Secret Lover

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I could not believe what was happening to me right then and there. It was a mix between a dream and a nightmare. Here I was lying in the bed of my four year college crush, Colleen, both of us naked, both of us breathing heavily after a heavy make out session, then stripping naked, then…and here’s where the nightmare part comes in, seeing Colleen’s giant dick and huge sack of balls. That’s right, Colleen was a shemale, a tranny, a chick with a dick.

She lied next to me on her side staring at me, but she didn’t have any shame, she was not embarrassed by her surprise, in fact she was glad she finally shared it with me. I on the other hand was lying on my back, staring at the ceiling trying to figure out what to do. I was mortified, terrified, almost grossed out to the point of vomiting and trying to keep it together. Strangely enough, I was still erect, and had no clue why. My brain was spinning, my heart was pounding, and yet my cock and balls were still tingling. Was I really so into this girl, er guy, er whatever that I didn’t care what kind of equipment “it” had? Never had so many questions gone through my head at once.

“I thought you knew.” Colleen said.

“How would I know about…that. I’ve never seen you naked.” I said.

“Yeah, but you’ve been my friend for years, hung out with me and my roommates. Haven’t you noticed that my ex-boyfriends were a little on the feminine side? I just figured that you’d put the pieces together. I’m sorry I never shared.” She said.

“It might have been something to share before all this got started.” I said. I looked over at her, she was now on her back, also still erect. I couldn’t take my eyes off her giant penis. I looked up at her eyes, she was staring back with the clear look of seduction. I looked back down at her cock.

She turned back onto her side, staring deeply into my eyes. Her big blue eyes were mesmerizing, even now that I knew she was a dude, I still couldn’t resist them. Her ruby red lips parted, “let me fuck you in the ass.” She said, as though it were a good idea.

“Are you kidding me?” I said, baffled and disgusted just by the notion that she thought she could even ask that question.

I looked back to the ceiling, my face twisted with confusion and I thought to myself, ‘how the fuck did this happen?’

I’ll tell you how, Colleen is fucking hot. She is! She is a hot, sexy woman…so I thought. She has this Courtney Cox thing going on, at least in her face. Her jet black hair was always pulled back into a pony tail and with her tanned skin it gave her a nice Latin vibe. Her face, a little thicker, but she could be a look alike for Courtney Cox, seriously she could. The rest of her body, not so much. She was shorter for one, her breasts a lot bigger, and fake as I am now finding out. Her stomach was flat and tight, she was a workout fiend and it showed. Her lower body was thick, and did not match the upper half. Her legs were pure power, thick, defined and full of muscle. Her ass, though firm was as equally strong and thick as her legs..

Along with a killer body, she had a great personality. Always bubbly and friendly, but in this no nonsense kind of way. We had the same major so we often had the same classes and we studied and help each other out and over time developed a great friendship. We never pushed anything relationship wise because we were always with someone. I had girlfriends, she had boyfriends, it just never worked out…until now.

Now we were both single, both a little buzzed and both horny as hell. We had talked about hooking up once or twice before, but it never lead to anything. Tonight, however it was going to happen and nothing was going to stop us.

She lead me into her bedroom then closed and locked the door behind her. I turned around watching her enter. She then stormed me, tearing her blouse open revealing her heavy tits wrapped in a black lace bra. She jumped into my arms and we began making out heavily like it was our last days on earth.

What a kisser she was, very passionate with a very active tongue. Her thick DSL lips had a suction to them, which did not allow my mouth to stray from hers, not that I wanted to. She wrapped one of her thick powerful legs around my waist and forced me down to the bed. She began undressing me, kissing my exposed body, sucking on my nipples as she worked her hands around my belt. She whipped it through the loops and tossed it across the room. She unbuttoned my pants, pulled the zipper down and in one fluid motion removed my pants, boxers and let my extra hard cock free from its cotton confines. She cooed in awe of my erect penis, always a confidence booster.

She dropped to her knees and swallowed my cock down to the base. Her nose buried into my trimmed down pubic hair and she use the back of her throat to rub the head of my dick, driving me to near insanity. She released me, taking a deep breath and I feel back to the bed as the cool room air connected with my spit covered xslot shaft. “Now that’s how to suck a dick.” I said complementing her.

She went back down for more, again swallowing me to the base, then dragging her tight mouth and strong tongue up and down my cock, slurping and sucking, making quite the wet messy racquet.

She again released me, this time crawling up to the bed and lying next to me, kissing me, rubbing her hands around my body. I turned to spoon her, pressing her ample tits against my bare chest. I wanted those jugs in my mouth. So I pushed to her back and kissed her right between her cleavage. She moaned and groaned and sighed as I kissed around the top part of her breasts. I reached back, unclasping her bra with one flick of my thumb and middle finger, releasing the fabric and noticing there was little to no movement in her tits. That’s when I figured out they were fake. I removed her bra, tossing it to the ground at the side of the bed. I looked over her large tits, taking in the mountainous view, the way they parted down the middle like a valley, how her hard nipples looked like erasers on a no. 2 pencil. I dove in, growling as I took her stiff nip into my mouth, latching on like a new born, and sucking as if I were trying to detach it from her body. “Oh, I like it, be rough, I like it.” She said, moaning over and over. Then with a lustful energy I dove onto the other, with my hand to press the stiff tit towards my wanting mouth.

“Titty fuck me, baby!” She yelled as I aggressively nibble her nipple. I pulled away, sucking until her titty would come no further and popped loudly out of my mouth. I pushed her flat on the bed, straddled her chest and slapped my cock down into her titty valley. She grabbed the sides of her breast, pinching them together, squeezing my cock as I began thrusting back and forth, pushing my hips into the bottom of her big, fake boobs.

“Slam those titties.” She begged, pressing them harder and harder together. I leaned back, getting some more force behind my thumping humps. I braced myself on her leg, taking notice that her pants were still on. I took my other hand, sliding it between her legs to give her pussy a nice over fabric fondling. Only there was no pussy. There was, instead a pole, it felt like a pepperoni stick in her pants.

I stopped my movements. I felt more and more of the stick in her pants, suddenly my heart was racing for the wrong reasons. “What the fuck?” I asked.

I looked down at her. She looked confused, her eyes asked ‘why did I stop?’

“Uh…” I said as I dismounted her chest. I moved to the side, her pants had formed a tent between her legs.

“Oh.” She said, as if it were nothing. She hopped off the bed and unbuttoned her pants. “Sorry.” She said again, as if this was normal to feel a long, hard, thick object between her legs where a warm, wet, wonderful pussy should be.

She turned away from me, sliding her pants down over her thick lovely, curveous ass. She was wearing a tiny g-string thong, which quickly went away as she pulled it down after her pants and stepped out of them and turned. “Check it out.” She said, very nonchalant. And there it was, fully erect, glistening from the pre-cum at the tip and throbbing with veins. “9.5 inches, see.” She said, grabbing a ruler from her desk and laying it on its side, on the top of her she-dick.

She didn’t even take notice that I was mortified. I froze like a dear in the head lights. “Not too bad.” She said, then looking over at me. “What?” She asked as I lowered myself to the bed coming to a stop on my back, staring at the ceiling, taking us to where the story started.

“Let me fuck you in the ass.” Those words echoed in my head. All I could think was, ‘here is this girl, er whatever, that I’ve practically been in love with for four years and now she has a penis bigger than mine. And now she wants to fuck me!’

I looked over at her. She stared at me intensely waiting for an answer. “Are you serious!?” I shouted. “Colleen, you have a penis!”

“No,” she said, in a matter of fact way. “I have a glorious cock.”

I became more confused. A glorious cock? What the fuck does that mean? I would think someone who’d had such a large, and I mean large secret, and was clearly proud of, which honestly she should be, I mean it was a monster…she should have told me before this started. “Oh, Andy, when we hook up, you’ll notice I have penis, which I intend to stick up your ass and fuck you like a bitch. Oh, I’m sorry, a glorious cock.”

That’s what she should have said.

I lied back on the bed, stared at the ceiling some more. I have never felt so conflicted in all my life, so confused, so scared, so overwhelmed with disbelief.

Then her hand was on my upper thigh and moving towards ground zero. “You’re still hard. So, you must be curious in someway.” She said. I looked over at her again, the seduction was still there. “Come on.” She cooed. “I still look xslot Giriş like a girl, smell like a girl, feel like a girl…mostly.”

She moved closer to me, her breath tickled my ear. My weakness, my ears and she knew this because in many sexual conversations we’ve had, I’ve told her my ears are my sexual weakness. She took full advantage. “Touch it.” She whispered. “Touch my glorious cock.”

Knowing that I wouldn’t do it on my own, she took my wrist and guided my hand towards her. She placed it on her stomach, I felt the smooth, feminine like skin as she pushed it down to her pubic hair, then to the base of her cock and I did it. I took her dick in my hand. “See, it’s just like yours.” She whispered, this time taking her tongue and tracing the outside of my ear lobe.

Not quite like mine, I thought. I felt it up dragging the tips of my fingers along her thick shaft. As I did she began sucking my ear, continuing to whisper. “You know you want me. You know I want you…real…bad. Don’t let this change how we feel about each other. Does this change everything?” As she whispered, my grip on her she-cock tightened, and without really knowing it, I was jerking her off. “That’s it, that’s it.” She said over and over.

I don’t know if it were the way she said those words in that seductive way, or if it were the alcoholic buzz I still had, or the fact that my balls were full of cum and beginning to throb, but she was making sense. Sure, she’s got a giant penis and two oversized balls, but she’s still the Colleen I had a major crush on…still.

I turned my head to look at her, to see her seductive eyes and when I did, it all came back. Pussy or penis, she is hot, she is sexy, she is the “woman” I want to fuck…or be fucked by right now.

I rolled to my side and she came closer and our passionate kissing began once again. Her tits crashed against my naked chest, then her big wet cock hit my stomach and I felt the power that was behind that beast.

The more we kissed the less I thought, the less I thought the more I let go and embraced this new sexual experience. I always said, college is the time for experimentation and this was a huge fucking experiment. Before long I didn’t care of this was a man, woman, a mixture of both, all I cared about was enjoying sexual pleasure.

The kissing had done what kissing is supposed to do, turn you the fuck on, and my cock and hers was throbbing, I could feel it pulsating against my stomached. I could feel the warm pre-cum oozing out and smearing around as we moved together in a passionate embrace.

I pushed her lips away from mine, pushing her flat against the bed and once again devouring her shapely tits, sucking, biting, and owning each nipple. While I did this, my hand wondered down to her cock, standing straight up into the air, begging for some attention, which I was now all too happy to give. I stroked her fast, just how I like to stroke myself. I listened to her coos as I sucked the color out of one nipple and pulled her cock at the same time.

I detached my mouth from her now well slobbered on nipple and turned my attention to her cock. It really was glorious. It was a sculpted penis, perfect in length, width, shape and dimension. There it was, in my hand, pointing to the sky and dripping with pre-cum. I could feel Colleen’s stare. She was waiting for me to give her head, to suck my first cock. I was nervous, not so much for sucking a cock but for making sure I did a good job…literally. I had seen it done in so many porno movies, read articles on how to suck a good cock, even heard some girls talking about their preferred techniques. So now here I was about to do the thing I enjoy most receiving, I just hoped I could put my knowledge forth into what I had no experience with.

I looked back at Colleen, she had excitement all over her face. I moved down towards her cock, kissing her stomach along the way until I got there, less that an inch from the base of her shaft. I studied the fat purple vein that ran down the top and disappeared inside to lower abs.

I could feel Colleen’s increased breathing and hear her heart beating. Now I was excited, I wanted this beautiful cock in my mouth. I raised my head, felt the spit collecting in my mouth, stared down at her perfectly shaped, slightly darkened head and opened my mouth. Slowly I lowered my head until the tip of hers was touching my lips. I felt the sliminess of her pre-cum, then the sweet yet salty taste of it. It made my mouth water more, which turns out is a good thing for a blow job. As the spit began to run from my lips to her cock, I took it in, letting my lips wrap an inch or so down, my tongue swirl around the head, smothering it with my mouth.

I took a moment to take in what I was feeling, other than excitement. The head was smooth and rubbery in my mouth, the beginning of her shaft felt odd, like loose fleshy fabric around a pole. I could feel the various veins, bumps, and xslot Güncel Giriş ridges on her shaft, it made my mouth and my balls tingle. I took more into my mouth, making sure to keep a tight, warmly wrapped seal around it at all times, carefully sliding it further into my mouth, avoiding any teeth connections.

I continued until her head hit the back of my throat and I gagged, pulling this tool from my mouth and choking. “Oh, oh, are you alright.” Colleen sat up asking, concern in her voice.

“Yeah.” I said, collecting myself. “I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Yeah, that’ll get you the first couple times. You’re doing great, don’t stop.” She instructed.

I wiped the water from my eyes, steady her cock again and this time I went down with more confidence. This time, I was prepared to suck not just taste and experience. I wanted to blow this bitch.

I took it down to the tip of my throat, right before I would gag then come back up. Slowly at first, creating a rhythm then building up speed. Before long I was bobbing up and down like a piston, spit leaving a trail and running down her shaft. Colleen began sighing, then moaning, then shifting about as I increased my sucking action. Then she stopped me. “Whoa…better hold off or I’m going to go off.” She said, her chest rising and falling heavily.

She sat up, pushing me back and kissing me. “How was it?” She asked. “How was my cock in your mouth?”

“It was good.” I said.

“Yeah, just good? My cock was just good in your mouth?”

“Colleen, it was incredible.” I said, leaning up. “Give me more.” I demanded. She smiled at me, kissed me once more than lowered herself down to my cock and took it in her mouth.

Colleen could deep throat, and she did it with the greatest of ease. I wished that I could have returned the favor, but she seemed quite satisfied with my first time blow job effort. and it certainly didn’t contain her enthusiasm. She sucked my cock hard, fast, and deep peaking my excitement, making my hips buck.

Feeling my reaction, she stopped sucking, but kept lowering herself down, taking my balls, which at this point were quite swollen and very sensitive. “OOOOOKay.” I moaned as she rolled them about her mouth.

She released my aching nuts and sat back. She looked down at my spit shined cock and balls and sighed. My legs were already spread, and with her thumb she took what drool was collected around my sack and traced it down into my asshole and began rubbing. I tightened up from a feel that could only be described as…different. I sat up, clamping her hand under my ass. “Whoa.” I said, surprised by a feeling I couldn’t full describe at the time.

“I need you to relax.” She said. “If I’m going to fuck your butt, I’m going to need to loosen you up a bit.”

I looked at her, she back at me. She could see the increasing nervousness, uncertainty, and probably fear in my face. She put her finger to her lips and shushed me, gently and then asked me to lie back down. “It’s ok, trust me here. I won’t hurt you, but you’ve got to relax.”

I did as she instructed, reluctantly though. But I lied back, unclamping her hand and trying very hard to loose my stomach, legs and asshole. Colleen began rubbing around my hole, pushing slightly, but not entering, just swirling her thumb with a fair amount of pressure. “Can you please lift your legs, grab your knees and hold them back.” She instructed.

She reached under my knees and pushed them up into the air. I reached out and grabbed them, holding them apart, bring my asshole into the light and feeling very exposed. “You’re going to love this next part.” She said. I looked down between my legs are her beautiful smiling face. I could tell she was gathering spit in her mouth. Then she leaned forward mere inches from my asshole and spit a thick hard wad into my exposed hole. The warm wet feeling made me shout “Whoo!” But when her tongue dove down, pushing into my hole I screamed “Fuck!”

She wasn’t lying. While I had never had my asshole touched, fingered, or licked before, feeling her warm, hard tongue licking, pushing, swirling around my loosening anus was amazing. She kept spitting and wiggling her tongue around, making it warm, wet and slicked up like never before. If this was her way of getting me to do whatever she wanted, it was working. She kept slurping and making noises I’ve only heard in porno movies. She moaned as I moaned, she flicked her tongue around, in and out of my butt like a gopher in a hole. I leaned back closing my eyes and enjoyed this wonderful oral treatment that never in my wildest drams did I expect to receive…or enjoy for that matter.

I opened my eyes to watch Colleen’s head sway around my ass, only she wasn’t there. Oh, she was still between my legs, and I still felt pressure, pleasure and the like around my asshole, but she was sitting up, staring at me. “Right now,” She said, softly and seductively. “I have two fingers, to the knuckle in your asshole. What do you think about that?” She asked.

I leaned back and sighed. “I think it’s great.” I said, letting the pleasure of anal penetration waive through my body. While mentally it was weird, physically it was incredible. I didn’t want it to end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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