Rockstar Rapunzels Pt. 01

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I have a fetish for long, thick, silky hair. My girlfriend Stephany has long, thick, soft, silky, straight, brown hair. Her hair is over 5ft long and goes down to her ankles. We were hanging out. She had her hair up in a bun that was secured with a claw clip. I went behind her and to go take her clip out, but, before I could she turned around and said,

“Are you trying take my hair out?” I said.

“Yeah.” She then took her hair out. She looked so beautiful. She said to me,

“You want to?” I stood behind her. I grabbed her clip out of her hands. I started running the teeth of her clip through her long, thick, silky, straight, brown hair. Starting at the back of her head and going all the way down to the end of the length. I did this a couple of times. Then, I started stroking her hair, and then halfway through the strokes turned into finger combings. I then asked her if we go back to my place. She agreed. She then asked me if I could braid her hair before we went. I agreed to do so. So, she sat down in front malatya seks hikayeleri of me. I picked her up. I separated her hair into two sections. I split the first sections into three sections of it’s own. I twist those sections over each other until I get to the end of her hair. I ask her how I am supposed to secure the braid. She hands me a hair tie from her purse. I then secure the braid with the hair tie. I then start working on the other section. Dividing it into three sections of its own followed by twisted them over each other to form a braid, and then securing it with another hair tie. Her and I got up. She said to me,

“You did two braids?” I said,


She said,

“I love them.”

We held hands and walked out to her car. We got in. She pulled out and drove all the way to my house. I admired her long brown braids from a far. We got there. We stepped out of the car. She said to me,

“Can you unbraid my hair and then put it up in a bun?”

So, I pulled the hair ties out of her hair and undid her braids. I twisted her hair around into one giant twist. Then, I wrapped it around itself to form a bun. I then secured the bun using her claw clip. She turned around and kissed me on the lips. She then said,

“You’re the best boyfriend a girl could ask for.”

We go inside. My mom was home. I say to her,

“Mom, there’s someone I would like you to meet. This is my girlfriend Stephany.” She said to me,

“Oh, so you have been seeing someone and didn’t tell me?” I laughed and said,


She said,

“She’s very pretty.” Stephany said,

“Thank you!”

Then, I said,

“She’s got very beautiful hair too.

My mom said,

“Really?” I said,


I turned to Stephany and asked,

“Babe, may I show her?”

Stephany nodded her head yes. I took the clip out of her hair. Her brown hair flowed down her back like waterfall made of molten chocolate. My mom’s jaw dropped in awe.

My mom said,

“Oh my gosh.”

I turned to Stephany and said,

“Speaking of your hair, I’m kind of horny, do you mind if we go back to your house so I can play with your hair?”. My mom interrupts and says,

“You two have sex?”

Stephany says to her,

“No, he has a fetish for hair like mine and likes to get sexual with it..” My mom says,

“No wonder, your hair is extremely erotic.” My mom then said,

“Speaking of which, Do you mind if I play with your hair for a minute?”. Stephany said,


She sat in one of the chairs. My mom stood behind her. Stephany threw her hair over the back of the chair. My mom grabbed all of Stephany’s hair. She said,

“Oh, lord, her hair is so thick!, and so soft and silky. No wonder you love her hair that much.” My mom stopped playing with Stephany’s hair. She then said,

“You guys can go in my room and do your business.” Stephany and I went into my mom’s room alone. We got in her bed. I picked up her hair and sniffed smelling the scent of her shampoo and conditioner. Then I pulled my pants down and stroked my manhood with her hair. Then, it happened, I came all in her hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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