Sex Between Friends

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I met her at the pool. She didn’t live in the building, but was over often to visit several friends who did. She had about 10 years on me (I was 34 at the time), but looked really good in a bikini. She had a tight ass, firm B-cup breasts, and a flat tummy. Light brown hair and blue-grey eyes. We talked quite a bit, shared cigarettes and the occasional joint while baking in the sun listening to music or playing in the pool. More than a little bit of flirting went on.

As time went by and we talked more, it turned out we shared the same last name. Even stranger, she had a younger brother who shared my first name. He was a gay real estate agent in the same part of town, and I got a few phone calls from people looking for him and getting me instead. Weird.

We saw each other quite a bit at the pool over the late spring/early summer, and she came up to my apartment a number of times as we collaborated on cooking on the grill poolside. She worked at a rather exclusive French restaurant, and I was a pretty accomplished cook myself, so we had fun putting our minds together and making great meals for our friends and ourselves.

She was a drinker, rarely being without a glass of wine or a beer, which probably explained why she never seemed to remember that I was not gay (in that part of town almost all males were gay – so it was a common assumption that I learned to live with). On the 4th of July we had a pretty big party with steaks and chicken on the grill by the pool and various sides from corn on the cob to diced potatoes with butter and garlic and red beans and rice. We all retired to an apartment near the top of the building to watch the fireworks show that would be occurring at Olympic Park.

At one point I found Cynthia and myself in the elevator together as we were transporting food and dishes from the pool deck to their various homes. I had her pressed against the wall and our crotches were pressed together while her breasts rubbed against my chest. I murmured something in her ear about having fun together, and she responded with “But you’re gay!”

“No I am not gay! I’m 100% straight honey!”

Comprehension dawned in her eyes and we locked lips in a passionate kiss while she groped in my shorts for my erect cock. I wanted that elevator ride to last forever, but we were soon on the pool deck finishing our cleanup.

We returned upstairs for the fireworks show, which was spectacular. A lot of things went on, but we kept exchanging glances loaded with meaning.

After the fireworks the party began to break up, and I managed to get Cynthia in a corner of the kitchen to ask if she needed a place to stay the night – nobody was sober enough to drive her home, and I had ulterior motives. She readily agreed. We slid out the door together and took the short trip down to my level in the elevator. On the way down I pressed her against the wall and kissed her again, while fondling her firm breast through the T-shirt she had thrown on over her bikini. She broke away about the time that the elevator stopped on my floor and looked me in the eyes, “You really aren’t gay?”

I grabbed her hand and moved it to my prominent erection that was threatening to pop out the leg hole of my shorts “Does this feel gay to you?”

She was drunk and I was high and we were both horny. What more could a single guy ask for?

We burst through the door to my apartment, and I threw the deadbolt behind us. Cynthia pressed me against the back of the door and grabbed my ass while sticking her tongue down my throat. We French kissed for several minutes, while her hands roamed across my ass to my thighs and across my stomach. In turn, I was running my hands along the crease of her buttocks, and around her beylikdüzü escort stomach and then across her chest, brushing her nipples as I went.

We were both covered in suntan oil and sweat, with the smell of grilled food clinging to us. We moved towards the bedroom, shedding clothes along the way. We wound up with her sitting on the edge of my bed naked, me standing in front of her with my cock bouncing in front of her face.

Cynthia grasped the base of my erection with one hand and lightly kissed my swollen head before wrapping her lips around it and swirling her tongue across the sensitive underside. Her other hand was pressing against the small of my back, pulling me closer.

I was groaning with pleasure, and as Cynthia continued her ministrations to the head of my cock and then began to stroke the shaft slowly with her hand I could feel the pressure building. “I’m close!” I said. She merely sucked a little harder and increased the movement of her hand. She also removed her other hand from my back and cupped my balls.

I came, shooting my load into her mouth as she gulped it down. My knees literally got weak, and I sagged a bit while she milked my cock for every drop. As the last vibrations of my orgasm subsided she released me, and I dropped like a stone onto the bed beside her.

I was gasping for breath after that orgasm, but Cynthia wouldn’t let me rest. She climbed on top of me, legs straddling my hips and kissed me. I could taste myself on her lips, and we spent several minutes kissing deeply. Rather than subsiding, my cock grew nicely firm again. Cynthia took advantage of this and moved her hips down a bit to rub her slit in my erection. I could feel her curly pubic hairs brushing against my still sensitive head, and then I slid between her lips and she was rubbing herself along the bottom of my cock without penetration. We tore our lips and tongues apart, and I moved myself to meet her breasts, sliding my lips down her throat, to her shoulders, and across her collarbones until I had my lips centered on her breastbone between her bouncy tits. She moved slightly from side to side, trying to make contact between my mouth and her nipples, but I was in a teasing mood. I slid my lips and tongue around the bottom of her breasts, licking the sweat from the crease underneath them, and then circled round to the top, fluttering my tongue and lips along her skin. I could feel her arch her back in an attempt to make firmer contact, but I pulled back just enough to continue to tease.

Cynthia was breathing heavily and I could almost hear her nipples hardening in anticipation. I finally relented and move my mouth to one nipple. I shot my tongue out and licked her hard nub briefly, eliciting a wonderful shudder of pleasure from her. I then blew gently across her hard and newly damp breast, which caused another shiver to course through her body. Giving in to temptation, I then locked my lips onto her breast, and began to manipulate her with my mouth.

I was massaging her other breast with one hand, and the other slid down her tight stomach to find a home between her legs. I probed through her pubic hair and caressed her labia for a moment, before spreading her wide with my index and ring fingers and allowing my middle finger to slide inside her slippery hole.

Cynthia convulsed in pleasure, breaking my hold on her breasts and pulling my finger out of her.

I took the opportunity to slide down even further and position my face underneath her dripping crotch. She looked down at me, and I looked up at her; we both smiled, and she lowered her pussy onto my face. I gently used my fingers to pull her lips apart, beyoğlu escort and I saw her swollen clitoris poking out at me. I craned my neck a bit to reach up and lick the delicate folds of her inner lips, circling around her hole, and purposefully avoiding her clit. I sucked her lips, inner and outer, into my mouth, gently nibbling on them before pressing my face onto her mons pubis and applying pressure as I kissed her triangle of light brown hair. My hands were groping across her back and cupping her ass, and she was squiggling around on top of me, trying to settle into firm contact with anything. I was still teasing.

Finally, I gave in. I stretched the tip of my tongue out and touched it to her swollen clit. She took a deep breath and pressed herself against me. I reached up with both hands and grasped her breasts, finding the hardened nipples and giving them a solid pinch. At the same time I began to move my tongue rapidly across her clit, providing more stimulation while she pressed ever firmer against my face.

Cynthia came in a mighty wave. I could feel her body move from her shoulders to her knees as she cried out and grabbed the back of my head with one hand, nearly smothering me between her thighs. Her juices ran from her pussy freely and dripped around my tongue, flowing out across my face.

As her quivers of pleasure subsided, I managed to remove my face from her crotch and flip her onto the bed on her back. I leaned over her and kissed her with her cum on my lips, much as she had kissed me with my cum on her lips a little earlier. She devoured my kisses, and even licked my face in an attempt to collect the evidence of her pleasure.

“Ready to fuck now?” I asked with a smile on my face.

She just smiled.

Cynthia threw her knees apart, and I lowered myself onto her. She grabbed my cock and guided it into her deliciously wet pussy. I slid into her with ease, slowly pressing down until I was fully encased in her warmth and wetness. I pulled back until just the head of my cock was still inside of her, paused, and looked down at our joining.

“What a beautiful sight” I said.

Cynthia looked down across her breasts and tight abs and said, “Yes, it is beautiful”. We both stared down at our groins, watching as I slid in and out of her, her lips clinging to my cock with every withdrawal and pressing in as I slid back into her warmth. We probably spent several minutes watching our motions, but the pleasure soon took over. Cynthia’s pussy was getting wetter and warmer, and it seemed as if my cock was growing in response.

She was starting to moan in the back of her throat, and the volume increased as I grasped her breasts in my hands. I gripped those mounds of flesh tightly for a moment, and then took her nipples between my thumb and forefinger of each hand, applying firm pressure.

She let out a yelp and grabbed my ass with both hands, forcing me into the closest possible contact while she squirmed and gyrated under me in orgasmic pleasure. It would have been pretty easy to cum again right then, but since I had already shot a load into her mouth I was looking for the long haul.

Our sweat was mingling with the remnants of the suntan oil, creating a nice slick sensation as her tits brushed against my chest and our stomachs slid against each other. As her orgasm subsided, I looked into her eyes once again and asked “are you ready for more?”

“Oh yes!”

Cynthia surprised me then by shrugging my cock out of herself and then squirming about to place her legs over my shoulders. She locked her ankles behind my neck and positioned her wet pussy on the head of my cock. “Now fuck me for real”.

I bizimkent escort was definitely not used to that reaction, most women were asking for slow and tender at this point in my experience. But, being ever the gentleman, I did my best to oblige. I placed my hands on either side of her face, gently cupping her as I lowered my face down and kissed her. She reached up and grabbed her own breasts, massaging them strongly and pulling on her nipples. I began to thrust in and out of her fast and furiously. We fucked like maniacs for probably 10 minutes, my cock pulling back and thrusting in while my balls occasionally slapped her ass. The noises as my hard on slid into and out of her were loud and squishy sounding. Every now and again we would get caught in a circular motion that had her rotating her hips around my shaft and me trying to rotate my hips in the opposite direction. When we caught our synchronization just right I could feel the walls of her pussy roll around the head and shaft of my prick, creating a very delightful feel.

Despite the intensely pleasurable sensations we were creating, it became fairly clear that neither of us was going to cum very soon. We had both gotten off once and were ready for more fun. Cynthia took the initiative releasing her tits from her grasp and removing her legs from around my neck, while disengaging our groins from each other. I felt cool air on my shaft, and a small surge of disappointment, followed by curiosity.

Cynthia shrugged out from under me and scooted about on the bed, placing her feet on the floor as she bent over the edge, presenting her ass and swollen pussy lips to my sight.

“Do me!”

I did. The bed was tall enough that I could slide into her and fuck her from behind without having to crouch down too far for comfort. Once again our bodies were slapping together and I placed my hands on her hips while she grabbed at the sheets in pleasure. I could also se her rubbing her erect nipples on the bed for more stimulation. We fucked doggie style for a while, but then I got inspired and grabbed her right leg, elevating it and turning her around to her side with my cock still pounding inside of her. We wound up facing each other with her leg thrown up in the air and me thrusting into her almost sideways, while we stared into each other’s eyes. After a couple of minutes, I craned my neck down and managed to grasp her nipple in my teeth. I applied pressure gently and all of a sudden she was cumming in a furious orgasm. I could feel the temperature of her pussy rise, and the fluids were running out around my shaft. Her eyes rolled up and she shook and trembled in pleasure.

As her orgasm passed, I rolled to the side and pulled her around with me, cock still firmly encased in her. At the completion of my roll, she was now on top of me, with her breasts hanging down and her pussy firmly lodged against my tool. We squirmed around a bit on the bed to center ourselves, never loosing that close contact. Then Cynthia placed her hands on my chest and began to fuck me. Her hands massaged my chest and she pinched my nipples now and then, all the while her hips were bouncing up and down and my cock was sliding in and out of her pleasure hole.

I placed my right hand on her tit, and my left sought out her firm buttock. I grasped each in my hands, savoring the firm flesh. Cynthia was rising to the tip of my cock until I thought the head might pop out and then slamming down until I was trapped entirely inside of her. Her breathing grew heavy, and her chest flushed. I knew she was close to cumming again, and so was I. I used my left hand to press he firmly onto my erection, and my right pulled on her nipple strongly enough to pull her closer to me. We kissed once more, and that was it. She came, I came, and the Earth moved. We were both making unintelligible noises and our hips were moving uncontrollably. I shot my cum into her, and she gushed juices on me.

We lay together for some time, my cock slowly softening inside of her. When I finally had breath to speak, I asked her “Still think I’m gay?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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