Room Mates Pt. 12

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Breathless Jake staggered into the flat with Sammie still over his shoulder. Maybe running up three flights of stairs had seemed romantic and manly at the time but it certainly wasn’t clever. Jake had planned on breaking a sweat with her in his arms but not quite like this.

Setting her down, Jake felt the tension in the air as their eyes met. This really was IT. Fuck or flee. Sammie had answered his questions, they’d had a great day together and Jake really wanted to make tonight incredible. In his mind they were always destined to end up in bed, and now seemed like the perfect time. No partners, no distractions and a shit load of chemistry.

He smiled down at her, her pupils huge and her breath ragged. Reaching out to cup her breast, Jake felt the hard pebble of her nipple and stroked it with his thumb.

Sammie sighed and Jake stooped to kiss her neck, smiling as she moaned with pleasure. He loved the sounds she made. Tilting his neck he opened his mouth over her pulse point and sucked her gently wondering what noise she’d make this time.

Sammie yawned. Shit! Not the reaction he’d hoped for. Pulling back from her Sammie scrunched her brow and grabbed his hand, placing it back over her shirt and Jake kissed her, squeezing her tit as he licked into her mouth. She arched into him moaning softly and he cupped her bottom, pulling her close, feeling her body meld against his.

Turning his head, Jake changed the angle of his kiss and was rewarded with another yawn.

“Am I boring you baby?!”

Sammie rubbed her eyes, “No! Not at all. Keep kissing me Jake, I’ll be okay!”

He shook his head dotingly and scooped her up in his arms.

“Time for bed I think Sammie.”

Sleepily Sammie buried her head in his neck as he opened her door,


Putting her to bed Jake removed her boots, dropped a kiss on her forehead and turned for the door,

“What!!! Jake??? What the hell?”

“Sammie, babe, you’re shattered! Have a nap and we’ll go out later for some dinner. Okay?”

She sat up, her face a riot of indignation,

“I am not a child…,” another yawn, “I do not need to be put to bed by you Jake!. I was hoping you’d take me to bed but not quite like this…”

Jake lay down alongside her and smoothed her hair from her face,

“Baby… I did take you to bed. You were in the hallway and I took you to your bedroom.”

“Don’t be facetious Edwards. You know what I meant!”

He kissed her softly,

“I’m sorry Sammie. You’re right, I’m a dick. But for once, I’m not planning on thinking with it. Get some sleep and when you can kiss me for two minutes without yawning we can pick up where we left off. How’s that?”

“Stay with me?”

Jake toed off his shoes and crawled under the duvet. Sammie plastered herself against him and kissed him. He turned his head and stroked his tongue against hers, feeling his body tighten. As expected she yawned and one look from Jake was all it took for her to curl into his body.

“Okay. Just a little nap Jake and then…”

Sammie was asleep before she could finish the sentence.

Exactly how long did you let a woman sleep? He planned on keeping her up for most of the night so Jake figured half an hour probably wasn’t long enough. Two espressos and weeks of foreplay had him wired and locked and loaded but Sammie obviously wasn’t on the same page.

He didn’t want to rush her; he’d been waiting for this opportunity since he was 16 and didn’t even really know what he wanted to do to her so he knew he could wait. Rosie was due back in 24 hours and whilst he didn’t regret their day together Jake couldn’t help but think that maybe this wasn’t the right time.

Shaking his head he looked in on Sammie, bundled into her duvet and snoring gently and headed off to the bathroom for a shower.

Sammie stretched and reached out for him, disappointed to find herself alone. Dressed and alone. Again. Straining she heard the shower running and hurried out of bed, flinging her clothes behind her as she headed for the bathroom.

Pausing outside the door, Sammie took a deep breath and exhaled. They’d already come so far but this… She wanted him inside her, to make love to her, to fuck her hard. She wanted all of the things she read about and heard her friends talk about and she wanted it all with Jake. So she was scared, scared of her inexperience, scared of finding out that Richard was right and she was frigid. Scared that she was naked outside the bathroom with no idea of what to do next.

Exhaling, Sammie squared her shoulders and reached for the handle. She was sick of being scared and worrying about things she couldn’t control. On the other side of the door was the man she’d adored for a decade, the man who had always made her feel special and confident and dammit, horny as hell. She loved him. And whilst he didn’t love her he liked her Sakarya Escort a lot, seemed to love what she did to him. Smiling as an idea formed, Sammie pushed open the door.

Jake’s arm was braced against the wall, his eyes closed as the water sluiced over his body. The scent of her shower gel filled the room as Sammie moved closer. His hand pumped his cock with an almost brutal rhythm but judging by the grim look on his face, he wasn’t enjoying it. Opening the door Sammie stepped inside as he turned to her, his expression clearing.


She pulled him down for a kiss, silencing him with her tongue. Sammie covered his hand and gentled his strokes on his cock, smiling as he groaned and let go, allowing her to wrap her fingers around him. She tried to concentrate on her rhythm but as Jake lifted her leg over his and pressed against her pussy she gave up.

He kneaded her arse, rubbing his cock through her spread lips, his mouth hard against hers. Sammie arched into him, her hands clinging to his neck and she sucked his tongue, her teeth nipping as his bottom lip. Jake held her thigh, thrusting against her, the thick heft of his erection sliding slickly back and forth against her clit.

Turning her away from the spray, Jake bent his head and sucked her neck, his cock never stopping its delicious massage as he gripped her breast in his hand, moving down to suck her into his mouth. Sammie cried out as he suckled her harder, taking her deeper, his tongue and teeth alternating between biting and laving her nipple. Her head fell back and she felt the tension coil between her thighs.

Jake relinquished her tit and reached behind her to slide his fingers into her cunt, his cock still rubbing against her clit as he entered her from behind. Sammie bucked as his fingers penetrated her and it took everything she had to press her hands to his chest and push him away.

He grunted as his fingers slipped from her body and Sammie leant up to kiss his mouth, smiling shyly as she slid to her knees, taking his cock into her mouth.

Whatever words Jake had planned to say died on his lips as she gazed up at him, licking the crown before opening to suck him harder. Holding on to his taut buttocks, Sammie took him deeper, pressing her tongue to the underside of his erection as she rocked back and forth.

In this position she was able to take him into her throat and Jake roared as her lips kissed his groin. His hands delved into her hair, his neck tense as he tried to hold still. Pulling back Sammie kissed his tip, lapping him as he started to leak onto her tongue. She felt his hands tighten on her scalp but he didn’t force her down on him and as a reward Sammie pressed forward, loving the feel of his dick filling her mouth.

Increasing her suction she gripped his arse and held him closer as her lips tightened around him, her tongue caressing every inch. She heard him call her name as he tried to push her away but she held firm, her fingers flexing on his arse as he spilled into her mouth, bucking as she relaxed her lips around him. Moments passed and Jake stared down at her as she kissed his flagging cock, rubbing her face against his hip and massaging his arse. Without a word Sammie stood shakily and left the shower, reaching out her hand for him to follow.

“Baby… we’re wet… We’ll make a mess of your bed…”

Sammie pushed Jake onto his back, her duvet askew from her earlier dash to the bathroom,

“That’s what you’re thinking about Jake?!”

Grinning she straddled his waist and stretched her arms up to wring out her hair, showering his chest with droplets of water. Scooting back Sammie bent down to kiss one of his nipples, more out of curiosity than seduction and was gratified to hear his hiss. Emboldened she took it gently between her teeth and pulled, licking the tiny bud as she released him.

Already she felt him growing between her legs and she wriggled against his tumescent flesh, pressing her breasts against his stomach as she kissed across his torso to suck his other nipple.

“Fuck the bed!”

Jake flipped her over and covered her body with his, every inch of her surrounded by his hot, damp skin. He kissed her, one hand bracing his weight as his other held her thigh allowing him to slide perfectly into the bracket of her body.

He thrust gently against her, his cock now fully erect and slipping through her parted folds, hitting her in all the best places. Sammie hummed as Jake kissed down her collarbone and squeezed her breasts together, flicking his tongue over her nipples before licking down to tongue the sensitive undersides.

Her entire body was taut as Jake sucked her, his fingers idly brushing her nipples and she spread her thighs wider, desperately bucking against him as he teased her clit.

“Please! I don’t need foreplay Jake, I just need you!”

Jake lifted his Sakarya Escort Bayan head and rested his chin on the pillow of her breasts, his eyes sparkling in the evening light,

“You want me to stop baby?”

Sammie wanted to howl as he sucked a turgid nipple into his mouth as he gazed up at her, obviously content to torment her further,

“Jake! Damn you Edwards. I want you to start!”

He must have heard the need in her voice because one second he was errantly tonguing her beaded nipple and the next he was on his feet, Sammie stared as he strode towards the door, his cock shiny with arousal. He paused at the door,

“Condoms… I’ll be right back”

Faltering Sammie sat up on her elbows and took a deep breath,

“I want to feel you Jake… just you.”

He raised his brows,

“Sammie… are you sure?”

“I’m sure Jake. I’m safe and clean. If you’d rather use something though… it’s okay, but if not…”

Jake covered her again, pressing her back gently into the cushion of her pillows as he kissed her neck, slowly and luxuriously moving up to her ear,

“Just you baby. Only with you. I’m clean Sammie, you don’t have to worry. I’ve never been inside a woman naked before. I want you so bad,” he kissed her mouth, sweeping his tongue inside to wrap around her own, “Are you really sure baby? I can be back in 60 seconds?”

Sammie wrapped her calves around his arse and her arms around his neck, trapping him in her embrace,

“The only place I need you to be in 60 seconds Jake is inside me. Just as you are.”

“Well okay then. I’m enough of a gentleman to give a lady what she wants.”

He winked and Sammie shook her head,

“And you somehow think that you’re a gentleman now? Suffering from illusions of grandeur now are we?”

Her teasing ceased as Jake breached her cunt with his cock, pushing the head inside and robbing her of the ability to speak. She stared up at him, his teeth bared as he pressed forward, millimetres at a time,

“Jake… you promised you wouldn’t tease me…”

“I’m not teasing you baby, I’m savouring the moment. You feel so perfect around my cock… never been inside a woman naked like this before…”

Sammie reached up to stroke his face and Jake kissed her palm, licking circles on her skin as he slowly rotated his hips, pushing deeper.

“Tell me Jake. Talk to me.”

Jake heaved air into his lungs, his chest expanding as he kept the same teasingly slow rhythm, still not enough halfway home.

“You’re so soft Sammie… So wet and warm and tight.”

She nodded up at him and he shivered as she clenched around him,

“I want to bury myself inside you baby… so badly… God, so much!”

Sammie arched her back to force him deeper but he pulled back, keeping himself buried halfway,

“Baby! I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything…”

She groaned and clamped around him again, wriggling into the mattress,

“You can have me Jake! Just please… do it now!”

He frowned and if she hadn’t been looking into his eyes and seen the emotion there Sammie may have doubted his words,

“Sammie… we’ve waited so long for this moment, ” another tiny trust, “Let’s not rush it!”

She sighed as he rocked his hips and his cock brushed her aching clit,

“Don’t exaggerate man! It’s been a few weeks… “

Jake withdrew, only the head of his cock now nestled between her lips and pressed down, his face millimetres from hers,

“Years Sammie. I’ve waited years to feel you fall apart beneath me.”

She almost sobbed as he plunged forward, moving deeper than before but still not taking her wholly,


“Really. If I hadn’t been so scared back then I would have been your first lover, ” he pressed again sending her head reeling back into the pillows, her body desperate for him, “so now that I have you here, ” he thrust harder on each word, “I… won’t… be… rushed…”

Sammie shivered as his words took hold,

“This is the first time Jake.”

He shook his head sadly and kissed her lips gently,

“I wish it was baby… so very much.”

Sammie pulled him down, her hand tight against the back of his neck and almost sobbed into his mouth,

“Jake… This is the first time… for us. I’ve been waiting for you forever. Make me yours. “

He roared as his hips pistoned forward, burying his cock fully inside. With their faces pressed so close, neither could truly see the other but their mutual cries as he finally filled her echoed throughout the room. Jake was still as Sammie sobbed at his penetration, dragging air into her lungs as her pussy fluttered around him.


Jake held as still as a statue as Sammie clenched around him, slowly rocking her hips. He pulled back slowly and thrusted again, wrenching laboured another sob from her lips.

“You okay baby? Escort Sakarya Am I hurting you?”

Jake started to lift his weight off of her but she gripped him tighter and pulled him down for another kiss, sucking his tongue into her mouth with the same enthusiasm she had shown his cock earlier,

“I’m fine Jake… almost perfect.”

He raised an eyebrow,


Jake started to thrust, slowly and deeply and Sammie sobbed, her breasts bouncing with the harsh intake of her breath,

“I’m getting there Jake… you feel so good.. so deep inside me… so full….”

He grunted as she squeezed him and started a quicker rhythm, shorter strokes before slowing down, withdraw almost completely. On and on Jake fucked her, bringing her right to the peripheries of orgasm before changing his pace to draw out their pleasure. The tendons in his neck stood out in proud relief, a testament to what this was costing him but Jake never wavered. Each time he felt her cunt contract around him, he withdrew, altering the speed and depth of his penetration.


Sammie’s eyes were huge in her face as she clamped her fingers around his head, centering him to her gaze,

“Jake… you’re killing me here!”

Jake laughed and dipped to kiss her quickly, fearful that anything more would end this too soon.

“But what a great way to die. Fuck the afterlife, I’m already in heaven!”

Sammie snorted and bucked up against him, forcing him deep. She cried out as his cock head hit home and felt her body begin to unravel. Giving in, Jake groaned and started fucking her in earnest, his hands tight on her buttocks as he dragged air into his chest and began pummelling her cunt.

“Take what you need baby… I want to make you cum… I want to feel you all around me…”

She couldn’t speak, couldn’t get enough air into her lungs to express a single word. Her hands on his neck and her thighs imprisoning his pounding hips were the only form of communication left.

“Sammie… Baby… can you come like this? Do you want me to rub your clit?”

Sammie shook her head and hitched her thighs even higher, changing the angle so his cock rasped against her clit firmly on every stroke. Faster and faster he pumped until she splintered , shrieking his name into the night air. Jake shuddered and slowed his pace, drawing out her orgasm out before driving hard again to push her into another one.

“Fuck… Jake… baby… Oh mother of fuck… “

“I’m going to cum Sammie… You feel too good…”

“Please Jake… Need to feel you…”

“Should I pull out Sammie? Tell me what you want me to do?”

“Come in me Jake… Stay… Please!”

Jake sobbed as he spurted inside her, filling her cunt with his seed. He barked his pleasure, crying her name as Sammie clung to him, grinding against him as his rhythm subsided.

“Holy shit Sammie… That was… you were…”

Jake couldn’t speak, couldn’t move and Sammie kissed him, his neck, his chest as he slumped over her prone body.

Minutes passed, possibly hours and still Sammie felt the warmth of his cum inside her, filling her almost to the brink even as his cock relaxed.

“We were Jake. We were amazing… That was just beyond anything…”

Jake lifted his head, his eyes almost crossed as she stroked his sweat soaked hair,

“It’s because of all that foreplay Sammie… Next time will probably be a disappointment.”

Sammie playfully swept her hands down to cuff his arm,

“Jake Edwards! If you make me put me through all of that again before we can have sex I’ll kill you!”

“But wasn’t it worth it baby? Didn’t it feel amazing when you came around my bare cock…”

Jake shivered as he said bare and Sammie almost hissed as she felt his cock start to harden inside her,

“You did cum didn’t you baby? I mean, it felt like you did but…”

Sammie pulled him down for another soft kiss,

“I came Jake. I came hard for you… but I always have. I wouldn’t fake it, I couldn’t fake that… I’m not that good!”

“Oh you are Sammie… You are the best! Without doubt, that was the best sex I’ve ever had!”

Sammie laughed as Jake slowly started to move into her,

“No pressure then Jake!”

“None at all Sammie… “

“Thank you Jake… for today, for just now… I’ve had an excellent time…”

“It was my pleasure baby. I love being beside you as much as I love being inside you…”

More thrusting, Jake seemed to find his second wind as he moved to his side, pulling her with him and lifting her thigh over his as Sammie slumped over him, her breasts pressing against his chest,

“God!…. Me too Jake… me too…”

Jake slipped his hand down to tease her clit, growing thicker inside her cunt as Sammie cried out at the contact,

“Glad to hear it Sammie. Get used to it… I am not done with you yet baby.”

Sammie gulped as Jake changed the angle and hit her in exactly the right spot, making her shudder and squirm,

“Oh Jake… That’s it… Oh man… What the hell is going on here?!”

Jake grinned and braced himself to thrust harder,

“Best… First… Time… Ever!”

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