Sarah and Dean’s Sex Adventures Ch. 02

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Dean and Sarah fucked one more time. It was a slow rhythmic copulation where they lost themselves in relaxed, hypnotic trance like love making.

Afterwards they talked about their joint decision go for an open relationship from the beginning.

“This is so exciting,” Sarah declared, “I can’t quite believe we are going to do this. I feel like the cat that’s got the cream.”

Dean nodded in agreement, “I know what you mean. I think deep down this is what I’ve wanted throughout my adult life, someone to be with but both of us free to see other people. I can’t wait to get cracking!”

“You definitely cracked me just now, that was a very hot and horny session. I’d say starters for ten… that was an eleven!” Giggled Sarah, “Wow an open relationship with a sexy, handsome man who fucks like a dream, I’m a lucky lady.”

Dean flushed with manly pride, he smiled and gently brushed a stray strand of hair from her face.

“Thank you baby, I’m glad you enjoyed it but remember it takes two to tango and as the man says, it’s a ten from Len!”

They burst into a fit of laughter hugging each other and shared a deep post coital kiss. Sarah broke it with a satisfied sigh,

“I’m really hopeful for us, I know it’s mad to say that when a few hours ago we’d hadn’t even met each other before but I believe two people can hit it off immediately. We just happen to be two of those, I can feel it deep down.” She burst into another fit of giggles.

“In fact I can feel it deep inside my pussy, you super lover, you really hit the spot!”

“Enough of the praise Sarah, that was all down to chemistry and probably a defcon ten arousal boost from our decision to go open about shagging others.”

Sarah nodded, “Agreed. Two hot, horny and open lovers with a healthy dose of sexual chemistry, what could beat that?”

“Well,” Started Dean, “We both confessed to very naughty desires involving you and Andrew your son and me and my daughter Lucy, I’d say that might answer your question!”

“Hmmmm, I hadn’t realized how deeply seated that was inside of me.” She responded, “I mean I know I’d thought about Andrew when my young stud Ryan was fucking me but to admit it to you in the way I did and realizing how much I want to fuck him, my son for god’s sake, well that’s one hell of a thing to declare. I now know though, I’m going to be doing everything I can to drop hints, subtly I guess, to let him know his sex mad mummy wants him to fuck her!”

“The lad won’t know what’s hit him, you best go easy on him.” Replied Dean.

“I know, he’s quite self contained, he hardly goes out other than to the gym. I’ve no idea how much sexual experience he’s had, not a lot is my guess. I’ll have to tread carefully and see how he responds to his mummy’s alluring change in behavior towards him.”

Dean laughed, “I’m sure you’ll find a way of getting in side his head and his pecker to start twitching over you. You’ve already set the scene tomorrow for me and Lucy, with that deviant imagination of yours he’ll be putty in your hands!”

After Sarah left, Dean spent the rest of the evening tidying his apartment getting it ready for Lucy’s arrival. She was planning to stay for a few months following her completion of a post grad Law degree. Usually she would have gone to stay with her mother but she was on a holiday fuck fest with some new lover who just happened to be loaded and had whisked her away to somewhere exotic for the summer.

Father and daughter time it is then thought Dean, it’ll be lovely to spend some quality time with his only child. Child eh!! Lucy had blossomed into a very beautiful sexy young lady. Dean couldn’t remember quite when he first began to fantasize about fucking her. Initially it was only a passing thought but that developed over time into full on wanking sessions imagining doing any number of things with his daughter.

Yesterday’s fledgling session with his new lover and their confessional admissions really revved him up. He was going to have to calm himself down for tomorrow when Lucy arrived otherwise he risked grabbing her the moment she walked through the door and dragging her off to his bedroom for a day of father and daughter loving!

The next morning he received a message from Sarah

– Hi lover, I hope your day goes well with Lucy, I’m sure she’s gonna be excited to see you, don’t forget to make sure she finds my little present! I’m going treat my boy to a scantily clad momma today, start to raise the temperature a bit! My pussy is still throbbing from yesterday’s marathon, you’re my super daddy stud, I’m so glad we met each other. Love and kisses, don’t do anything I wouldn’t! XX

Dean smiled at the message, he was glad they’d met up too but now all his attention was going to be on his daughter and catching up with her.

Lucy arrived by taxi shortly after midday. She breezed into the place wearing a pair of designer ripped jeans. One tear sat just below her right buttock revealing a healthy flash of smooth tender ass cheek as she strode across the room in her asyabahis yeni giriş ankle boots. The heel on them lifted her behind beautifully and the t shirt she wore over her juicy breasts was short and tight, not the standard choice of attire a girl would normally wear to great her father but theirs was an open and honest relationship so a scantily clad Lucy was nothing new for Dean to see.

They kissed each other’s cheeks and held each other in a loving embrace.

“We’ve got a lot of catching up to do daddy” Lucy purred, “I’ve missed you and want to know everything about whats going on in my number one man’s life!”

They had lunch together chatting none stop including Dean telling his daughter that he’d met someone for a first date yesterday.

“Oooo daddy, how exciting, how did it go? Tell me what she’s like?”

Dean told her that they’d had a lovely walk together, had got on quite well really and would be meeting again, he was hopeful that it might develop.

Lucy was very excited for her father “Oooo that’s great news, is she pretty?”

“I guess you’d say she is,” said Dean, “but I’d say she’s more striking and sexy than pretty.”

“Ohhh daddy, sexy, typical you the ladies man!” She reached across the table and planted a tender kiss on his cheek. “As long as I’m your number one!”

Dean responded, tickling Lucy under the ribs, reducing her to a fit of giggles, “You’ll always be my number one, you know that baby.”

Lucy smiled happily at her father. “Make a brew daddy then and come join me on the sofa.”

Dean gulped inwardly. A sudden flush engulfed him. This was the moment Sarah planned for yesterday. Dean had made sure there was a tiny bit of the silky gold material peeping up from behind a cushion. There was no way his eagle eyed daughter was going to miss it. As he filled the kettle Dean heard Lucy’s heels striding back into the kitchen.

“Hmmm”. “Hmmm daddy!” Dean turned to see his daughter draping the panties in mid air. She flashed her father a knowing grin.

“And who do these belong to daddy?” Half in jest, the grin becoming a smirk, “First date home run yesterday was it?”

Dean feigned embarrassment, “errmm,errr, well, errr I don’t quite know what to say.”

“Ha ha, you randy old goat”

“Hey less of the old! have some respect for your father.” It was Dean’s turn to grin now. “You young un’s don’t have the monopoly on,” He paused a second before saying, “Err Shall we say spontaneous intimate moments!”

Lucy was laughing now as she held the panties up for dramatic effect.

“Silk daddy, your new lady has great taste, my god they are coated in sticky looking goo! Errr!”. She made a theatrical gesture and tossed the panties at Dean who had to catch them before they struck him in the face.

He put them in the washing machine and turned to Lucy saying, “I hope you don’t think badly of me on a first date and all that”

“Not at all,” Lucy shot back. “At least someone round here’s getting their fair share!” She grumbled.

Dean blushed slightly. “It kinda just happened, we’d got along really well and discovered that we shared the same… the same appetite shall we say for what we want out of a relationship.”

“That’s interesting daddy” smiled Lucy, “I can see you shared a great deal! Any more sharing to know about?”

This was the opening Dean had hoped for, so far his daughter knew he’d met a lady, they’d fucked on their first date and Sarah wore expensive underwear. That was no big deal in itself but now he had the chance he’d been angling at, a chance to let his daughter know his relationship with Sarah was unconventional, an open one. He took an inward gulp.

“Well,” he started, “Seeing how you’re going to be living here for a while, it’s probably best to let you know from the beginning that we hit it off and confessed to each other that while we both wanted someone significant in our lives, we both wanted to… to see other people if you know what I mean.”

“You randy old goats!” laughed Lucy, “You mean shag other people.”

“Hey, I’ve already told you less of the old!” Said Dean with a mocked look of hurt spreading across his face. “Less of that.”

“Well I consider myself told now,” said Lucy, “So am I going to be seeing a procession of ‘lucky ladies’ parading through here?”

“No, it’s not like that. I think it’s for the best all round if you know what’s going on, we’ve always been open with each other, I guess I wanted you to know and Sarah forgetting her panties certainly broke the ice on that!”

“I’ll say!” Lucy exclaimed.

“So daddy, what’s in store, other couples, clubs, stray ladies, what have you got planned?”

“Nothing yet baby, Sarah has a young stud she’s keen to keep seeing, I’m more than cool with that.”

As he told Lucy that, her eyes opened wide and in a barely audible gasp said.

“Wow! The fucking lucky lady, crikey no wonder she’s happy, you too not so oldies are getting all the bloody action around here.”

“Ohhhh come here asyabahis giriş baby,” said Dean his voice laced with jokey concern. She accepted his hug. As his manly arms wrapped around her, a familiar feeling of warmth and safety enveloped Lucy, she loved staying with her father.

As she luxuriated in her father’s welcome hug a mild tingling sensation deep down inside made her squirm slightly prompting her to rub her sex ever so gently against his thigh. Her father’s revelations and those silk panties had got her going. She excused herself before it become too obvious to her father what she was doing. “I’ll unpack now daddy, I’ll catch up with you later.” She pecked him on his cheek and left to tend to her things.

The day passed quickly for both of them, Sarah messaged to let Dean know that Ryan’s parents had gone away for a few days leaving him on his own in a rambling house. He’d got straight on to Sarah, inviting her round for a major servicing. She’d immediately accepted and was asking Dean if he wanted her round at his place later to clean her up and add his own deposit to the considerable amount of spunk she expected her pussy to be carrying.

Dean wasn’t quite sure how that would play out with Lucy, he told Sarah to have a great time, get young stud to take some pics of her with her phone so she could forward them to him. When she’d finished there, if she still wanted to come over to message him and he’d see how the land lay.

He cooked their evening meal. They shared some wine with it which seemed to loosen Lucy’s tongue a little.

“You know daddy, I’m all for you and Sarah living your lives the way you want and having an open relationship. I think too much is made out about sex, creating too many unnecessary hang ups. Like you said, if no one is getting hurt, what’s the problem?”

Dean smiled, “I’m glad you think that baby, I hope you like her when you meet her.”

Lucy said, “I’m sure I will, it sounds like she’s adventurous, you know I think it’s great, I could do with some of the same, it’s been a while since I had any real fun…” She left the sentence hanging.

Dean waited a second or two then asked, “Real fun baby, what do you mean by that?”

Lucy looked at her father coyly, slowly playing a finger around the rim of her wine glass.

“Well since it’s a day of revelations, I guess I’ll share a little myself.”

She looked her father deep into his eyes, licked her lips to moisten them and started her tale.

“When I was at uni, I had an affair with a married tutor.”

Dean smiled at her, “Whilst it was very naughty baby, it’s hardly earth shattering.”

“I know,” she came back at him. “It’s what happened next. I told my room mate about it, do you remember Carly?”

How could he forget, a raven haired Irish beauty with green eyes and full lips. An all Celtic nubile young woman waiting to be fucked senseless. “I do,” Dean replied.

“Well, she said it was nothing to worry about, she said we all have our little secrets. She seemed fidgety, so I asked her if she had a secret she wanted to share.”

Lucy took a sip of wine, followed by a deep breath then continued.

“She told me she had sex with her half brother.”

You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife, Dean found this incredible to hear. He couldn’t believe what Lucy just revealed.

Lucy carried on, “It started when she was 19, he was 18, they’d got tipsy one night and one thing led to another. She said she had wanted to tell someone for ages, it was eating away inside her. After what I’d told her she decided to share it with me. We hugged each other for a while and kind of just started stroking each other, then she kissed me and I responded and one kiss became another until we were rolling around and the next thing we were making love.”

Dean sat there his mouth bone dry, thumping horny sex temples and a raging hard on. “Wow that is some sharing baby, that really is.”

Lucy looked at her father, “It’s not all, he came to stay, Carly and I shared him, it happened a few times, I still see them occasionally, we can’t get enough of each other when we are together.”

“My goodness baby, that makes what Sarah and I are up too seem rather tame.”

“I guess with you being honest with me, telling me things might seem a bit different here with you and your relationship, I guess I just wanted you to know that I’m really cool with it and in fact I’m no prude at all, far from it” Lucy had definitely and unequivocally made that clear and obvious.

Just then Dean’s phone pinged, as he looked at the screen his jaw dropped in startled amazement. On the screen was a photo of a gaping pussy with cum leaking from its lips accompanied by the message, ‘Want me to come over super lover so you can clean this up after studly and give me your own deposit?? XXX’

Quick as a flash, Lucy grabbed hold of Dean’s phone to see what had caused his dramatic reaction. She saw the photo and message, barely covering her mouth with her hand in shock saying out loud asyabahis güvenilirmi “Ohhhh myyy god, the dirty horny cow!”

Dean retrieved the phone and was about to reply he had Lucy with him when she interjected saying,

“Hey daddy, say yes, I was planning on going out with Stacey tonight, I might sleep over there, this is a huge apartment, get her over here and have your fun, seriously say yes.”

She reached over to hug him giving him a kiss on his cheek and whispered in his ear, “Have your fun with her daddy, enjoy yourself. I’ll go get ready and head out, you take her to your room and enjoy your cream pie!”

Dean tried to compose himself. Lucy had just given him the green light for Sarah to come over knowing full well that her father and his new lover would be getting down naughty and dirty. He told her again that she did not need to try to accommodate his love life but Lucy was adamant.

It barley took two minutes for Dean to reply, ‘Ready and waiting, lover number two it is for you tonight!!XX

Fifteen minutes later Sarah was at the door dressed in an opened three quarter length leopard print coat over a plunging ivory lace fuck me dress which finished a few filthy looking inches above the tan silk stockings she’d donned for her young stud.

She looked like a tart who’d not long since enjoyed a serious fucking which to Dean’s delight, he found incredibly horny. His cock already erect following the conversation with Lucy now stood rock hard as he lusted over Sarah. He grabbed her and began to kiss her powerfully finding the unmistakable smell and taste of studly’s spunk in her mouth intoxicating.

As they broke from their kiss Sarah smiled.

“I swallowed his last load, he really does keep going and going, four amazing times tonight.”

She pulled him back pushing his head down towards her sex. Then lifting her leg Sarah yanked him towards her saturated expectant cunt lips that were gaping through the inviting slit in a cum soaked black pair of open crotch panties. Dean treated himself to a brief probing tongue fuck before he pulled away to stand up and whispered.

“Lets go to my room, Lucy’s here, she’s surprisingly cool with this but I don’t want to scare the shit out her by catching me eating you out here!”

This made Sarah giggle, she took his hand as they went up the staircase to his room. Inside Dean said quietly, “You’ll not believe what Lucy told me.”

As he quickly gave Sarah the details, he stuffed her love hole with three fingers and started to gently fuck her with them. Sarah responded by gripping his cock, loving the sensations that were building deep inside her pussy.

“Fucking hell,” she groaned, “Your daughter is way ahead of us here, you’ll be fucking her in no time!”

They ripped each other’s clothes off, tumbling on to the bed where Sarah pushed Dean down to her cum spunked pussy. He didn’t need a second invitation and began to greedily lap at the volume of combined love juices, driving his tongue inside her as far as it would go. It had been years since he’d feasted like this with his then wife. He’d forgotten how good the heady concoction of a man’s spunk mixed with a woman’s love juices tasted and how seriously arousing it felt to be doing so.

Sarah ground her hole hard onto Dean’s eager mouth. She shuddered as he pulled his tongue out of her sopping cunt and diverted his eager attentions to her throbbing battered clit. She started to cum as he took her clit between the back of his front teeth and tongue, sucking hard on it whilst gently twisting his head for added effect.

When her orgasm contractions subsided enough for her to speak, she commanded Dean to lie back on his bed and stretch his arms out out behind his head.

Then slowly and seductively she removed her stockings wrapping one around his stiff cock stand a couple of times, pulling it tight saying, “I’m going to tie your hands to the headboard with a stocking and blind fold you with the other.”

Dean gasped as she expertly stroked his dick up and down using the stocking to squeeze his shaft tightly which made his manhood throb even more. Fuck he felt close to cumming. The room reeked of sex, all of it emanating from Sarah and the product of her earlier evening conquest. Dean started to tremble as a wave of delicious anticipation surged through him.

“Then lover daddy,” Sarah continued, “I’m going to slowly sink my pussy on to your cock and we are going to role play with me being Lucy, you up for this?”

Dean grunted his ascent struggling to retain his composure before adding,

“Not too loud, she might still be here, ohhhh for fucks sake, sit on my cock, I want you so badly.”

Sarah quickly tied a loose bond around his wrists and headboard stand then applied the other stocking as a blind fold over his eyes. She knelt either side of Dean’s hips and began to teasingly rub her pussy lips over his engorged bellend. She sank herself onto his prick, gasping as it filled her heavily lubricated hole to the brim.

“Ohhhh daddy, I’ve wanted this for soooo long,” as she started to slowly thrust up and down his shaft, squeezing it deliciously with her vaginal muscles. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I’m not watching.” She bent forward feeding an erect nipple into his mouth to suck on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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