Selling the Car

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Shannon had just undressed and thrown on her terry cloth robe. She was putting away some dishes and then was going to jump in the shower. She was going to night class for her masters degree when the doorbell rang.

She was surprised to see a young man, about 5’9″ and obviously fit smiling at her. His olive skin and dark hair conveyed a hispanic heritage, though it was faint. “Uh, may I help you,” she asked.

He looked over his shoulder and thrust a thumb toward the Chrysler Sebring in the driveway. She and her soon-to-be ex-husband had decided to put it up for sale and use the money for the uncontested divorce. She wanted the mini cooper and he was taking the truck, so the Sebring was expendable. It sat in their driveway for weeks with a “for sale” sign on it. They didn’t have the attorney’s fee to process their divorce until it was sold.

“I’d love to take a look at the car,” he said. She exhaled and laughed at her predicament. First, she was naked except the robe and second, she had to be at class across town in an hour.

“Uh, well, I need to change,” she said.

“Hey, you know what? You seem busy. I’ll come back later,” he started. This was the first interest the car had drawn in weeks. She certainly didn’t want the opportunity to pass.

“WAIT! I mean, sorry. Look, let me just grab the keys. You just want to take it around the block? Ten minutes,” she asked.

“Well, yeah if it’s okay,” he replied.

“Okay.” She was wondering what the heck she was thinking as she grabbed her keys with mace keychain, slipped on some running shoes and walked out to the passenger side of the car. She electronically opened the door and then handed him the keys when he got in the driver’s seat.

“Just around the neighborhood then,” he asked.

“Yeah; sorry, I’m just trying to get ready for a class I’m going to,” she explained.

“Okay, he said and carefully backed out of the drive.

She began running down the specs of the car and giving its features. She turned towards him and opened up the arm rest and pulled up the base to reveal a custom disc changer. When she did, she didn’t realize she was revealing half her right breast when her robe opened a bit. The driver did. In addition, her turn had revealed her left thigh to its center giving him a feast of flesh.

“I like it,” he responded. “I need a car for college this year. It’s my final year so I understand the hurry to get to class. My name is Paul by the way.”

She, in her state of unease, was oblivious to his gaze. “Well, Paul, what do you think,” she asked as he turned right back into the drive. “Let’s go in and talk about it.

“I have 2000 cash now and 4000 I can bring tomorrow,” Paul said.

She winced. “We really need 7000.”

Paul winced back. “I really can’t…”

Shannon began to feel she was losing her opportunity to get rid of the car. She began to go back over the car’s advantages. “Look, the furthest I can go down is 6800.”

Paul shot back with “6300.”. Shannon sighed. This was close.

“Look, I really need to sell this car.” She thought for a second. “What’s the highest you can spend?”

“6300,” Paul said, not budging.

She huffed quietly and asked almost to herself, “What can I offer,” oblivious to what Paul was daydreaming about.

He said under his breath, “I’d pay 6500 to see what’s under that robe.”

“What did you say,” she asked sternly.

“Uh, nothing,” he replied a little shocked she’d heard him.

“No, you said something,” she urged with a smirk.

“I didn’t say anything really,” he said a bit spooked now.

She knew what he said and wondered if she could go through with showing him her naked body. She was intrigued that this younger man could be attracted to her 36 year old frame. “Paul, we both know what you said,” she said through a slight smile.

“Look, I really need to sell this car,” she continued while holding the cloth band tied at her waist. “If you make it 6600, we have a deal.”

Paul gulped and he tried to keep his mouth from dropping open. Just above a whisper he answered “Okay.”

She smiled broadly and just as she began to untie her robe, Paul interjected, “…but it can’t be just a flash. I want to see it all. Go over there,” and he pointed to the living room.

“Okay, well, since we’re making demands, I think it’s only fair that you give me the 2000 dollars you said you have now,” she replied. He nodded in agreement.

Shannon could hardly believe she was doing this, but her excitement of the tease was causing her to enjoy it. She pointed to the chair in front of her and Paul sat in it. She stood about four feet in front of him. She first undid the top of the robe and allowed her breasts to come out as if parting the opening curtain of a show. She held them from underneath and sheepishly presented them to the smirking Paul. Paul leaned his head to the right and motioned for her to part the bottom portion of her robe. She did so, but only after crossing her legs.

“Uh, Niğde Escort uh, uh,” he said. “Take off the robe and let me see it all.” Shannon smiled at his playful order and undid the rest of the robe and threw it on the couch leaving her in nothing but her running shoes. “Now, spread your legs for me.” The order was so intimate; Shannon was already blushing but she blushed even more and a warm feeling pulsed into her pussy as she parted her legs just below shoulder-width apart. She stood a bit uncomfortably now, not knowing where to put her hands, but finally settling on her hips. “Fucking beautiful,” he said.

She smiled shyly. “Thank you,” she said just above a whisper. “So, it’s 6600 then,” she said as she moved toward her robe.

He laughed and responded, “A deal’s a deal. I’ll bring the rest tomorrow afternoon.” He paused and then said, “Too bad the negotiation’s over.”

She pulled the robe over her shoulders and tied it at her waist. She flipped her hair from beneath the robe and asked, “What do you mean?”

Paul just laughed and waived as he left the house.

Shannon felt flush the entire class and could hardly concentrate on the professor’s lecture. She couldn’t believe what she had done and the memory aroused her. She squirmed against the moisture building between her legs.

Shannon took the next morning handling the administrative minutiae involved in selling a car and waited until 2:30 when Paul would come. She was self-conscious about what she would wear and finally decided on a regular pair of jeans and an old sweatshirt.

As he walked to the door, he stopped and turned to her. He said, “Look, I think I got a great deal on this car. In fact, as good as it looks, I wonder if I shouldn’t be paying more.”

She blushed at his thinly-veiled proposition. She could hardly believe herself when she responded with “It’s an older model but it handles well.”

He smiled at her clever response. “Well, I’m not sure if I saw enough of it to really assess its true value.”

Shannon felt her midsection flutter when she said, “How much more valuable could it be?”

Paul said “Depends on how far our test-drive goes.” She marveled at his cock when he pulled it from his jeans and began stroking it. It wasn’t as long as her soon-to-be ex-husband, but it looked as thick as her wrist.

She sighed and asked, “How far do you wanna go for two hundred more dollars?”

He practically asked her, “Um, maybe you suck my cock.” She laughed out loud at his sudden stray from their unwritten script. She looked around as if someone might be watching. She couldn’t fight the huge smile that broke out on her face at the proposition presented by the younger man. She knew something like this might happen, but it had been purely in the realm of fantasy for her. She was still married for goodness sake.

“$6800 dollars then,” she asked in a soft voice. He nodded in response before biting his bottom lip while stroking his rod. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she whispered as she first walked over to the front door and locked it. She then went to the front blinds and closed them. The relative darkness took a second to get used to, but she finally adjusted. Paul was kicking off his shoes. The silence between them was broken only by the sound of his belt clinking and the shuffling of his jeans down his strong, muscular thighs. He kicked them to the side and she thought he almost looked silly with only a t-shirt and socks. He would have if not for his impressively thick staff hanging heavily between his thighs.

She gulped as she approached him, as much out of anxiety as she was attempting to built up a little moisture in her dry mouth. She was surprised when Paul stepped towards her and attempted to kiss her. “Hey, hold on. That’s not part of the deal,” she said, her business-like tone surprising even her. He looked a little surprised too. She said in a stern whisper as she reached out to his cock and felt its hard shape, “I have some ground rules here.”

He closed his eyes at her touch and his head rocked back, “Mmm…yeah?”

“I’ll do this on my terms. Don’t grab my head and no rough stuff. And do not, I repeat, do not cum in my mouth,” she said. “Do we understand each other?”

“Mmm, yeah. Absolutely,” he replied. With that, there was nothing left but for her to do as agreed. She kept reminding herself of the additional money. She licked her lips and spread her saliva before opening her mouth and taking the head of his cock between her lips. She hadn’t appreciated his girth fully until it was spreading her lips. She opened wide and allowed more to enter her warm mouth. She felt his hand upon her shoulder and decided that that was okay as she began to let more and more of him search the confines of her mouth.

Paul moaned loudly and it actually made Shannon feel good. Her and Ted, her husband, had understandably gone awhile without sex and it had been years since she’d performed a blowjob. In fact, intimacy was Niğde Escort Bayan a distant memory for her, so the opportunity to make a man feel good sexually made her feel sexy and wanted. In turn, the apprehension and anxiety of the moment turned to arousal. She was beginning to move her head rhythmically and she even wrapped her hands around his backside to pull him into her mouth. Paul practically growled.

She began to feel the warmth developing between her legs, but it was coupled with the pain from kneeling on her knees. She didn’t want to seem too inviting, but she knew she couldn’t stand like that much longer. She pulled her mouth off Paul’s glistening cock and looked up at him. “Sit down,” she whispered hoarsely as she pushed his abdomen. Paul dutifully sat down on the couch at one end. Shannon knelt perpendicular to his lap and restarted her ministrations.

In her position, she didn’t realize that her sweatshirt allowed for quick, easy access to her hanging breasts. As much as she wanted to keep it from happening, her wanton desire began to overtake her previously laid-out constraints. Paul’s left hand was now freely fondling her tits below her bra. Shannon was thoroughly enjoying Paul’s work when she breathily teased, “Somebody didn’t pay for that.”

She was astonished when he quickly blurted out, “$7000.” She looked at him almost as if she thought he was joking. She then said before going back to sucking his dick, “It’s your money.”

“Yes, it is. And I also want this for it.” He said it as his hand slipped down her exposed stomach and the gap in her jeans’ waistband. Paul’s hand quickly plunged into the very wet area under her panties. Shannon inhaled quickly at the turn of events, but the shot of pleasure that coursed through her body kept her from stopping him. She enjoyed his rubs against her swollen slick clit. Her open mouth began to open wider then her suctioned lips could cling to his cock, allowing her spit to trickle down onto his balls and with each move, onto her chin. She felt dirtier than she’d felt in years and frankly, she was loving it.

Paul’s wet hand moved to quickly undo the buttons of her jeans. The sloppiness of her juices ran over her ass cheeks as he pushed the jeans and her panties collectively down her thighs, bunching them just above the knees. Paul went back to plunging his fingertips into her sopping wet pussy. The obscene sound of the wet smacks of her juices excited her and she could not help but expel a moan every couple of seconds.

Shannon felt the sensation of an oncoming orgasm building inside of her. She felt like she was paralyzed to stop the onslaught Paul was inflicting though she was pretty sure she didn’t want him to stop. She was experiencing an equally vigorous assault of her senses. Her eyes feasted on the younger man’s muscular body pulsing with every move she made. She ran her hands over his thighs and fondled his ever-tightening balls while stroking his thick rod. She enjoyed the sound of his pleasure cries mixing with her muffled inadvertent moans with the background of her wet pussy being fingered. Her nose took in the scent of his cologne and his natural smells along with the smell of her own arousal. And she surprisingly enjoyed the salty taste of his swollen member against her tongue.

Shannon knew she couldn’t completely relinquish her inhibitions. She and Todd were getting a divorce, but she reminded herself she was no “slut”–the critical voice of her mother erupted the accusation. There was no way she could let this go any further she determined. This petting session had to end. “Mmm…you gonna cum Paul,” she asked while attempting to catch her breath.

“Ngh…not yet,” he answered. While he did, he pushed Shannon’s bunched jeans completely off of her legs. She became very aware of her complete nakedness below her waist. It was as if a safety net had been removed from beneath her. She couldn’t just simply pull up her pants. Her fear–or was it anticipation–was answered when Paul leaned left and began kissing her along her right hip. Things had moved so quickly…

She closed her eyes and took shorter breaths as Paul’s soft lips began to kiss her along her thighs. She barely minded when Paul broke her rule and moved her mouth back over his dick with a hand at the back of her neck. His wanton, animalistic actions only served to excite her more. She knew if he kept advancing, she wouldn’t be able to stop him. It’d been years since Todd had gone down on her and she wanted it so bad, but…

“I can’t. I can’t do this,” she said as she stood and sat self-consciously at one end of the couch facing him. Paul smiled at her deviously.

“You can’t,” he asked with a laugh. He pulled off his shirt and showed off his toned body. “You drive a hard sale,” he said as he leaned forward and began kissing and licking from her ankle up to the inside of her knees. Shannon looked down between her legs at the hair, matted by her fluids, and wished she had shaved it Escort Niğde a bit. She covered it with her hand. His hands grabbed the bottom of her shirt and she didn’t stop him as she raised it over her head, leaving her in only a bra. He quickly began to kiss her above the top of it and finally went to her neck. Shannon began to worry he’d leave evidence on her neck of her little affair when he put his mouth against her ear. “$7500. That’s all I’ve got,” he whispered.

His hand began to rub her wet lips between her legs. She responded by biting his earlobe and answering with, “Ah, yesss.” With that, he grabbed her hips and scooted her onto her back. She spread her legs open to his approaching pelvis when she suddenly let out, “Wait!”

He looked at her in shock. “Do you have a condom,” she asked and hoped he’d say yes.

He looked dejected. “No.” She quickly got up and went to her and Todd’s bedroom. In the off-chance they had sex, she’d wanted her and Todd to use a condom to avoid pregnancy before their impending divorce. She grabbed one from the drawer of her nightstand. She was already opening the package when she reentered the living room. He held up a hand.

“Damn. Let me just look at you.” Shannon blushed. It had been forever since she’d felt admired and she loved the feeling. “Please, take off your bra,” he asked politely. Shannon did and stood uncomfortably a few feet from him as he stared at her body. He sat with his back against the back of the couch and took the condom from her hand. He rolled it onto his thick rod and motioned for her to come to him.

Shannon wondered how his thickness would feel. It’d already challenged her mouth. She placed a knee at a time on the outside of his thighs and he put her hands onto the back of the couch on both sides of his head. It left her full breasts and hard nipples open and he took the opportunity to suck them with his mouth. The intense pleasure caused her head to rock back and for her to exhale, “Oh my God.”

She felt the broad head of his staff at the entrance to her pussy. He was applying upward pressure and the friction caused by his girth was scaring her. She pulled away a bit. “You do it,” he whispered. She took the invitation and slowly glided him into her. At first, she took a little, though the explosion of pleasure she felt was so inviting that she continued to glide him into her slick hole. On her downward path, her swollen clit ran the length of his lower abdomen and she cried out unrecognizably.

It was all Paul needed to grab her hips and began driving her onto him. “Ah; you like that,” he asked through gritted teeth.

She answered in high-pitched squeal that answered, “Oh yes…Oh God yeah…” The room was soon filled with her occasional whimpered moans and the slapping of their groins mashing together.

“You are so fucking hot,” Paul said. “Worth…every…penny,” he huffed. The unspoken accusation stopped short of calling Shannon a “whore”. The dirtiness of his words, though, only served to arouse her more. She and her husband Todd had never really engaged in that type of talk during sex and the feeling intrigued her. After feeling unattractive for so long, the power she felt was stimulating. “You are so wet Shannon,” he whispered and his words only caused her more arousal.

She didn’t know what to say, but asked what his body was already answering: “Do you like it? Do you like my…” She was trying to build up the courage to say it. “…wet pussy?”

The young man answered with a grunt, “Ah…fuck yeah.” Shannon’s pace picked up as his answer aroused her beyond a tipping point that drew her climax near. Her breathing became even more unsteady as did her legs. She began to quiver and with each of Paul’s thrusts, Shannon began to call out her approval. As she called out in soprano, he grunted into her upper chest and neck. She held his head as if for safety as the two of them began their crescendo. Shannon felt Paul’s pulsing cock within her pumping his warm seed into the sheath he wore. She bucked herself toward him as an electric shock coursed through her entire body and she shook without inhibition against him.

The two sat together like that for minutes holding each other. She finally began to stir and he held her tight. They stared at each other’s faces for a few seconds before the awkward realization of what had just happened set in. Simultaneously, they looked away. “Your bathroom,” he asked. She motioned him to it.

While he did, she got dressed, hating the feeling of putting her wet panties back on. She walked over to the dining room table where the paperwork was laid out for signatures. She stared at it with her arms crossed. He walked in naked. She looked at him for a second and then back at the paperwork. He walked into the living room and when he returned he was disheveled but clothed again.

He began counting out $5500, the remainder of what he owed her. She picked it up without counting it and put it in her pocket. “Aren’t you going to count it,” he asked.

She smiled and answered, “No. Considering…No. I trust you.” She began signing over the car and she motioned where he had to as well. She handed over two sets of keys with a tight-lipped grin. Paul went to the door. He stopped when he got there.

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