Roxanne’s Addiction

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Aidra Fox

Roxanne is addicted to chat rooms on the net. Everything from AOL, Yahoo to MSN, even small “adult” chat room sites that are available for more stimulating conversations.

She enjoys a normal family life with a healthy relationship with her loving husband, and one daughter who is a great student in their town’s local high school.

One could inquire, why does Roxanne need to chat so much, if her home life is all right? The answer is simple. She is a total nymphomaniac. In all the chat forums mentioned above, she maintains buddy lists. These buddy lists usually consist of likeminded men and some women who are just as horny, if not more so, then her.

Everything in her life drips sex. Her workday outfits are especially sluttish. Roxanne’s body pours into tight miniskirts and revealing tops. As an added enticement, she often loves to show case her buxom breasts, to those who aren’t afraid to look.

Roxanne is a slender woman in her early thirties with shoulder length brown hair and piercing brown eyes that melt those at whom she gazes. Her lips are robust and sensuous. When one looked at those lips, it didn’t take much to imagine how they’d feel wrapped lovingly around a throbbing cock. Roxanne’s face is oval shaped and her skin just glows with great skin care and maintenance. The tight, fit body she strives to keep looks similar to a well-oiled machine, rocking and rolling in perfect time with her headphones blasting in her ears as she works out on an array of exercise equipment she and her hubby keep in the basement of their home.

Unless Roxanne’s busy, rarely a day goes by, that she engaged as it were, in a steady stream of chat conversations. Words that are discretely typed, in the privacy of instant message boxes, with anyone of her regular friends in chat.

Roxanne is a very sexually awake woman and is completely in touch with her sexual needs and desires. Until now, what she doesn’t get from her from her sexy and still virile husband at home, she takes care of at work in chat.

Roxanne is so addicted to sex, there little need for panties at work. They will just get so drenched anyway with her cunt cream and in addition, why fuss with extra fabric. Included in her arsenal, she keeps a little mighty mite vibrator called BOB, acronym for battery-operated boyfriend in her purse. In a word, Roxanne is addicted to coming. She never tires of the tidal wave feelings washing over her body all at once.

As with most addictions however, there are times, when Roxanne’s chat rooms and or friends don’t completely fulfill her growing needs.

Roxanne has often fantasized about her boss Anthony. Tony is, in the least, a total heartthrob. Tony looks like that wonderfully dashing Romeo on the cover of a trashy romance novel. He has a sensitive but hard chiseled face, long blond hair, usually in a ponytail, icy blue eyes and long slender hands of a professional basketball player with height to boot. It’s safe to say that every part of his body is flawlessly tight all over. He achieves this by also working out at his local health spa. Even on the job, Tony has seemingly boundless energy as if he’s on speed or rather too much coffee. One could often find him up and running all day doing whatever was required. It would be an understatement to say that Tony melts the hearts of the other women in the office.

It is this among many other fantasies that play out in Roxanne’s mind like a constant pornographic flick that never ends.

Often whilst engaged in a steamy chat with someone else, Roxanne has fantasized about getting caught Jilling off by Tony. She knew that the look on his face would be priceless. So bashful but yet, in his heart aroused. She wondered if he would grow hard and make vain attempts to cover himself. Oh your such a slut, Roxanne thought to herself.

Little did she know what she was in store for later on that night?

It was a Thursday and often she be called on to work overtime. Tony and her would often stay late working independently on the same project that had to be finished before the weekend.

After a long day of actually working, her pussy was growing restless. She’d only had a chance to come once that day. When she’d got in that morning. Then like clockwork Tony phoned her extension and asked if she could stay late again and did she want him to order Chinese food for their dinner since they’d well be there till at least 9 pm way past dinner time. She reluctantly agreed, resigning herself to another night of drudgery. The only consolation is that if she were alone there was a possibility she might be able to have a stimulating chat with a buddy in chat and in addition fantasize about Tony ravishing her.

After phoning her husband at his workplace and saying she’d be late she did some last minute work before logging into chat to see who was online.

The office was empty now but for her and Tony. The Chinese food would be arriving shortly and they’d break for dinner soon. Multitasking was a talent Trabzon Escort Roxanne possessed. She usually ate in front of her terminal whilst chatting, among other things.

Tonight the usual crowds of cronies were in the room that she most frequented. After the requisite hugs and hello’s from all who knew her and those that did not she hunkered down. It looked like it would be a slow night in chat without much action. One never knew how chat would turn out on a given night. She decided to scroll through all the users in the chat on the chance that she’d find someone she hadn’t chatted with in a while.

Her pussy was sweaty and smelt musky on her wrinkled finger she stuck inside her twat. As she began to quickly warm up down there. She saw a name that’s she’d seen in the chat rooms recently but never really got to chat with the person before. The chat name was “Verbal Vibrator.” The mere sight of the name made her pussy even wetter. In the main room Verbal was polite and intelligent and funny. These three qualities alone were attractive to Roxanne in a chat partner. Upon reading his profile, she saw that he had a great quote, was an author and 35 years old. She decided what the heck, he might turn out to be fun.

“Hi there, sorry for the unsolicited pm, but I just love your name, are you busy now?” she typed. This was Roxanne’s usual MO, she’d pm a guy and apologize for doing so and ascertain if he were busy chatting at the moment. Like lightening, came the reply, “no I’m not busy honey, I’m just hanging out, how are you this evening?” Roxanne typed that she was fine asked would he care for a chat. “Of course, I’d love a chat,” Verbal typed.

After the usual getting to know you questions Roxanne found out he was married and from New Jersey. His name was Marty. She quickly found out that Marty was good with his words and really enjoyed stimulating chats with women.

“Well, Marty honey I’m working late tonight. I’m so bored and need some company,” typed Roxanne growing more aroused by the second.

“It will our pleasure to chat sweetheart,” responded Marty.

Marty wasted no time, which Roxanne liked. “So Roxanne, what turns you on, what are your limits ect?”

Roxanne, gave her stock answer to this question by replying, “I’m not into kids, animals or body fluids that stink, you? This elicited a laugh out loud or LOL response from Marty and said that those were his limitations too.

“So to answer your question Marty, anything that ends up in orgasm is a turn on for me,” typed Roxanne. Her body felt that rush of warmth she feels when aroused.

Marty, not skipping a beat, typed, “Well since your at the office, would you like me to crawl under your desk and eat dinner?”

“Mmmmm dinners piping hot and ready honey come and get it, I don’t have to ring the dinner bell, Roxanne, quickly typed in response to Marty’s query.

Roxanne loosened her clothing now and stuck her hand down to her drenched vagina. She had a Mohawk cut of one line of trimmed hair that covered her twat. She often sat on a towel because she got so wet. She certainly didn’t want to stain her office chair with her cunt juice. Now there was a visible stain on the towel and growing. Her pussy was almost gushing with large amounts of goo.

Marty enjoyed himself also. He’d take a moment to stroke his hard cock, play with his balls and pre cum, and then type some more raunchy words to Roxanne. He really loved to eat out a woman and got so turned making a woman drench his face and wash it with her come.

He’d always considered himself slightly submissive and most definitely a giver when it came to sex. As he typed he could see by her responses that she was really enjoying herself on the other end.

Roxanne kept her voice down to a low steady moan. She had three fingers deep inside herself now fingering herself in and out madly. The words Marty was typing seemed just right. It was as if he really enjoyed as he ate her pussy. She was on the edge and very close to climaxing in another moment or two. She made sure to tell Marty that because that was so important in cyber sex. To let your partner know how much fun your having and when you’re coming. There came a warm rush to her loins and she felt her twat lurch violently, as she managed to type, she typed “ARRRRRGGGGHHH I’M COMMINGGGGGGGGGG FUCK.”

Then all of a sudden the UNTHINKABLE happened! There was a slight knock at her door, when she looked up gasping; she saw Tony standing open mouthed.

Part Two

Tony didn’t say anything at first he just stood there. Beads of sweat started to form on his forehead and palms. He felt his mouth become dry as parchment paper. As he looked at her, trying not to stare, he felt turned on and blood started to rush from his brain to his cock. This could go either way he thought. He had to be mindful of sexual harassment charges that she could file. However, if she were game this might just turn out to be fun.

When he finally found Trabzon Escort Bayan his words to say he managed to stammer, “looks like I caught you at a bad time, I’ll come back later.”

Roxanne freaked out inwardly, but she had to think fast. With a few keystrokes on her keyboard, she told Marty she had to go. As she closed out the chat screen, she thought, it doesn’t matter, she was already toast. If Tony were going to fire her, he’d probably do it in the next hour or so. Roxanne didn’t want to go out like that, no way. At attempt to salvage some semblance of dignity, if any still existed.

“Tony,” she said to his retreating back, “please don’t go yet.” Can you just hear me out first?

He stopped at the door and slowly turned around. He kept a straight face but he smiled inwardly to himself. She’s terrified, he thought, she thinks I’m going to be angry and fire her. This might turn out how I hoped after all.

“Ok Tony, this is it you’ve caught me red handed, so to speak,” said Roxanne, clearly flustered and red faced. “Look I’m not going to try and hide it or deny anything. I felt horny. I wanted to try to get some relief on the computer in a private chat room. I know that it’s not appropriate activity to engage in at work and I deeply apologize Tony.”

Hearing her talk in this way made Tony’s cock hard as a rock. His seven-inch cock tented his Khakis. He needed now to show a little authority he knew. “Well I don’t know how my boss would feel if he knew you were getting your jollies on the job as it were,” replied Tony with a slight grin. “By the same token, we’re both adults, and human beings, and I realize that sometimes when the need strikes we can lose control of ourselves.” He looked down at his pants and looked at his tent. “Oh dear,” he sighed, “looks as though my guy has a mind of his own today, imagine that,” he laughed slightly. Mostly out of embarrassment.

Roxanne was sweating bullets, before she realized that Tony wasn’t that angry. In fact, this turned him on immensely. Her twat grew very wet again. Her nipples began to stiffen. This is what she secretly hoped for and she wasn’t about let the moment die.

“Tony, please come closer, I’d love to see what’s in your guys mind, that is if you don’t MIND” she chuckled.

Tony didn’t need much encouragement after that. In a heartbeat, he was in front of her and they were kissing deeply. He began to fiddle with his pants and belt buckle. Roxanne pushed his hands away and took over. She managed to get his pants down and looked at his silk boxer shorts. His pants tented with his raging hard on. “Please,” he groaned, please do it we have all evening, this is a dream come true.

She pulled down his shorts and his cock bounded free of it’s bonds. Taking it in her hand, she drew in close and noticed a pearly dollop of pre-come. Sticking out her tongue, she licked it clean, which made Tony shudder. “You have a beautiful cock Tony, she said huskily. She inhaled his personal scent. Like her, he was a bit sweaty and musky down there, which is usual after a day’s hard work. She took his big egg shaped balls in her hand, gave them a tug, and then put her mouth around his nice sized cock. Without warning she deep throated him like a pro.

“Ah Jesus, Roxanne, do it, that feels sooo fucking wonderful,” Tony moaned. He had to do something with his hands so he played with the hair on her head, curling it up in his fingers. His mind hit a higher astral plain as he enjoyed her talented mouth on his throbbing cock. He began to slowly face fuck her. Roxanne was so ravenous that she took his thrusts with ease. As he increased his motions, he realized that he would soon blow his load in her mouth and better say something fast. “Roxanne, I’m gonna come very soon, and I’d love to eat you out too. Maybe we can lay down on the rug and we could sixty-nine, would you like that?”

“Ok Tony, lets lock that door and get our clothes off, I’d love to sixty-nine,” she said when she finally slid her mouth off his cock.

As they rapidly undressed and locked the door, Roxanne knew that her job was secure. He was just as guilty as she was now. There was no need to tell anyone about his or her little escapade.

“MMMM you sure are a beautiful woman Roxanne,” groaned Tony as he laid himself down on the rug, relieved in the feeling of its plush ness. “Thanks hunny you’re a total hunk too. Everyone in the office thinks so. Aren’t I a lucky woman,” she said as she positioned herself on his smiling face.

All the awkwardness dissipated; Roxanne really got down to business and sucked Tony’s sweet hard cock. From behind, she could feel his tongue gracing her pussy folds which made her squirm like a worm over his hard body. It was if no holes were spared. The gloves were off now and it was a race to see who would get a mouthful of come first.

Tony hoped they could climax together all over each other. He breathed in her musky sweaty scent and again transported through Escort Trabzon the portals into lust land. He stepped up his efforts and sucked on her with increased ardor. He brought his head up higher and included her rosebud as he licked every crevice on her down there.

Having her pussy and anus licked felt heavenly to Roxanne. It always turned her on immensely to have someone like her that much that he’d lick both her pouty holes. Not to be outdone on this ride, she tongued his sweaty balls and licked him everywhere she could reach as well.

“AHHHHHGGGRH, Tony cried out, are you close, I can’t hold back, you want me to come in your mouth Roxanne.” She worked her mouth off his cock and intensely groaned, “yes I want it I want you to come in my mouth baby feed me all of it NOW. I’M GONNA COME TOO TAKE IT ALL SHITTTTT.” Then just as she opened her mouth Tony’s cock lurched violently and she felt the first glob of come hit her lips and tongue. That was all she needed and cried out in blissful release all over his sucking mouth and face. Her body quivered violently as wave after wave ripped though her like a tornado. Tony didn’t stop licking until she was spent and his face got covered in her gooey liquids. Roxanne took his whole load expertly in her mouth and swallowed it down whole.

“Oh Roxanne, sweetheart that was incredible I’d like I’ve died and gone to lust heaven,” murmured Tony as she slowly slid off him.”

“I wonder if the cleaning crew will smell the sex in this room when they clean tomorrow,” giggled Roxanne.

“Who the fuck cares” laughed Tony, “let them just deal with it.”

Part 3

Roxanne crawled over to Tony, and cooed, “Gosh that was sure a good turnout to an awkward moment huh sweetie.”

“You got that right,” Tony, replied kissing her deeply. “It’s getting late but I’d love to continue this another night unless you want this to be it. That’s totally cool. I’ll certainly understand.”

“No Tony I was quite hoping we could engage in this activity and more again soon if you’re able to keep our dirty little secret between us. That’s the only thing I’d be concerned about.”

“My lips are sealed sweetheart, no worries from me,” answered Tony in all sincerity. “Besides, if the big boss finds out, we’ll both be pounding the pavement so to speak,” added Tony.

The workweek ended, and the next day Tony was, as promised, very professional and most importantly discreet about the affair between them.

To keep hubby from suspicion, Roxanne, kept him satisfied completely every night. She rationalized that since she was such an insatiable fuck slut that why should she have to settle for one cock in her life.

When the time to work “late” again came around Tony need not ask Roxanne if she was willing. She sported a loose fitting outfit and went sans panties again so there wouldn’t be any time wasted. She hoped they would go much further and he’d fuck both her orifices until they could no longer move. Yes, like that corny old “Micalobe” advertisement from long ago, she thought hopefully tonight would be kinda special between them.

Roxanne had trouble concentrating on her work that day. It seems like the clocks weren’t moving either. All day her twat was damp and sweaty with a saucy mixture of fluids. She was a hotter then a two dollar pistol on the forth of July.

She stayed clear of the chat rooms that day. She wanted to save up for him and as much as she was tempted to twiddle her little violin, she painfully abstained.

Finally the end of the day came, and she blissfully waiting for Tony to call with her “Dinner Order.”

Tonight they decided on Indian Food. She had plenty of breath strips and Altoids mints in her desk so there wouldn’t be any smelly onion breath between them. The mints in fact gave her a wicked idea. She praised herself for her creativity.

Both Tony and Roxanne had a hard time when they were alone to keep their hands off each other. In ensure that they did in fact eat, they ate separately. Roxanne enjoyed her lentil soup and spicy Lamb Vindaloo. She washed it down with a Diet Coke and then headed for the bathroom to floss and brush her teeth. She wanted everything to be alright.

They worked it out that they’d meet only when the building was clear of people. This ensured less chance of unwanted discovery. In addition, they agreed that the games would end at 9:30 pm. This left time enough to clean up and get home at a reasonable hour.

At 7:00 pm, she was in her office awaiting Tony’s arrival. Her pussy was buzzing and drenched in anticipation now. Finally, she heard the little knock at the door and said, “come in.”

Roxanne hoped that Tony would take charge tonight and sure enough, he did. She would let him fuck her any way he desired.

“Clear that mess off your desk and lay on it with your legs spread eagle,” Tony commanded good-naturedly.

Roxanne, eager to comply with his wishes did as she was told. Soon she was totally naked and sprawled across her desk, exposed and ready.

Tony dove right in, much like she did on that first evening together. “Your such a fuckin slut Roxanne, you want me eat your Twat don’t you, say it, I want you to plead with me,” Tony said just inches away from her wet dripping slit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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