Sexually Transmitted Expansion Ch. 08

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Monday, October 18

Charlotte dropped her long, tan wool coat to the floor to reveal some lingerie she’d ordered online a couple days prior. White stockings with garters, White lace panties, and a white lace bra that had a pink bow in the center between the cups. Derek looked her up and down.

“Well, well, Red. I’m impressed. Those are incredibly sexy on you.” He said, as he took slow steps toward her, unbuttoning his grey shirt. He put one hand around her waist and pulled her closer.

She’d asked his advice on what sexy undergarments would suit her, and it certainly seemed to be paying off. The main problem was that she’d ordered the cups a couple sizes up at a D, and they were still too small by the time they’d arrived, as her bust had nearly tripled in volume thanks to her unexplained lactation. This did give a nice push-up effect, though she couldn’t wait to get the lacy material off of her sensitive breasts. They were already beginning to leak as Derek moved his strong hands up the front of her abdomen over the bra.

“You weren’t kidding,” he said as she began to moan, “There’s quite a bit coming out already.” He cupped her left breast and squeezed, and a rivulet of creamy milk dripped down the front of the cup and onto her stomach. He dragged his thumb across the stream and brought it to her mouth. She closed her lips around his milk-sweetened thumb, looking up at him, doe-eyed. Grinning, he grazed his knuckles across the side of her cheek and then pulled her face to his, locking their lips. Her hand traveled up his stomach to his pecs and the warmth of his skin comforted her hands.

His left hand traveled down her back, under her lace panties that dug between her cheeks somewhat uncomfortably, but her silent wish for him to remove them didn’t come quite yet. He grabbed a firm handful, making her blush and moan into his lips. She hated how much his grin got her going. Her natural lubrication dripped down her thighs already, an invitation for his manhood that could have been seen across the room if his tongue weren’t already down her throat.

Their lips parted, the two of them panting, as he grabbed one final squeeze of milk out of her right breast before walking a few feet to open the door to his bedroom. Charlotte’s heart skipped a beat. She entered first, and was met with a firm but playful spank as she passed Derek.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying, but your butt is looking amazing.” She noticed him staring at what was probably a faint pink silhouette of his hand forming on it. She admired herself in the mirror. It did actually look great. She was used to wearing more fully-covering and modest underwear, so she was surprised to see how good it looked in lingerie.

“Thanks,” she replied, moving her hair out of her eyes and tucking it behind her ears with a smile and perching on the side of the bed. She watched intently as he removed his opened shirt and tossed it on his dresser. “You’re looking… incredible. As always,” she said, meekly, which was returned with a warm smile.

As he approached her, she began to remove her bra.

“No,” he said, apparently preferring to do it himself. He stood, almost straddling her, and kissed the side of her neck as he pulled her against his chest, undoing the clasp gently, then pulling it off of her arms, and tossing it to the side. “Mmm, these have grown quite a bit, Red.” He savored the sensation of his fingers gliding across her sensitive breasts, pinching a nipple and wiping away the drop of milk. Charlotte rolled her eyes back and smiled. She almost hated how much she loved being objectified by Derek, but she wasn’t going to pretend that lactating wasn’t the most exciting thing that had happened to her in a very long time.

He got on the bed, behind her, then wrapped his legs around her. He pulled her urfa seks hikayeleri back towards him so that she was sitting on his lap, then began to massage her breasts while kissing her neck, sending stream after stream of milk onto her abdomen and on his carpet. Their collective breathing became louder and louder as his grip on her became firmer and more assertive. She felt the pulsating of his cock beneath her as he held her on top of him, enjoying her new changes. Her body began to grind ever so slightly on top of his as his hot breath traveled across the side of her face.

“You seem pretty eager to be filled today. I wondered how you were faring without me,” he whispered into her ear, with all the confidence in the world.

“That’s pretty cocky coming from someone who’s clearly eager to fill me,” Charlotte retorted. She felt his grip tighten on both of her nipples as she yelped in slight pain.

“What was that?” He said, grinning, the stubble of his chin grazing against her shoulder. He leaned back, taking her supine with him and rolled over so that she was beneath him. Grabbing both of her hands and pinning her down, he looked into her eyes as her breathing shuddered and she giggled nervously. “What did you say?”

“Nothing, sir,” she said.

“So you’re going to lie, too? Tsk, tsk. I expected better from you,” he said as she heard the ratcheting of black, fuzzy handcuffs tightening around her wrists. He turned her lower body sideways, straddling her legs, and giving her butt a spank. “What did you say?” He asked again, as she winced.

“I said… that… you seem pretty eager to fill me,” she said, anticipating another spank, which came a couple seconds after she expected, catching her off guard.

“And what else?”

“That you were being… cocky.”

Another spank came. “And was it a good idea to talk back?” He said, straight-faced.


“Why not?”

“Because you are in charge.”

“Good girl.” He gently brushed one knuckle along her chin.

As mean as it seemed he was being, she remembered the safeword — watermelon. And she was absolutely dripping wet. There were two wet spots on the bed — one by her waterfall of a pussy, and one by her tits, whose milk production had seemed to be stimulated both by his hands, and by how incredibly horny she’d become. She looked down and a drop was falling onto the sheets every half second from her engorged nipples. Her butt was beginning to feel warm from where she’d been spanked, and it made her heart pound with excitement as he pulled her panties off slowly and teased her dripping lips.

“You’re absolutely dripping for me. I like that.”

She moaned as his fingers teased her entrance, but didn’t give her the satisfaction of going inside. She felt a tingling in her breasts, almost an ache, as they got more and more hungry for his touch and the need to be drained. She whimpered a little bit and pulled her wrists against the handcuffs as he laughed quietly.

“Keep pulling that and I’ll cuff your ankles, too,” he said, getting up to the side of the bed closest to her. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down with his underwear, revealing his monstrous penis that seemed bigger every time. Charlotte’s mouth practically watered on command, but as he neared closer she was intimidated. His fingers ran through her vibrant hair, giving her goosebumps as his fingers ran along her scalp. Just when she began to relax at his gentle touch, he firmly clenched a fistful of hair.

Her eyes opened, and his cock was inches from her face. She knew better than to disobey at this point, and opened her mouth as much as it would go short of unhinging her jaw. He slid in the tip gently and it touched the back of her throat before retreating. He kept this up a few times before giving her a few seconds reprieve, as she panted for air.

“You’re so… big… Derek.”

“I know.”

He went a little further this time, pulling her head along his shaft, as her wrists pulled against their restraints, as she moaned in frustration, her breasts beginning to emit a small stream of milk, rather than drops, and her pussy surely doing the same. He began to slowly facefuck her. Dominant, but knowing her limits and not going more than she could handle with his dick that she could only begin to guess the size of. Definitely over a foot long.

She could taste his salty precum, the throbbing of his member in her throat as he got closer to orgasm. Just as she was sure he was going to fill her stomach this time, he withdrew, and kneeled in front of her, eye-to-eye, panting along with her.

“Fuck, you take my dick well,” he said, which gave her butterflies. He reached his hand between her legs and felt around. Her pussy throbbed with anticipation. She could hardly wait any longer and nearly came with just the slight brush of his middle finger across her clit. He brought his hand back, soaked with her juices. “I think you’re ready,” he said, amused at how long he’d made her wait. He took one of her breasts, full, engorged, and leaking milk, and leaned forward, putting her nipple into his mouth for the first time.

Kim had been so eager to do so, Charlotte took it for granted how much she missed it. She needed her tits touched and played with. After suckling for a few euphoric moments, he took his head away and she noticed each of them letting down a couple streams of milk each, further stimulated with each passing moment.

“They’re really going, huh?”

“Please… Derek… I mean — sir.”

She winced as he lowered his hand, as if he might slap her, but apparently decided she’d had enough torment. His willpower seemed to be nothing short of herculean as his dick leaked precum at a rate she’d never seen in him before.

“Elbows and knees,” he ordered, sternly.

She complied in seconds, her butt facing him, and she let out another moan as he grabbed each cheek like handles, teasing her entrance with his cock. He apparently couldn’t handle it much longer, either, and plunged in seconds later, giving her insides a chance to accommodate his length, going slowly at first. With how wet she was, she could have practically fit two Dereks.

“F…f… uck…” she moaned, the experience a hair’s breadth away from out-of-body. Her vision tunneled. Her head tilted back as he took her from behind. Their parts throbbed against each other, as he got more and more intense. It was clear he wasn’t going to be able to last long. She could feel his cock taking up more and more space inside her. He was growing more. She knew he was. His dick was getting bigger inside her despite him being as hard as a rock already. It hurt. She loved it. “OH, DEREK!” she moaned his name, as he impaled her body on his inhumanly-sized cock. “Fill me! Please, I need it.”

His moaning got louder as she begged. She knew he loved her begging once he was inside her. He felt him seize up. He grabbed both of her hips as he injected ropes of cum inside her. This wasn’t like last time though. It was increasing exponentially. She buried her face into the pillow, half-moaning, half-screaming as he filled her body with his cum, her orgasm clenching her pussy around his firehose of a cock. Her stomach skin felt taut and warm. She felt her tits, swollen with milk, releasing sweet cream all over his bed. It went on for what felt like an eternity, Derek’s loud, deep moans filling her ears as he used her body. She felt her stomach touch the bed, but she was still on her hands and knees. It was bulging out wider than her waist. Derek’s hands began to rub the sides of her stretched belly as he shot the remainder of his load into her.

She realized it was finally ending some minutes later as her senses returned to her. She was resting on her side, halfway passed out, with Derek spooning her and the handcuffs only on one hand, freeing them. He had been holding her for some amount of time, making sure she was okay, as always. One arm was on her belly, gently drawing circles on the stretched skin, the other arm was under her pillow, cradling her head.

Charlotte propped herself up on her elbow and looked over at her shoulder at the man caressing her like she was expectant.

“Welcome back,” he said, “you’ve been out for a half an hour or so.”

“A half hour?!”

“Yeah. I really put you through it, didn’t I?” he said, stroking her hair. She felt his dick still inside of him, occasionally throbbing, but preventing the cum from leaking all over onto the bed.

“I feel like I could sleep for a week.”

“It should go without saying that I didn’t think I could cum that much.”

“It’s getting… almost scary.”

“I can pull out next time.”

“No. Don’t. I have been thinking about last time since it happened,” she admitted, her heart pounding a bit. “I don’t know how on earth you can cum so much, but I crave it, as weird as that sounds. It just feels… right.” She couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth. She couldn’t help but wonder if it was connected to her lactation, but she didn’t want to lose this. She needed it. And she got the sense that Derek was hesitant to point out the connection too.

“Noted. I have been getting off to it, too, I admit. A lot.”

“Really…? I would never have guessed. I guess you’re insatiable, too.”

“I hide it well.”

There was a long silence where the two just enjoyed the physical contact, Charlotte giggling whenever Derek would make himself throb inside her. Eventually, she stopped delaying the inevitable.

“I should probably head out,” she said, sheepishly, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“You’re free to try.”

She then realized his dick was still inside her, preventing most of it from coming out onto the bed. She eased herself off of him, clenching her pelvic floor to prevent cum from escaping as much as possible. She managed to get up into a sitting position on the side of the bed. It took three tries to stand up, with fifty pounds or so of cum-belly weighing her down, as she waddled to the shower like a soon-to-be mother of four, using the walls as support. Derek watched on in amusement from the side of the bed, ready to assist if it looked like she couldn’t handle it.

As she entered the bathroom, her phone buzzed with a photo from Derek of her passed out, face down, ass up. She was absolutely gigantic. She almost masturbated again in the bathroom, then and there, leaking cum from her heavy balloon of a belly, but she needed to go home and get some sleep. Her sex addiction was causing her to shirk both studies and rest.

* * *

“Oh, by the way, here’s your clothes from last time,” he said, handing her a neatly folded shirt and jeans, as she exited the bathroom, stomach mostly flat, her hands on it in amazement with how resilient her body seemed to be recently. She’d taken the opportunity to milk herself again, as well.

“I’ll just put them on, actually. I only wore a coat over the lingerie and… it was colder than I expected.” She laughed, awkwardly.

“I could have told you that,” Derek said, returning the laugh and shaking his head.

She pulled the jeans up, and they didn’t fit over her butt like they always did. “Derek, I think you shrunk my favorite jeans in the dryer.”

She looked in the full length mirror in the bedroom. As she tried to pull the jeans up again, her butt was pushed upwards, unflatteringly leaving a bulge of booty over the waistline, and she buttoned them finally, unsure the button would make it home intact.

“I didn’t wash them.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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