Robots Prevent Masturbation

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Author’s Note: All characters over eighteen. There’s just like a stupid amount of anal involved in the story, so be warned now and I don’t want to hear any complaints about it later.


“Your father and I will be gone quite some time,” Bella said.

“Yeah, Mom,” Lucin said, rolling his eyes. “We got it.”

“Have a lovely trip,” Celeste said without taking her eyes off her book.

“Your concern for our absence is touching,” Bella said, eyeing her children.

“Hey, it’s your trip,” Lucin said. “Don’t blame us.”

“‘Sides, we’re responsible adults,” Celeste said without a trace of irony. “We’ll struggle along somehow.”

“Yes, speaking of which,” Bella said, eyes narrowing slightly, “we’re rather hoping to avoid an incident like last time.”

“Oh come on! That was three years ago!” Lucin complained. “Are we never going to live that down?”

“Practically all of the kitchen was saved,” Celeste added. “And the azaleas came back fine.”

“No one was hurt,” Lucin pouted. “Much.”

“And the therapy afterward was actually quite help–“

“Nevertheless,” Bella interrupted with much exasperation, “we don’t want to take any chances. No pouting. Yes you’re adults, but you still live with your parents, don’t you?”

“Ouch,” Lucin said.

“She’s got us there,” Celeste agreed. “Well roasted, Mother.”

Bella sighed. “And there is the fact that neither of you can take anything seriously.”



“I took something seriously just last week!” Lucin said firmly.

“It was a wonder to behold,” Celeste agreed, nodding fervently.

“Well done you, then,” Bella said, moving right along. “Regardless, we are leaving the two of you with a robot nanny, so that–“

Twin boos interrupted Bella’s thought.

“Oh what? Those are for babies!” Lucin protested.

“They have not been approved for babies yet,” Bella said. “They–“

“Ugh, the ridicule we’ll face,” Celeste complained. “Like ‘oh you guys got one of those new robots? Which one? A super cool laser unicorn transformer probably right?’ But no. A babysitter. We shall simply have no friends after this gets out.”

“You’re very free to find homes of your own, you know,” Bella said sternly, hands on hips.

Lucin and Celeste looked at each other.

“No, this is fine.”

“Perfectly acceptable.”

“Have a lovely trip.”

“Do send a postcard, if those are still a thing.”

Bella rolled her eyes and walked out.


“So this is her, huh?” Lucin said, peering intently.

“Seems that way,” Celeste said, standing back a bit with her arms folded.

“She’s, uh, I mean she’s kinda weird.”

“Yeah, some of the new ones they’re trying to, like, make them lifelike without hitting that uncanny valley shit.”

Lucin nodded. “Which is fine, but like, I don’t know about this cyborg-y aesthetic.”

Celeste shrugged. “I don’t hate it. I’m more annoyed about the total lack of trust.”

“Well… I hate to admit it, but we did almost commit a small war crime when–“

“Only almost. And it would have been very, very small.” Celeste waved her fingers breezily. “We’ve matured since then anyway. We can handle ourselves on our own for a little while. We’re practically independent.”

“Except for still living with our parents.”

“Well the housing market’s shit. We can’t help that.”

“That’s fair,” Lucin said. “That’s a very good point.”

The siblings stared at their ‘nanny’ for another moment.

“Do you think she’s on?” Celeste asked. “It would be kinda funny if Mom and Dad left and this thing’s not even working.”

“How would one tell?”

“Beats me. Maybe ask her to do something?”

Lucin shrugged and cleared his throat. “Robot! Get me… a glass of water.”

“A glass of water?”

“I couldn’t think of anything goo–“




Lucin and Celeste jumped back as the robot’s eyes lit up and she adopted a new pose.

–I am pleased to meet you. I am Matilda–

Lucin unfurled himself slightly from his defensive stance. “You’re… Matilda?”


“Is that… is that the name you came with?”

–No. It is the name I was given–

“Mom,” Celeste said. “That sounds like a name she would have chosen.”

“Most probably, huh?”

–I am here to take care of you–

“Er, very nice, but we don’t need any help, actually,” Celeste said. “We’re very good at not dying.”

“Been doing it all our lives,” Lucin agreed eagerly.

Matilda didn’t move.

“So, uh, just stand there, I guess,” Celeste said. “Well done. Great job. Ten out of ten.”

“We shall give you a glowing review upon our parents’ return.”

Matilda continued to not react. The sibs watched her carefully, then slowly backed out of the room.

“Well, could be worse,” Lucin said.

“It’s a bit… weird,” Celeste said. “Having her in the house with us.”

“A bit, sure. But seems harmless enough.”

“Let’s hope so. You think she’d stop us throwing a party if we wanted to?”

“Do we want to?”

“Not really. Just hypothetically.”

“No idea,” Kıbrıs Escort Lucin said thoughtfully. “It’d almost be worth trying just to find out.”

“Mmhm. Almost. But we don’t throw parties.”

“No, too much work. I mean, the incident wasn’t even our fault. Everyone just decided we were having a party. We certainly never said we were.”

“Right. That shouldn’t keep getting held over our heads like that.”

“Right. So, uh… now what?”

Celeste and Lucin both thought for a moment.

“I guess just… do our thing?” Celeste suggested. “Hopefully ‘Matilda’ doesn’t think we have bedtimes.”

“If she tries to put me in diapers and throw me in a crib, I’ll….”

“You’ll what?” Celeste asked pleasantly.

“… I’ll not be very happy.”

“No. No you probably wouldn’t be.”


Matilda wasn’t too big a deal really, at least at first. It was obnoxious to be babysat like that, but Celeste didn’t let it get to her. Plus for a robot nanny, she cooked a rather nice supper, so at least there would be an upside or two.

What absolutely infuriated Celeste, however, was when she went to masturbate that evening. It should have been a nice, simple, private affair the way it usually was. Instead, she’d only just lain down on her bed, bottoms off, sexy images in her mind, and fingers just barely teasing her pussy before she was interrupted.

–Do not do that–

“The fuck?”

Celeste jerked upright, horniness briefly forgotten, but there was nothing further to be heard. She shrugged and lay back again, and again sent her hand to her pussy.

This time, almost immediately, her door crashed open. And it had been locked. Apparently not much of an impediment.

–Do not do that–

“Jesus fuck! Get out! What is this?”

–Do not do that–

“Yeah, I fucking heard. But are you serious though?”

Matilda appeared to think for a moment.

–I am always serious–

“I bet you are. What am I not supposed to masturbate or something? First of all, how could I possibly know that? Second of all, what kind of puritanical nightmare scenario are we talking here? If this is some kind of joke it’s–“

–I never joke–

Celeste sighed. “You don’t say.”

–Unless you would like me to download a joke subroutine–

“I… not just now, perhaps. How about disabling this anti-masturbating subroutine? How ’bout that?”

–Access denied–


–I am always serious–

“No, I got it, thanks.” Celeste growled miserably. “Can you get out now?”


Matilda turned and left. Only just at the hallway, her head jerked in an odd, unnatural movement.

–Do not do that–

“I didn’t do anything!”

Fortunately, sort of, Matilda immediately stormed off away from Celeste’s room. Toward… Lucin’s?

Celeste smiled humourlessly. Well, at least it wasn’t just her. This was a problem, sure, but at least it wasn’t a sexist one. Like boys could fap but girls couldn’t.

Still, something had to be done.

Celeste listened to the noisy argument, trying to judge when she should slip over to see her brother.


“There’s nothing wrong with masturbating!”

–Do not do that–

“I heard!” Lucin said irritably. “And you broke my door! You gonna fix that or what?”

–I do not have a carpentry subroutine–


–One can be downloaded–

Lucin rolled his eyes. “Fine. Download a carpentry subroutine. And while you’re at it, how ’bout ditching the eighteenth century morality filter.”

–Access denied–


Lucin curled up miserably on his bed until Matilda left. This was not a promising development. Not at all. No privacy, and specifically no masturbating. How long were their parents gone again? He missed them already.

“She got you too, huh?”

Lucin peeked up. “Yes.”

“Kind of obnoxious, I thought.”

“Me too.” Lucin tilted his head. “Are you wearing anything other than that shirt?”

Celeste snapped her fingers. “Focus! I know you’re horny. I am too. But now’s not the time.”

“It wasn’t about being horny. Just asking.”

“Yeah, well, you know I can see your dick. I didn’t bother you about that, did I?”

Lucin, without hurrying to do it, pulled his blanket over his lap. “I was harder than this, you know. Until I got busted in on.”

“That’s… really not the point. At all.”

“Just sayin’.”

Celeste sighed. “Boys and their cocks,” she muttered.

She sat down opposite Lucin on his bed, carefully positioning her legs so as not give a lewd peek up her shirt. It really was too small to be wearing it by itself around the house, but she had bigger priorities at the moment. Besides, it was only Lucin. Not like their parents were about. And the nanny-bot had already seen a good eyeful as it was.

“What are we gonna do?” Celeste asked.

“I dunno. Not masturbate I guess?”

“That seems like a good solution, does it?”

“Not even a little bit. I just don’t know what else to do. She won’t let us change her program.”

“So I noted.”

Lucin threw his hands Lefkoşa Escort up. “So what, then?”

“I don’t know. But let’s work together on it, ok? We can take her. Somehow.”

“Like in a physical contest?”

“Probably not. But in a battle of cunning, surely we could.”

“I like your optimism,” Lucin said. “Now, would you mind terribly averting your eyes while I find my underwear?”

“I’ve seen it already, you know,” Celeste said, dutifully turning around anyway.

“Not the point.”

“Principle of the thing?”

“Principle of the thing.”

Celeste turned back around when she judged her brother would be halfway decent. He was still stepping into his jeans, but at least his boxers were on so he wasn’t flashing anything untoward. Other than a bit of a tent from his aborted masturbation session, of course. Celeste’s lips curled up slightly, even though there really wasn’t much enjoyable about this whole situation.

“I might do some research on the model,” Celeste said. “Maybe it’s a bug.”

“Doesn’t seem like a bug. But maybe it’s some bizarre-ass feature. Maybe there’s a switch on her back or something.”

“Yeah. Maybe. You gonna look for it?”

Lucin sighed. “Almost might as well. Need something to distract myself.”

“Mmhm. That boner’s not disappearing quickly enough, huh?”

“No. No it’s not.”

“Having trouble getting it in your pants, huh?”

Lucin sighed and gave up, kicking his jeans back off. “The commentary isn’t helping, you know.”

Celeste grinned. “Sorry.”

“No you’re not. You’re lucky. You can be as horny as you like and won’t have any wardrobe trouble.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that.”


“No. You ever been so wet you soaked right through what you were wearing?”

“… obviously not. Have you?”

Celeste’s grin remained, but became more impish and perhaps just a little rueful. “Once or twice.”


“To be fair, it’s only really a problem with certain specific outfits. And if I somehow get crazy turned on while wearing them.”

“Like if you don’t wear panties or something?”

“Hehe, what, you speculating on your sister’s habit of not wearing underwear?”

“You started it.” Lucin shrugged like he didn’t care, but then slowly turned back to Celeste. “But really, no panties and thin bottoms? Something like that? Leggings maybe?”

Celeste smirked. “Not telling.”

“Ah! Tease!”

“Shut up. You’re just horny. You don’t actually want to know.”

“Grrr, maybe not. I don’t know. I’m just really confused right now. You know you flashed your pussy when you first came in, right? And you’ve been sitting there like you’re gonna do it again.”

“Ok, no, I’m carefully sitting so as not to flash you. And also… I didn’t mean to flash you, if that’s any help.”

“It’s not really.” Lucin shrugged miserably. “It’s a nice pussy though, from what I saw.”

Celeste’s heart beat a little faster. This really wasn’t helping her not want to masturbate. “Thanks. Your cock looks pretty nice too.”

“Uh, thanks. Is this weird?”


“Yeah. I’m gonna… go do… things.”

“Good choice. I might do things as well.”

The sibs stared at each other.

“I just really want to masturbate,” Lucin whined.

“Yeah,” Celeste agreed, “me too.”


Things didn’t get any better over the next few days, neither for the siblings, nor for the doors in the house.

Lucin tried jerking off in their parents’ room, under the assumption Matilda might not bust down the door. No luck.

Celeste tried the bathroom, including in the shower and only using the spray to hit her clit. It didn’t go any better.

“So much for privacy, huh?” Lucin said.

Celeste swore viciously and repeatedly as she toweled herself off. “This bitch!”


“I wasn’t even touching myself, you know. Just using the shower head. She still knew!”


Celeste looked up. Her brother appeared thoughtful, and also slightly embarrassed. “You could turn around until I cover up, you know.”

“I could.”

“Luce, I’m naked here.”

“Yes, you are.”


“Sorry, sorry. I’m incredibly horny, is all.”

“And how’s perving on me going to help that?”

“It’s not,” Lucin groaned. “It’s entirely unhelpful. I didn’t mean to. I just heard the door come down, and when I came over, you were….”

“Trying to towel off?”


“Get a good look, did you?”

“Very good look, thank you. Again, accidental. Just for the record.”

“Which might be a point in your favour, except for you kept staring after.”

“Yeah, well… I mentioned about being a horny little thing, didn’t I?”

“Yeah,” Celeste sighed. “You did.”

“Are you done yet?”

“Nope. Keep watching that wall.”

Lucin folded his arms. “You know, I’ve thought about doing it outside somewhere. Surely Matilda couldn’t police us if we’re far enough away.”

“That’s… not a bad idea.”

“It’s the beginning of an idea anyway. Just, like, I don’t want to be one of those guys arrested for jerking Magosa Escort off in public.”

“No, probably best not to get caught, that’s for sure,” Celeste said thoughtfully.

She toweled off slower as Lucin continued to look away. Not that she’d admit it to him, but it was kind of a thrill to stand there casually naked while he had to look away. That was just her horny self talking, of course. She hadn’t had a cum in a few days, and she’s just been interrupted trying again. Even him staring fully at her a moment ago hadn’t bothered her.

Not that that kind of thing was a big deal between them anyway. They were used to pretty good privacy, but living together meant there were little peeks and glimpses here and there. They’d each accidentally caught the other masturbating more than once, for instance, and it had never been a big deal.

Their parents had always generally been pretty open and honest about sexuality and such things, which was in fact part of the reason this whole masturbation ban was such a confusing mess.

“I kinda wish I had a girlfriend,” Lucin said.

“I don’t know if sex would be allowed any more than masturbation.”

“Maybe not. But we could go to her house and do stuff.”

“Oh yeah, that would be easier, wouldn’t it?”

“Mmhm.” Lucin shuffled awkwardly as a thought occurred to him. “Hey, Cel, I just had a really, really bad idea.”


“It’s really bad. Like really b–“

“I got it. Tell me.”

Lucin turned around. Celeste only half-heartedly bothered to cover herself with her damp towel.

“We don’t really know that sex would be off limits. Maybe it’s just masturbating.”

Celeste sucked in a sharp breath. “I mean… you’re right, we don’t. What are you suggesting?”

“Like… what if… just to try it… what if I touched you?”

Celeste’s legs wobbled a bit before she got a hold of herself. It was a bad idea. He wasn’t wrong about that. But why did it make her all warm and tingly to think about? Other than obvious overload of arousal lately that she couldn’t do anything about. Vibrators and shower heads hadn’t worked. Maybe… maybe her brother’s fingers would?

Oh god, even thinking about it. So bad. So… exciting.

“Try it,” Celeste said hoarsely.


“Don’t look all excited at me like that.”

Lucin coughed and tried to tone down his enthusiasm. He really hadn’t meant for it. It wasn’t like he wanted to feel up his sister. Just to test it, was all. He hated to admit the sudden surge of elation through him when Celeste said yes.

Like yes, ok, catching her naked just now had been exciting in a way it shouldn’t have been. But that was just horniness and surprise. He shouldn’t actually want to touch her. Nor should she want him too.

Celeste dropped her towel, holding it loosely in one hand. Goddamn she was so… naked.

“You got a bit of a boner there,” she remarked almost casually, but with a small quaver in her voice.

“I do,” Lucin admitted.

“Gonna touch me or what?”

“Just… for science.”

“Right. For science.”

Lucin moved forward. Celeste rocked back like she was going to step away, then stood her ground instead.

Celeste’s heart pounded. Her clit throbbed. God, it was like some boy she had a crush on about to touch her, not her brother.

Lucin’s fingers trembled as he reached out. He tensed just before touching Celeste, then let his hand meet her breast. Both siblings sighed in unison at the contact.

They stood totally still for a moment.

“I don’t hear her,” Celeste said.

“Me either.”

Lucin fully cupped Celeste’s breast. Still no robotic warnings to be heard. He reached up with his other hand and cupped both her breasts at once. Still nothing.

Celeste bit her lip and fought not to make any embarrassing noises as her brother played with her tits. It felt way too good. She hadn’t been touched by anyone else in too long, clearly. Plus her inability to get off lately, of course. But Lucin really might be on to something about needing a boyfriend, or at least a fuckbuddy.

Unfortunately, she had no candidates lately, nor did she have anyone she could set Lucin up with as a girlfriend. Plus, much as it pained her to admit it, she didn’t really want to set him up with anyone if she was single. Just the possibility of having his hands on her like this….

That was bad thinking. Bad, bad thinking. Honest, yes, but bad.

“My pussy,” Celeste whimpered.


“Try my pussy. See if you can touch it.”

“Oh shit, right.”

Lucin jolted back to reality after the magic of fondling his sister’s boobs. He was desperately aroused now, and with no real hope of doing anything about it, but that didn’t mean he was going to act sensibly. He’d feel more embarrassed about his enjoyment if Celeste wasn’t as clearly turned on as he was.

His hands dropped, but didn’t quite leave Celeste’s suddenly fascinating body. He wasn’t really sure it was ok, but he also couldn’t help trailing down her warm body, unwilling to let go entirely.

Celeste hissed in a breath and felt her eyes roll back for a moment before regaining some control. Being touched was often nice and all, but this was excessive. Especially coming from her brother of all people.

And he was only getting closer to her pussy. She braced herself for that, hoping not to dreadfully embarrass herself with her reaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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