Sex with a Stranger

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It had been one of those long days at work, which seems as if it will never end. When it finally did, I headed straight for the closest bar for a glass of wine to take the edge off my frustration and boredom. I sat at a table in the corner facing the rest of the room, able to see the various people coming and going from the bar. Gradually I relaxed, reading a book, and feeling the alcohol seep through me. I sat there quite happily for an hour or so, getting a second glass, simply enjoying my book and the peace. Slowly, the bar became more and more crowded, until there were people standing in the middle of the room, up until the edge of the bar. Still absorbed in my book, I at first didn’t hear a guy ask if he could sit in the spare chair next to me. I gestured that it was fine, and went back to my book.

Surreptitiously, I looked at the man next to me, who seemed content to just sit and watch the people surrounding us. He was a reasonably attractive man, tall and broad, with strong hands and upper arms. I caught myself staring, trying to make out the features of his face whilst he was turned away from me. Suddenly, he turned back to me and I quickly looked down again, but it had been fairly obvious I had been staring. I could feel myself blushing after my blatant curiosity, and when I thought he would have looked away again, I chanced another look. However, he hadn’t moved, but was staring at me with a dark intensity. His eyes were a shade of brown, closer to black than normal, and he was tanned, with dark stubble covering a strong jaw line. He nodded to me, and gave a mocking smile. I smiled back nervously.

We began to chat, only about inconsequential matters, my job, his work, the usual banalities you discuss when you meet a stranger. However, for some reason he made me nervous, this man… not in a threatening manner, more in an excited, heated way. He emanated confidence, blatantly aware of his own sexuality, and clearly comfortable with it. It wasn’t quite arrogance, but close. More like a man who knew exactly what he wanted and always got it. As we talked I could see his eyes subtly running over me, whilst his body language visibly shifted towards me. Unconsciously, I could feel myself reacting to him, wanting him to touch me, to run his hand up my leg, across my nipples, which were canlı bahis becoming harder as he looked at me like that. It was only when there was silence for a couple of seconds that I realised he had asked something, and I hadn’t heard, but had just been staring at him, half flushed and feeling myself becoming more and more turned on. I stammered something and he laughed at me, again mocking me, clearly aware of the effect he was having on me. He leaned over, brushing the nape of my neck with his lips and whispered to me to come with him. I didn’t think, wasn’t capable of a rational decision at that point, just grabbed my stuff and followed him out of the bar and into a waiting taxi.

He sat beside me in the taxi, and placing my coat on my knees, I felt his hand stroking my hip above my skirt, below my top. I tried to say something but it caught in my throat as his hand moved further down to the top of my leg, stroking my thigh. I sat there rigid easily for five minutes until the taxi pulled up at his apartment. We stepped out and he led me inside a spacious apartment, with large glass windows, exquisitely furbished and tidy. He went to the makeshift bar in the corner of the lounge and poured my a glass of wine, handing me the drink whilst he made himself a drink.

When he came over and took my coat and bag for me, I realised I was clutching it, not sure what to do with myself now that I was here. He placed them on the nearest table, with our drinks and came up to me, putting his hand at the back of his neck. Slowly he pulled me towards him and kissed me, softly to start with, prising my lips apart with his tongue, and running it over my lower lip. I moaned softly and felt his smile against my lips. His hand tightened on my neck, holding me against him, and his kissing became rougher, more intense, and I felt my knees weaken. His hand reached up and brushed over my nipple over my shirt, hardening instantly at his touch. Just brushing his finger over my nipples, he held me there and I was unable to move away.

Suddenly he stopped and moved away from me, looking at me in an appraising manner. I stood there, utterly incapable to doing anything, feeling completely powerless to prevent what was about to happen. He told me to walk around the back of the sofa and stand with my hands on the back, bahis siteleri with my legs apart. I shakily did as I was told, until I could not see him standing behind me. I stood like that for what felt like ages, but was probably in fact only a minute or so. Finally I felt his hand on my shoulder, moving slowly down, and reaching around to stroke my breasts for a while. He began to undo my shirt from behind, letting it drop to the ground, and undid my bra, so I was standing topless in the middle of his living room, with him behind me. He slowly reached his hands around me, massaging my breasts, softly at first, then harder, pinching my nipples until they were throbbing and I cried out in pain and pleasure. He lifted one hand up and placed it over my mouth so I couldn’t make any noise and continued to play with my nipple, twisting and pinching it harder until I involuntary moved my body back into his, and he caught me in his arms.

My breathing was hard and shallow, as he moved his hand down slowly, undoing my skirt and slipping it onto the floor. I stepped out of it and he kicked it away quickly, and I was standing only in pants. I went to turn around but he caught my hands and placed them back in front of me on the sofa. I whimpered while he moved his hands down over my waist, over my arse, and under my underwear, which he slipped off me. His hands moved around my front again, over my hips and down the front of my legs. One hand held my waist so I wouldn’t move, and the other moved slowly up the inside of my thigh, towards my clitoris, already red and swollen. He brushed his finger over it, and I cried out, until he put his hand back over my mouth to stop me. His hands stroked up and down until I was soaking wet, aching for him to fuck me.

Finally he stopped, and moved away from me. He told me to stand there, looking straight ahead, and not to move while he did something. I could feel him move around behind me, but couldn’t see what he was doing. I thought I saw him sitting watching me, just enjoying his drink, and I got more aroused. Finally, after long minutes had passed, he came back over to me and felt between my legs, laughing at how wet I had become. He whispered to me;

‘What do you want?’

I moaned back at him;

‘I want you to fuck me.’

He stood there stroking bahis şirketleri me, and whispered again;

‘How much do you want me to put my cock inside your wet cunt?’

I closed my eyes against the vulgarity, but my body betrayed my and I moaned again, shaking so much I thought my legs might give way. He whispered to me again;

‘If you want me to fuck you, say please…’

I whispered please back to him, whilst his other hand twisted my nipple again until I was saying it louder and louder. Finally, he placed his mouth against my ear whispering to me again;

‘You are desperate for me to fuck you, aren’t you? All you can think of at the moment is having my hard cock in your soaking wet cunt?’

I could only nod in reply, and cried out when he thrust himself brutally and quickly inside me, right up to the top. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back against him, moving himself quickly inside me, fucking me harder and harder, yanking my head back with my hair, until my neck was straining back in pain. He whispered things in my ear, making my go red in shame but which made me more turned on than I thought I would ever be. He asked what I wanted him to do to me and I told him in graphic detail, horrified at the words coming out of my mouth.

‘I want you to fuck me harder and faster, please… I want to feel your cock in my mouth, on my knees and you fucking my mouth, and I want you to come in my mouth and on my face.’

On and on I uttered obscenities until in one shuddering moment I came, shaking with the force of my climax. He stopped moving inside me and turned me around, forcing me to my knees, thrusting his cock inside my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head, pushing me towards him and his cock deeper into my mouth, thrusting in and out of me. Not able to help myself I moaned, becoming turned on again and he came inside me. I could feel his cum dripping down the back of my throat, feel it mixing with my cum on his cock, and feel it dripping out of my mouth and down my chin, as I tried to swallow it all.

I collapsed on the floor and saw him walk away and sit on a seat, picking up his drink again. I lay there on the floor of his apartment, throbbing with the aftermath and looked at this man I didn’t know, who had easily stripped away my inhibitions. He smiled at me, this time in a reassuring manner, came over and picked me up, kissing me softly. He found me a dressing gown and gave me my drink, and we sat there, actually getting to know one another for the rest of the evening.

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