Sally Rides The Storm

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Sally was awaken to the sound of crashing thunder as rain struck the windowpanes jolting her from a sweet dream. After being online until the wee hours of the night with one of her online lovers, she had finally fallen asleep exhausted by the sexual desires he stirred within her. Looking at the clock she saw it was nearing 5AM, she had some time before the alarm went off and her day began. Thinking of him again she found her hand between her legs and was surprised to feel a warm wetness oozing from her pussy. She smiled thinking it must have been one heck of a good dream.

Slowly, she began to stroke her hand between my legs. Feeling the warmth within the soft folds of her pussy she was wet, but not quite wet enough. She was anxious to try the new warming lubricant she had just gotten for herself. Now seemed like the perfect time as she reached into the drawer. Squeezing a small dab onto her fingertips she could immediately feel the warmth as the liquid seep into her skin and reaching down, spreading her legs to expose her clit, she began to massage the lube slowly into herself. The whole time her imagination was thinking about the conversations she had online last night and between her thoughts and the lotion, she was hot and throbbing in no time.

Sally was oozing juices out of her pussy as her fingers circled her clit causing it to swell with her mounting desires as the storm picked up outside her window. Slipping a finger inside her pussy, she let out a gasp as the warmth of the lubricant and her fingers worked their magic inside her as thunder roared in the distance. Stroking her sweet spot with her fingers, she continued massaging her clit with her thumb as her hips starting working in a rhythm to match the strokes of her hand. She could feel the warmth of her pussy juices as they slid down between the cheeks of her ass. The feeling urged on her passionate play as she slid her hand down from one hole to the next and slipped her finger inside her ass.

Oh yes, that felt extremely good as she slid in another finger. With one hand fucking her ass and the other playing with her clit, Sally worked herself into a frenzy that was better than the storm raging outside. Casibom Spreading her legs even further to take as much pleasure as she could with just her hands, she is yearning to be fucked with a cock. Unfortunately, a nice hard warm one was not available but there was always her vibrator for times just like this. She wasted no time getting it out of the drawer.

By now, Sally was so wet; her pussy was beginning to throb with the feelings of an impending orgasm. She knew she was going to cum quickly once she hit the switch on her vibrator. However, she wanted it to last a bit more and slowed up her pace a bit to hold off her mounting explosion. Fucking both holes with her finger and the vibrator she could no longer withhold the passion that was building inside her and just as she was about the explode, she slipped the vibe out of her dripping wet pussy and filled her ass with its solid shaft just as a bolt of lightning cracked the air.

Pushing the vibrator up inside her bowels she arched her back to receive it within her depths, spreading herself to engulf its length she let out a moan of pleasure. Slipping her fingers back into her pussy, she once again began a steady rhythm moving her hips to meet the strokes of her hands. Her pleasures continued as her body emitted juices from within. The combination of her two holes being filled was all it took to take her to the brink of ecstasy, as she turned the vibrator on her orgasm exploded all over her hand leaving her pussy soaking wet and her passions satiated for now.

Exhausted by the pleasures that had just coursed through her body, Sally fell into a deep sleep as the storm outside raged on. Drifting off with a smile on her face dreamily knowing the storm inside her had been appeased. She never heard her husband slip into the bed beside her a few hours later.

Rolling over, she was jolted awake by the warmth of his presence beside her and the touch of his hot hard cock. Still wetter than all hell from her orgasm, the feeling of his hot cock against her skin stirred her passions again and her desires to be fucked by a real cock could not be stopped. As he reached to pull her body closer against Casibom Giriş his, Sally slipped under the covers until her mouth found the object of her desire.

Wrapping her mouth around his shaft and slipping it inside, she started sucking him until he was throbbing. Then releasing his cock, she began to lick him from his balls up to the tip of his head where she could taste his pre-cum as it began to ooze out. Rolling him onto his back so that his cock was completely exposed to her playfulness, she worked her mouth across his shaft until it was soaking wet. The hot play of her mouth and the coolness of the air in the room were working to cause quite an arousal in him as he moaned with pleasure.

Leaning above him, Sally began to rub her tits up his thighs and on to his stiff cock making her nipples hard and erect. She slowly, ever so teasingly, moved upwards across his belly using her mouth and her tits to playfully tickle him as he arched his hips upwards towards her. Sucking his nipples while she teased his cock with her mound, he tried to push her onto him but she refused to give up her play just yet.

Moving her mouth back downwards across his belly she kissed and licked her way until she was sucking him again. Getting him good and wet, she placed his cock between her waiting tits rubbing her chest back and forth on him making his head ooze onto her. She loved the feel of his hot cock rubbing between her tits, which were just full enough to create a chasm that fit perfectly around him. Lifting herself up to his mouth, she made him lick the moisture from his cock off her chest as she spread her legs and let her wet pussy slide down on to his erect shaft as it waited impatiently to be completely taken.

By now Sally was so worked up, between playing with herself and then with him, she just wanted a good hard ride. And ride him she did, until she exploded all over his cock not caring about anything but the pleasure this ride was giving her. She was lost in her own world of cosmic explosions as her body was wracked with the most mind-blowing orgasm. The room filled with bursts of light from the storm as if it knew to explode with her. She let Casibom Yeni Giriş out a long moan as she thrust herself down upon him for one final plunge into the depths of her soul and her cum poured out upon him.

Collapsing beside him, she didn’t know whether he had shot a load into her or not and did not really care at this point. Her pussy ached with the throbbing joy of her orgasm and the fucking it had endured by hand, vibrator and now cock. She was a very content woman right now, lying limp beside him as she curled on her side to be spooned by him. But he was not quite through with her yet. And although her passionate ride of his cock had engorged him to the point where he thought it would burst, feeling the way her ass had come down upon him with every thrust had put visions of one thing in his mind and that is where he wanted to assuage his passion.

Rolling Sally over onto her belly, he slipped his hand between her legs to spread her legs as he playfully shoved his fingers into her wet pussy. She was so hot and wanton he wasted no time grabbing her hips and pulling her ass towards his waiting cock. He was always a goner as soon as he saw the sweetness of her firm ass as he buried his cock into her pussy. Now it was his turn to take what he wanted as he thrust himself into her. Driving himself harder and harder, he plunged himself into her as her hot wetness engulfed him.

Her passionate playful lovemaking has sent him plunging off a cliff into an abyss of ecstatic pleasure and when his cock finally released its load into her he felt an explosion like no other. Unsure whether the thunder he hears is the storm or his own voice filling the air with his fury. Filling her up, his cock is throbbing inside her letting loose every last ounce of unspent energy as he pushes himself one last time into her. His cum oozes out onto them as he looks upon his cock plunged into her pink wetness. He can no longer hold himself up as exhaustion takes over and he falls down beside her.

As he pulls her close spooning her body against his, she smiles to her self, thinking how mean she is for taking advantage of this man after he has worked all night. All the while, knowing that is was the late night online tryst that had spurred on her passion and that he was just lucky to be the recipient of her passion. As the last of the storm slips away into the coming dawn, they drift off together into a blissful sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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