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I have loved my husband Jack since shortly after we started seeing each other. For whatever reason, when we were first dating he had told me that he had a jerk-off session with another guy when he was a teenager. I was shocked at first, as I couldn’t figure out the relevance of why he was telling me what he did 25 years ago. As is my habit, I read between the lines almost instantly and realized he was talking about it because he liked it and desired to do it again. I found that the realization made me instantly wet and my breath quicken. I was hot and horny at the image of Jack touching another man’s cock and vice versa.

Over time, we had talked about it often but he was embarrassed. I felt differently. I believe that,within legal limits, there are no rules to sex and no rules to feeling good. I love sex and I love the reaction of my body when it is erotically stimulated. How can anything that makes someone feel like that be wrong? So, we incorporated this fantasy into our life together. Jack wasn’t ready to act on anything and it was up to him, not me, to set that pace. But the more I thought of it, the hotter and wetter I became. I came over and over with Jack and by myself fantasizing about my husband having another man.

Having fantasized with Jack, I knew he wanted an uncut large cock to play with. Knowing that my kids would be staying at their father’s house the following Friday, I took matters into my own hands. I found a man for Jack on the internet that was also married and looking for man on man action. He was uncut and large and clean. I didn’t want Jack to be pissed so I told him I had been in touch with this guy, Gary and that I wanted Jack to give him a “test run”. Nervously, he agreed.

The following Friday, Betturkey Gary came over for dinner per my request. I knew Jack would be a nervous wreck so the minute he walked in the door from work, I handed him a beer and a shot. A few beers later, Gary showed up and he was so fucking hot that I knew Jack would be pleased.

Being completely at ease, I introduced the two of them and we were all hanging out in the kitchen having a beer. As I cut up the vegetables, I asked Gary if he had experienced cock before and if he had, can he tell us about a particular time. As he began recanting a previous man that he had enjoyed, I could see Jack’s pants beginning to pitch a tent. The very sight of my husband getting hard made me instantly wet beyond anything I’ve ever felt before.

Vacating my post at the cutting board, I walked over to Jack and kissed him passionately while unzipping his jeans and freeing his bulging cock. Without thinking, I reached over and took hold of Gary’s hand and wrapped it around my husband’s cock. Not missing a beat, Gary stroked my husband slowly paying close attention to that gorgeous area right below the head. Stepping back, I resumed my post and watched as Jack reached over and rubbed Gary’s crotch and his increasingly growing bulge. Within seconds, Gary had unleashed the biggest cock I had ever seen and it was beautifully uncut as my husband had dreamed of. Jack stroked Gary’s cock, gliding the foreskin back and forth over the head of Gary’s huge cock and moaned louder than I had ever heard him moan before. The sight of my husband and Gary each with the other’s cock in hand was more than I could stand and I had to remove my jeans and place my fingers gingerly to my pussy. The Betturkey Giriş wetness was actually running down my leg and I could barely breathe.

Gary leaned over and placed his lips on Jack’s and began running his tongue over my husband’s hot lips, all the while stroking each other’s cocks. As Gary pulled away, I heard him whisper “go down” and my husband slid to his knees. He looked at me for confirmation.

I whispered “Do it baby, please do it.”

Jack slowly placed his tongue on Gary’s cock and ran it up and down his foreskin. The sensation must have drove my husband wild for, in an instant, he pulled back the foreskin and placed his mouth around Gary’s head and drove it down and up over and over, moaning and massaging Gary’s balls. The sight of Jack’s tongue circling the head of this gorgeous cock was going to be the end of me. Pre-cum dripped out of Gary’s cock and Jack never missed a drop catching it all on his tongue.

Gary pulled my husband back and asked where the couch was. The two men moved into the living room and I couldn’t help but follow because I was unable to stop watching, I was so turned on. Laying head to toe, they began working each other’s balls and cocks. Gary alternated between his tongue running up and down my husband’s cock slowly and sucking him rapidly and hard. Jack was sucking on Gary’s balls, licking them and savoring every moment as pre-cum from Gary’s cock dripped onto the side of my husband’s face. Unable to take it anymore, I went to Jack and ran my finger through the pre-cum on his face and placed it in my mouth. Realizing what I was doing, Jack sprang up and asked Gary to sit upright. Taking me by the hand Jack pulled me on my knees with him.

“Suck Betturkey Güncel Giriş him with me, please love.” Jack said.

Without any hesitation, I ran my tongue along one side of this man’s huge uncut cock while Jack ran his along the other side – both of our tongues touching each other now and again and looking into each other’s eyes.

“I’m going to cum soon.” Gary moaned.

“Jack, please let him cum on your cock. For me? Please?” I could barely breathe as I asked.

Jack kissed me and took Gary’s entire cock in his mouth with a force I was so proud of and so turned on by. Massaging Gary’s huge balls, my husband concentrated hard on the head of Gary’s gorgeous cock head .

“I am coming.” Gary said in a throaty moan of ecstasy.

Jack raised up on his knees and slowly stroked Gary’s cock as the biggest string of the whitest cum shot out of his cock and landed on my gorgeous husband’s pelvis, cock and ran down his balls. It seemed that Gary’s cock would never be finished as stream after stream shot out in steady rhythm. Jack suddenly wrapped his mouth back around Gary’s cock and swallowed the last of his load, sharing it with me first in a passionate kiss.

Jack stood up in front of Gary, who ran his hands all over my husband’s recently cum lubed cock and slid a slippery finger in Jack’s asshole while he sucked my husband furiously.

“Oh Shit, I’m coming.” yelled Jack as he shot half his load in Gary’s throat. Pulling his cock out of Gary’s mouth my husband shot 3 thick ropes of cum all over Gary, landing on his throat, chest and now getting limp cock.

Jack, now finished, looked over at me to see how I was handling everything. I had just cum myself , barely needing to even touch myself to do so. I looked at my husband so lovingly.

“It’s fine honey, this was a wonderful experience to share with me and I cannot wait to do it again. Now, are you guys hungry?” I asked.

They both replied “Hell yes!” grabbed a beer each and turned on the baseball game.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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