Room With a View

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The following is based on a true story told to me by a friend. All characters are over eighteen years old.

The bachelor party had been exactly what Jim had expected so far. The boys had been partying their asses off. Most of them were married already, so this was their hall pass to have as much fun as possible. Jim was just glad to hang out with some good friends that he hadn’t seen in a while. With two young boys, free time to hang out with his buddies was in short supply.

Jim loved talking to all of his old friends and getting caught up what was going on in their lives. He was a great listener because he was genuinely interested in his friends’ lives. While the guys were getting drunk and stupid at the pool, he would sit and catch up with each of his friends individually.

The hotel they were staying in was one of those new trendy ones that caters to twenty-some things who have money to spend and want to party. It was located in Scottsdale, Arizona where the sun was very conducive to creating a pool party atmosphere most of the year. The hotel towers surrounded an extravagant pool area where most of the patrons tanned and drank the day away. The exterior of the towers were entirely glass and if one wanted privacy they had to pull the curtains or else they would be putting on a show for many to see. Truth be told many left the drapes open to explore their more exhibitionist behavioral side, at the hotel.

The guys had all showered and dressed up after a long day at the pool. They were going down to the hotel bar for a few more drinks and to fraternize with all of the coeds they met earlier before heading out to the club. Jim was going to drive them all in his Suburban since he wasn’t drinking. He had just gotten off the phone with his wife and then jumped in the shower. He loved how spacious and luxurious the shower was. It even had two shower heads, and Jim’s mind drifted to what kind of fun he and his wife could have had in this shower. Before the kids came around, at least. Since having the boys, their sex life was pretty sparse. Between trying to find time alone, battling constant fatigue, and his wife’s body not quite recovering from the rigors of childbirth, they rarely had sex any more.

Just thinking about having sex with her in the shower had caused Jim’s cock to swell to a semi-erect state. He finished showering, enjoying the lavish scents of the provided soaps and stepped out and started to dry himself. His mind was completely relaxed as he walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. He glanced out of the window to the neighboring hotel tower and noticed a gorgeous brunette, who also was stepping out of the bathroom wearing just a towel

She smiled when she saw Jim, and her grin lit up the room. She had radiating brown eyes that seemed to shimmer and her smile warmed his soul. She had long brown hair that was darkened with water, and slicked back it reached halfway down her back. The damp towel she was wrapped in molded to her impressive bust and stopped just below her ass. To Jim’s eye, she was a goddess wrapped in fluffy cotton.

She couldn’t be more than twenty one years old, Jim thought, and the sight of the young beautiful woman sent Jim’s mind racing. He remembered when he was in college chasing girls like that all day. That must have been twenty years ago, he thought.

Jim felt his cock stir at the novelty of seeing this gorgeous young woman wearing nothing but a towel only a few feet from himself. And she was definitely checking him out too. When was the last time that someone checked him out?

She was fairly tall, maybe 5’9″ he estimated, and she had a very athletic build. Jim would have guessed that she was a runner by how toned her calves were. Her hips flared out very seductively from the towel that hung on breasts that seemed to want to burst free.

They just stood there looking at each other for what felt like an eternity. Suddenly the woman got a different, mischievous look. She glanced around at her empty room, then shrugged her shoulders and grabbed her towel. She looked at Jim and smiled. Then she unhooked her towel and let it drop to the floor, exposing her naked form to him.

Jim gasped at the sight. His eyes immediately went to her large breasts. They must have been at least C-cups and they stood out magnificently. Oh, how her young body defied gravity. Her nipples were relatively small, but they were very dark in color. Her areolas, on the other hand, were quite large. They were the size of silver dollars. Her tan lines revealed that she had been sunbathing often in a tiny bikini that barely covered her areolas.

Her legs were long and statuesque. They were deeply tanned as well, and he wished that they were wrapped around him. From her tan lines, she must have worn a pretty small bikini. There was a tiny white triangle of skin around her pussy which was a tiny slit surrounded by what looked like the softest skin.

The sight of this gorgeous young woman flashing herself canlı bahis şirketleri to Jim was a huge turn-on. He could feel his cock, now completely hard, struggling against the soft fabric of the towel.

She took a few steps toward Jim until she was standing up against the floor to ceiling glass window of her room. He walked up to his window. They were twenty stories above the courtyard, and it felt like only a few feet separated them.

Her beautiful eyes looked down at Jim’s towel and then back up at Jim pleadingly.

Jim slowly realized what she wanted. The idea of showing this gorgeous young woman his cock was intoxicating. He wondered for a second if this was considered cheating, but then decided to hell with it. He hooked his thumbs into his towel and dropped it to the ground.

She nearly gasped as Jim’s large cock sprang out from the towel. It was big and beautiful. It stood straight out from his athletic frame. He had groomed pubic hair that was trimmed very short and his cock and balls look smooth and hair-free. His stomach was flat and had the outline of his abs. The hair on his taut belly was also trimmed very close to his skin. His chest was well defined but not overly built up. She drank in the sight. He must have been about twenty years older than her, but he seemed in better shape than lots of the men her own age.

Her eyes focused on his ring. She was a bit disappointed to see that he was married. She looked him in the eye while pointing to the ring. He responded with a shrug of his broad shoulders. There was something so erotic to her to be standing naked in front of a man that couldn’t touch her. She wondered if any of the other rooms were watching her, but she didn’t bother to check.

Her eyes went back to his gorgeous cock. It was thick, long, perfectly proportioned, and the thought that she had made him that hard just by standing naked by the window was a huge turn-on. Suddenly, another thought hit her.

She started to slowly caress her breasts for him. Gently, she traced the circumference of her tits, then her hands slid in and circled her sensitive areolas. Finally, her fingers found her nipples, and she pinched them hard. She threw back her head and took in the feelings of pleasure and pain. If she made him that hard just by being naked, what effect would a little caressing have on him?

Jenny hadn’t had what one would call a good sex life. Sure, she dated a bunch of guys, but she didn’t get much satisfaction out of it. She felt that men often treated her differently because of her looks. If they weren’t intimidated by her, then it seemed as if they got to know her merely for the chance to sleep with her. Unfortunately most of the guys her age that she slept with were pretty pathetic in bed. She even had two guys ejaculate just as they were putting their cocks in her. What a disappointment! She had been left sexually unsatisfied by so many men. Even on this trip with her girlfriends from college, hot young guys kept hitting on them, but their goal seemed to be some empty one night stand. And she was done with that.

Lately she had been so busy at her new job that dating wasn’t an option. Even masturbation was rushed. She used to be able to relax with a bottle of wine and her fingers. But now, she was so tired after work that she rarely touched herself. Even when she did try to give herself pleasure, it was a race to orgasm before bed. She never got to take her time anymore, so with this sexy, mature man exhibited to her, her sexual frustrations were magnified even more. Now looking over at this gorgeous older man standing patiently with a cock that she had made rock hard, she finally felt comfortable. She was relishing the opportunity to take her time and give herself the pleasure that she deserved. She had told her friends that she wasn’t feeling well and stayed behind while they hit the clubs. The truth was that going to the clubs just didn’t sound like fun to her. A quiet relaxing night by herself sounded much more enticing. And now she had this whole luxury suite to herself along with this gorgeous man across the way to play with.

Jim was staring at her with his mouth wide open. This gorgeous young girl seemed to be caressing her beautiful big breasts just for him. He marveled at how high they hung on her young body. Oh to be young again. They were huge compared to her thin body. He would have given anything to be able to caress them at that moment. Well anything, if he wasn’t married. Suddenly a feeling of guilt entered Jim’s mind, but he quickly squelched that emotion.

“It’s just like watching porn,” he reasoned to himself.

His eyes grew even wider as he watched the girl’s hands slip down from her breasts, over her tight stomach and down to her bare vagina. She looked into Jim’s eyes and then raised her eyebrows seductively.

She began to trace the outside of her pussy. Her cute little slit was still closed tight as her arousal hadn’t progressed too much. She put one hand on her hip while with canlı kaçak iddaa her other she used her index finger to slowly and gently tease her slit. Her bald cunt lips still tucked away made her look so innocent and pure.

As she teased her sex, her eyes searched Jim’s face for a reaction. At first she could sense shock on his face, but then that emotion melted into a kind of animal lust. Seeing the lust in his eyes sent a fire into her groin. As her finger traced the outline of her freshly shaven vagina, she felt heat rushing into her lips. She could feel them growing under her finger tip. Slowly, like a flower blossoming, her pussy lips emerged as they filled with blood.

Jim felt as if his cock would explode. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been so turned on. It must have been some time before the boys were born. His hands hung dumbly by his side as he watched.

She was still teasing her pussy as it slowly woke up. Her lips were now prominently framing her cunt. They were rather plump and hung seductively from her in a way that drove Jim mad. He dreamed of taking them in his mouth one at a time and sucking on them.

She slipped a finger in between her soft lips and rubbed her slit up and down. The sensation sent shock waves up her spine. She relished in the moisture that her finger found. She was staring at Jim’s hard cock now, practically drooling. Then her eyes met his. She raised her eyebrows again, then looked back at his cock as she continued to play with her pussy.

Jim looked down at his raging hard-on then back up at the woman. He took his index finger and began to run it the length of his cock. Up and down he teased his member as he watched her do the same to her pussy. Ever so lightly he traced his length from tip to base adding a finger or two as he went, soon he was tracing his member with all of his fingers lightly.

His fingers on his hard cock sent pleasure throughout his muscular body. It felt good to take his time and tease his cock. Since having the boys, it seemed that whenever he wanted to masturbate, he had to jerk off as quickly as possible. It seemed liked he was always racing to cum. Now he was relishing taking his time.

His other hand slid down to his freshly shaven balls. The soft skin was very sensitive as he cupped and teased his sack. Adding to his excitement was that this gorgeous young woman was pleasuring herself for him and getting off on watching him. All this teasing was intoxicating but also starting to drive him mad. His cock was aching to be stroked.

Finally, he took his hand and wrapped his strong fingers around the girth of his cock. He felt the heat radiating from his tool. He squeezed hard, relishing the feeling of how hard he had become. This caused a drop of his precum to ooze out from his cock head and hang there. He looked up at the girl hungrily as he began to run his fist ever so gently up and down his cock, barely applying any pressure.

She in return took her hand from her pussy and brought it to her lips. She licked her fingers slowly and seductively and then slowly put each one in her mouth and sucked them one at a time. She then brought her now-moistened fingers to her cunt and began to stroke its lips with a bit more force.

Jim took her lead and brought his strong hand to the tip of his cock. He palmed the bead of precum that was oozing out and the slowly dragged it down the length of his member lubricating it. He then began to slowly pump his cock as he watched her watching him.

Now Jenny was heating up. Watching this gorgeous, older man slowly and deliberately stroke his magnificent cock for her was getting her incredibly aroused. It was as if a faucet was turned on in her vagina. Her pussy had suddenly gotten so wet that she could now hear a sloshing sound as she rubbed her pussy lips more vigorously. With her other hand she rubbed her breasts. She traced her big areolas and then pinched her now-hard little nipples. Then she slipped her hand down to the top of her cunt and found her clit.

Her little pleasure button was as hard as a jelly bean. And, as her finger touched it, her whole body shuddered with pleasure.

Jim stopped stroking as he saw the girl shake with pleasure. Her eyes flipped shut and her whole body seamed to curl as she quivered. Her big, firm breasts jiggled erotically with her mini orgasm. He watched as she slowly opened her eyes and smiled a drunken grin at him.

He began to stroke his cock more deliberately now. He was so turned on, he couldn’t think straight. As he jacked off his thick cock, his other hand slipped down to his heavy balls and cupped one, relishing the feeling of the smooth hair on his chapped hand. He focused on her pussy and noticed that moisture had run from her cunt to halfway down her thigh. He moaned loudly and relished the feeling of his hand moving on his slick cock.

She opened her eyes and focused on his big cock and smiled. She noticed a drop of precum was oozing out of his big mushroom head. It hung canlı kaçak bahis at the opening of his cock and then dripped slowly off. It hung on a sticky bead of cum for a second before falling to the carpet below.

Her hands were working much more rapidly on her cunt now. She took two fingers and held them up for Jim to see before she reached down and rammed them up her pussy. She curled them up to her G-spot and rubbed it as she thrust them in and out rapidly. Her other hand was now rubbing her hard clit in rough circles. She was swimming in the warm erotic feeling. Out of the corner of her eye she saw someone in the room next door to Jim’s watching her, but she didn’t care. She was too close to orgasm to care about anything other than the amazing burst of pleasure she was about to feel.

Never in her twenty two years had she been as turned on as she was at this moment. Her pussy was wetter than she had ever felt it. She could feel her juices running down her leg and that made her even more turned on. Watching him masturbate his large cock was intoxicating. She wondered if she would be able to fit such a massive tool in her little pussy. She held up three fingers and then slowly inserted them into her pussy. She could feel a painful stretching of her vagina as it accommodated her digits, but she relished the pain. She imagined it was his big cock stretching her out.

He was about to cum. The sight of her struggling to insert three fingers was too much for him. He stopped masturbating for a second to stave off his orgasm. He decided he couldn’t stop the show for her so he brought both hands down to his balls and massaged them for her. He tugged at their skin and then cupped them firmly. He could not keep his eyes off of her sopping pussy. Watching her struggle to squeeze her fingers in was so erotic. She was now sliding all three in and out of her cunt more easily. He smiled at her accomplishment and she returned the grin.

Continuing his show, he slowly wrapped both hands around his cock as if he was gripping a bat. Only his mushroom head stuck out from his grip. God his cock was big, she thought. He squeezed and another big gob of precum oozed out. This time he grabbed it with his thumb and forefinger and rubbed it around his swollen cock head. The slippery sensation was amazing.

Her three fingers were now sliding fairly easily in and out of her cunt. She watch hungrily as his cock oozed more precum. She was on the verge of something she had never felt before. She took her hand out of her now soaked pussy. It was gaping. Her lips were huge and hanging hungrily from her vagina, and everything glistened with her juices that covered both of her thighs as well.

She brought her hand to her mouth and licked her juices from each finger. She did it to give him a show, but she was so turned on now that she relished in the earthy taste of her own cunt. After she finished cleaning her hand, she held up four fingers and flashed Jim a devilish smile. She brought her hand down to her pussy and slowly inched it in. The initial pain subsided almost immediately and she was shocked at how well her little pussy stretched to accommodate all four of her fingers.

He was taken aback by her show. His hand had begun to slowly stroke his cock again unconsciously. He had to cum. There was no turning back. He had held back too long. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back focusing on the pleasure.

She saw this and recognized that he was on the brink of orgasm. She wanted more than anything to watch. She brought the hand that had been thrashing her clit up to her full breasts and squeezed them one at a time. Next she pinched her nipple hard. The pain felt good. Something was happening. She brought her hand back down to her clit and started rubbing it at a feverish pace as her other hand moved in and out of her sloppy cunt. She curled her fingers and reached that spot she loved.

She saw him open his eyes and distort his face. His balls clenched up against his rod and his cock seemed to swell even more. One hand was rapidly rubbing just the last third of his cock while his other hand cupped one of his balls. His mouth opened and she could see him moan. At the same time, his cock shot a thick, white stream of cum.

That was too much for Jenny to take. She screamed with pleasure as her whole pussy began to convulse. The contractions were so great her hand was shoved out of her vagina. A wave of pleasure rocked her entire body. She suddenly lost all the strength in her legs and she fell to the side onto a couch. She was taken to another world. Her thoughts flew through space from her childhood, to her job, to all of her failed relationships. Suddenly everything was so clear. She lay crumpled on the chair; naked, wet, and completely satisfied for the first time in her life.

Jim slowly opened his eyes and returned from his pleasure abyss. The first thing that he noticed was the girl crumpled on a couch. Her disheveled dark hair covered most of her face. The one thing he could make out was the huge grin on her face. He realized that he too was beaming from ear to ear. The next thing that he noticed was the large splatter of cum on the window as it slowly succumbed to the powers of gravity and slid down the slick surface.

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