Sally’s Last Day Ch. 02

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Waiting for the train at the subway station, Sally was still feeling uncomfortable with the tingling of her erogenous zones. That dick in her arse and the feeling in the toilet were playing on her body. By the time the train arrived, Sally’s nipples were sticking out through the soft built in bra of her dress. Her cunt was wet and she had to grip her thighs together for relief. She wanted to rub her clitoris against some guy. Maybe she can make it look like an incidental rub as she brushed up against hunk.

Frantically, Sally scoured the platform. She saw this cute guy getting in the carriage just ahead of her. He was dressed in a smart suit and carrying a leather brief case. Sally liked her men tall, beefy and athletic. He was none of these. He looked like just another office clerk on the way home from court. He looked harmless, hardly capable of ravishing her and sexually satisfying her. She thought of him as a wimpy ‘Mr Harmless’. The ideal type she could use and drop with impunity.

Sally pressed her breast against his arm as she was about to walk past. The surge from her nipples shot down to her clit and she felt her pussy rub against his butt cheek. She gasped at the delicious contact. She made sure her steaming pussy and tits pressed against him. Her hard nipples and hot pussy lingered on the guy longer than she wanted. A sigh of pleasure escaped her lips. She felt confident he was harmless and would just go home and masturbate over the encounter. She felt dirty.

‘Mr Harmless’ felt her hard nipples against his arm and he felt her warm soft pussy. He had a good look at how her drop dead body filled out that tight cotton mini-dress. He thought it was too good to be true and too good for anything to come of it. He smiled at her butt and wondered if she was wearing a panty. He was no reckless sexual predator. He’ll just have a quiet ride home, he thought.

When Sally entered the carriage, she went straight for the window bench seat at the rear of the carriage. She wanted to sit away from everyone, while she coped with her private yearnings. She looked out the window, into the subway tunnel, to shut the world out. The blood rushing through her erogenous zones made her pant and her face flush. She crossed her legs and slowly placed a hand between her thighs, while she cupped her breasts with her other hand. From the reflection in the carriage window, she noticed ‘Mr Harmless’ coming towards her. She looked up and had a quick look at him. He looked like Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds. “He would probably read me a bed time story” she thought.

Clumsily, he sat next to her. A little too closely. He almost sat on her lap. He then pulled out a broadsheet newspaper from his brief case to read. Sally ignored him and leaned her head against the window. She thought about her day and what an interesting one it was. Being fucked up the arse would not have been so bad if the old bastard had brought her to orgasm and satisfied her lust. She had a peripheral look at ‘harmless’. He started to look good to her. Not the macho type she liked, but he must have a dick. “But is he man enough for me?” She wondered.

Sally did not realize it, but she was reeking of sex. The smell of her pussy was driving ‘harmless’ crazy. He wondered if he was sitting next to a woman who had just had wild sex. His dick started to twitch and he imagined what she would be like to have sex with. The thought made him quiver. “She would be red hot” he decided.

As ‘Mr Harmless’ opened the newspaper he saw Sally’s left thigh. Smooth, soft and white. His eyes followed those thighs down to where her butt was on the seat. Sally was watching his reflection in the train window as they travelled along the subway. She pretended she did not know he was looking, or how much she was showing. Her nipples were getting harder and she wanted to pinch them.

Her face was flushed and Sally started to fidget with desire. She slid back into the seat, raising her left leg higher. The handbag on her lap was pressed into her pussy. She thought about sticking her hand between her thighs.

‘Harmless’ was now very aware of Sally. He was completely attuned to how her body was placed. That raised left thigh was close enough for him to touch. It was like it wanted to be caressed. He opened the newspaper wide enough so that the outside of his right hand touched Sally’s leg above the knee. Her skin felt soft and cool. She immediately shifted her leg slightly, so that the hand did not rest on her thigh.

She did not shift her body away from him, as women do when they want to create space to get away from a man. He felt encouraged by this. He lowered his hand along the edge of the newspaper, so that he caressed further down the curve of her thigh with the outside of his fingers. So soft and silky. Once more this beautiful brunette shifted her leg away, but not her body.

‘Harmless’ moved his hand further down the edge of the newspaper, following the curve of her thigh. Sally loved the touch of his hand. It was not sweaty or coarse. It felt tentative and polite. It was as if he was asking permission to grope her. She loved this game of tease. She wanted to see how far he would go. Sally gölbaşı escort shifted her leg away slightly and hoped he would go higher up her thigh.

‘Harmless’ could not believe he was doing this. It was as if he was on a slippery slide and he could not stop until he reached the bottom. Once more he slid his hand down the edge of the newspaper. It now touched half way up her thigh. This was getting into private territory. He had practically ran his hand up her thigh in an unbelievable fondle of a mystery beauty. This was the best experience he had had in his life.

There was a part of Sally that was dirty and wicked. That part of her wanted to raise her thigh higher so that his hand would glide down to her butt. Sally took in a deep breath and shifted her leg away once more, but did not shift her body.

“Surely she knows I’m fondling her thigh? She can’t be oblivious to this. She has not shifted her body away or moved seat.” He thought to himself. He glanced at her. She was so pretty, elegant and classy. What tits, legs and arse to go with that face! He knew he would never have a chance in real life with her, so he may as well take his chance to grope now and live with the memory.

He slide his hand down to the corner of the newspaper, which he had arranged to cover the hem of her skirt. He touched that part of her which connected with the seat. It was warm. It was as if he was fondling the warmth of her butt crack. He was expecting to get a slap on the face.

Sally was totally conflicted. Her clit was on fire and she wanted to reach down and rub her pussy to relieve herself. But the good girl in her made her shift her thigh away once more.

‘Mr Harmless’ had gone as far as he could. He had run his hand along the length of the thigh. He would love to explore more of this woman, but could not work out how that could be achieved. Satisfied he had got the most out of this grope, he turned the page of his newspaper and continued reading.

The day’s stimulants were making Sally feel aggressive. She wanted to stick a finger in her cunt to give herself an orgasm. She was tired of the “touchy-feely” game. She arched her back and raised her arms to stretch out in her seat. This pumped her breasts out and lifted her crotch up. She then slumped back as if this was all just a normal movement.

The alcohol in Sally’s system caught up with her. She felt relaxed and drowsy and mischievous. The grope had stopped and the journey felt boring. She thought disparagingly of ‘Mr Harmless’. “He did not have the balls that dirty old Tom had. At least dirty Tom was man enough to go for it.” In exasperation Sally uncrossed her legs and pretended to look out the window at the platform as the train pulled into the next station. She brushed the side of her left breast against his right arm. She then sank back with her legs apart and the hem of her dress carelessly bunched up in her lap.

‘Mr Harmless’ noticed every move she made. Her tit felt fabulously round and soft. It was apparent her bra was not padded. She was raising the ante. How far did she want to go? He turned the page of this very helpful newspaper and held it out wider, so that the edge was now between Sally’s unfolded thighs. His hand was near her crotch and low enough so that he could feel the heat from her steaming pussy.

‘Harmless’ glanced at Sally. She had her eyes closed, pretending to sleep. She looked totally at ease, maybe too at ease, maybe very drunk. He gently lowered the edge of the newspaper so that it rested between her thighs. He then ran his hand along the edge of the newspaper and lightly placed his fingers on the inside of Sally’s left thigh. She could either close her thighs or open them. Sally opened her legs slightly. This felt like an invitation to keep going. ‘Harmless’ slowly ran his fingers up her thigh. Sally slowly spread her legs, in that delicious move that lovers make when they open themselves to each other. He followed the trail of heat coming from her most intimate area, until he reached that fork in her thighs where she had to splay open her legs if he was to reach her pleasure pit.

The lights in the train carriage suddenly went out and the whole train was in darkness. This startled Sally. She felt vulnerable in that dark carriage. She did not know this stranger. Her defences kicked in. She pushed his hand away from her and closed her legs. She heard him groan.

The trained slowed and came to a stop in the tunnel. The only light entering the carriage was from the emergency lights in the tunnel. Sally sat up. All prim and proper in the dark. She went cold on sex and she just wanted to get home. She was not in the mood anymore.

The stranger felt confused and disappointed. He thought the dark carriage was ideal to finish off what they had started. He placed his hand on his swollen crotch and rubbed his hard on. He thought about how good it would’ve been to rub this sexy brunette’s wet pussy. How can women go so cold so fast? He was breathing heavily.

Sally ignored him.

He could just imagine his face being slapped. He imagined the sting on his cheek and the humiliation. He saw himself being handcuffed keçiören escort by police. But if he quit now, he would regret it for the rest of his life. It will be one of those moments where he will wonder “what if?”

The stranger decided he would try and strike up a conversation. “I guess I can give up on reading the newspaper now” he said with a chuckle.

“I wish the train would start up soon. I need to get home urgently” she said. He had a deep pleasant voice. Sally wondered if he worked in Radio or was an actor.

“If the network had gone down while we were at a station we could at least have gone and had a coffee or drink”. He said suggestively.

Sally said “I think I have had enough to drink today. I’m sorry.” She wondered why she apologized. Maybe subconsciously she felt she owed him and felt guilty about cutting him off. She felt her nipples tingle, and had to fight the temptation of rubbing her breasts. She liked the way he touched her. He had made her feel good and it was a good end to her day of bawdy behaviour.

Her saying “sorry” gave him hope. She was softening and he was hardening up again. “Might be best to get off this train when it pulls in at the next station and get the next train. We could have a coffee while we wait” he suggested.

She knew what he was after, and it was not coffee. She clenched her thighs together and squeezed her wet clit. Sally’s body was raging from the day’s alcohol and oysters. It was as if she had taken a strong aphrodisiac.

She heard voices coming down the tunnel. Railway attendants were directing passengers to get off the train and walk along the tracks to the station up the line. All the passengers in the carriage started to stir and collected around the exits. Sally felt too drunk to clamber off the train and walk along the tracks. She just slouched back and sighed.

“Are you ok for this walk?” He asked attentively.

“I don’t think I will be able to walk” Sally said as she tried to get up.

He saw her full breasts jiggle with every move she made.

“We don’t have to get off straight away. Sit down and wait till you’re ready” he said.

The passengers started to leave the carriage.

“I think it is best if we got out of the carriage now. I need some fresh air.” she said as all the other passengers left the carriage.

Sally got up to go past him, but in the dim light and in her tipsy state she stumbled and fell on him. Her left breast went straight into his face. She put her hand on his shoulder to steady herself.

“Oh..I’m so sorry” she apologized.

Instinctively he slid his arm up her back to hold her steady. The upward movement of his arm lifted Sally’s dress to her waist. Sally gasped as she felt the cool air on her crotch. She tried to pull the hem of her dress back down with both hands. Without any hand holding her steady, Sally lurched forward burying the stranger’s head in her cleavage.

“I didn’t mean to lift your dress. It got caught on my arm” he explained.

“Well a lot of things got caught on your arm tonight, didn’t it?” she retorted.

He thought that was unfair, but decided discretion was a better course.

She stood up and looked at him with disgust. “You’ve been groping me on this trip. You’re a dirty sleaze. Do you get yourself off on that?”

The stranger looked up at her in disbelief. He then stood up to let her out into the aisle. She was breathing heavily and was not steady on her feet. She fell into him again and put her arms around him to avoid falling to the floor. Their bodies came into intimate contact. Sally’s hot cunt rubbed against his crotch.

She had to hold onto him longer than she wanted, to avoid falling backward. She felt his hardon press against her. Her lust filled cunt reacted by giving his cock a little hump and then another one. And then that hot pussy pressed against his cock and would not move. Sally got goosebumps and her nipples became erect and very sensitive. This wasn’t going as planned. She was in a weak moment. She had to get out of that carriage before she broke.

‘Harmless’ stood there holding her against him. Enjoying the closeness of their bodies. He could feel her hard nipples through her thin bra. The curve of her body felt good in his arms.

Sally broke at that moment. Her lust overcame her. ‘Harmless’ was not going to finish what Mr Lewis started unless she took control. She was angry at the way her sexual experiences of the day had left her. It seems like the men got what they wanted from her and she was left to take her lust home. She was sick of being the meat that gets fucked. She decided she would do the fucking and the men would be the meat. And this fucking nerd will get more than he asked for.

She put her face up to his and whispered “You want to fuck me ehh.”

He looked into her eyes and smiled. As she brought her face closer he tried to catch her mouth for a kiss. She turned her face away.

She pushed him back on the bench seat. She lifted her dress to her waist and straddled him. She smelt of sex and alcohol. He smelt of quality cologne.

She undid his belt and pulled his pants down. She then ankara escort got on him in the cowboy position. She looked him in the face while she dropped the straps of her dress off her shoulders. Her breasts were now bare. Her dress bunched up around her hips.

She put her face up to his and whispered “do you think you are going to fuck me like I’m your bitch?” Sally ran her tongue along her quivering lips. He put his face forward to kiss it, but she grabbed his head and rubbed his face on her breasts. “Lick that nipple. Suck it. Now the other one”. She moved his head to the other one. She rubbed his head on her tits.

Sally was completely overcome by the aphrodisiac affects of whatever was in her body. She grabbed his hair and pulled his head back and spat on his mouth. She then stood up on the bench seat. “Suck my clit” she ordered him. She did not wait. She grabbed his head, spread her legs wide and shoved her cunt into his mouth. She then started fucking his mouth. “Get your tongue in there, deep. Lick it. Lick my clit. That’s right” The carriage was quiet except for the sound of slurping and sucking. Sally pushed her clit hard against his mouth. She smothered him with her wet, hot, hairy cunt.

‘Harmless’ put his hands on her butt cheeks and pressed her into his face. She was fucking his mouth and he loved it. He rubbed her anus with a finger. He stuck the tip of his index finger into her anus. It went in surprisingly fast. There was a slippery fluid in there. In the dark he thought maybe it was faeces so he immediately removed his finger. It made this whole dirty sex thing, sexier.

Sally was ready. Her lust was up and she wanted it satisfied. She planted her knees on either side of ‘harmless’. She looked him in the eyes and smiled. He wasn’t going to try and kiss her this time. She took his cock in her hands. She smirked, he was not very thick, she would “chew him up and spit him out” she thought. She ran her hand down the length, it seemed to go on forever. She suddenly became a little apprehensive.

“Spit on it” she told him. He spat on his hand and lubricated his dick. She looked into his face again, she did not smile. She mounted that dick easily. It was no match for Sally’s hot wet pussy. Sally felt she had his measure. She pushed down on that cock, until she felt a sudden pain. She could not take all of the length. She felt she was impaled on an impossible dick. “ungh..” It felt like a truncheon. Sally retreated back up the shaft and slowly brought herself down again, and again. She was determined she was going to use every inch of this guy. His cock felt fabulous.

As she raised herself for each slow, long stroke, the stimulation to her cunt was massive and deep. It seemed to rub against every erogenous zone in her wet pussy. Sally stopped to steady herself. Breathing heavily, she put her tits in his mouth. She was not going to surrender to this big cock.

Sally pressed herself down on that cock again. The deeper it went the more she opened her mouth and eyes. It seemed to take a long time, but it was satisfying once she had it up to the balls. She licked her lips in satisfaction. She licked her spit off ‘harmless’ face. She ran her tongue along his lips. He opened his mouth, but she moved her face away.

She loved the feel of his cock in her. She slowly raised and lowered herself on that cock in cowboy position. He wrapped his arms around her and ravished her breasts. He slobbered over both those round beautiful breasts. Her areola were wet with spittle.

She felt snug around his cock. She rested her arms on his shoulders and started grinding her cunt on his cock. She made sure her clit was getting rubbed in the grind. “Don’t cum yet. Rub my tits. Pinch the nipples. Harder.” Sally had no interest in making him cum. He was a prop for her to ride. She looked into his eyes. He was breathing heavily. His face wet with her spit. She locked her mouth around his and stuck her tongue deep into his mouth. He tasted of peppermint. She wrapped her arms around him as she kissed him hard. Sally kissed him breathlessly. She was quivering with lust.

He pulled her into him. She got up on her knees to get more of herself into the kiss. She was kissing him as deep as she could. She then drew herself up, to get a long stroke from that long dick, and then slowly drove back down on his balls, as she held her arms around his head and sucked on his mouth. He was getting close to coming. She sensed his muscles holding onto her tightly. She bit his lip and pulled away.

Sally pushed him away at arms length and went back to grinding her cunt on his cock. She ripped his shirt open, scratching his chest as she did so. She smirked at his scrawny chest, she usually fucked beef-cake men. She leant back, pivoting on his dick, as she leveraged her body and ground her clit against him. She then started quickening her pace on his cock. She leant forward, riding him like a hunched over jockey. She suddenly grabbed his head and mashed it into her tits. “Suck the nipples. Suck it..suck it..” She looked down at him and clutched his head to her tits as she started to gasp. Her back arched as her body went into a spasm. She squeezed his cock in her pussy. “aah..aah…aah…” she did not want the orgasm to end. Her whole body was tingling, she wanted more intensity. She locked her mouth on his neck and bit him and sucked the wound. He tried to push her away. He was afraid she would take a hunk of meat off his neck.

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