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This story is copyright of destinie21 please do not reproduce or copy without permission from the author. Enjoy.


My black boots clicked across the floor in the lobby of the office building as I made my way to the elevator. I knew more than one set of eyes was on me as I pressed the button and waited for the contraption to descend so that I could board. My hair was completely unbound and hung just past my shoulders in a mass of curls that were just barely under control. I ran my nails through my hair to tame some of the wildness and almost tapped my foot with impatience. I was feeling just a little anxious and a bit nervous at what I was about to do but I wasn’t really the type to let a little bit of hesitance stop me.

The doors of the elevator opened and I stepped in pressing the floor I wanted to go to. I sighed when the elevator stopped so that two more people could board. reaching into the pocket of the full length golden sable coat I wore I pulled deneme bonusu veren siteler out my compact and checked my make up I almost laughed out loud when I saw the reflection of the two women who stood behind me. Both of them were glaring, one of them had on a decent looking leather coat and the other was wearing a faux mink that probably would have looked much more authentic if I wasn’t standing right in front of her. I focused my eyes on my own reflection then quickly snapped the compact shut, my makeup was flawless but it never hurt to make damn sure. Just as the doors opened onto the floor I was going to I slipped the compact back into my pocket and shot the two women a smile over my shoulder.

I walked to her office and raised my hand to knock on the door that was slightly ajar. She wasn’t expecting me but I knew her lunch break would start in less than ten minutes and I wanted to make sure she’d be spending it with me.

When fransız ruleti she said come in I did just that. The look of shock on her face was absolutely priceless. I shut the door clicking the lock into place without even turning around. Stepping away from the door I spoke.

“You don’t mind if I take my coat off and wait for you do you?” Before she could speak I paused in the middle of the room and quickly undid the coat, then I opened it and let it slide from my body and right on to the floor. The only thing I was wearing was a pair of chocolate brown thigh high boots and a smile. I sat in the chair that was opposite her desk and spread my legs she never took her eyes off of me as I slipped my fingers into my already wet pussy. I had been wet ever since the thought formed in my devious little mind and just to be doubly sure I’d given my cunt a nice once over in the car before stepping out to enter her office building. My fingers mobil rulet slid in and out shiny beneath the fluorescent lights that lit the sparsely furnished room.

I arched my back as I drove my fingers into my center hard and fast and pinched my nipples with my other hand giving each ring a little tug as I did so. I was moaning but working hard to keep the volume of my voice under control. This was her office and she wouldn’t be at all pleased if I was heard screaming, I was slightly rebellious but I was no fool .

Just before I drove myself over the edge with my thrusting fingers I stopped first of all I knew I would scream, secondly all of this had been nothing more than a teasing game.

I licked my fingers clean while she continued to stare she hadn’t said one word or allowed a single expression to cross her face so I had no idea what her reaction was.

Smiling I looked at my watch and feigned surprise, “oh I have to go.” I snatched up my coat and put it back on making quick work of the hook and eye fasteners, my hand was on the doorknob when she called my name quietly. I turned to face her not daring to walk out.

“You know you’re in trouble right?”

I nodded and licked my lips. “I know.” was all I said before departing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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