Sex Kitten of the Month Pt. 03

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It is Saturday afternoon on a freezing winter day. Latino wrestler Angel (19 yrs.) steps off of the bus outside the gym. He stands at 5’9″ and weighs 149 lbs. His gym bag hangs on the left shoulder. The big college jacket and sweat suit keeps him warm. The stocking cap covers his head who has a trimmed, black mustache and beard.

Kerri (27 yrs.) is a former “Gents” magazine “Sex kitten of the month” (38-24-36). She sits inside of her 4 door, black Mazda, sports car. The motor keeps her warm inside. She’s wearing black jeans and a white fishnet, halter top. Both of her huge nipples peak through those fishnet holes. Kerri’s sandy-blonde hair falls to the shoulders. Her eyes watch Angel who walks inside the gym for his wrestling meet. She shakes her enormous tits.

Kerri whispers, “A hot Latino.”

Angel finishes his wrestling match. His fingers unstrap the head gear and yanks it off. He walks in a circle and back toward the referee. His hand is raised as the winner.

Inside the locker room. Angel turns off the shower and steps over to grab his towel. He wipes down his whole body. His feet step over to his locker who sits down. His left hand reaches inside the sport bag for the iPhone. His finger touches the screen and scrolls the latest photos sent to him.

His Niğde Escort best friend Jesus had sent him the nude layout of Kerri in “Gents” magazine. A smile comes across his face. Angel reads his text messages again.

Jesus: I was told Kerri FUX college wrestlerz. Look 4 her at UR next match.

Angel: I will. Can’t miss those BIG titties.

He puts the phone down and continues to wipe off his body. He then puts on his clothes.

Outside the gymnasium. Angel carries his sport bag on the shoulder. He walks toward the athlete bus. He sees a car flashing its’ lights at the end of the parking lot.

Kerri yells, “Angel, over here!”

He walks toward the black sports car. The driver window is rolled down as Kerri smiles. Angel approaches and soon realizes that she is that “sex kitten” on his iPhone.

She asks, “Did you win your wrestling match?”

He smiles and answers, “Yeah, I did.”

His eyes grow big as he looks down at her huge tits inside that tank top. She sits up so that her tits can jiggle in front of him.

“I’m Kerri. Get in. I’ll give you a ride” she says.

He stutters, “Sh-sure. Th-Thanks. Nice to meet you.”

Off campus parking lot. Body heat has fogged up the car windows. Angel and Kerri are both naked in the Niğde Escort Bayan back seat. She is laying on the black fur cover. He is on top of her with his chest crushing her big tits. His face is turned over her right shoulder. Both of her legs are locked around his lower back. Her arms are also wrapped around his upper back.

His 6-inch cock is buried inside of her blonde pussy. He is thrusting fast and hard as his brown buttocks bounce.

She responds, “Uhh.. Uh.. Uhhh.. Angel.. Uhhh.. Uh-Angel.. Uhhh.!”

He keeps his thrusts fast with his mouth dropped open. He feels the hot pleasure from her blonde pussy.

“I-I.. Watch.. Uhhh.. Yuu.. Yuuu.. Angel.. Uh-God.. Uh-God.!” she screams.

He grunts, “Ohhhh.. Fuck.. Do.. Yuu?”

She tightens her legs and arms around his body. He keeps thrusting fast as her buttocks bounce off of the car seat.

She screams, “Yes.. Uh-Yes.. I-I.. Watch.. Your.. Hu-Hot.. Body.!!”

He pushes in real hard and explodes, “Uuuhh.!! Uuuuuuhh.!! Uuuuuuuuuhhh.!!”

Their bodies stop and she holds him tightly.

He breathes hard, “You’re fucking real… Kerri. A sex kitten of the… fucking month.”

10 minutes later. The windows are still fogged up and it’s dark out in that parking lot. The car Escort Niğde radio is turned on and it plays “Rap/Hip-Hop” music.

Angel is sitting on the thick black fur behind the passenger seat. His legs are spread and Kerri is sitting in between his legs. Her head leans back over his right shoulder. His left fingers are pinching her huge left nipple. His right middle-finger is rubbing her clitoris in a circular motion. Her own right fingers pinch her other nipple. Her body bucks against his.

He asks, “You like that Kerri?”

She answers, “Yes.. I do.. I fucking do.!!”

He says, “You’re so wet Kerri. You wet for me?”

She jerks her head, “Oh, God.! You.. You.. Make Me.. Fucking wet!!”

His finger keeps circling her clitoris as she bucks.

“I love your blonde pussy. So, fucking hot” he says.

She breathes hard, “Angel.. Angel.. Fuck my blonde pussy again!!”

He answers, “I will baby. I will.”

Her hand begins squeezing her huge tit. His middle finger rubs that clitoris faster.

She screams, “Oh, God.! There you go.! Like that.. Angel.!!”

He says, “I want you to cum baby.”

“I’m gonna.. Gonna.. Faster.. Faster.. Faster Angel.!!” she yells.

Her body bucks hard against him, but Angel holds her tightly. Her right foot kicks the back of the passenger seat.

Kerri explodes and screeches, “UH.. UHH.. UHHHH.. UHHHHHH.. UHH-GOD.. UHHHHHHHH.. GODD.. GOD.”

Angel holds both of her tits with his hands as she comes back down.

He whispers, “My sex kitten of the month.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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