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As we neared my front door, I could sense his nervousness, but the alcohol in my body couldn’t have stopped me from making a move despite his obvious state. I turned towards him, moving my fingers up and down his neck, I smiled and moved my face closer to his. His eyes widened and he backed away.

“I’m sorry, Britney….I had a nice time, I’ll call you tomorrow.” With that, he hurried briskly down the stairs and towards his car.

Disappointed, confused, and still a little tipsy I fumbled with my keys and entered my apartment. I had considered out date to be pretty good, considering it was a blind one, I thought I had made out rather well….but maybe I was a little too pushy towards the end, hell…I didn’t know.

I checked my messages, and saw a post –it on the phone saying, ‘I’m out for the night, don’t forget to let Tiger out!—Shannon”. Good, home alone for the night, I was glad Shannon hadn’t had any of her guys friends over. Shannon was my roommate, she was a wild party girl, and it didn’t surprise me much that she wasn’t home on a Friday night.

I pushed the front door open to let my kitten outside, and then stumbled over to the couch. I nestled into the fuzzy blanket and flipped on the tv. I was clicking through the channels, pausing at a scene from a Brad Pitt movie, and then clicking again, only to find a steamy sex scene on some cheesy tv porno channel. I giggled a little, bahis siteleri at the low budget film. After a while though, I realized how horny I really was. I had been horny that whole night, until that guy blew me off, I had wanted to invite him inside. I felt heat growing between my legs as I watched the blonde woman go down on a huge black cock.

Before long, I moved my hands to the crotch of my jeans and lightly traced the seam. I breathed heavy, closing my eyes and thinking about the scenes I had just watched. My left hand wandered from my aching crotch to my breasts. I lightly teased my nipple through my sweater, feeling them stand at attention.

I looked back at the screen only to see the man plunging his huge cockmeat into her pink juicy puss. This pushed me over the edge and I pushed my hand right into my jeans, and into my hot snatch.


‘See ya, Shan!’ Corey yelled out to me, as he began to drive away. I waved back, and walked quietly into the house, not knowing if Britney would be asleep or not. Often times she naps on the couch, so I padded across the kitchen and towards the stairs. The noise on the TV made me stop, I looked behind me and saw Brit laying under some blankets moaning slightly and moving her hand across her heaving chest. I paused, and just stared. She was gorgous, and I had always noticed it, but never in a sexual way. True, I had been a practicing bonus kodu bi-sexual for over a year now, I had never attempted anything with Britney.

Her moans got louder, and I thought she was probably close to orgasm. The thought of her doing this on our couch with porn blairing on the tv turned me on. I stepped quitly towards the couch, not to distrub her. I hovered over her for almost a minute, getting wetter and wetter, until her beautiful green eyes flickered open.

‘Shan!’ She said, pulling her hands out from under the blanket.’What are you doing!?’

‘Girl, it’s ok, chill….we all do it, trust me….but I thought I might give you some tips.” I said grinning as I took her hand, bringing it to my lips. I stuck her pussy juice covered fingers into my mouth and sucked on them. To my astonishment she pulled me on top of her, and we threw the blanket to the floor.


She pressed her expert lips against mine, slipping her smooth wet tongue into my mouth. Her arms wrapped tighty around my thin waist. She pulled my shirt up to my shoulders, exposing my ample tan breasts. She bent her head down, flicking her tongue over the pink nipples, not letting a single spot go to waste. I was loving every second of this, and I hadn’t even known what had come over me. I tore her blouse off, revealing her small firm tits, I groped them and rubbed the nipples with my thumbs.

She yeni slotlar 2024 moved her hands down and slid my jeans off and tossed them down. I breathed in as her thumbs pulled the sides of my panties down to my knees. Her fingers teased at my twat lips, she tickled the wet slit with the tip of her tongue. I moaned and pushed her head down. At this, she pullled my dripping lips apart and licked my cunt from the bottom to the top, paying close attention to my puffy clit. My hands pulled at my pert nipples and I moaned and bucked my hips into her face, not wanted her to stop ever. Her fingers dipped into my deep tight hole, and she thrust them in and out. I cried out, feeling it like I would a huge cock going in and out of my pussy.

‘I Love yer snatch, Britney…I love eating it” She said, getting hotter and hotter by the second. She could tell I was about to cum, and stopped abruptly, pulled her panties off and got on top of me turning around so her hot ass and steaming wet cunt was hovering over me. She went back to licking away, and I took this opportunity to pull her pussy down and plunged my fingers right into her wet hole and caressed her lovebutton with my tongue. I slid it over the pulsing rosebud that ran down the middle over her slit. I couldn’t get enough of it, I loved it.

Suddenly, I got this feeling in my stomach and I ate her faster and longer, wanting her to cum with me. I stuck my fingers in faster and harder, and I could hear her moan. We both let out loud moans of total ecstasy.

She lay down on top of me, licking her fingers and lips. We smiled at each other, knowing this wouldn’t be the last time.

“You tasted wonderful”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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