Shanti’s Sexual Exploits Ch. 15

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Soon after there was the marriage vows exchanged with the bride sitting on her father’s lap while the groom tied the knot and made her the wife for himself, it was a long ceremony and lasted a while quickly followed by a series of customized games with a lot of fun and frolic.

While this was going on, I Dharma could not take my eyes off my sexy sister in law, she was now in a different dress, she had taken a quick shower and changed into something ligter but still silk as a saree, gold was less in fact barely.

They turned and now I went down on my knees and picked up the scarf which had fallen down and stared in her eyes, she smiled and looked me over the crowd lined up there to bless the couple and slowly approached me apprehensively and bent her face down to mine and whispered “Same room where you left me with Raghavan after an hour, will tell ‘akka’ (elder sister) am going out to meet a friend, want you badly, not yet finished, would have loved to continue with Raghavan though?”

Never in a million years could she ever have imagined that I will allow the man to fuck her again, no – the interlude with Raghavan was just to get some compromises out of the Iyengars at a later date if needed, he had evidence taped with him which would use later if it was needed but no more supplying dear Shanti anymore, as of now needed her badly and more so after one noticed her the way she passionately kissed my daughter while blessing her, those lips would be on mine and she would be kissing me.

I could see in her eyes that she still was not thrilled by the idea, but she knew that she had no other choice.

After, all the ceremony related work got completed I remembered what she had said and looked around, she was there with my wife and the young just married, though not very enthusiastic but looked animated with the surrounding and though one hinted, she did not respond, the whole matter just died down and we all left the marriage hall at the stipulated time and went back to my place, she was staying with us and knew the night or the day tomorrow or the day after will catch her for the reward she promised to give me.

It was much sooner than I expected, we were just about to go for dinner to the dining hall downstairs in my duplex house and I saw her in the other room, closing her suitcase, and she just had no clue one was so near to her and I did not want to lose this opportunity and slowly entered the room with my hardon showing up in my lungi and slowly reached out for her, she was stunned at my attack and struggled to release herself but it was not going to be and I was not going to let her off and started to remove the saree and the blouse soon after and there was a knock on the door, “Shanti – come for dinner” it was my wife.

I closed her mouth with my fist and lips and told her what to say.

“Akka – am having a headache – will come down in 15 minutes meanwhile you start.”

“Did you see Dharma?” that was a tricky question.

My sister in law answered very wittingly,” I saw him going out sometime back may be to buy cigarettes?”

“Ok you come fast” and her sister was off the back.

As our lips met, I reached around and pulled her towards me, my hands touching her back, feeling the sexy build of this worked class pussy.

Her lips were warm and dry from all the heavy panting she had been doing while packing, but they were very soft. Perfect kissing lips.

I had dreamed of kissing these lips for so long, and now that I was actually doing it, I wanted the feeling to go on forever.

At first, she did not return my kiss, just sort of holding her lips against mine, but as my hands began to explore her body, down her back, over her ass and to her strong thighs, I felt her body begin to relax in my arms. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled herself in closer between my legs.

As I snaked my hard around to her inner thigh, I could feel her love juices flowing down her legs. Shanti began to return my kisses, and parted her sweet lips, sending her tongue in search of mine.

Our tongues intertwined and wrestled in our mouths as we kissed passionately for several minutes.

I explored Shanti’s body with my hands, admiring the feel of her hard body, turning me on even more.

When we finally broke our kiss to gasp for breath, I held her at an arm’s length from me and gave her the next order.

“Suck me.” I said, my desires unmistakable.

In a wink, Shanti was on her knees in front of me, her neck straining to reach my crotch. I handed her a pillow for her to kneel on not for her comfort but so she could properly reach my cock.

She undid my lungi and I raised up slightly to allow her to pull them off.

I unbuttoned my shirt while Shanti took off my shoes and socks.

Her hands felt so warm and soft as she caressed my feet, moving up my Rize Escort legs slowly, brining her body closer to mine, her face inching towards my already throbbing prick.

She looked into my eyes and parted her lips like a shark moving in for food. The approving smile on her face told me that she like what she saw, I knew my cock was at least two inches bigger than her ex-husband’s.

Shanti licked her lips and let out a low moan as her hands worked up my thighs until one of them was wrapped around my balls and the other encircled the base of my cock.

At the last minute, she looked into my eyes and said.

“One thing, I don’t take cum in my mouth.” Before I could respond, Shanti slipped the swollen head of my cock between her warm lips and into her hot, wet mouth.

It was like being in an oven. The inside of her mouth was actually hot, like I had never felt before. She effortlessly slid my rod to the back of her throat, pausing slightly, then taking the last few inches.

Her lips pressed tightly around the base of my dick and she beat a rhythm against the head with her very talented tongue.

I could have cum in ten seconds had I not held back. She was really quite a talented little cock sucker and I let her know it in no uncertain terms.

“Oh Shanti, you suck cock so well.This is what must have sealed the deal with the Iyengars, you are a prick hungry little slut aren’t you?” she moaned against my prick in response, turning her beautiful eyes upward and nodding.

Sliding me out of her mouth, she said to me, “Yes, I love a good hard cock in my mouth, especially a nice big fat one like this.”

With that, Shanti returned to her cock sucking, slowly swallowing me to the root, then letting all by my head slip out between her soft wet lips.

The sight of my cock buried in Shanti’s mouth was too much.

There was no way I was going to be able to hold out much longer, so I just sat back and let myself enjoy the wondrous feelings that her mouth was giving me.

Shanti began to squeeze my balls with one hand while jerking my rod with the other, following her lip strokes with her tight hand motions.

This was just too much and I began to moan in anticipation of great release. “Remember,” she whispered up to me, taking her mouth away and jerking my cock faster in her fist. “I don’t take cum in my mouth.”

I reached down and grabbed Shanti by the back of the head, forcing her mouth back around my now throbbing prick. “You do now bitch.” I hissed. “Don’t forget who runs the show here, you’ll take it in your mouth and love it.” She didn’t struggle too much as I shoved my cock back into her hot mouth.

All she did was just increase the incredible friction on my shaft.

I could feel my balls begin to tremble in Shanti’s palm, she gave them a final squeeze, sending me over the edge.

I could feel my cum shooting up from my balls out into Shanti’s mouth.

I could hear little noises as she tried not to gag on all the semen I was pumping into her mouth. “Don’t you swallow.”

I grunted, not wanting to miss the chance to see all my cum on her face.

For someone who says she doesn’t take cum in her mouth, Shanti had little trouble sucking every last drop of fuck fluid from my throbbing dick. She held her lips tightly around my cock, keeping as much cum in her mouth as possible without swallowing it, but there was just too much.

It eventually began to leak out around the sides of her mouth and down her chin, dripping onto her tits and running down her body.

Shanti seemed to sense how sexy this would look and turned her body slightly to the mirror so that it could be caught on live.

When the last shudders of my climax died, I guided her head away from my softening prick.

Shanti was careful to tilt her head back slightly so as not to spill any of my cum

from her mouth.

I complemented her on her talents.

“That’s very good Shanti. Don’t you spill a drop of it. you’re such a good cock sucker, I just wanted the you to see how much you made me cum. Show the mobile camera all that sticky hot cum on your body and in your mouth.”

She turned more towards the camera now and rubbed the thick white goo into her tits bringing her cum covered fingers to her cheeks and rubbing it in there as well.

Then she opened her mouth a bit, showing how full it was with my love juices.

Swishing it around with her tongue for a moment, Shanti glanced sideways at me then closed her lips and jealously swallowed my seed.

After it was all down her gullet, Shanti licked her lips and gave a satisfied “Ahhh.”

As if to say that I was good to the last drop. Then she licked each of her fingers clean right there in front of me.

The sight of her erotic acts had my cock well on the road to recovery for the rest Rize Escort Bayan of our adventure when Shanti stood and reached across my desk for her clothes.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked, her body pressed against mine as she leaned over me. Turning her head back to face me, she replied matter of fact.

She struggled and was strong, but I had the advantage of a good angle to hold her down.

“I am not through with you yet.” I added. She struggled on my lap, kicking her feet, but I was able to hold her still.

“No way.” she screamed. “I gave you head, that’s all. No way, I’m fucking you, no way at all. Not now anyway, dinner is waiting downstairs.”

“I think you’ll change your mind if you think about it. How will that look for your new household image? How well will you hold up in the neighborhood for the rest of your life once people see your images with Raghavan captured in this CDs?”

I accentuated each question with a solid slap on her round firm ass. Each blow seemed to take some of the fight out of her. I continued to pose to her the questions that I knew she did not wish to answer. “You tell me which you want.”

Her ass was glowing red now from my spanking, but she had stopped her thrashing around.

Quiet sobs escaped her mouth as she softly cried, but as my hand slipped down between her thighs, I was shocked to find so much of her juices flowing out of her cunt. I spanked her again, even harder, making her sob loudly.

“Shall I keep on spanking your ass slut or are you going to answer me? Which do you want Shanti? Me or a change in your status at home?”

“You.” She cried out. “I want you.”

“You want me to what?” I asked, smacking her ass again. “Tell me.”

“I want your cock. I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me.” Shanti screamed out.

I stood quickly, knocking the surprised woman from my lap to the floor.

She looked up, shocked as I stood over her.

“Get up.” I snapped, pulling her up by her elbow. I kissed her hard and fast before spinning her around the other way and shoving her down onto the desk, ass up. Her feet barely reached the floor in this position and she went onto her tip toes as I positioned myself behind her, my now hard cock rubbing against her wet pussy lips.

Shanti spread her legs a little wider to accommodate my body. I rubbed the head of my prick along her slick opening, lubing it up for an easier entry.

As I thrust forward, I could feel Shanti’s wet outer lips open up and welcome me into her hot pussy. It felt as if they were actually sucking me deeper inside of her. Shanti had the tightest pussy I could ever have imagined.

Even as wet as she was, it gripped me like a vice as I gently stroked in and out of her.

My moans of pleasure were matched by her own as our bodies came together.

“It’s not been so long since I had a cock but am still craving for this so soon,,,,,.” she groaned to herself. Comfortable now, I began to pick up the pace a bit, lifting Shanti slightly off the floor with each stroke.

I gripped her full hips now as I fucked her with short hard strokes, loving the way her sexy ass jiggled slightly as my body slammed against it. She was whimpering again very quickly and fucking back against me.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “I need to cum so bad. Please let me cum.” She begged. “Turn me over and fuck me hard.”

This wasn’t in my plans, but I decided I would go ahead and do as she asked.

Slowly, I pulled out of her and stepped back as Shanti repositioned herself on the edge of the desk, now facing my, her thighs spread wide, leaning back on her elbows.

She was a truly beautiful sight as she rubbed her soft pussy invitingly.

There was a sound outside in the corridor but this did not deter the slut, “Come on,” she whispered. “Fuck me.”

Once again, I moved in between her strong thighs, my cock in my hand, guiding its way back into Shanti’s tight tunnel.

In this position it was much easier for me to penetrate deep inside of her. Once I was buried to the hilt, she wrapped her legs around me and locked the ankles behind me. Her grip was so powerful.

I knew if she wanted to, she could have ended my little power trip by squeezing me hard enough to break my back, but at this moment all Shanti wanted was for me fuck her hard and fast until she came. Remembering her earlier requests,

I bent my head down and took one of her hard nipples between my teeth as I pounded away at Shanti’s pussy. Sucking and biting away at it like mad was a bit difficult as her wild movements caused her tits to flop about, but it seemed to be bringing her close to orgasm.

I had already decided that this time I would not stop her from cumming, so I held her tightly in my arms and continued to stroke away, matching her rhythm and biting at her Escort Rize nipple.

Beyond control, Shanti began to talk like the filthy trash slut had always thought she was. “Fuck me.” she cried. “Fuck my tight pussy with that big had prick. I love to be fucked. Make me cum, pound me, nail me, make me cuuuummmm.”

Her squeals were cut off as she bit down hard on my shoulder, her passion uncontrollable as she came.

I could feel her strong inner muscles squeeze away at my dick, milking me like a hand might.

The pain from my shoulder helped keep me from going over the edge, which was lucky because this wasn’t how I wanted to end it.

I continued to thrust into her until her spasms subsided, then I tried to pull away, but Shanti’s grip held me tight. “It’s all right.” she said. “You can cum in me, I’m on the pill.”

Bending to her and kissing her gently I replied.

“I want you from behind like before so I can see your sexy ass.”

Nodding, Shanti released me and returned to her original position on her belly with her ass in the air, standing on her toes, the muscles on her calves and thighs so pronounced.

I moved in again, penetrating her in one long slow stroke then pulling back out. Shanti moaned in protest and turned around with a questioning look in her eyes.

I knew it was now or never so I leaned my weight forward, pinning her to the desk. With one hand I took her by the hand while the other guided my dripping cock along her slit until it was nestled between her ass cheeks.

A look of alarm crossed her face and she started to squirm again. “Hey.” she cried out. “No you don’t I’ve not take it in my ass, it is not clean and also sore, I’m not about to start now.”

I twisted her arm upwards just enough for her to feel it. “I told you already, you don’t have a choice. I am going to fuck you up the ass Shanti, so I suggest you do as I say right now. Spread your ass cheeks for me.”

I let her arm go and grabbed a handful of her blonde hair, holding it like a reign. She struggled at first, put a quick tug on her hair stopped that immediately.

Reluctantly, Shanti brought her hands back to her ass and pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her tight rosebud to me.

My cock was well lubed as it rested against Shanti’s asshole.

I whispered to her. “Beg me.”

With the sneer I had grown to love, she hissed through clenched teeth.

“Please, fuck my ass, shove it in me.” Her last word trailed off into a cry as I pushed the head of my dick in past her resistant sphincter.

It clamped down on my shaft with just the head in Shanti.

Her face showed signs of a struggle to relax. “Just fucking do it.” She panted. “Put it all the way in.” I held onto her hip with my free hand and pushed as hard as I could, sliding my cock into her very tight back door.

The resistance seemed to lessen as more and more of my prick went inside of her until at last my groin rested firmly against Shanti’s ass.

She had stopped crying out and was now breathing rapidly, trying to adjust to the feel of me inside her ass.

I held still for a few moments to let her get used to it, and to keep myself from shooting off from the intense pleasure of it all. At last, Shanti opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Go on.” she said. “This is what you wanted now fuck my ass.”

That was all the encouragement I needed and I began to slowly pull back, feeling Shanti’s asshole grip my shaft as I withdrew.

I got almost out then thrust forward again, this time picking up speed. The going was much easier and Shanti had begun to moan in a more pleasant manner.

There was no way I could hold out for long no matter what I did, so I just started to slam into her ass harder and faster.

I was inside of the tightest ass I’d ever experienced and I was loving ever second of it. Our bodies slapped loudly together as I fucked Shanti’s ass.

At some point, one of her hands let go of her ass cheek to work on her pussy.

When I could feel myself cross the line, and knew I was going to erupt. I pulled out of Shanti’s ass, with a loud pop. She was a bit startled at first, but knew what I wanted.

She dropped to the floor in a flash, her hand never leaving her pussy. With her free hand, she grabbed my shaft and stuffed it into her mouth, drowning out her moans.

She jerked my cock straight into her mouth as she fingered herself to the brink of climax.

Just as I felt the first of my sperm racing from my balls, Shanti took my cock from her mouth to scream out in orgasm as well. She continued to stroke my cock rapidly, bringing the spray of hot thick cum out of my cock and onto her upturned face.

This time Shanti held her mouth wide open and lapped away at the streams of jizz I shot across her face. All of the penned up lust I had for this sister of my wife came spilling out.

I did not stop shooting until Shanti’s face and hair were coated in white goo. When I finally did stop cumming, she kept going for a few moments before collapsing onto the floor, a sweaty, cum covered, beautiful mess.

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