Senior Year – Krista

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This is the first in a series written by my Pet. I tweaked it for him. I hope you like it.

Growing up I was a pretty naïve kid. I lived in a small town near a river. Unfortunately for me, my face was buried between book covers and not between the legs of the beautiful 18 year olds girls back in High School. If I only knew then what I know now.

Krista was one of the ones that got away. A very intelligent and beautiful woman, that just happened to be the captain of the cheer squad. She was 5’1″, with a slight frame, long curly brown hair and dark chocolate eyes. Way out of my league. When Krista walked through the halls, everyone noticed. And I mean everyone. I remember more than once having to quickly turn around and stare into my locker waiting for my hardness to subside. My memory of her is quite vivid. Her impish smile and her ass, the things I wanted to do to her. I wanted her. After all these years, I still do.

It happened Senior year, funny how most stories about epic events from high school take place senior year. Being a bookworm, sports weren’t my thing, making gym class one of the most dreaded parts of my day. With the exception of 4 weeks every year; swimming. Girls in skin tight swim suits, one piece of course for modesty, cold water, hard nipples, I was in heaven! This year, this year was different. I had hit the jackpot. Not only was Krista in my class, but so was Jessica. Jessica was textbook cheerleader. Long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, curves in all the right places, and a smile that made you believe you were the only person in her world when she flashed it at you. Oh, and did I mention, the icing on the cake, she was totally into girls.

Luckily for me I had gym last period of the day. Headed towards the pool the first day of swimming, I was lucky enough to be behind Krista and Jessica as they walked Kartal Escort down the hall in their red and black uniforms. There is something to be said about the beauty of a teeny tiny skirt just barely covering the well rounded ass of a high school girl. I could hear Jessica telling Krista that after the game she should just stay the night at her house so they could get to work on whatever project they had due on Monday. My mind was already fuzzy due to the short skirts but hearing Jessica talking about a sleep over, my cock got even harder and I almost walked into a bank of lockers. Jessica’s “sleepovers” were the talk of the boys’ locker room! You would have had to be deaf not to have heard about them. But, that’s another story. They must have known how close I was to them because as they turned into the girls’ locker room, Jessica smiled as she glanced down at my ‘problem’.

I found the most remote place in the locker room to change and was the first one poolside. I wanted to have a good seat for the show that was about to begin. The rule was to shower before leaving the locker room. Shortly after I had found a seat most of the boys’ locker room was empty, we all wanted to watch as the girls trickled out of the showers in small groups usually 2 or 3. I had to applaud the janitorial staff, because who else had control of the temperature of the air around the pool. We could hear the squeals and shrieks as the first girls made it under the cold showers only to have walk onto the pool deck and show us what we’d been aching to see; goose bumps and rock hard nipples. As long as the coach was in her office we were free to ogle all we wanted.

Krista sauntered across the deck with a half dozen of her friends and I noticed Jessica stayed a few steps behind watching Krista’s scrumptious ass from behind. I wondered if Krista knew what Yakacık Escort Jessica had in store for her. Coach came out of the office, blowing the whistle for us to sit in the bleachers for the rules and safety speech. I couldn’t believe it; Jessica and Krista started climbing the bleachers right in front of me, and then it happened. Jessica put her hand out for me to pull her up the last step and I felt the warmth of her body against my arm as her large, soft, tits brushed against it. I was one gigantic raging hormone and I did what any teenage boy would do, I sat there dumb founded with a hard on. Swim trunks don’t hide anything and I knew she could see what I was thinking.

“I want to see that later.” She whispered as she turned to help Krista. I almost lost it. She bent forward sending her ass into my crotch. My cock was very happily nestled between her cheeks and I had an amazing view of Krista’s tits. She pulled Krista up one step and pressed a little harder back against me. She pulled again to help Krista up the second step and I swear I could feel the heat from her pussy against the head of my cock. The last step and I think she could feel my cock throbbing; I was so close to cuming. I almost whimpered when she pulled away from me to sit in front of me. She giggled quietly, nudged Krista and smiled back at me and my very obvious affliction. Thank God Coach had one of those annoying voices to help subdue my hard on and I was able to sit on my hands to keep from slipping my hand into my trunks and prolong my suffering. It didn’t take long and soon Coach told us to get in the pool and practice floating on our backs.

The cold water instantly helped at getting rid of the remainder of my hard on. I could feel myself relaxing into the water, my body floating, until I felt the water next to me ripple. I opened my eyes and found Kadıköy Escort myself between Krista and Jessica. Instant hard on. A quick glance around showed that no one was paying any attention to me but Coach and she wasn’t doing more than glancing around the pool to make sure we were all doing what we were supposed to. A hand brushed my side. It was Jessica’s. She looked at me and smiled as her hand slowly dragged along my side to the waistband of my trunks. She lightly tugged on it just as the Coach called for us to do the dead man’s float.

I let my feet sink to the bottom of the pool and pushed off my toes to flip. I twisted underwater, so I could come up on my stomach and I felt my hand brush up Krista’s inner thigh to her pussy. Touching her was completely accidental; I don’t think she even noticed it, but that brief few seconds of contact with her skin made me cum. Jessica saw exactly what happened.

When class was over, I held stayed in the water wanting to be one of the last ones out so I could admire the view. I felt a warm body behind me and a hand reaching down the front of my trunks. Jessica whispered in my ear, “You naughty boy! This is mine. Do not do that again without my permission again, do I make myself clear?”

“Y-y-yes, ma’am!” I stuttered.

I couldn’t believe it! A girl. A woman was holding my cock. I was going to cum again. I was sure she could feel my cock throbbing in her hand. She decided to give me permission and stroked me a half a dozen times making me cum again. She pulled her hand from my trunks, swam to the far side of the pool, climbed out and walked into the girls’ locker room. Her swaying hips had me hypnotized and I could feel my cock getting hard again.

Hearing my name shouted pulled me out of my dumbness. Coach was sitting on the bleachers facing me. She shouted again at me to go get changed. It wasn’t until after I left the building that I realized that she had been watching Jessica jerk me off. My mind might have added a few memories, but I could have sworn that I saw her right hand resting on her crotch. I must have imagined that, right?

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