Self Isolation

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By Dawn R

When the COVID virus hit I had a decision to make. As a writer I am very lucky in that I can work anywhere. Anywhere that is, that has light and power and good access to the internet. I am too married to my computer to consider resorting to pen and ink. Being too married to my job and my computer is also what led, at least in part, to my divorce.

We settled without too much rancor on my taking the beach house, which is now my year-round home, while he kept the place in the city. We were both just twenty-three when we got married. It was almost ten years before we both admitted the mistake we had made and got the divorce. It wasn’t about sex; the sex was still great and had probably been the main reason we had stayed together as long as we had. Luckily, we had been in no rush to have children. We both had pretty active libidos, so it wasn’t a surprise when Ted let me know he had begun a new relationship. With the coming of the lock-down in March my decision was whether to move into the little apartment I just acquired in town or continue to hang out here on the coast.

Having decided the apartment would be just too claustrophobic, I went on a major shopping spree for the things I could not live without. I filled the beach house freezer chest with frozen meat and vegetables and stocked up on coffee, sugar, flour and, yes of course, toilet paper and paper towel as well as a whole lot of other essentials. For anything fresh I would have to rely on the local supermarket and the grocery. I just hoped they could stay open.

Up until two weeks ago the weather had mostly been cold and stormy, but now that the daily highs are in the eighties and the weather has mostly settled I am spending a part of each day on my beach. I say ‘my beach’ because although the beach is public my house is situated in a little bay with only a few neighbors. It seems they all stayed in town. There is public access if you are willing to walk a mile and a half from the road to the steep path down to the beach. Even in summer we get very few visitors apart from the immediate residents and their families. There are much more accessible beaches only a few minutes’ drive in either direction.

Enjoying the isolation, I have taken to sun-bathing nude. I just throw in a sun dress after my shower, have my coffee and eat something light, grab my bag and come down here. I have a bikini in my bag for emergencies but have never put it on, even when I was surprised by a visit from the state marine patrol in some kind of souped-up zodiac. On that day I was deep in my book when they just pulled up on the beach and they were standing respectfully physically distanced by the time I got to my feet. They wanted to know who I was and how I got here.

Once they understood I lived right here and had not been driving around. They said how lucky I was and to stay safe, then wished me a good day and were gone. No charges of public indecency or demands that I get dressed. In fact, I think they enjoyed the view. There were three of them, a man probably in his fifties, a much younger man and a woman of maybe thirty. It was tough to be sure of their ages as their faces all had the kind of tan you get when you are out in all weathers. All I know is that rather than feeling embarrassed or frightened, I felt confident and a little aroused standing there as the object of their scrutiny.

So, I have been pretty much relaxed as no one else has been around. This morning I got out of the shower and was looking out of my bathroom window when I was surprised to see a man walking down the track towards the beach. He was still a little way off and I wondered where he had come from, either the main road or one of the new houses on the cliff that lies between our bay and the next one over. I was suddenly a little self-conscious standing there in front of the mirror. I had not really been maintaining my personal grooming. I reached for my razor and cream and tidied my bush to a narrow strip that ran down my mons and stopped just above my clit. Why seeing a man had prompted this action I could not say, but it was certainly time I paid it a bit of attention.

By the time I got downstairs I saw he had arrived on the beach. As I watched he put down his bag and took out a towel. He stripped off his shirt and began applying copious amounts of sun screen to his arms and chest. He looked back towards the few houses in our bay and presumably seeing no obvious signs of aliağa escort life unbuckled his belt and dropped his jeans quickly followed by his underwear.

If anything, his butt was whiter than his chest. It was a long time since any part of his body but his forearms had seen the sun. As I watched he continued to apply sun tan lotion to the areas that had now been exposed. I experienced a hot flush as I took stock of my voyeuristic behavior. It was too long since I had seen a naked man and from this distance it looked as though he was in good shape, although I couldn’t really tell what age he was.

What should I do? The sensible thing would be to remain inside in the safety of my home, but somehow after this long isolation I felt a little reckless. I opened the screen door, crossed the deck and made my way down the path to the beach. Carrying a large beach umbrella, I pretended not to be aware of him as I walked past and stopped about twelve feet in front of him. Without looking back, I put down my things and worked the umbrella’s pole into the sand. I fixed the umbrella and opened it.

Facing the ocean, I lifted my sundress over my head. Surprise! For him, but not for me. It was all I was wearing apart from my beach sandals. Just as he had done I reached into my bag for my book and my suntan lotion without looking back pretending I was totally unaware of his presence. I wondered if he would cough or otherwise alert me, but no, just the gentle sound of the waves. I started with my shoulders and arms then moved to my breasts, all with my back to him. I moved down to my stomach and on down to my pubic area. He would just have to use his imagination as I stroked my scant landing strip and let my fingers spend a moment on my clit. I was starting to feel quite hot.

Finally, I moved to my legs starting with my thighs then bending forward as I applied the lotion past my knees and down to my calves and ankles. At this point I knew I must be providing a clear view of my vagina, which I knew was by now very moist. I wondered if it might be glistening in the sun now beating hotly on my bum.

I hadn’t applied any lotion to my back, so spreading my towel I now sat down and then lay back with my head on my bag. I picked up my book and read a couple of pages before very obviously laying it aside. I lay still and soon gave every impression of napping.

After about five minutes I heard movements behind me. I was pretty sure he had just stood up. Then I heard him walking lightly towards me. My eyes were open but I doubted he could tell that behind my mirrored sunglasses. He walked past me towards the ocean respecting the distance between us. I had to switch my gaze hard to the right to follow his progress and then I could no longer see him. I continued to lie still and wondered if he was going for a long swim. Apparently not, for I soon heard him coming a little less quietly back up the beach. I still did not move.

He stopped in front of me about eight feet away. I could see sea water glistening on his skin. He was obviously checking me out. He wasn’t wearing sunglasses and I could see his eyes wandering up and down my body. He checked out my what he could see of my face and breasts couple of times but after a minute it was clear he was more of a leg man or maybe it was just my pussy. He moved slightly forward (to improve the view?) and his penis was now visible to me and I could see it slowly thickening and lengthening.

Enough of this. I gave a cough and sat up. I reacted surprised and a little shocked to see him in front of me. He blushed quite a startling crimson and moved his hand to cover himself, which only drew attention to his strengthening cock. I’m not an expert on cocks, although I’ve seen a few on nude beaches in the past. But very few of them were erect or even close. Anyway, this penis looked to be a very nice size in it’s now semi-erect condition and his blushing seemed quite delightful. Although he had a man’s figure I doubted he was more than twenty-two or three. He was clearly both embarrassed and uncomfortable.

“Where did you swim in from?” I asked taking the initiative and pretending to be unaware of how he arrived.

“No, no, I didn’t swim here. I was just taking a dip; I live up on the point.” He was anxious to explain.

Continuing my game, I said “So, you saw me sunbathing nude and thought you could sneak up on me?”

“No. Actually, I was here first.” His poor izmir rus escort penis was shrinking at the inquisition.

“I didn’t see you.”

“Well, you were carrying that big umbrella and walked right by me.” He was getting indignant now.

“And you didn’t say anything as I got undressed?”

“Well, I was caught by surprise and was covering myself, while you put up the umbrella. I expected you to turn round and then you just pulled your dress off and were nude underneath. I figured nudity didn’t offend you so I stopped covering.”

“Well, you must have watched me when I was putting on my sunscreen, and you still didn’t say anything.”

“It didn’t occur to me. You have a striking figure. I enjoyed watching you.” He seemed to be regaining his confidence.

“Well, thank you. I guess no harm’s done as we are obviously both comfortable being nude. You haven’t been here before?”

“I heard the beaches were closed. Why? Did you come here before?”

“I live right there. It seemed silly not to come down when it’s only yards away from my deck.”

“I surprised you didn’t see me arrive then or do you never look out of the window.”

“Yes, it is surprising” I said, and giving a sly grin. “Hardly believable.”

“So, you’ve been putting on a show this entire time.” He said with a grin.

“Possibly.” I replied.

He started to move closer.

“Two yards’ distance, please.” I said. He picked up his towel and bag and moved them up. Then he sat down. “What now?” he asked.

“Now we use our imaginations to get better acquainted.”

“You mean who we are and what we do?”

“Well, we could do that but right now I’d rather know your likes and dislikes.” I said.

“Such as?”

“Well, I liked it when you blushed and I especially liked watching your cock grow.”

“Oh, I see. I liked it when you put suntan lotion on your feet and ankles. I also like your breasts now I can see them.”

“Would you stroke your cock for me?”

“Sure, would you like to…eh…do yourself for me?” And he started to gently stroke his penis with his right hand.”

“That’s fair.” I said and spread my legs and began to stroke my clit. “I see you’re right-handed.”

“Following the same logic, I see you’re a lefty.”

“See how much we’re learning about each other.” I said, slipping a finger into my vagina.

“I wish I were doing that.” he said.

“I wish you were too.” I said.

“I haven’t had contact with anyone. I’ve been alone in the house up there for almost three weeks.”

“I’ve been stuck in my beach house for close to two months.” I countered. “Until recently the weather was miserable.”

“Yes, it was cold and cloudy when I arrived. I came as soon as it became clear there would be no more college this year.”

“You’re a full-time student then?” I said thinking how young he looked even as he continued to fondle, rather than stroke, his now very erect cock. Suddenly I felt like a cougar about to pounce on such a vulnerable prey.

“Yes, I was expecting to finish my third year when this COVID thing happened. Now I’m not sure when this will be over and I’ll be able to go back.” He looked genuinely worried and stopped fondling. He really did look vulnerable now.

“Come here.” I said.

“I have a mask.” he said, and surprised me by pulling a mask with an attached snorkel from his bag.

“That’s original.” I said, pulling my cloth face mask from mine and putting it on.

He looked so funny coming over with nothing on but his mask and snorkel that I had trouble keeping it together. The sight of his impressive cock waving from side to side with each step was too much and I burst out laughing. He stopped.

“Come on.” I said. “You’d laugh too if you could see yourself.”

He scuttled over and sat on my towel beside me.

“Turn around and face me.” I said.

He did and I placed his hands on my breasts and moved them around so that it excited my erect nipples. Once he was busy with that I reached for his cock and began to gently bring it back to its full grandeur and then without much warning a spurt of semen shot out hitting my navel and running down to my tummy to my crotch. It was followed by a veritable stream over my left hand and down my arm.

“Oh, God! I’m so sorry.” He cried lifting the mask from his face and looking crestfallen.

“Don’t worry.” I laughed and letting go of his cock I stood pulling him to izmir escort his feet and said “a swim will wash it all off.” And as he hesitated, I dragged him snorkel and all down to the water.

I plunged in washing his cum from my arms and body and surfaced to see him swimming a bit further out with his snorkel mask back in place. I swam to him and found I could still stand up. I pulled him to me and wrapped my arms around him. We stood with our bodies touching and I ran my hands down his back to his muscular butt and pulled him hard against me. We stood like that for a matter of minutes before I could feel faint stirrings of his penis. I remembered how quickly Tom recovered when we were first married and this boy was surely younger than he was then.

I reached between us to confirm; then encourage, what I had felt. His hands were wandering around my butt and into my crack. I was shaking in anticipation. I drew his cock up against my sex and using the buoyancy of the water climbed on to it almost without his help. And then we were both moving in a frantic rhythm as I felt my orgasm approach. Normally, I can never cum just from the movement of a penis, but it had been too long and I was so wound up that no further stimulation was necessary. And his penis was certainly hitting all the right places.

As I reached the peak my orgasm, my pelvic muscles had rapid contractions and I felt him release another flow of semen. ‘I’m not on birth control’ I thought hoping the sea water would wash everything away. But the truth was we were still very much locked together and his penis still seemed to be firm within me. So much so that I was hardly surprised when he again began to move inside me. The movement was slow and gentle but also deep and persistent and it felt so good. I didn’t think I would cum again but it was highly pleasurable to be used this way after so long.

How long we were out there coupled like that I don’t know but clearly he was not in a rush. I had just noticed that my fingers had become wrinkly when I felt his rhythm increasing. I could feel he was as fully hard as ever as he plunged deeply into me. One arm was wrapped around my back and the other was playing feverishly over my very erect nipples until they felt they would burst. And then I found it was happening again. The combination of the thrusts of his voracious cock and his attention to my nipples had aroused me to the extent I was thrusting eagerly in counterpoint to his thrusts. I felt the wave of heat spread through my pelvis and an unstoppable orgasm overwhelmed me.

It took him a few more thrusts to finish and then as he slipped out of me he carried me to the shore. I’m not sure I was ready to make it on my own. He held me for a minute and then as I cautiously stepped away from him, I realized he was still wearing that ridiculous mask with the built-in snorkel. I would have laughed but I didn’t have the energy. My own mask must have got displaced at some point when it was soaked and stopping me breathing properly. Perhaps the tide would bring it in.

We moved apart and I sat on my towel while he returned to his. Before sitting down he removed his snorkel and grinned at me.

“That was fun.” he said, and I was at a loss for words to reply. “I should probably be going back now.” he continued folding his towel and repacking everything in his bag. “Will you be here again tomorrow?”

“If the weather’s good. I’ve really nowhere else to go. Will you be coming down?”

“I expect so.” He blew me an air kiss and started to walk away. He stopped and looked back. “I have a confession” he said “I knew you were here. I’ve been watching you through my telescope. I was plucking up the courage to come down here and meet you. I thought if I arrived first, then it would be your decision if you wanted to meet.”

He paused “You almost had me fooled when you pretended you hadn’t seen me. It made me very anxious, but it turned out we were both playing the same game.”

“And what a game it turned out to be.” I said.

“My best ever.” he said.

“Mine too.” I watched as he began the walk up to the point. It would take him a good twenty minutes: I thought. It was time for me to go too. I packed everything up and walked up to my deck. I was in two minds: did I want him to come here again tomorrow? It wouldn’t have the same spontaneous magic. Also, I wasn’t sure how I felt about having sex with someone who was at least ten years my junior. On the other hand the sex was amazing and now that I knew it was at hand, not having it would drive me crazy.

I knew one thing. I was going to cross my fingers and I was definitely going to start taking my birth control pills.


Copyright: © Dawn Ramble 2020

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