending on Susie’s mood, they sometimes had sex following his spanking and other times he was just simply spanked.

In less than a year Susie knew that being able to discipline Robbie had helped their relationship and deepened their xnxx porno love. Susie knew she would always be able to Dominate and control him and she loved him very much. Robbie knew Susie was the woman to give him the discipline he needed in his life and he loved her as well. So in less than a year Robbie proposed to Susie and she accepted and they were married.

After they were married Robbie was still spanked by Susie on a regular basis. She continued to learn much from Carol both in technique and various spanking instruments. As a result when Robbie was going to be spanked by Susie, he never knew how he would be spanked, or with what. He just knew it would be a good sound spanking, and it always was.

Susie was always looking for creative ways to spank Robbie. One afternoon she was in a furniture store and she saw a tall wooden bar stool made out of heavy oak but with a flat upholstered seat with no back.

As she surveyed it carefully the salesman came over and said, “May I help you ma-am?”

“Could you do me a favor?” she asked.

“I’ll try ma-am,” he responded.

Susie asked him to bend over the stool and see if he could reach the next to the bottom rung on the stool. The salesman thought it a strange request but he complied. He laid his abdomen on the seat of the stool and reached down to grab the next to the lowest rung. When he did so it pulled his feet off the ground.

Susie smiled to herself and said, “Just one more thing please. Try to reach the very bottom rung with your hands.”

The salesman worked at it until he had the rung in his hands. The effect of it made his abdomen slide further forward on the stool seat in such a way that the top part of his thighs rested on the very top edge of the stool seat. This made his legs stick straight out behind him.

“Absolutely perfect,” beamed Susie, “I’ll take it, it will be perfect for my kitchen.”

The salesman thought it the strangest request he ever heard but was glad to sell her the stool. What he did not know was that as he lay over the stool Susie was imagining Robbie laying naked over the stool being spanked by her. She still needed to make a few refinements to the stool but it would be perfect.

On her way home Susie stopped at a surplus sore and bought four sets of handcuffs and an extra wide and extra long leather belt and some extra short belts. When she got home she went into the garage and found two strong screws. Turning the stool upside down she laid the belt across the underside of the stool seat so that the middle of the belt rested on the center of the seat on the underside. She then screwed the center of the belt to the under side of the stool seat. She then put one set of handcuffs on the bottom rung next to the legs and another set on the next rung up also next to the same two legs.

Susie now took the stool into the kitchen and set it down in the center of the room. She wanted to test it out first to see if it would do the job she wanted it to do. She quickly took off her clothes and laid her abdomen over the seat of the stool. She reached down to the next to the bottom rung on the stool where one set of handcuffs was waiting. As expected the position forced her feet of the ground and left her legs dangling down the backside of the stool.

She could easily see that the handcuffs could be attached to Robbie’s wrists and would hold him in place. She looked on both sides of the stool and saw one end of the belt on each side. It would be easy to bring the ends of the belt over his back and cinch it tight, further holding him in firmly in place and unable to move.

With her legs hanging down the backside she spread her legs apart just like she would do with Robbie. She could easily see how his ankles could be secured to the two back legs of the stool or secured at the knees or both. God what a perfect position for him to be spanked in she thought. Of course on the other hand she could leave his legs dangling and free to kick wildly as he is being spanked.

She reached down to the bottom rung where the other set of handcuffs waited. Just like it had with the salesman it forced her to slide further forward on the stool seat catching her thighs in such a way that it forced her legs to stick straight out. Once again she could see the belt could be pulled over his back and then cinched tight to hold him in place. This was going to be great.

She laughed to herself thinking how fortunate it would be him lying naked over the stool being spanked, and not her. Susie got off the stool and put on a flimsy robe and waited for Robbie to get home. She loved Dominating him and spanking him and could hardly wait to try the stool out on him.

Robbie finally got home and he could tell by the look in Susie’s eyes and her demeanor that he was going to be spanked. After advising him that he was going to be spanked, Susie stripped him naked and led him into the kitchen where the stool sat eagerly waiting zenci porno for a submissive victim to hold in its clutches.

Robbie wasn’t sure what was about to happen but let Susie lead him right to the stool. Once there, she made Robbie bend over the seat of the stool and then pulled his hands down to the next to the bottom rung. She quickly attached the handcuffs to his wrists. She then went around back and was delighted to see his feet were off the ground and his legs dangling down the backside of the stool.

Susie then went to the side of the stool and picked up one end of the belt and laid it on his back and did the same with the other side. She now put the two ends of the belt together and pulled it tight across his bareback and cinched it down tight. Poor Robbie was now draped naked over the seat of the stool with his wrists secured and his waist pinned tightly against the chair seat and him unable to move except his legs. Robbie was now in a perfect position to be spanked and there was nothing he could do about it.

Susie now removed her robe and picked up her favorite paddle. It was four inches wide about two feet long with a handle and made out of thin birch wood. She loved it because it stung a lot but didn’t do as much damage as a thicker paddle, meaning she could spank him longer with it.

She was just about to use the paddle when the backdoor bell rang. Susie parted the curtains slightly and smiled because it was her neighbor Amy.

Susie opened the door slightly and said, “Come on in Amy you are just in time to see Robbie spanked.”

Amy was a very sexy 25-year-old redhead who not only spanked her own husband but had also seen Robbie spanked by Susie on several occasions. In fact, she had spanked Robbie herself but that’s a whole other story.

“Oh my God how precious,” Amy laughed out loud when she saw Robbie. “That is the greatest position to spank someone in I have ever seen. How absolutely wonderful,” she exclaimed.

“I am delighted and can hardly wait to get started,” admitted Susie.

“Well have at it girl and give it to him good,” Amy laughed.

“You can be sure I will,” said Susie smiling broadly. “Make yourself comfortable Amy,” Susie volunteered.

Amy knew what that meant and was all too willing to remove her halter top and her shorts and panties. Susie and Amy shared in common the fact they both loved to be naked when they spanked men, or watch them being spanked.

Robbie had been spanked while Amy watched many times but he still always felt humiliated to have her see him being spanked by his wife. This particular position made it even more so. Imagine having your female neighbor drop in and see you lying naked over the stool secured and helpless ready to be soundly spanked. It of course made no difference what he thought. Robbie was about to be soundly spanked by his vivacious 26-year-old naked brunette wife, Susie, while his sexy 24-year-old naked redheaded neighbor Amy watched him get it good.

Susie picked up her paddle and stood to his right and then stepped back a few steps. She laid the paddle on his bare behind and adjusted her position just a little so that when the paddle landed it would land in the perfect spot. Poor Robbie’s naked body shivered in anticipation as he felt the wood on his bare behind.

Susie raised the paddle in the air and brought it down quickly landing with a loud smack on Robbie’s left bare bottom cheek. Robbie tried to move but the handcuffs, and the belt over his waist, limited his movements. Susie landed another smack on his other bare bottom cheek and again Robbie’s bare behind accepted the smack and he could hardly move. Susie watched Robbie with a gleam in her eyes knowing he could not get away. She looked at the belt, which held him down and smiled to herself. It was almost like the belt was saying to her, ‘I’ve got him held in place Susie so give it to him good.’

The belt also served one other function Susie hadn’t counted on but she loved it. When the belt was cinched down tight it pushed his waist back down which tended to make his bare behind stick up a little more making it a very inviting target for Susie’s paddle.

Susie now began to land crisp hard smacks of her paddle all over Robbie’s upturned bare behind Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, sang Susie’s paddle, as it turned Robbie’s bare behind a bright red. Robbie tried to free his wrists and to twist his hips but couldn’t. The marvelous stool held him firmly in place so Susie could really paddle him good. Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack. As poor Robbie lay there helplessly, Susie laid on over 150 smacks of her paddle to his quivering bare behind before she paused.

Susie was not finished yet she simply wanted to change implements. In a large vase in the corner of the room Susie kept a bunch of switches she had cut off of various shrubs and trees.

She picked out two nice ones and gave one to Amy asking her, “Care to join me?”

“Gladly,” said Amy.

Susie stood on one side of Robbie and Amy on the other side. Together they began to whip poor Robbie with their switches. Robbie began to holler and cry as the switches bit into his already tender bear behind, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish.

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