Rose and Tom Ch. 09

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Torturing Tom

On Saturday, Rose asked Tom what his thoughts on trying a little bondage on his arms and being blindfolded. Tom wasn’t too bothered by the blindfold, but the bondage idea he wasn’t terribly keen on, but he did agree to try it and see.

After an afternoon of getting work done, with Tom heading up onto campus with Rose, they returned back to Rose’s apartment, and while the rest were away, proceeded to cuddle for a bit. However, Rose remembered that at anytime one of her three roommates could return, and so they decided to head down to Tom’s for a late dinner.

With dinner over, Tom wanted to move upstairs to cuddle, and they killed everything downstairs. Moving up, Dirk was as usual self-absorbed, Al was home for the weekend, and Joe was nowhere to be seen, so Tom figured no one would know once again. As soon as Rose got in the room and locked the door, she went over to lie on the bed, while Tom checked online to see what was on the tube that hour.

With not much on, they landed on something for background noise, and then Tom began to caress Rose’s chest. With that, Rose sat up, and Tom looked a bit confused, but Rose said, “I want you to lay back and relax.” Rose then took time to get herself ready, and she wanted Tom to throw the thin blanket over his face to act as a shield.

When Rose returned, she put on three new outfits to model for Tom, with Tom being allowed to peek out between each one. One was a pink sleep shirt, another was a white strapped mini-dress, and the third was a blue sleep shirt with matching blue boxers. By the time Rose was finished with modeling them for Tom, Tom was well-waiting for more.

Rose asked Tom “Which one should I wear tonight?”

Tom responded, “Surprise me.”

With that Rose said, “First let’s get you blindfolded with the blanket again, and can we try the robe’s long belt to hold your wrists.”

Tom said, “Yes we can try it,” and Rose Tekirdağ Escort slipped the robe’s cloth belt off Tom’s robe and secured Tom’s wrists loosely to the middle of the bar in the metal rail footboard.

With Tom unable to see or move his arms up over his head, Rose took off her panties, and walked over fully nude and placed the crotch right under Tom’s nose under the blanket covering him. Then, she began to slip back into the white strapped mini-dress. Once Rose was ready to start the next phase, she walked over to Tom, and undid his belt. The sweet smell of Rose’s damp panties started to really turn Tom on, as a bulge was already appearing as Rose popped the button and unzipped the fly on Tom’s pants.

Tom shifted to allow Rose to fully slide his pants down and remove them. Once off, Rose began at Tom’s ankles to rub all over Tom’s legs, one hand on each leg, working up and down and all around them, slowly inching upward however. As Rose drew nearer, she moved her left hand to caress Tom’s exposed lower chest, while keeping her right hand working back and forth alternating on Tom’s upper legs, rubbing his thighs, and watching as Tom’s once flaccid penis began to take on more excitement as it stiffened before her eyes.

“How does it feel, Tom?” Rose asked, already knowing. “Really good so far,” was all Tom managed for a response.

Really good would get a lot better for Tom as Rose asked, “What do you think I’m wearing?”

Tom said “it’s hard to tell without feeling you or the outfit.”

Rose then climbed up on the bed, and allowed the material to run over Tom’s dick. Tom noticed it didn’t feel smooth like silk. “Now any ideas?,” Rose re-asked.

Tom this time said “feels like cotton, so I’m guessing the white mini-dress.”

Rose was surprised Tom was that good on the guess, and returned, “You got it. Now I think I know what wants to be inside this?”

Tom acted Tekirdağ Escort Bayan dumb and said, “What’s that?” even though he knew too, but he wanted to play along.

“Your warm hard dick fucking me fast and hard,” Rose stated.

“I wish it were there too,” Tom exclaimed, as Rose reached her left hand forward, wrapped it around Tom’s shaft, while her right hand went to work kneading Tom’s balls and stroking his inner thighs and pubic region. After making Tom a bit restless, and hearing Tom’s breathing quicken, Rose took a break for a minute, fished around in the drawer for a condom, and then returned onto the bed, this time crouching down and taking Tom’s shaft and kissing it with her lips up and down. Tom’s dick jumped on every kiss from the nerves sending pulses through Tom’s loins. Tom started pre-cumming, and Rose began sucking Tom’s shaft, working Tom into a frenzy, but before he came, Rose stopped. “Do you want to me to suck you or do you want to fuck me?”

Tom said, “I want to fuck you, and feel your warm, wet, cozy pussy going up and down on me.”

After hearing that, Rose slipped the condom on Tom’s pre-cum dripping dick and then proceeded with a little more kneading of his balls and massaging of his thighs, as she shifted to straddle Tom’s legs and inched into position. Finally Rose had moved into position and took hold of Tom’s dick in one hand, and instead of inserting Tom’s shaft into her pussy, used its hardness like a toy against her clit, rubbing the tip all over the upper part of her pussy. “You really wish you could watch me react as I work your penis against my clit, don’t you?” “Oh ohh, ohhh, oh,” Rose murmured as her pussy was gaining more moisture as it flowed out of her vagina from using Tom’s dick.

Tom said, “I want to be inside you, this is really getting torturous!”

Rose fired, “you’re not enjoying this?”

“Oh yes I am,” Tom returned. Rose started Escort Tekirdağ to quiver from all the attention on her clit induced by rubbing Tom’s tip on her, and then she orgasmed and Tom knew it, as Rose felt like she was vibrating on him. Rose let go of Tom’s shaft right before she came, but that didn’t seem to lessen Tom’s hardness. When Rose calmed back down, she re-took her hold on Tom’s penis and this time guided it into her vagina, and then began to hump on Tom’s dick. “You really want to see me now, don’t you?”

“Yes” Tom barely whispered.

Just then, Rose grabbed the blanket and flipped it off of Tom, and there, Tom could see Rose humping away on top of him in her nice white strapped mini-dress, with her breasts still able to bounce around a bit.

Tom asked “can we also free my arms?”

“Let me do all the work. Just relax and enjoy me fucking you” Rose answered. And so it continued, Rose kept humping Tom all the way, picking up the pace and the hardness, practically letting herself fall right onto Tom’s body to get the most penetration.

Tom’s breathing really quickened, and Tom said “make me cum, Rose, please make me cum.” Rose began an even faster pace of jamming Tom’s shaft in and out of her vagina, and then, the pressure built into Tom’s balls to the point Tom knew he was close to firing off. “You really want me to fuck you, don’t you?” Tom mumbled as he almost couldn’t talk and keep his breathing up. “Yes, I want you to cum all over inside me,” Rose returned as Tom spent his entire load into Rose’s vagina, and Rose kept continuing to pump.

Then, Rose lifted off of Tom, making sure to keep the condom on him, and then once she was clean, she took Tom’s condom off and tossed it, and cleaned him up. She then undid the robe belt that was mostly just keeping Tom’s arms out of the way, and then Tom sat up and they cuddled for a moment before Tom slipped his briefs on, and Rose slipped her panties back on. From there, Tom moved the pillows back to the normal end of the bed, and after taking a moment to relieve himself, and Rose doing the same so each could freshen up, they both collapsed in bed, Rose with the mini-dress still on, to cuddle and fall asleep.

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