Senatorial Secrets Ch. 04

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Fingering Pussy

Author’s Notes: In light of what has transpired in politics these last few weeks, I thought it important to let you know, this story is a work of fiction I thought of on my own before the “scandals” came out. This is not poking fun at anyone or any particular state. This is just a story and is not meant to sway anyone toward any particular political party and/or belief. Comments are welcomed, but only the ones where the criticism is given with respect will remain on my public comment section. Even negative feedback can be done with class. I am enjoying this series and hope you are too. ~ Thanks, Red


Taken from Ch. 2 “What are your plans tonight, Mom?” Gail asked, her fingers slipping to the small of Gina’s back. She’d done her best to offer support while her father and mother shot glares at each other.

“Your father and I have a fund raiser to go to, nothing too major, just some environmental thing to raise money for them and us,” she said nonchalantly. Her fingers toyed with the pearls Samantha had picked out.


Brad watched his wife dance across the ballroom floor. He half-heartedly listened to the group of men that chatted around him. He wondered who in the room was screwing his wife and then shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t care that she was probably cheating on him, he was doing the same to her, what he wanted to know was how could her affair help him continue his move up the Presidential ladder. A young couple passed by and Brad took in the scent of Old Spice, a favored cologne he often wore. He gazed at them, noting the youth in the young man’s face and the look of excitement on the woman’s. Brad turned to Alan Gauge, the Senator from Wisconsin and asked, “Who is that lovely bit of flesh?”

Alan turned and eyed the blonde beauty on the young man’s arm. “That’s Rebecca Miller, she’s a distant cousin to the President, her date is Anthony Edwards, some boy from her home town. I hear she’s got quite the inheritance coming her way once her parents pass.”

“I see,” Brad allowed his gaze to wash over the woman, his look telling all he was admiring her ass, but in fact he was admiring her date’s rump and how it would look with his cock buried deep within it. He turned back to the group and learned more about Rebecca Miller and the little town she was from.

As the banquet’s dinner/dance continued to move into the wee hours of the morning Brad found himself growing more loose as the wine and champagne continued to fill up his gullet. He made his way to his wife and pulled her to him, excusing her from her dance partner and taking her to the center of the room to dance with him.

“Show time?” she asked and plastered a smile that spoke of love and romance on her face.

“Yes,” he whispered against her ear, pulled her close and pressed a kiss to her shoulder. He saw the flash of cameras and knew that their “love” would be proclaimed for all to see on the front pages of the paper the next day. He further encouraged the unwritten articles and swept her romantically about the room.

“I take it you’ve found a new playmate for the night?” she quietly whispered in his ear, knowing people thought she intimately spoke of her need for him.

Brad muttered a silent curse. “I don’t think that is your business, but yes I have. What of you though?” he asked and then gave her a small dip, smiled for the cameras and brought her back up to his chest.

“Brad, it is my business I’m your wife. I am currently between lovers,” she answered and made sure no one but her husband heard her. She laughed for the crowd and stuck out her tongue in hopes all thought her dashing love had teased her unmercifully.

His brow rose and he smirked. “Then may I steer you toward one?” he chuckled at her low throaty growl of “bastard.”

“I’m quite good at finding my own fuck toy,” she hissed and denied the pain that washed over her as she thought of him pimping her out.

The music ended and Brad gallantly led her to California’s Senator Meeks, a known womanizer to those that knew him well, and one of the most sought after Bachelor’s. “Craig, I must leave the ball early, would you be so kind as to take care of my wife?”

Brad felt his wife stiffen. She knew what he wanted, yet he also knew that the media would never think that the beautiful Savanna Scholastic would cheat on her equally handsome and faithful husband. He placed Savanna’s hand in Craig’s and then kissed her cheek. “Have fun my darling and I’ll see you at the hotel when this business is done.” He thanked Craig for caring for his wife, enforced his sorrow at having to leave the party and then walked away, shaking hands as he headed to the back of the room.

His entourage of guards followed him and then he turned toward Samuel, his head guard, since Peter was protecting his twins. “Samuel, he’ll get fifteen if he comes willingly, ten if he’s forced, but . . . I want the morsel on Rebecca Miller’s side.”

“Yes, Sir,” Samuel replied Onwin and darted back into the room, where he quietly stalked out his boss’s prey.

Brad left the building, using the back entrance. His limo, free of photographers, sat waiting for him. He climbed in and rested, hoping for a willing lover; if not, than a forced one was just as much fun, sometimes more. He pulled out a cigarette, lit it and then drew in a long stream of nicotine, filled his lungs and then expelled it into the air around him.

The limo door opened and Anthony slipped in, a look of curiosity crossed his face. “Senator Scholastic,” he nodded his head and lifted a brow. “I was cornered in the john, by some burly man who said you needed to see me?”

“Anthony Edwards, right?” he asked, though he knew Samuel had brought the right man to his car.

“Yes, Sir.” The door closed as Samuel climbed in and sat down beside Anthony, across from Brad.

“I did want to speak with you. I understand you are visiting with Miss Miller?” Brad asked and nodded his head to Samuel, who pushed an intercom button and told the driver they were ready to go.

“Yes, Sir I am,” Anthony turned to Samuel, “ready to go? Go where?” he asked turning back to Brad.

“I have a proposition for you, one you’ll find interesting. I thought we’d talk about it while my driver drove me back to my hotel,” Brad answered. He saw Anthony’s rage building and he knew in front of him sat an unwilling lover.

“Sir. I have a date and I need to get back to her. I don’t know what this is about. I don’t know anyone here, so Rebecca is not going to know where I went and will be worried,” Anthony said, his voice hard and edgy, yet laced with a hint of knowing fear.

“Anthony,” Brad said and extinguished his cigarette. He leaned over the space of the car and whispered low, for effect. “I know you are some country bumpkin from Miller’s home town and that’s perfect, because I need folks like you to make my life a bit easier. I need the nobodies, because the somebodies can’t be bought.”

“Sir?” Anthony asked and leaned back, trying to reclaim his personal space.

“How old are you Anthony?” Brad asked, leaning back in his chair and running one hand over his crotch, the other he lifted and motioned for Samuel to move to the seat beside him.

Samuel, his bodyguard of several years, did as he was told, though the command was silent. Brad watched Anthony and felt his cock jerk at the young man’s surprised shock as Samuel opened his boss’s pants and pulled out his stiffening rod.

“I’m almost nineteen Sir,” Anthony answered. His face paled and he looked up into the Senator’s eyes. “Sir, I think there is some mistake, I’m not. . .well. . . I’m seeing Rebecca; I’m not. . .”

“Gay?” Brad asked and then moaned as Samuel’s fingers swept around the head of his dick. “Have you thought about men though? Ever?”

Anthony shrugged his shoulders. “Sir, it really doesn’t matter. I’m here with Rebecca and I think you need to order this car around. This will remain between us and I’ll simply tell Rebecca I wasn’t feeling good so left to get some fresh air.”

Samuel chuckled and then lowered his head to the Senator’s cock. Brad groaned and pushed Samuel’s head down further. “No Anthony, it doesn’t work that way in Politics. You’ll do what I want and when I want. I picked you out boy; you should feel honored.”

He watched Anthony and could almost see his pulse rate increase, noting the throbbing almost matched his own pumping heartbeat that flowed down into his sex.

“Sir. I’m not doing this and I demand you let me go,” Anthony said and squared his shoulders.

Again Samuel chuckled and this time Brad growled. “Oh fuck yeah, Sam,” he turned to Anthony. “You aren’t going anywhere,” he nodded his head to the other guard who had climbed in with Brad when Samuel had left to collect Anthony.

The body guard pulled his weapon and aimed it at Anthony. “Now, mmm. . .Sam slow up for a minute, but don’t stop,” Brad groaned. “Anthony, you have a choice, simple really, fifteen thousand if you do this willingly and keep your mouth shut. Ten thousand if you are forced and death if you open your mouth to anyone about this. You decide, but accept the fact that you are gonna play gay tonight and you don’t have much choice in the matter.”

The sound of the gun’s safety being released brought a shudder to the young man and a smirk to Brad. “Get off Samuel, I think Anthony’s going to cooperate.”

He watched Anthony’s eyes water in unshed tears and then saw the young man swallow back whatever his body had tried to throw up. “Come on Anthony, its just a cock. You have one too. It’s just come, and yeah, you’ll be swallowing it.” Again the man gagged and chuckles of mirth filled the limo. “Time is money. You take too long and the fifteen is going to start dropping.”

The tip of the gun pressed against Anthony’s ribs and Samuel moved back to his seat, Brad waited, his legs Onwin Giriş open, his cock free and wet, jerking against his stomach. When he saw Anthony swallow the bile he knew was rising up and down his esophagus he grinned. “Good boy,” he said and reached out to touch the young man’s cheek. “It’s not that bad and you may find you like it.”

Anthony glared at the Senator. “I’m only doing this so I don’t get a bullet in my gut and dumped in some ditch,” he muttered. He took the wet cock and wrapped his fingers around it, Brad groaned and moved his fingers from Anthony’s cheek and then slid them to the man’s hair.

“I don’t care why your doing it, just do it,” Brad demanded and pushed on the raven locks. He lifted his hips at the same time and felt Anthony’s lips on the swollen head.

He saw the look of displeasure on the boy’s face and nodded to Samuel. Samuel reached down, grabbed Anthony’s balls and squeezed hard, forcing Anthony’s mouth open as he let out a scream. Brad laughed and shoved his hard cock into the man’s mouth and pushed his hand down more, forcing Anthony’s head to drop onto his thick tool. “Don’t bite and you’ll keep your fifteen grand and your life,” Brad warned.

He watched Samuel move back and reach into his pants. Samuel was older than Brad liked his playmates to be, but Samuel was also more than willing to perform for his boss or help his boss out and so Samuel was often rewarded with his play toys or allowed to join in the fun. “Just suck his balls and jerk off, you can fuck him later,” Brad muttered and then felt Anthony try to come off his cock to protest. Brad held him down. “Don’t you fuckin’ stop boy. You’re mine tonight. My money gets me what I want, my power keeps you alive, so suck it in and enjoy,” he groaned and began to rock his hips against Anthony’s mouth.

He felt the young man’s tongue move over the front of his cock and he sighed in pleasure. His other hand pushed into his hair and he began to ride the boy’s face for several minutes, keeping the tempo set for his pleasure. Brad watched Samuel move to the floor of the large, spacious limo and angle himself so he could open Anthony’s pants, pull his organs out and begin the suckling he’d been told to do. When he found his position Brad saw Sam’s hand come down and begin stroking his massive rod.

“Careful with those teeth,” Brad muttered when Anthony again paused and gagged. He knew the man was wanting to wretch now that his own sex was being violated. “Just relax and let your body react to it. Imagine its your sweet Rebecca fucking you. Has she ever fucked your cock?” Brad asked and slowly pounded into the hot, wet mouth. “Don’t answer with words, just moan I can . . . ohh fuck yeah, moan again. I love it. The vibrations are wonderful. More,” Brad demanded and thrusts upwards. “Ohh fuck, ohhh fuck, he’s good. . . ohh God, Anthonyyy!” Brad shouted and thrust forward one last time, held Anthony down and shot his come deep into the boy’s mouth. “YES!”

The gag reflex was there and it forced Anthony’s throat to clamp tighter and he came again. “Fuck yeah!” he shouted. His eyes were glazed with lust as his gaze took in the white streams bubbling from the man’s lips. “Swallow it Anthony. I’m not letting you up, till you do.”

He saw the despair and the hate reflected in the boy’s blue eyes. “Come now Anthony, you know your cock is hard, you’ll need release and you are only prolonging my fun, now swallow,” he demanded again, then sighed in pleasure as the swallowing of his come forced Anthony’s lips, cheek and tongue to wrap around his cock. “Mmm . . . wonderful.”

Brad released Anthony’s head and then watched him jerk away, pulling his balls from Samuel’s mouth and then turn away in humiliation. Brad rolled his eyes and looked over to Samuel’s hard cock. “Feed him yours too,” he ordered and was soon watching a gun pressed against Anthony as Anthony was forced to swallow and drink the other man’s cream.

Anthony sat back in his seat and stared at Brad. “You’re a sick fuck,” he muttered.

Brad chuckled and reached across the space, grabbed Anthony’s dick and stroked it. “You kid, are as hard as a rock. So don’t sit there and judge me.” Anthony pushed his hand away and repaired his state of dress, concealing his cock, behind the expensive material.

“Are we done?” he asked, though his eyes proclaimed he knew the answer.

Brad rolled his eyes. “I told you we were going back to the hotel. . .just not the same one my family is staying in.”

Silence filled the air as the limo rolled through the city and eventually moved to a darker part of the Casino Capital and pulled into a dingy hotel parking lot. Samuel got out, followed by Brad, then Anthony, who Brad watched being pushed out, the gun from the other agent still exposed. “You’re just not going to make this easy are you?” Brad said and turned on his heel, walked toward the lobby and grabbed a key that was tossed to him by the owner, a woman that would cushion Onwin Güncel Giriş her bank account with another hefty sum of cash the following day.

“Everything ready?” he asked and heard her, “always, Brad,” as he made his way down the hall to a room, often used when he was in Vegas.

“Have the limo come back in five hours, then we’ll head back to the Hilton, by then Savannah should be finished. I do hope she fucks Craig,” he said more to himself than anything, but knew Samuel was listening. He opened the room’s door and walked inside. His eyes took in the bed, then over to the dresser where his toys lay spread out for his use. A smile filled his features as he thought of how each “special” place he stayed at was always prepared for him. He wondered who had called ahead and warned Betty that he was coming and would need everything laid out for him. It was these special perks that his employees provided that made him more than happy to give them raises and expensive gifts every year.

He walked to the bathroom, relieved himself and heard Anthony shouting that he wasn’t going to do this and then heard several thumps. He knew that Samuel had handled things and Anthony was going to cooperate one way or another. When he walked back into the main part of the room, Anthony was clenching his stomach and his jaw looked a bit swollen. Brad shook his head and walked over to the Anthony, grabbed his hair and kissed him hard on the lips, thrusting his tongue in and devouring it.

“I thought you were going to do this. Remember, the money? If you relax you’ll enjoy it. You may not want to, but Anthony you’ll come tonight; don’t lie to me and tell me you don’t like coming. You’re a man. You have a cock. All cocks like to come. The feel of it spurting out and the rush of blood flowing through your body, the heat of some hot mouth swallowing your cream and when it flows into your ass,” he grinned wickedly, “in your ass man. . . there’s nothing hotter than that.”

Anthony shuddered, but instinctively rubbed his crotch.

“That’s right Anthony. Stroke it. It’s hard isn’t it?” Brad asked and added his hand to the man’s. Together they rubbed. “You hate it don’t you? The feeling your body is having right now as my hands get you harder.”

Anthony’s jaw tightened and he pushed Brad’s hand away and removed his own. “I’m not doing this. We’re done. Keep your money, I’ll keep my mouth shut and I’ll find my own way back.” He turned to leave, only to have Brad’s hand shoot out and grab his hair, jerk him back and then throw him toward the bed. Anthony stumbled and fell, rolled then tried to get back up, but stopped when the barrel of Samuel’s gun pointed at his forehead.

“Get undressed,” Samuel ordered.

Anthony hesitated. He eyed the gun, stood and then began to remove his clothing. Samuel smirked and nodded his head. “It’s really not that bad. If you do find out you like it, you can become a regular. Imagine all that cash. You’d not have to come out here. We’d come to you, sometimes we’d fly you out. Wouldn’t you like that?” Samuel asked as Brad began to disrobe.

“Willing or not?” Brad asked as his hands ran across a pair of leather restraints.

“I don’t want this,” Anthony said, though his hands were already stroking his hard tool.

“Tell me Anthony, how much money does your family have? I know Rebecca grew up in a small town, but her family is related to the President, so they aren’t doing too bad with the banks, but what of you?” Brad asked and picked up a flogger.

Anthony’s eyes followed the Senator and he swallowed. “Rebecca went to public school and was treated just like the average kid. My family isn’t rich, so before you ask, yeah they could use the money your offering.”

“Offering? Nah, you’re earning it. Think about it Anthony. You could earn them fifteen grand for a willing fuck whenever I need it. I haven’t had a steady fuck in a long time. I could even consider making you an intern. I haven’t had a kept intern in years,” Brad whispered and stroked his cock. He could see the wheels rolling in Anthony’s head and nodded toward Samuel and the other guard, who then left the room. “I’m gonna fuck you, and suck you, then you can decide if all this is a sick as you seem to think it is.”

“I’ve never. . .”

“I know, Anthony. I like virgin asses, they’re the tightest,” he saw the boy wince and laughed. “I like many things.” He released his cock and took Anthony’s, stroked it and watched indecision flow back and forth in the man’s blue orbs. “It’s been a long time since I slowed down and tried to talk someone into enjoying it. Perhaps its because your so close to the President’s family? Or maybe. . .” Brad shook off the thought that he liked the boy, focusing instead on the political pain he’d have if Anthony didn’t cooperate and was found dead in some ditch, fucked up the ass with a bullet hole in his head.

Anthony said nothing and Brad stepped closer. “Has Rebecca ever sucked you?” he asked and ran his fingers down the full length of the boy and cupped his balls. “I mean you’re almost nineteen, and boys and girls are fucking at that age. I have a couple twins. I know they’re probably fucking people, but I like to pretend I’m ignorant.”

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