Sex Lessons for Six Naked Schoolgirls Pt. 08

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I was home on my rostered day off. My personal cell phone rang. It was Grace’s sister, Stephanie… enquiring whether I might meet with her, take her to bed, and then take her virginity.

I encouraged her to immediately come to my home.

Thirty minutes later a pretty, nubile young lady was at my door.

Nubile in the medical sense of having fully and relatively-recently become sexually mature.

Nubile in the traditional sense of being ‘ideally ripe’ for marriage.

Nubile in the street sense of being youthful…sexually-appealing…virginal…fuckable…and, of course, potentially available!

Like Grace, Stephanie was slightly Asian in appearance — with attractive, alluring eyes; that most appealing East Asian skin tone; a well-proportioned ’10/10′ body shape; breasts that appeared to be teenage-firm, well-rounded and slightly fuller than Grace’s; lithe legs that suggested she was athletic and active; a firm, very ‘pattable’ backside; and an engaging face with a soft, petite nose atop fullish ‘very kissable’ lips; all surmounted and framed by shimmering dark black straight hair that fell to half way down her back…and her most immediately attractive feature – a broad, friendly smile that exposed a set of gleaming, perfectly white teeth.

Stephanie, though, was not just extraordinarily pretty. She quickly demonstrated she had a personality to match.

She immediately established eye contact with me and maintained it throughout our several hours-long meeting; within seconds I had the feeling she was comfortable (indeed, perhaps over-comfortable) being with me… and she was not just there because, perhaps, I could help solve her (perceived) problem; she quickly gave me the distinct impression she wanted us to be a close friends; and she was articulate and soon revealed she had a somewhat mischievous sense of humour.

I could only thank God that Stephanie had decided that, for whatever the reason, I should lay her…and, specifically, be the one to end her virginity.

After a long discussion, it was apparent that Stephanie was more-than-ready to lose her virginity (she had, for example, sometime earlier organised to go on The Pill), she was EXTREMELY worried that she might physically have those same challenges ‘down there’ as her sister had when experiencing her first penile penetration, and she had been impressed that Grace found her first experience with me to be ‘very much better than any girl could reasonably expect’.

I remained somewhat unnerved that she was asking me – a stranger – to take her virginity. So I doubly resolved that, if she really was determined that I deflower her, I would do so in as natural and as loving way as possible.

I therefore suggested she inform her sister and parents she was spending the weekend with an old schoolfriend, whilst I organised a weekend for us that was far enough away from the city for us to be assured of complete privacy…to enable her to comfortably surrender her virginity.

Before she left, I suggested Stephanie give me a look at ‘what I would be faced with on our weekend away’…and then suggested that it would be even more valuable to me if she was to let me have a quick look at her whole body. Without hesitation, she agreed.

Unclothed, her body was as I had imagined it to be — very attractive breasts, an almost irresistible bum, great looking legs, a waist just begging to be squeezed…and a well-tended Brazilian that directed my eye downwards towards her slit.

She had an extremely attractive taut covering of skin that ran from below her belly-button down to between her legs (a typically recently-pubescent female feature – that ultra-smooth skin that guys simply love to feel as they run their hands down between any willing girl’s legs), sensuously bisected by her lady slash. Her, not unattractive, labia were more pronounced and more immediately visible that are Grace’s.

I asked if she might climb on my bed and allow me to more closely examine her ‘female bits’. She seemed to expect that I would do this.

I gently parted her labia, starting from the bottom end and gradually worked my way up towards her clitoral hood. I did so very slowly — I knew that when I was to take her virginity would not be an appropriate time to closely examine her ‘pink bits’, so this was really my only chance to appreciate and savour exactly what nature had attempted to hide away between the legs of this very lovely lady.

I didn’t want Stephanie to feel I was simply giving her a clinical examination so, at several points I gently squeezed her labia, simultaneously watching her facial expression. It was unmistakably a “I know what you’re up to” smile that she returned!

Her clitoris was slightly more accessible and slightly larger than Grace’s clitoris.

I gave it three or four gentle strokes with my finger. She again responded to this by giving me the same ‘You naughty boy!’ smile.

I refrained from asking whether she was enjoying that bahis siteleri liberty I had just taken, but she quickly asked “Do you like it?”

“Not just like it, I love it,” was my lame reply.

“I can see that from the bulge in your pants!” she informed me.

“Do you mind if I just pop a finger into your vagina?” I then asked.

“Please go right ahead,” she responded.

She was sufficiently damp that I didn’t need to fetch any lubricant. So, I slowly, gently, inserted and withdrew my middle finger three times. I then immediately looked at her face — she gave me reassuring smile.

“Well,” I announced. “Everything seems normal down there. You probably have a vagina that is slightly narrower or constricted than do most virgin girls, but that should not present any particular problem to you. And, if anything, the man who is lucky enough to be first inside will enjoy the experience a lot more because of this.”

“So, my advice to you is to just relax and become sexually active whenever you are ready to do so.”

“I definitely want you to be the man,” she unhesitatingly responded. “…And on a weekend away sounds like a great idea…and, please, soon.”

“Are you completely sure?” I checked…

I felt it only fair that she got to inspect my man bits, so I then undid my belt and dropped my pants and undies.

My penis, as you would expect, was by now quite engorged. I was therefore presenting Stephanie with a realistic idea of what would soon be inside her.

“Oh, wow!” she said, her voice suggesting that she was — perhaps – a little taken-aback at what was on show.

“Are you going to have a play with him?” I enquired, encouraging her to become a little more intimate. She didn’t need a second invitation, clasping my member reasonably tightly and slowly moving it up my shaft — starting at the very bottom and working upwards to the very tip of my penis.

Had my penis been any stiffer, she surely would have caused some of my pre-cum to have wet her hand.

“And, Stephanie, do you know what’s his most sensitive area?” I enquired, expecting ‘no’ for an answer.

She immediately ran her finger right up the ridge on its underside. So, she was not totally sexually naive!

“And how about my balls? They need a gentle squeeze,” I then suggested….

That morning meeting ended with a very close embrace and a prolonged, intimate kiss. It was obvious our weekend away was likely to be great fun for both of us.

* * * * *

By the time I collected Stephanie the next Friday afternoon, my balls and my dick had been aching all morning — fully appreciating what they would be receiving later that evening. I drove a short but respectable distance before stopping and asking her if we could start our weekend with an appropriate cuddle and kiss. She was more than receptive to this idea.

The drive to our weekend rooms provided an opportunity for us to really get to know one another and, indeed, bond. Understandably, some of the talk was about what was likely to occur that weekend, with Steph admitting she was apprehensive but “eager to get it (her defloration) over with”. I cautioned her that it might not happen until an hour or two after we went to bed, and suggested she might expect it to be a more pleasurable experience than she was imagining.

And during the drive she gradually, emotionally, revealed more details about why she had called me, requesting I take her virginity: most of her same-age friends had lost the virginities and were enjoying regular intercourse, so there was considerable peer pressure for her to do the same; she was sick of her sister enthusing about the pleasurable occasions she was having in the bed with me and, given the opportunity, wanted to also sample whatever it was that I was providing to Grace; she could not nominate any other guy who she loved or respected enough to be the one who must take her virginity but, again through her sister, believed I had the experience and would be sympathetic enough to make that potentially-frightening first sexual experience tolerably enjoyable; she did not want the shame of appearing to be sexually inexperienced when she did start welcoming other guys into her bed; and, because she had left becoming sexually active for so long, she was now in serious danger of being considered a serial ‘prick tease’, or be given that most-dreaded of labels – ‘frigid.’

Stephanie’s prolonged virginity until now, her now-pressing desire to become sexually active, her mounting fears about possible ‘first time’ pain or trauma, her feeling a little ‘inadequate’ about having to ask me (her sister’s ‘man’, after all!…and someone who had not even previously dated her) to be her ‘first-time’ man, and even a feeling she was having to secretly ‘escape’ to ‘do the deed’, had become overwhelming to her…and she shed significant tears while we were talking. I felt sorry for her, convinced she was being very hard on herself, so did my best to reassure her that there canlı bahis was nothing abnormal about her or about her feelings…and suggested, in an hour or to, she’d surely have a totally new, wonderfully positive, outlook on life.

And I just prayed she WOULD experience little pain and no problems taking my hard-on and all it would deliver.

So, the evening, naturally, started with more — prolonged – kisses and cuddles. Steph was willing to partake, I was enjoying her now seemingly-natural willingness to do so.

I wanted to make the weekend as informal as possible, as un-clinical as possible, and for Steph as un-confronting as possible, so I followed our cuddles and kisses by announcing I was going to take a shower. I suggested to Steph that she’d be most welcome to join me.

I then undressed in the room, in full sight of Steph — to make it appear that it was the most natural thing in the world to do – grabbed the two guest towels from off the bed, walked slowly to the bathroom and, without attempting to close the door, ran the shower. I hoped that Steph might then undress, without feeling she had preying eyes watching her do so, and follow me.

I was not to be disappointed.

“It’s my job to soap you, your job to soap me,” I announced as she stepped into the shower — eagerly anticipating that I’d soon be having an unconstrained, ‘socially acceptable’ opportunity to have a good feel of her breasts, play with her bum, and run a finger or two up along her clitoral cleavage.

Steph didn’t seem to be fazed when this occurred, responding by eagerly soaping my shaft and balls, my rear-end, and elsewhere.

This, of course, was the first time I had been able to rub her breasts, so they perhaps received a little more soaping than was absolutely necessary. She has extremely ‘sexy’ breasts — teenage-firm and pert, soft to the touch, with prominent nipples that just scream ‘suck me’. I kissed one, I took the other into my mouth.

Our playfulness continued once we stepped from the shower, happily drying each other’s body — including each other’s most intimate of areas. Steph’s breasts each received several, slightly longer sucks (Steph certainly didn’t object to that!)…and I – feigning ignorance – asked Steph to show me how much and how deeply I needed to dry her clitoral cleavage.

I suspect that a suggestion I had earlier made had paved the way for us to act, so early in our relationship, in such an uninhibited way. I’d explained to Steph that, to enjoy great sex, both partners needed to have complete trust in one another, to completely shed their modesties, to completely shed their inhibitions, and just savour whatever pleasures their own body and their partner were able to deliver, and whatever pleasures they, themselves, were able to offer their partner. She obviously understood this.

I tried, while Stephanie was completely naked at this early stage of the evening, to kiss every part of her body excepting her clit (which was the one part of her very appealing body that I REALLY yearned to kiss and caress!): her thighs, her neck, her forehead, her cheeks, her lips (naturally!), her breasts and nipples (again), her tummy, the skin around her Brazilian, her feet…and even her very appealing, firm, feminine buttocks.

She was certainly not objecting to the attention I was giving her…and, may even have been somewhat surprised that I seemed intent on ‘wooing’ her before proceeding to lay her.

Once on the bed, things became far more intimate, with me determined to run my hands over every square centimetre of her naked body and — as the expression goes — with no holes barred!

I suspect that she was certainly not expecting that I would even part her butt cheeks and run my finger gently down her anal cleavage, finally gently circling her cute little rear door. (It was very tempting indeed, I must confess, to let one of my fingers stray in through that door. But I resisted the temptation, at least for the moment!)

Her breasts, her nipples received particular attention, with her nipples responding by engorging and becoming noticeably more erect. Steph responded positively when I repeatedly flicked them with my tongue.

My fingers could not keep away from her clitoris for long — and soon it, too, seemed to have engorged.

Steph’s soft murmurs of pleasurable delight encouraged me to prolong my fingering and licking around this luscious lady’s little love-bud.

This was followed by my lips and tongue exploring the area around her pussy — the opening to her vagina, her labia, her clitoral hood and, of course, especially that head of her clitoris.

For a young lady who was in bed with me for the first time, for a young lady who was, understandably, apprehensive about the impending experience of having her vagina penetrated for the first time, Steph seemed remarkably relaxed…and also seemed remarkably responsive to the foreplay she was receiving.

This was evident by how quickly and how güvenilir bahis noticeably damp her vagina had become.

But getting a taste of the female juices she was producing around her increasingly-beckoning love-tunnel had now become an absolutely essential.

I quietly informed Steph that she was about to feel more of my tongue in and around the entrance to her vaginal canal, and suggested that she might simultaneously take my now-engorging penis into her mouth and give it a wee suck. She obliged, and I could certainly feel my cock stiffening noticeably.

The flow of her vaginal juices continued unabated…and…wow…how much I enjoyed the tastes they delivered!

Regrettably, I could not forever continue to lap up these love-tunnel treats that she was, uncontrollably, copiously, serving up. Clearly, the time had arrived for her to have something more than my tongue between her legs…

Initially, a finger to see if I could locate and then gently feel her g-spot.

After warning Steph of what she would soon be feeling, I inserted my middle finger into her vagina and pushed my hand down as far as I could against her the entrance to her hole.

How damp was she down there!

But she was soon to get much wetter because, having located her g-spot and then given Steph a generous taste of how that area could be caressed to turn her on, I was delighted to discover that she possessed a reasonable-sized Skene’s Gland just above her g-spot. By gently pushing on it, I was able to empty the juices it contained into her vaginal canal, ensuring she was extremely well lubricated for what was to follow.

“This lucky girl,” I thought to myself, as I continued to alternately rub her clitoris and to push down on her repeatedly engorging Skene’s Gland. “She has an already well-developed and easily-locatable gland that I imagine – with just a little more sexual experience – could well be induced to involuntarily and uncontrollably squirt — delivering her the intense orgasmic-like feeling that usually accompanies female ‘ejaculation’.”

One finger in her love tunnel was obviously providing considerable pleasure to Steph, so I decided to test her reaction to having two fingers inside.

“No!,” was her emphatic response. “That’s really uncomfortable.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the engorged penis she was about to take was significantly wider than my two fingers…or that her vagina could comfortably (well, perhaps uncomfortably, considering her then sexual inexperience!!) accommodate something the width of a Coke can.

At this stage I concluded that Steph was now appropriately primed to experience – for the very first time – the feeling of a man’s shaft as it travelled down her love tunnel…and the euphoria, or the pain, (or both!) of farewelling her virginity.

“It’s time…are you ready?” I enquired as I mounted her before giving her a passionate kiss — a kiss that essentially doubled as a ‘farewell’ salute to her virginity.

There was no answer.

But I could feel her tensing up.

“Please just relax, darling,” I suggested. “Just help position him so he has a direct path in, and let me know if you want me to stop or go slower.”

I needn’t have added that last bit, as Steph had previously been instructed about what was expected of her as I (and any future male, for that matter) pushed my erection into and down her love tunnel.

I soon had the head of my shaft at the entrance to her vagina. I pushed very gently and slightly. I could feel it had just entered.

Stephanie had no discernible reaction.

So I pushed a little way further. My lips were, at that stage, resting on hers and I could feel her lips purse a little. She had again tensed up in anticipation of what might follow…but she gave no other reaction.

She was obviously ready ‘to be opened’.

Things all seemed to have progressed just too easily, so I decided there must now be no turning back for her…

And, I delivered one mighty shove downwards.

“Aaah!” Stephanie yelled — not overly loudly, but obviously after having experienced some pain.

“Not so hard,” she then suggested.

I gently pushed down again, to confirm that the head of my penis had fully penetrated.

Steph’s virginity was now a thing of the past, and she could now consider herself to be a fully sexually active female.

“That’s it,” I announced. “My penis is all the way down your vagina. I’ll now withdraw it a little and push it down a few times, and in a second or two you’ll discover you have millions of sperm inside you, all hoping to loocate a receptive egg.”

I remained motionless for a short while, to enable Steph to perhaps savour the moment, then commenced thrusting — occasionally just a little, sometimes by withdrawing significantlly further, but always culminating as far inside her as I could push. Several times I completely withdrew and immediately re-inserted my hard-on before pushing it deep down — to, as I had previously explained to Steph, ‘ensure she was opened up fully, from her entrance to the very end of her vaginal canal.’

And I came — delivering Steph with a seemingly-huge load of cum.

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