Sacramento Connection Ch. 02

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This is the second part of “Sacramento Connection” and you should real read the first part as well!!

The next morning Cathy phone around 9:00 am and said she had booked the day off sick, as she could not sleep after I left, wonder why?? She said she wanted to come to Reno for the day to see me, but I said that would not work because I was very busy with the project I was running and had meetings and people stopping in all day. I could tell she was disappointed, and I apologized but said maybe another time, she said ok and hung up. She called later that evening and we talked, I could tell she wanted to see me again bad we talked for a bit and then agreed to go to sleep because we both had to get up early.

I was busy at work at time was flying by, she called again 2 days later and we talked, she asked me why that I would not fuck her when I was in Sacramento and was wondering if I did not want to, and I said that was not it at all. I had told her that this erotic experience was new to me and I had been married for over 20 years and never away from home and never had intercourse with any body other than my wife. She said that she found that hard to believe because she found me to be so hot but I told her it was the truth and she finally believed me. I told her that I had fooled around a little bit but no intercourse!! She had admitted that it had been quite a while since she had sex and was really horny and I had just made things worse and she wanted more and said that I really turned her on. I agreed that maybe on the weekend we could get together if things at work would allow it and she said that would be ok because she didn’t work weekends! I must admit I wanted to see her again as well!!

Friday came and I called her after she got home for work and told her it looked like I was free for the weekend, I was not sure if I wanted her to come for the weekend or not was not sure if we would be both comfortable with that or not? She said she would drive over first thing Saturday morning and would play it by ear and she could drive back that night as her and her sister had done it before come to Reno and gamble for the day and go home. After all Reno was like miny Las Vegas! I said great and told her to call when she got to the casino güvenilir bahis I was staying at just to make sure I was not busy with work before she came up to the room, as there was other employees staying at the same hotel. She said fine and would call.

About 11:00 am my cell phone rang and it was Cathy and she said she was in the Casino and I said I would call her back when the “coast was clear” as I had a employee in the room but it wouldn’t be long, she said I hope not and giggled and hung up. I called her back in about 30 minutes and told her to come up, about 10 minutes later there was a knock at the door and it was she. She looked hot she had on a low cut top which showed lots of cleavage and a nice skirt. She was impressed with the suite, Jacuzzi in the corner with mirrors on the wall around the tub, a bar, nice leather couch and of course a king size bed. I gave her a big hug and we kissed and she commented on what a good kisser I was, and other woman had told me that as well. I offered he a drink but she declined and we sat on the couch and talked for a bit and then started to kiss again, I started to rub her breast through her silk top and her big nipples instantly became erect and she moaned and I knew she was horny. I but my hand on her leg and slid it up under skirt up to her crotch and to my surprise found she was not wearing any panties and her pussy was wet already, she said you like and I said very much. I could tell it would not be long before she would be coming and I was right I slid a couple a fingers in side her and nibbled on her tits through her top and right away she was moaning and I could tell she was coming. She said she was so horny and I said I could see that she had cum and I had not even taking any of her clothes off.

She grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom and said she was going to freshen up. When she came out she had commented on how she like the 2-person shower in the bathroom and smiled. She then sat back down and said she was not sure if she was going to get my cock or not so she stopped and picked one up, and smiled. I was a bit puzzled, but then she leaned over to get her bag and said she stopped at one of the sex shops in Reno and did some shopping. She pulled out this package türkçe bahis and asked if I wanted to see and I said sure, I love toys! It was the most realistic dong I had ever seen, she said it should be for the price she paid, but the girl in the store said she would not be disappointed.

It looked like a real cock and was made of nice soft texture and she said it even felt real and asked if I wanted to feel it and I said yes, I was getting real turned on. She handed to me and it felt like a real dick it was hard enough to the job and the material was a skin like texture and soft. It had veins on like a hard dick and even a set of balls at the base and the base even had a suction cup so you could stick it on something and mount it mmm I was so hard! It was verily large about 8 inches and really thick, she says what to you think and I said it was great. When I was holding it she leaned over and started to suck on the dong, she was taking as much as she could but started to gag and she said fuck this thing is big I don’t know if my pussy will be able to handle this big cock, and I said there is only on way to find out and smiled.

I leaned over and unbuttoned her top and her white globes were looking hot she had on a nice silky bra and her nipples were piercing the material. I removed her bra and stared at her beautiful tits with the huge brown nipples, the time before it was kind of dark so this was the first time I had seen them in daylight and they were awesome. I began sucking on them and then I took the dong and slid it between her tits and started to fuck her tits and she loved it and kept saying it was so big!

I reached over and grabbed an ice cube and started to rub her erect nipples and it drove her wild. Then I put some ice in my mouth and sucked her nipple she was going to cum again, I swear her nipples were connected to her clit! I rubbed her clit with the dong and sucked on her nipples and she screamed and moaned and came again and she had only been here an hour.

She was now naked lying on the leather couch with the dong lying on the table next to her I grabbed it and stuck it to the table and it stood straight up and she moaned looking at it! It looked so real and was one of the biggest I had seen. She looked güvenilir bahis siteleri up at me and said I want you to cum for me baby and undid my pants and pulled out my throbbing cock and slid my pants and boxers off, I removed my shirt and stood naked in front of her!

She was stroking my cock and I was getting real hot! She kept stroking it harder and then a leaned over and straddled her on the couch, my dick was at her face. At first I grabbed my cock and started rubbing it on her hard nipples fuck it felt good. She leaned over and grabbed a hand full of ice and put some in her mouth and rubbed my hot dick and balls with the rest, I was about ready to explode. She took my hard cock and started sucking on it and the sensation of her mouth and ice was great. She had almost the whole thing in her mouth and my balls were slapping her chin while I fucked her face. I pounded her face and told her I was about to cum, she pulled my cock out and slid it between her tits and I fucked them hard, she squeezed them together and I fucked them. I could not hold back any longer and I came and shot cum all over her tits, there was cum driping every were.

I sat down beside her at looked at her globes covered in my cum she smiled and started to lick them off and said why don’t you help? She was sucking one tit and I leaned over and started to lick the other one, it was the first time I had tasted my own cum, it was kind of salty tasting.

We were both sucking the cum off her hard nipples and she was loving it.

We sat there for a bit and she was looking at the dong stuck to the table and knew she wanted to fuck it, I said you want to fuck that big dong don’t you she said yes but admitted she didn’t know if she could, because she had never fucked anything that big before. I was rubbing her clit and her pussy was soaked and the leather couch was wet. She bent over the table and started to suck the dong with her ass in my face to tease me I think. She started to slide her head up and down the dong and I had 2 fingers in her pussy fuck she was wet, I fucked her hard with 3 fingers while she was giving the dong head and I knew she was going to cum again and felt her pussy tighten on my fingers and her muffled scream from the dong on her mouth as she came. She was al wet from cum and sweet sweat and she fall back on the couch. We laid there for a bit, she said I want to try out the Jacuzzi; my cock was getting hard again!!

For the conclusion of this adventure stay tuned!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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