Salty Liquids 1: Rachelle Ch. 04

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“That’s it babe, sniff it in deep,” Ashlee encouraged Zoe, a classmate of hers.

“Oh, ffff…uck,” Zoe gasped while wiping her nose off.

“Hey, where’s that spliff?!” Kate shouted

“Who cares, there’s enough!” Ashlee cheered.

Ashlee was breaking bad once again. Knowing Rachelle was gone for the night, she invited four of her friends and classmates over to her place to have a good ol’ time, accompanied by a handful of cocaine and marijuana and loads of booze. Although it wasn’t common, whenever one of them had the chance to lay their hand on drugs, they wouldn’t hesitate.

Lauren plummeted into sofa next to Zoe.

“Are you horny?” Lauren asked being clearly high on drugs and intoxicated.

“Only when I see you,” Zoe replied while sipping out of a bottle of scotch.

Zoe is the most striking appearance in the group of five. With her 1.90 meter, she well surpasses all girls in length and with her big bust, rotund behind and curvy upper legs, she has all the female features a man could wish for.

Being in Ashlee’s friends group, she dressed accordingly. Her short skirt is made out of denim fiber and she wears purple knee socks. Not afraid of her body size, she wears a tight black long sleeve which accentuates her large bosom and slightly shows her cute muffin tops on her waist.

“And you? You look very horny too,” Zoe continued.

“Yes, my butt begs to be caressed today.”

Lauren stood up and flashed her round butt to Zoe. Zoe succumbed immediately and stroked Lauren’s soft butt-skin. Zoe and Lauren go a while back. Lauren always suspected Zoe had a crush on her.

“Those sweet soft buttocks,” Zoe admired Lauren’s plump butt.

As Lauren crashed back in the sofa, Zoe pulled Lauren towards her and started kissing her passionately. Lauren didn’t seem to be bothered by this advance at all. Soon, hands from both sides started touching forbidden places.

“Alright! We’ve got ourselves some lesbian action going on here!” Ashlee shouted while clapping and cheering.

Being under influence of cocaine, she talked quite fast and loud;

“Mind if I join in? Oh you don’t? That’s swell, because my cunt is dripping wet! Who’s gonna lick it?” Ashlee jabbered on.

“Zoe? Will you stick your finger up her asshole so she’ll shut up?”

“I’ll see if I can do that!” Zoe said confidently.

“My asshole? Now that sounds pornyhorny!” Ashlee giggled.

Ashlee kneeled between the girls and both Lauren’s and Zoe’s hands lifted up Ashlee’s tiny skirt as she bent doggie style on the sofa.

“Zoe, there’s the ass your finger’s going to disappear in,” Lauren taunted.

“Mind if I use two fingers?” Zoe replied.

Lauren tugs down Ashlee’s thin red panties and Zoe made her hand slide down Ashlee’s genç porno perinea. She made circular movements with her fingers. Ashlee squinted her eyes and made obscene movements to Lauren with her tongue hanging out.

All of a sudden, Kate and Sophia turned up out of nowhere. Nobody knew where they’ve been. A clearly wasted Sophia giggles and laughs constantly. Kate, having a big torch-like spliff between her fingers, looked down and started reading:

“Holy drops: A collection of techniques for improved pee pleasure”.

Ashlee got up from the sofa and snatched the book out of Kate’s hands. She looked deeply into Kate’s eyes, who seemed to be intimidated by Ashlee. It went silent, with only the stereo playing ‘a song for the dead’ from Queens of the Stone Age in the background.

“Have you read it?” Ashlee asked dead serious, “if you say no, I’ll punch you in the gut.”

“Erhm, yes? I have…”

“Great, demonstrate me then!”

“…what…?” Kate asked surprised.

Ashlee didn’t even have to point out it wasn’t hers. She tends to be very protective to her older sister, so neither did she mention her name. As crafted as she was, she saw this as an opportunity to turn this in her favor.

“You’ve read this, right? Feel free to pee in my living room.”

“What book is that?” Zoe asked curiously.

“Ask Kate,” Ashlee replied.

“But Ashlee…I don’t even know what that means,” Kate said puzzled.

“You heard me. Pee. Here. Now.”

“But I don’t have to…”

“What about you, Sophia?”

“No…me neither.”

“Naaah what the heck, I’ll show it to you then.”

Zoe, Kate and Sophia looked like they saw a ghost. They didn’t know about Ashlee’s random falling outs. As opposed to Lauren, who’s used to it.

“But when I’m finished, you two have to follow me up!”

“Well, okay…I guess,” Sophia answered laconically.

Lauren looked at Zoe very lewdly and whispered: “This is gonna be very horny”.

Ashlee made space on the sofa and pulled down her skirt. The girls kept staring at Ashlee’s exposed lower body. Lauren has seen it more times than she can remember and Zoe has participated in a threesome twice with Ashlee, so she knows what she’s seeing too.

“Just pull up your legs and fold them a bit like this. Pull up your pussy lips and wiggle them up and down to change the direction of your beam.”

Without any announcement, Ashlee gushed the complete content of her bladder through the living room. Lauren had her hand under her skirt long before Ashlee began.

“Damn, fucking hot,” Lauren whispered to herself.

“Wow, that looks amazing!” Sophia exclaimed.

“What a shower! Push harder babe!” Kate yelled.

The girls seemed to enjoy themselves with the sight of full hd porno Ashlee hosing through the room and the sound of her piss landing harshly on the tiles. Lauren couldn’t help herself and put her open mouth in the trajectory of Ashlee’s beam.

“Woah, Lauren!” Zoe shouted.

“Drink it all, hottie!” Sophia encouraged her.

Lauren’s sleek and lank hair soaked up lots of the piss spurting out of Ashlee’s little hole. When Ashlee focused her jet more, it shot dead straight in Lauren’s throat. With a couple of explicit gulps, she replenished her thirst, leaving her demanding gallons more of her best friend’s waters. Unfortunately, Ashlee raged out after about 15 seconds.

“How did it taste?” Zoe asked curiously.

“Better than scotch!” Lauren replied exhilarated and wiping her mouth clean.

“And that, girls, is how you piss. So from now on, the bathroom stays locked. All pissing is done in this room!” Ashlee commanded.

“I think I have to go next…” Sophia volunteered.

Sophia exposed her slender legs by pulling down her pants. Full of anticipation, she took place on the hot seat, the royal chair of extreme piss squirting.

“I want to get soaked tonight!” Ashlee yelled.

“But I have to pee too,” said Kate.

“The more the better. Hose me down!”

“You mean the two of us? At the same time?

“Of course, you numskull. Both of you, in my mouth!”

“Then I can’t stay behind,” said Lauren, who also wanted to pee.

“Zoe, get your big butt over here and undress. You want to be in the middle of this!” Ashlee invited her.

The three girls struggled to sprawl all at the same time in the sofa, but somehow they got it working. They lifted their legs up like Ashlee did and Sophia was the first to spray her lovely warm juices over Ashlee and Zoe.

The two voluntary victims posed on all fours when they saw the storm of droplets flying in their direction. Leaning shoulder to shoulder, the duo savored the waterfall with their tongue out of their mouths.

“This is so fucking hot,” Ashlee sighed in ecstasy.

A few seconds after Sophia, Lauren opened her tap as well. Now, Ashlee and Zoe enjoyed double the amount of urine landing on their faces. They combined the sensation of getting drenched in double girl liquids with ardent tonguing, exchanging piss with each other.

“Play with my piss,” Lauren moaned softly

“Ready for some more?” Kate added.

Kate must’ve had a really full bladder as her liquids raged out in the most extraordinary fashion. Whereas Lauren and Sophia produced a nice round arc, Kate just surged her bodily fluids in the most messy way imaginable.

For a few seconds, it was an Armageddon of girl piss as all three of them aimed their pee at Ashlee and Zoe, gangbang porno who were overjoyed with their warm shower. There wasn’t a single spot of skin that wasn’t covered in uric. A lake of clear, fresh, pure product formed around their hands leaning on the ground.

“This is incredible!” Zoe exclaimed in a sort of trance.

“All that pee,” Ashlee mumbled while struggling to catch it all.

Because Kate had applied such insane pressure, she was the first to bail out. Ashlee wanted to lick Kate clean. That’s her thing. She gets so much excitement out of licking a pussy clean of piss. But Zoe beat Ashlee to it and started licking Kate’s gently dripping snatch in the most profound way Ashlee had ever seen.

“Babygirl, you lick that clit good.”

Because Zoe did this in doggie style position, Sophia and Lauren aimed their showers at Zoe’s bulgy butt while Ashlee rubbed the steaming hot wetness all over. Little devil as Ashlee is, she couldn’t restrain herself and fingered Zoe in her wet and soppy twat, making her squirm in excitement.

“I feel the piss slipping in my hole. Don’t stop,” she gasped.

The trinkles of Sophia and Lauren started to decrease in intensity. Reason for Ashlee to force her index finger in Zoe’s asscrack.

“Yes!” she yelped high pitched.

Ashlee felt a little resistance at first, but within seconds, she could effortlessly shove her entire finger all the way up Zoe’s tight rectum.

Kate and Sophia looked jealously at how Zoe licked harder and harder on Lauren’s throbbing loveknot. Not wanting to sit there idling, they caressed Lauren’s sturdy boobs and kissed her wildly.

“This feels magical! I feel something…rushing…inside,” Zoe tried to describe her feeling.

“That’s it dear, build it up!” Ashlee encouraged.

“Gonna squirt, babe?” Kate asked in anticipation.

Kate was quick to get off the sofa and stimulate Zoe even further by powerfully massaging her clit. Wanting to experience the warmth of a pussy shower herself, she laid on her back and shoved her head under Zoe’s pussy.

From that perspective, she enjoyed the full view of Zoe’s perfect cunt. That cunt with the richly filled lips touting outwards as it felt the pressure building further and further, the cute and pink peanut-sized knob integrated with those lips pulsating with the insatiable desire of more and more and more.

Her view blurred by a sudden eruption of skin-numbingly hard squirt stream. The tsunami of ejaculate raged so hard out of Zoe’s hole that her butt could very well have lifted off the ground.

“nnyyYAAAAAHhhhh,” Zoe shrieked in delight.

It was a long and intense gush. Ashlee made sure of that. The two fingers she stuck up Zoe’s anus delivered her the orgasmic coup de grace. The seemingly endless ejaculation provided Kate with a cyclone accumulating into an ocean of squirt wet under her back.

In the aftermath of this grotesque orgasm, Zoe’s twat spouted out a few more short hiccups of clear juice, like it coughed out the last remains of whatever content was left after that…

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