Seducing Anatoly

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Nikki was horny. He was usually horny, but tonight he was hornier than usual. And tonight, he wanted dick.

He was an equal opportunity lecher, quite willing to shove his cock into a pussy as well as an ass. But tonight, he wanted to feel the velvety softness of a hard dick moving past his lips, wanted to taste the muskiness of guy come.

He wanted a hard body pressed up against him, and no soft tits either, he wanted the hard pecs and lean muscles of a guy. And, he wanted dick. Hard dick.

Nikki was beautiful. He had the perfect androgynous look that men uncomfortable with homosexual contact prefer in their men. Nikki knew he had this look, and exploited it to the maximum. He also knew that Anatoly returned his interest, although with reservations. The big reservation was Alexander.

Alexander, Nikki’s older brother, was Anatoly’s best friend. They had been friends since early childhood, and Anatoly, or Anni as Nikki called him, was like another brother to him. Nikki had had a crush on Anni for years. When he was younger, he liked to curl up next to him, his head against his shoulder. But as he got older, Anni began to put some distance between him and Nikki.

Nikki knew that the main reason for this distancing was Alexander. Alex did not approve of his brother’s lifestyle, and made no attempt to hide his feelings. He had discovered Nikki’s secret one day after coming home early and finding Nikki in bed with a male friend. The friend had run from the house in his underwear, knowing Alexander’s violent temper, and the brothers had fought bitterly that evening. At one point, Nikki had broken down and cried, which had softened Alexander’s anger somewhat. After that, they had reached an uneasy truce over the issue.

After Alex had been sent away, the result of an arrest for extortion, he had asked Anatoly to check in on Nikki from time to time, make sure he was ok. So every two weeks or so, Anatoly would pull into Nikki’s driveway. They would sit for awhile on the balcony, share a drink and a smoke, and talk.

But today Nikki wanted to do more than talk. So when he heard the crunch of gravel in the driveway, he decided that he would make his move. He knew that Anni had been intrigued after finding out he liked men, saw the way Anni looked at him. He knew that if it weren’t for fear of Alexander’s anger, he would have gotten him into bed already.

Anatoly walked up the stairs to the front door, where Nikki waited. “Hey boo, what’s up?” he asked as Nikki held the door open for him. Nikki smiled as he thought about that, what was up indeed! “I brought you some books I thought you’d like.”

He tossed the bags on the table, and took the beer that Nikki handed him. Nikki looked him over, the large body, well-muscled, dark, with a lot of curly hair, so different from his own blonde looks. How many times he had imagined running his hand down that hard chest, down until hair became fleece and disappeared into the waist of his jeans, of reaching in and taking hold of that beautiful uncut cock, feeling it harden and swell in his palm! But, he Bycasino must take things slowly.

“I’m so glad to see you today Anni, you have no idea.” Anatoly looked at him questioningly, and Nikki continued. “I’ve been so lonely out here in the middle of nowhere.”

“Well, you know that Alexander wants you to stay here awhile, at least until things quiet down a bit. Some of those guys would slice you up in a heartbeat, just to get back at Alex.”

He knew this was true. Alexander had a fearsome reputation, but now, behind bars, he was not in a position to take any actions against those who might seek to cause him or his family harm. Nikki was a target, and had to be kept safe for now.

“I know, but it’s not easy for me, you know?” He sipped his beer, and lit a cigarette. “I miss going out, meeting people.” He smiled. “And I haven’t gotten laid in months.”

Anatoly grinned. “Well, I can always get one of Alex’s bitches to come over and take care of you.”

Nikki made a face. “I don’t want one of those nasty whores, God only knows where they’ve been. Besides, I need something they don’t have, know what I mean?”

Anatoly knew exactly what he meant. And although he could have gotten a fag to visit Nikki, he also knew that Alexander would not appreciate that. Not at all. And Alexander had a nasty way of showing his disapproval.

“Nikki, if I could, I’d help you out. But your brother would skin me alive if I did that. Besides, if you close your eyes what difference would it make? I’ll get you a skinny bitch, you can flip her over and pretend it’s a guy.” He laughed.

“Very funny. Thanks, but no thanks.” He picked up his beer and an ashtray. “Hey, c’mon in the living room and sit. We’re not Irish, we don’t have to hang out in the kitchen.” Anatoly picked up his beer and followed Nikki into the small living room.

Anatoly took a seat on the sofa, and to his surprise Nikki plunked himself down right next to him. “You got the whole fucking living room, and you gotta sit in my lap?” Anni said.

“Well, I told you, I’m lonely.” Nikki smiled, and touched Anatoly’s black curly hair. “You need a haircut, you’re starting to look scraggly.” Anatoly ruffled Nikki’s blonde curls, and replied, “You should talk, any longer and you’ll look like a woman.”

“Maybe you’d let me suck your cock if I did.” At that, Anatoly reached for a cigarette and lit it, then looked at Nikki.

“Watch it, kid. You know the deal. Besides, I’m not a fag, I don’t do that shit.” He shifted in his seat, and gave Nikki a shove. “C’mon, move over, you’re starting to make me nervous.” Nikki sighed, and gave Anni a bit more room, but did not change his seat. He continued to look at Anni, saying nothing.

“What? You pissed or something?” he asked. Nikki shook his head.

“No, I’m not pissed. Look, I know you aren’t gay, but you don’t have to be to enjoy a blow job.” He rested his hand on Anatoly’s thigh, gave it a squeeze. “You said it yourself, just close your eyes and you won’t know the difference.” He moved his hand up, coming closer to Bycasino giriş Anni’s crotch, noticing the growing bulge there. Anni moved to push his hand away, but Nikki was persistent. He placed his hand over the bulge and pressed his palm over it.

“Your dick wants me, even if you don’t.”

Anatoly knew that he was right. His dick did want Nikki, had for awhile. When Alexander had discovered Nikki and his guest that day, he had been as outraged as Alex, but his outrage didn’t last. Nikki was probably the most beautiful man he had ever seen. Nikki had been a beautiful child, and when he reached puberty he didn’t lose any of his beauty under the hormonal onslaught. If anything, he grew even lovelier. Large blue eyes, blonde curls, and “kiss me” lips made him popular with women, but Anatoly knew he was also popular with the guys. Alexander had managed to keep most of them at bay, disgusted by the fact that guys were chasing after his little brother, and fear of Alex’s devastating temper had kept the chasers down to a minimum, but Alex wasn’t always around. And Nikki was no innocent victim, he flirted openly with both men and women. Nikki was all too aware of his sexuality and the effect he had on people, and used this to his advantage. He was a bit of a slut, and would gladly, and quickly, jump into bed with anyone he was attracted to.

Anatoly realized early on that Nikki liked him and had an interest. And even though he was not gay, and the idea in general of two guys fucking around with each other made him sick, with Nikki it was different. There was something about him that refused to fit into either camp. A man with an interest in such things could, very easily, be put at ease by Nikki’s androgynous beauty. This might allow such a man to imagine things, scenarios, and perhaps even to act on them.

Seeing that Anatoly made no further move to push him away, he took hold of the button at the top of his jeans, and with a quick movement, had it open. His fingers found the zipper, and began to slide it down. Anatoly’s cock sprang free, and Nikki quickly wrapped his hand around it.

He looked into Nikki’s face. Nikki’s beautiful face, soft blonde curls framing that Botticelli angel’s features, his soft lips open as his hand gently stroked Anatoly’s cock. For a minute, neither man said anything as Nikki teased Anni’s foreskin back to expose his moist head. Anni opened his mouth to speak, but as Nikki leaned forward and took him between his lips, he forgot what he wanted to say, and let out a long sigh instead. He rested his large hand on the back of Nikki’s head, his fingers pushing into the blonde curls as Nikki began to move his head up and down. He wanted to push Nikki away, but instead he found his hand pulling Nikki forward, onto his cock. The feel of his soft lips, his tongue were just too good. He threw his head back and moaned as he began to thrust into Nikki’s mouth.

Nikki had been right. With his eyes closed, it simply felt like the best blow job he had gotten in recent memory. And Nikki was no amateur. He knew exactly how to Bycasino deneme bonusu move, how to suck and use his tongue. Anatoly closed his eyes and whispered, “Oh God, yeah…that’s it.”. He forgot all about Alexander and what he would do if he saw what was happening between his brother and his best friend and just abandoned himself to the sensations.

Nikki felt Anatoly’s surrender, and sucked him deeply, relishing the semi-salty taste of him. He pressed the tip of his tongue into the small opening at the tip, then down the shaft. Back up, then he opened his mouth and sucked him in completely. He did not gag, he never gagged while sucking dick, he just relaxed his throat and drew Anni’s entire length into his mouth.

Anatoly gasped as Nikki took him all in. He pushed up and thrust himself in and out of Nikki’s mouth, his breath getting rapid and heavy as Nikki sucked. He pushed the blonde hair back and watched as Nikki sucked him, watched his wet lips move over his aching cock. He held Nikki’s head fast and fucked his mouth slowly and deeply, growling low in his throat and gasping, “Shit yeah! That’s it, take it all, you little cocksucker…God, I’m gonna come right down your throat…”

Nikki felt the signs of impending orgasm, and his movements became slow and deliberate as Anni pumped against his face. He felt Anni’s cock stiffen further as he started to come, and drew him in slow and deep as Anni shot his load into Nikki’s throat with a deep moan. Nikki swallowed him, his throat tightening around his spasming cock. Anatoly’s head was thrown back, and he grasped Nikki’s hair tightly as he finished emptying his balls into Nikki’s mouth.

Nikki continued sucking, more gently now, as Anatoly began panting, and drew the last drops of come from his spent cock. He lay, back against the couch, arm thrown up over his head as Nikki let his softening dick slip from his lips. He lay his head against Anni’s thigh and sighed.

After a few minutes, Anatoly finally spoke, whispering, “Holy shit, Nikki. What did you just fucking do to me?” He gently stroked Nikki’s hair, moved his thumb along his cheek.

Nikki smiled, took his hand and kissed his palm. “Well,” he asked. “Did you like that?”

Anatoly laughed. “What do you think?” He pulled his hand away and sat up. Looking at Nikki for a moment, his smile faded, and he said “I’m not a fag, you know. I don’t know what the fuck that was, but I’m not a fag.”

Nikki stretched his body, arms and legs, like a cat, and he said “Don’t worry about it. I know you’re not gay, but a blow job is a blow job, no?”

“Yeah.” Anatoly replied, smirking. “I guess it is.” He rose, and told Nikki, “I have to get going, boo. Got shit to do.” He looked at Nikki for a long moment, then added, “You know, if Alexander ever found out what I just did to you, he’d kill me.”

Nikki snorted. “First of all, you didn’t do anything to me. I did it to you. Second, I’m a big boy now, Alexander can’t control my life.” He sat up and reached for a cigarette. “Thirdly, he’s not gonna know about it.”

Anatoly put on his jacket, then leaned down and gave Nikki a quick, hard kiss. “Well, he’s not gonna hear it from me.” As he got to the door, he turned and said, “See you in a couple of weeks?”

Nikki relaxed against the sofa cushions, and said, “I’ll be looking forward to it.”

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