Sharon in the Shower Ch. 02

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My cock felt squeezed to the shithouse inside Sharon’s tight pussy. It was so good. I loved her kitchen bench. It was the perfect height to fuck her on. When she was grinding her pussy down onto the benchtop, all I had to do was to slide my hips back and forth, and I’d just glide in and out of her pussy. We’d been fucking for what felt like three and a half hours, and we’d done it on her kitchen table and now had moved to her bench. Sharon was grinding her pussy into the bench while I was fucking my cock into her.

Her pussy was drooling around my cock, and that sexy juice was running down the bench. I began to feel that tingle deep in my back and began to pant. Sharon looked back over her shoulder, and bit her lip, her naughty face making my motions explode. I began to just drive myself deep inside of her, and her mouth opened as she panted. She gasped and sighed, then whipped herself off the bench as I pulled out. Her hand wrapped hard around my shaking cock, and she squeezed. I moaned as she forced my cock to stop, and I grunted in frustration. Sharon had been doing that lately, when I was fucking her, she’d stop and force me to keep going.

Her thumb moved to the top of my cock, and her nail scraped a droplet of cum from the eye, and I gasped and my hips jerked. She slowly brought her hands down to enfold my cock, her legs spreading around me. She began to jerk me off towards her pussy, and chewed at her bottom lip again. She was so smokingly sexy that I couldn’t take it, and I began to thrust into her grip. I tried to control myself, and not to show that I was going to cum again, but the older woman knew me by now. She grinned again and squeezed, and I slumped against her. I was so incredibly horny that my mind swam with visions of animalistic fucking.

Her skin was against my mouth, and I tasted her shoulder. Her sandy hair was in my hands as her fingers still moved over the red, angry head of my cock. I pulled her hair back, tilting her head, and began to nibble at her chin and neck, and Sharon began to jerk her hips across the bench. She eased her hands away from my cock and slid them over my ass cheeks. She lifted them, and brought them both down with a ringing slap as she spanked me once, pushing my cock inside her slowly. She moaned and her head tossed from side to side against me. I pulled out again and pushed inside her slowly, giving her my cock.

Her altyazılı porno head stopped in front of me, and I pushed my tongue inside her mouth. Her arms looped around my neck, and she arched against me as our hips pushed against one another, and she moaned against me. I pulled out again, and my hands drifted down to her pussy as she kissed me. She was smiling against my lips, and our tongues rubbed one another as my fingers pushed inside her. Her breath caught in her throat as my thumbs pushed inside her asshole. Sharon’s hips jerked off the bench and I took the oppurtunity to drive my juice soaked cock inside her puckered asshole.

I loved fucking Sharon’s ass. Her face went through the best phases, from pure lust to pleasure, to more lust. She began to lay back down on the bench as I drove into her asshole, and my hands reached up to lightly pinch and rub at her nipples. Sharon sighed deeply, and her hand moved towards the toys I’d bought her, sitting at the end of the bench. One was a small, silver vibrator, and with a twist, the kitchen filled with the hum of it. She pressed it against her clit as I fucked her ass, and Sharon quivered.

I began to drive faster and faster inside her, and Sharon’s lips opened to moan, the sexiest noise I’ve ever heard. I took the vibrator off of her and pushed it inside her, nudging her clit in time to my thrusts. Sharon gasped louder and louder, until her nails scored my hands. Her cum burst upwards in a shower of sex, and I blew my cock, deep inside of her ass. We both tensed up, and after a moment, our thundering climaxes slowed. I slumped down over her, still buried in her. Sharon thickly smiled, and took a deep breath. There was the sound of a car engine shutting off, and her head turned and her eyes widened.

“FUCK!” she whispered frantically, springing up off the bench and grabbing my hand. Her husband had come home early, and we were barely out the back door before there was the sound of the wire door opening. I stumbled over the garden, the summer sun shining down brightly down on us. We ducked around the near the garage, as Richard yelled out for his wife. The preacher’s call went unanswered, because his freshly fucked wife was laying against the brick wall of their house, under the closeline, with me and my still thick cock pressed up against her thighs.

The amatör porno back door was swinging open, and we ducked inside the shed. Sharon was the gardener of the two, and Richard had never even opened the door. Sharon was against me, her soft, hot skin silken heaven as her husband knocked on the door. My hands began to moved irresistibly across her skin, and her eyes locked with mine. It was sin, true sin, but I couldn’t keep my hands off of her. I kissed at her shoulder, and my tongue moved over her flesh. Sharon smiled and held me close to her, and kissed me. There was nothing more outside for a moment, and then the sound of the back door opening and closing again.

Sharon sighed and gave a low laugh. We held one another for a while, and then Richard’s car started up again, and faded. We sat like that for a while, until Sharon sighed. I took a breath, and held her close to me. “It’s not really fair to him, is it?” I asked. Sharon shook her head. “No. It’s not fair. He’s a good man. He’s just not… he doesn’t know how to love anyone other than God, I guess.” Her voice was tiny, and I kissed her. I was gentle, and soft, but it only made things worse. Sharon’s tears came, and she clung to me. “I thought this was just fun, I never expected any of this to last.”

I nodded, my face in her hair. She pushed away from me, and held my hand in hers as we left the shed. I wanted to tell her something, anything, to make her feel better, but I just didn’t know what to do. We walked inside, and there, on the bench, was a short note. Sitting on top of the note were two things which told me all I needed to know. My watch, the watch that Sharon and Richard had given me six years ago when I graduated, and a plain, unadorned band of white gold. Sharon’s hand squeezed mine, and there was a small smile in her eyes.

“Dear Sharon. God’s plan has taken us apart a long time ago. I need to go, to do what God wishes. I think it was a mistake that we get married, but understand that I don’t regret the affection we shared. Daniel, no hard feelings, but love her like she was meant to be loved. God bless and keep you both, Richard.”

Sharon turned to me as she put the note down. I looked at her, not knowing what she was thinking, and only hoping she’d be alright. As I stared at her, I realised that perhaps my feelings ran deeper than the “fun” anal porno we shared would warrant. She smiled at me again, and we moved to the bedroom, where our clothes were discarded, forgotten, in the corner that Richard had found them in. Sharon sat down on the bed, and sighed. “Shouldn’t it hurt when something like this happens?” I sat down beside her, and her eyes moved over me until they met mine. “Maybe. But then, maybe a part of you knew it would happen one day.”

She nodded and leant against me. Her head tilted up, and we kissed. There was a slowness, a languid quality about it, something there hadn’t been before. I kissed her tenderly, and found joy in her gentle smile. Her hands moved across my chest, and her nails lightly scraped over my nipples as I moved us further up the bed. Sharon laughed lowly as I pushed aside the stuffed animals, and moved up towards her, trailing my kisses and tongue along her body. Her hot skin moved against my mouth, and I sucked on the smooth swell of her breasts. Her arms came across my shoulders as I lay between her legs. We kissed again, and I moved against her body like I was meant to be there.

My cock rose between us, and I guided it between the sweet folds of Sharon’s centre. I pushed inside her, and lay down to rest my body along hers. I moved inside her, and Sharon began to moan happily. There was a tenderness here, something we’d not had until this day. As my cock slid up and into her, I watched Sharon’s happiness return and her hands moved over my body, enjoying my skin as I enjoyed hers. We made love slowly, enjoying the sensations of one another as we did. Sharon kissed at the harsh stubble that coated my cheeks, and my hands entwined in the curled sandy locks of her hair.

Sharon arched against me as I began to twist my hips with my thrusts, watching her face move into lust and surprise and heat. Our speed increased until I was slamming my cock deep inside her, screaming hoarse cries into her hair as she bit hard on my shoulder. I exploded as she did, feeling her cum torrent up against my hips and soak my pubic hair. My hypersensitive hips jerked several times, until I collapsed inside her, feeling a trickle of sweat or blood trail down my shoulders. Sharon gasped in air, her chest heaving as I struggled to move beside her. Her arms moved around my neck, and she sighed happily.

“Well, now what happens?” I shrugged as I nestled into the scent of her hair. “We get through as much of the Karma Sutra as possible before we’re interrupted?” Sharon weakly laughed and slapped my chest. “I mean for us?” I kissed the top of her head, and smiled in her hair. “Doesn’t really matter, does it?”

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