She Loves Magnificent Balls

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Mike was about to cross a line that he knew would change everything, but his horny desires were more compelling than his good judgement. Even as he was stepping across the threshold of forbidden lust, he silently wondered to himself, “How did I end up here?”

‘Here’ was 21 years old, seriously considering marriage, and about to get naughty with the mother of the love of his life.

Back when Mike was 13, his family was struck by tragedy. On a family ski trip, Mike’s mother and sister were swept away in an avalanche while he and his father stood helpless on an adjacent slope watching the horror unfold. He and his father grieved their great loss. Mike had lost a loving mother and wonderful sister. His father had lost his soulmate and cherished daughter. They both struggled to move on.

Two years later, Mike and his father started going to church. That’s where they met the Rockers. A family of four that had experienced the heartache of losing a loved one when their son had been killed by a drunk driver. They seemed to understand Mike’s and his father’s unspeakable pain.

The Rockers had a daughter Mike’s age named Gloria. They started dating their senior year in high school, only after she had turned 18 as her father demanded. So Mrs. Rocker had slowly grown a place in Mike’s life that filled some of the void left by his mother’s tragic death. Although Mr. Rocker was less enthusiastic about Mike and Gloria dating, Mrs. Rocker was estatic. Daddy was protective. Mom was attached.

Mike was a basketball star. 6’6″ and a gifted athlete, he had many scholarship offers for college. But he decided to take the offer from the Bible College about 30 miles from home. This was partly because he wanted to stay close to home at his father’s request. But the bigger reason was that he wanted to stay close to Gloria.

So, for three years he had been growing as a basketball player and college student, commuting to classes from home. Gloria had immediately went from high school graduation to the family business. So she and Mike were able to spend a lot of time together when he was home.

The Rockers had built their business up from scratch. They ran a firm that handled debt consolidation as well as debt collections. It was an interesting model that had proven to be lucrative for them. Mr. Rocker had established several offices in other cities which kept him busy with travel, leaving Gloria in charge of the company headquarters office. She was young, but she was sharp. She knew her stuff. She was fully capable.

Mike had long admired Gloria for her smarts and much, much more. The first time he laid eyes on her back in high school, he knew she was the one for him. She was not only smart, but had a great personality and an incredible body.

The first time he kissed her, they were on their first date trying to get home before the curfew set by Mr. Rocker. They were parked just around the corner from her home. They kissed. His hands fondled her firm, ripe breasts over her sweater. Moments later they were home on time. An hour later he was sneaking in her bedroom window. It was their first, but certainly not last, memorable fuck they would enjoy.

So now he was in college. He chose the Bible College scholarship not for religious beliefs, but for the fact it kept him close to Gloria. Early in his freshman year, Gloria made a demand that Mike found awkward, yet sweet.

“I understand that you will be around college coeds everyday, some who will worship you because you are a basketball star. But remember that I love you and I don’t want to share you ~ with anyone.” Mike nodded and rolled his eyes, signaling that he did not need this lecture. But she then had told him something he neither knew nor expected.

“But, I know that things happen. So all I ask is that if you have a fling that you tell me who she is so I can keep an eye on her. Because, baby, once a woman sees bedava porno those magnificent balls of yours, she will never be satisfied with just one time only.”

Mike had no idea what the difference was between his “magnificent balls” and those of other guys, but he knew Gloria was serious. She had often worshipped him orally, slurpping his dick and balls like a candy she wanted to make last as long as possible. He shaved them at her request. Seldom did a day past that she did not touch or suck or fondle them tenderly.

Mike had no intention of allowing “things to happen” so he agreed to whatever Gloria said.

What Mike did not know, is that Gloria had told her mom about this as well. Mrs. Rocker and Gloria had actually had more than one conversation about Mike’s “magnificent balls”. These were mother-daughter conversations where Gloria confided her secrets to mom. Gloria never imagined that her mother would ever have improper thoughts about Mike or his balls.

So Mike was oblivious to Mrs. Rocker’s carnal knowledge of his magnificent balls. Gloria was completely misguided in the belief that her mother held zero desire to see those magnificent balls for herself.

So when this simple Saturday arrived that would usher Mike to the threshold of forbidden desire, neither Mike or Gloria could have anticipated what was about to happen. Mr. Rocker was away on business. Mike was helping Gloria and Mrs. Rocker manage a small yardsale in their frontyard.

It was late morning when Gloria got a phone call. She finished the call and said “Sorry mom, gotta go. You and Mike will have to finish things up on your own.”

Mike was disappointed, but understanding. The job did that sometimes. Mrs. Rocker was just as understanding, with a secret level of carnal desire just beneath the surface. Time alone with Mike was never a problem for her!

Within the hour, Mrs. Rocker suggested that they close up shop and move things back to the storage sheds behind their home. Mike agreed. There was not much heavy lifting. Just loading odds and ends into boxes and then carting them off to the storage sheds.

Mrs. Rocker was rolling the final load toward the storage sheds where Mike was stacking boxes. She smiled with curious eyes and asked Mike, “Do you know what this is?” She was pointing at a piece that had not yet sold.

Mike laughed. “That’s a golfball washer. Common on the golf course.”

Mrs. Rocker giggled as she said, “A ball washer? How does it work?” Just being able to say the word ‘ball’ to Mike was arousing to her. Nobody had a clue as to how often and how intensely she allowed her mind to envision Mikes well-hung body exposed to her, giving her a view of those magnificent balls her daughter spoke of.

Mike glanced around looking for a golfball he had seen moments ago rattling around in the storage shed. Mrs. Rocker enjoyed the naughty moment of secret lust that she experienced as he bent over rummaging through the odds and ends box. Her eyes admired his long, lean body and how his jeans hugged his ass tight enough to give her a hint of where those magnificent balls were hanging.

Mike found the golfball and held it up. “Here’s one. Let me show you.” Mrs. Rocker silently bantered back at him in her mind, ‘ Oh baby, I would love for you to show me those magnificent balls right now!’

Mike slid the golfball into the washer and pumped the handle up and down, demonstrating how it functioned to Mrs. Rocker. She pretended to be interested. But her craven desires were clouding her mind.

Mike, mistaking her gaze as one of interest, asked “You wanna try it?”

Her forbidden lusts mixed with her reply as she gushed, “Oh Mike, I would love to clean that ball right now.”

Her response was awkward to Mike. He was not even sure how to interpret it. Before he could fully think it through, Mrs. Rocker pumped the washer zenci porno and pulled the golfball out, acting as if she were admiring a priceless diamond. “So this would now be clean? Smooth? Magnificent?”

Mike wasn’t sure which it was. The glint in her eye. The way she was almost invading his personal space. Or the way she slowly hummed the word ‘ma-a-g…n-i-i-f-f-i-i-c-c-c-e-n-n-n-n-t.” But he felt vibes coming from Mrs. Rocker much different than anything he had ever encountered from her. He hesitated to respond.

“Mike? Are you okay?”

He stammered, “Y-y-yeah. Um, yes. That ball would now be ready to go.” He purposefully avoided any of the vocabulary Mrs. Rocker had used.

She would not let him off that easy. She shifted a bit closer to him. Her eyes locked on his. Her voice a bit more sultry as she repeated, “You mean clean,,, smooth,,, magnificent?”

Mike felt something twitch in his pants even as he fumbled for a reasonable explanation to what was happening. But as his mind raced, Mrs. Rocker moved closer, now close enough that her breasts were touching his chest.

Mike swallowed, trying to formulate some sensible sentence,,, or phrase,,, or even word. But all he could do was stand in stunned silence. Mrs. Rocker bent her right knee slightly as she lifted her foot to stand on her toes, causing her knee to extend forward.

Mike felt the pressure of Mrs. Rocker’s knee against his thigh. Silence. Not a word. Then, the sound of the golfball hitting the ground as it fell from Mrs. Rocker’s hand echoed off the concrete. As the ball pitter-pattered to a lower and lower bounce, Mike felt his balls pulsating and twitching.

Mrs. Rocker broke the wordless silence. “I am a true admirer of magnificent balls, Mike.” She was all in. Daring to seduce Mike in that moment of overwhelming desire. She was unsure of whether or not he would respond as she hoped, but this was her chance.

Mike felt Mrs. Rocker’s knee slide back down, only to be replaced by her hand firmly pressing on his thigh. He had to brace himself lest he be pushed backwards. He had to choose. Brace himself… or step back, step away.

He moved his left foot backward about six inches… and braced himself.

Mrs. Rocker leaned closer, squeezing her breasts against him as she felt his acceptance of her hand on his thigh. She daringly slithered her hand up his thigh, massaging his strong, firm quad muscles.

Mike’s eyes dared to look down Mrs. Rocker’s top, not the first time, but definitely the most naughty. His eyes admired how her cleavage was squeezed by the firm roundness of her breasts. Gloria’s gorgeous looks certainly were in the genes.

Mrs. Rocker’s hand came to a stop, just inches from the crotch in Mike’s jeans. She tilted her head back, drawing Mike’e eyes even deeper down her top, reveling in his lusty leer.

She rocked her head back up to look him in the eyes. “I just love magnificent balls, Mike. Can you help me out?”

So there he was. About to cross a line, stepping across the threshold of forbidden lust, that he knew would change everything, but his horny desires were more compelling than his good judgement.

He allowed his arms to wrap around her waist as he nodded, barely able to mutter aloud, “I think I have something that can help you out, Mrs. Rocker.”

She smiled as her hand cupped his crotch. “I think you have TWO things that can help me out.”

And from there, he did it. He crossed the line. He followed her into the house. He crossed the threshold to where there would be no return. She led him by hand to the couch in the patio room. She slowly sunk to her knees, bringing her face to a slow, sensual stop right in front of his crotch. She could see his bulge tightly packed inside.

“Magnificent” she cooed as she used her finger to trace a line along the side of the zipper all the way down brazzers porno to the seam. Mike trembled at her touch. Mike trembled at the thought of what was happening. Mrs. Rocker. Gloria’s MOM! His body.

He looked down at her on her knees, her mouth open and breathing hot breath on the bulge in his jeans. He could feel the heat through the denim. He moaned quietly. Her married mouth nibbled at the thick denim, biting lower to the sack she knew was his balls hanging just below the zipper line.

Then something happened. Mikes hands reflexively tugged at her top, and before he even realized what he was doing, Mrs. Rocker lifted her arms over her head, submitting to the actions of Mike’s hands.

Mike trembled even more. His hands tugged Mrs. Rocker’s top higher and higher until he drove it up over her extended arms and flipped it to the floor. His eyes drank in the view of her bare shoulders supporting thin bra straps that dove down to her low-cut, sheer, lacey bra.

Mrs. Rocker’s hand expertly manuvered Mike’s belt and button away, leaving just his zipper in place as she latched on to it with her teeth, tugging it lower.

Mike moaned as she again felt his cock and balls twitching, feeling Mrs. Rocker’s heat penetrating his jockey shorts.

As her mouth did its work, she reached her hand behind her back and unclasped her bra, eager to free it from her body and let her breasts be fully exposed to Mike’s young, admiring eyes.

Then, she returned her hands to the open flaps of Mike’s jeans. She pealed them open. She tugged them lower. He carefully kicked his leg to assist her effort, forcing his leg free from his pants leg. Then he stepped out with his other leg.

There Mrs. Rocker knelt, topless and aching for his magnificent balls.

There Mike stood, only his jockey shorts in the divide between his swollen cock and magnificent balls, and Mrs. Rocker’s eager eyes and mouth.

Mike looked down, the vision of her breasts framing his hard bulge.

Mrs. Rocker gazed straight ahead as she shoved her thumbs under the waistband of his shorts… and tugged them down… lower and lower until his firm hard cock burst into the open and flopped into her face! As precum smeared on her cheek, she yanked his shorts to his ankles and gasped as she got her first look at his magnificent balls.

“Oh shit. They ARE magnificent!”

Mike felt her warm, wet tongue slide under his balls and move to her repeated vocalization of the word “magnificent” over and over again.

Mike felt the surge of forbidden desire. Mrs. Rocker, his girlfriend’s mother, licking his balls as he stared at her exposed breasts.

She pushed him backwards until he fell back on the couch. “Spread wide and let me have those magnificent balls, baby” she muttered to him as she dove into his lap. He flung his head back and moaned as she took one of his balls, freshly shaven and smooth, and swirled it in her mouth.

For nearly an hour she worshipped his magnificent balls and cock. Finally, unsure of when Gloria might return, she slid his balls against her wet breasts as she sucked him with a final, climactic fervor.

Things would never be the same. Mike’s cum shot filled Mrs. Rocker’s mouth as he bucked in pleasure. As he slumped on the couch, Mrs. Rocker crawled up his body until she could whisper in his ear, “Thank you baby. That was magnificent.”

Mike did not know what to say. Before he could mumble a word though, she whispered in his ear, “And just so you know, there is more where that came from.”

And with that, Mrs. Rocker stood up and walked away. Still topless, but forever changed. Still married, but more experienced.

And Mike. He fell asleep. Still bottomless, but forever changed. Still yet to marry to Gloria, but more experienced than he ever could have imagined, more than Gloria could ever have imagined.

Soon thereafter, he was startled awake by the sound of Gloria’s voice in the front room. He scrambled to pull himself together. Fortunately, Mrs. Rocker conveniently delayed Gloria’s entrance.

Fortunate for Mike.

Fortunate for Mrs. Rocker.

And, in a naughty way, fortunate for Gloria.

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