She Watches Me

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She went to bed before me to put the baby to sleep. I waited for half an hour, long enough for little Faith to fill her belly full of warm milk and fall off to baby dream land and then tiptoed softly into the bedroom. My wife’s eyes greeted me, sparkling in the darkness, while little Faith made cute little baby snores. She watched me silently as I took off my shirt, and then winced when my belt buckle clinked loudly. Faith stirred and whimpered. She latched onto Heather’s breast and began sucking in her sleep, but only giving a half hearted effort. I froze with my pants half way down, breathing through my mouth to be as quiet as I could. My wife watched me silently, waiting for Faith to sink back down to sleep.

It pleases me to know that my wife enjoys watching me. She peeks in at me when I’m dressing, and slides the shower curtain back quietly when she knows my head is under the water with my eyes closed so she can watch the water run over my skin. She plays with the buttons of my shirt, undoing them so she can touch my chest. Once, in winter, she asked me to make her a fire, and shook her head when I started to put my boots and gloves on. No, she said, I want to see you naked in the snow. She watched me from the back door as I hurried to the woodpile in only my shivering skin, and she greeted me as I returned with a quiet, very satisfied, half smile and a dreamy look on her face.

I’ve become accustomed to her satisfied half smiles. They mean she’s watching me. Enjoying me. Taking pleasure in me. It’s an erotic thing that never fails to have a reaction on me, although she says she wishes it wasn’t such an immediate reaction. She likes watching me grow hard, and loves to hold and stroke my penis when it’s soft.

Faith was finished eating, and I was shivering in the cold air. My wife’s eyes followed my hands as I removed my last bits of clothing, with the rest of her body and Faith buried beneath the layers of blankets to keep warm. I felt her attention having it’s customary reaction between my legs.

Silently, I slid my body under the covers and snuggled up against her. She gasped, and mouthed, “You’re freezing!”

I winced and pulled away from her.

“No,” she said, “Come back.”

I moved my body back against hers canlı bahis and wrapped myself around her with my cock, now hard and throbbing, pressed between the cheeks of her ass. She wiggled against me and said, “It’s good to know not all of you is frozen. Hold me tight and I’ll warm you up.”

My right arm, I moved under her pillow, and I slid my left between her breasts, still hot and swollen with milk. I caressed her, gently squeezing and petting her upper breast, then freezing when I found that my hand had been joined by a tiny little hand connected to a sleeping baby. Faith caught my pinkie and began sucking again from the lower breast. I held still, listening to her greedy slurping while my wife breathed deeper and deeper, sinking down into sleep.

I closed my eyes and buried my face in my wife’s hair and fell asleep smelling her smell, and feeling her body pressed against mine.

I woke some time later with the moon shining down at me from the bedroom window. The room was bathed in the silvery moonlight and my wife’s body shown white as she stood looking out into the yard. She turned, saw that I was awake, and said, “It stopped snowing about an hour ago. The ground’s all white outside. Come see.”

I joined her at the window and gazed at the beautiful white snow, brilliant in the moonlight. She was grinning at me, and then noticed my body, naked beside her and without an erection. Her eyes blazed at me, and then she grabbed my had and yanked me out of the bedroom, down the hall, through the back door, and out into the snow. She led me to the middle of the back yard, knelt before me in the snow, and took my limp penis in her mouth.

She groaned and said, “I love to feel you get hard,” and then she sucked me as hard as she could. I gasped and felt the blood rush to her call.

She was happily slurping, sucking, and moaning away on my cock, and I could feel myself getting close, when headlights pulled into our neighbor’s driveway. She squeaked, and we both sprinted back to the house.

“What’re they doing driving around in the snow at 3:00 in the morning?” she giggled.

“Do you think they saw us?”

She shook her head. “Doubt it. The bushes hid us.” She shrugged, “And if they did, who cares. I like them. They’re bahis siteleri a cute old couple, and I’ll tell you a secret.” She leaned toward me and whispered. “I caught them making love in their hot tub last summer.”

I thought about our cute white haired neighbors, all covered in wrinkles and grand children making whoopee in their hot tub, and it made me giggle.

Shh! My wife shushed me, “You wake up Faith.”

She snuck into our room and transferred Faith to her crib, and then we both plunged back under the covers. My wife was the one with frozen skin this time, especially her knees.

“Do you think she’ll be warm enough?” whispered my wife.

“She’ll be warmer in the crib than she would be against you,” I said. “Burrr.”

“Quit complaining, Mr. Ice Cube, and do something about it.”

I rolled over on top of her, covering her naked body with mine, and buried my face in her neck. She moaned, “Oh, you’re warm.” And then she gasped when I pressed down on her.

“Oh gawd,” she breathed. “My breasts are so full. It hurts when you squish them.”

I leaned my weight up off her and looked down at her white, swollen breasts. The areola had grown with the milk and from Faith’s sucking, and the nipples were longer and larger than they once were. They were beautiful, and quite firm, full of milk like my cock was full of blood. “I’ll help you.” I said.

In Faith’s four months of life, I’d never tried it. At first there wasn’t enough and she cried her thin little baby cry when my wife ran out before she was done, and I could never bring myself to steal from her after that. But lately my wife was producing more than enough and would frequently leak from one side while Faith ate from the other.

A bead of milk bobbed to the surface of her right nipple, and I slowly leaned forward and touched it with the tip of my tongue. My wife gasped. “Oh wow.” She arched her back toward me, and I sucked her whole nipple into my mouthed and chewed softly like Faith did, pulling gently, and getting a mouth full of warm sweet milk. I gulped, and did it again, making greedy slurping sounds surprisingly like Faith’s only an octave or so lower.

My wife’s breathing was ragged and quick peppered with small gasps and hisses. I stopped bahis şirketleri and asked, “Are you ok?”

“Oh God! More than ok! Do you like it? I thought you hated my breasts because of the way they’ve changed.”

“My Love,” I answered, “I more than like it. It’s been the hardest thing keeping myself away from your breasts. I didn’t want to steal food from the baby.”

She cupped her breasts with her hands and said, “Faith is a greedy little monster, but I make more than she needs. I don’t think she’ll mind sharing.”

I leaned forward again and licked and sucked and slurped up the milk that dripped and squirted from her breasts as her milk let down. Beneath me her body writhed, and as I made and extra long and hard suck, I felt her legs wrap around me as she tensed into orgasm.

“Fuck me,” she said.

I cupped my hand and squirted some milk into it from her right breast, and then covered my cock with it. She grinned, and then grunted as I slipped myself into her. I thrust in, then pulled out and offered my cock to her.

“Lick my cock and taste yourself.”

She made a face, but still ran her tongue up the length, and then made an even stranger face. She said, “It tastes interesting. I kind of like it.”

I watched her for a moment as she made her thoughtful half smile, till she shook her head and commanded me to get on with the fucking.

I plunged myself back into her pussy, now sopping wet with its own juice. My wife was really getting worked up. I rocked back and forth inside her while she took a handful of my hair and moved my head down to her breasts again.

“Suck,” she said. “Suck and fuck.”

I fucked and sucked. It’s more difficult than it sounds to try to eat and remember to swallow at the same time as remembering to thrust and to grind and to hold back so it doesn’t end too soon. She pushed her pelvis and her chest up against me, moaning and scratching me with her nails.

I was running out of milk on the right, so I switched to the left, and felt the walls of her pussy clench down on me. She arched her back and cried out as she sprayed milk into my mouth. I pushed into her once more and came deep inside her, grunting and thrusting as we went through our orgasms together.

When it was over, and we were sweaty and gasping into each others ears, I heard Faith begin to cry from the other room. I slipped out of bed, retrieved her, and my wife and I fell back asleep with the baby snoring softly between us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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