Shoe Shopping

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My husband and I love to be physically active and there are plenty of bike paths and trails near where we live that we can spend our free time. My husband also likes to have me show off my body to strangers and this has often led to some naughty encounters. Since we have an open marriage and we are both free to roam the only restriction is that we share our experiences with each other.

It was a hot day in July and I was in need of new walking shoes/sneakers and I told my husband that I would be shopping for a new pair shortly. He told me that he knew of an athletic shoe store close to where he worked. Suggesting that I come by after he was done working and he would take me there and then out to dinner. We agreed to do it Friday night.

Now I had no intentions of doing anything naughty but it was an extremely hot day, yet low in humidity. Hubby’s commute to work was about 25 minutes from where we lived. I decided to wear a knee length summer dress that buttoned up the front and because it was so hot I decided not to wear a bra or panties, just a wedge sandal and some costume jewelry.

When it got to be time to go meet my husband, I jumped in our sedan and headed to meet him. I paid no particular attention to it at the time but the right side of my dress rose up to my hip while the left side was only slightly above my knee. I drove onto the 3 lane interstate and got into the center lane. I went to pass a man in a white pick up truck and when I pulled up alongside of him he sped up. I tried to speed up to get passed him and he matched my speed. Finally I looked at him to see him leering into my car. It was then that I looked down at my dress and knew exactly why he was keeping pace. The hem of my dress was only a few inches away from exposing my shaved pussy.

The thought of this guy seeing me sent a rush right between my legs. In my head I was torn between giving this guy a look at my pussy or just tease the hell out of him. I opted for teasing. My fingers reached for the hem of my skirt and moved up my thigh. They found my lips and pried them apart exposing my clit. I quickly looked over and the driver was glancing between the road and my legs every few seconds hoping my dress would ride up more. I could now feel the wetness leaking from my tunnel while I was spreading it around my sex. I inserted a finger into my pussy and it felt so good. I made sure he knew what I was doing under my dress by pulling my finger out and inserted it straight to my mouth. I did this several times to make sure he saw me do this. I went back and rubbed my clit some more but my exit was coming up quickly so I had to slow and get behind him. He continued on straight as I got off the ramp.

When I met up with my husband I told him the whole story and we both laughed. I only hoped that I had made that guy’s day. We walked to the shoe store and I could feel that my clit was swollen and I was quite horny. When we entered the store there was a young clerk there maybe in his early twenties straightening up merchandise. I found a pair of shoes I liked and asked him if he had them in my size. He asked me to take a seat so he could measure my foot. Remembering I had no panties on, I pushed my dress between my legs while raising my foot so he could measure.

The young man got up and went to the back to get a pair in my size when hubby leaned over and whispered in my ear to give him a show. He canlı bahis didn’t need to say it twice and when the young man returned to put the shoe on my foot I stretched my dress across my thighs above my knees. My husband gave me a thumbs up and when the salesman’s face turned red I knew that my genitals were fully exposed. I stood up to get a feel for the shoe and it was about then that a few more customers entered the store. The salesman let them browse for awhile hoping to get another look at my goodies. He waited as long as he could and then excused himself to help the other customers. My husband and I waited for a time but the salesman got busy with customers at the register so I picked up the shoes and went to check out. We went to dinner and then headed home.

That evening when we got home I took the shoes out of the bag along with the receipt. The salesman had written his phone number on the back of my receipt. That night hubby and I had great sex retelling about the guy in the truck and the salesman.

Then hubby asked me, “Are you going to call him?”

“I don’t know. He is pretty young,” I replied. “I’ll have to think about it.”

I wrestled with the idea for a few days and then I called him. I found out his name was Bruce and he had an apartment in town. We chatted for about 15 minutes on the phone and I agreed to meet him late Tuesday afternoon at his place. As Tuesday grew closer the anticipation of his young cock in my pussy grew also.

On Tuesday I dressed the same as I had the day I went shoe shopping. No bra, no panties, sandals and some costume jewelry in a button up sun dress. On the drive over to his place I was nervous, excited and extremely aroused. I knocked on the door and he opened it to let me in. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and I could smell heavy alcohol on his breath. He offered me a glass of wine and I accepted. We chatted for some time and then he asked me to stand up. I did and he reached for the top button of my dress and started to undo it. Once the first button was undone he moved onto the next. When he got halfway down my dress he started kissing my neck but there was no passion in his kisses. At midway point he took a step back and when he reached the last button he released both sides of my dress.

He stepped back again and viewed my pussy through unbuttoned gap of my clothing. Bruce then moved behind me and pushed the dress off of my shoulders and it fell to the floor. There I stood, naked as a baby except for my sandals and jewelry. He reached around me to fondle my breasts but my nipples were already raised and waiting for his touch. He then stood by my side as one of his hands massaged my ass while the other played with the lips of my pussy.

I asked him, “Do you like playing with my married pussy?” but all he did was grunt.

He got directly in front of me and dropped to his knees. I so wanted him to start and eat me out but instead he found my vagina and sank his fingers deep into me.

He did this for sometime and then stood up in front of me and I started to remove his clothes. I removed his shirt and undid his belt buckle and zipper. His pants dropped to the floor and I realized that he was commando. He pushed down on my shoulders rather roughly until my knees were on the floor. I looked at his hard young cock with expectation and saw a small amount of precum seep from his hole. His balls were tight against bahis siteleri his body and his rock hard shaft perpendicular to his groin. The head of his cock was so red in color I knew he would not last long.

I wrapper my lips around his penis and had my tongue do circles around his organ. I looked up to see him throw his head back and close his eyes. He put his hands on my head pulled it back and forth in a fucking motion. Not long after I could feel his semen hitting the back of my throat and I swallowed as fast as I could. Sucking on him until he was drained I could only hope he would start to meet my needs.

We dressed and he took me out to eat. The place was less than romantic and the food was mediocre. We talked so more and it was becoming obvious that because of our age difference we did not have much in common. When we returned to his place there was no need to go through the undressing ritual once again. I excused myself to the restroom to pee and returned to the living room without my dress. He was already naked on the couch with a semi hard cock. Thinking he might get a little more romantic, I asked if we could move to the bedroom. He led the way and flopped down on the bed on his back. I crawled onto the bed and once again took his penis into my mouth. I wanted a cock in my pussy soon.

When he was totally hard I removed my mouth and he motioned to me that he wanted me to ride him. I straddled his hips, reached between my legs and positioned his blade at the entrance of my womanhood. Slowly, I lowered myself onto him until he was completely inside me. I took his hands and placed them on my breasts. I wanted my nipples rubbed but he denied me that by grabbing my hips and thrusting into me as deep as he could. Removing myself from him, I positioned on all fours on the bed hoping that my dangling C cup tits would get his attention. Instead he grabbed my hips and just plowed back into me pushing my face into the mattress. At least he was holding out longer this time.

A couple more position changes and I could feel him getting ready to unload in me. I was aroused obviously but no where near an orgasm. Finally he exploded within me and he pumped into me until he was drained. We lay side by side for several minutes until I decided that this was all he had to offer. I got off the bed and told him that I needed to go. His liquid was running down my leg as I put my dress back on. A quick good bye and a peck on the cheek and I headed for the door.

On my way out the door he asked if we could get together again. “We will see” was the only response I could manage.

That night when I got home I told my husband all about my date and how I was frustrated and unsatisfied. He took me to bed and treated me to a tremendous orgasm..

The next morning he wanted to know if I was going to go out with this guy again. I told him I was not sure and that I would need a few days to think about it. Bruce called me several times the next few days but I didn’t return his calls. It wasn’t until I had lunch with my friend Gail that I decided what to do. Over lunch we talked about my whole experience with Bruce. Gail knew all about my extracurricular activities and I knew that she and hubby had gotten it on a few times too, but that is another story. Going through the details of that night I became convinced that it was Bruce’s lack of maturity that caused him to be inattentive bahis şirketleri to my needs as well as his. Gail on the other hand was thoroughly convinced that he was a pig and only wanted a warm wet pussy for a free fuck. We went back and forth on the ideas and finally I decided that I could teach him how to have sex with a woman the right way and be a good lover.

I called Bruce back and we agreed on another date. I explained to my husband that I wanted to help a young man to mature and respond to a woman’s needs. This time I would not make it so easy for him. The night of our date I took a bath, shaved my legs pussy and underarms and started to dress. Instead of a dress to just slip off of me I put on a black lace bra, a lace thong and black thigh highs. I black blouse with a deep neckline and my best pair of jeans. Low heeled sandals and some jewelry completed the outfit.

Arriving at his place on time I knocked on the door and he opened it. He invited me in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Again there was a heavy scent of alcohol about him. He offered some wine and we sat for a while and talked. He started to unbutton my blouse until he realized I had a bra on and then he stopped. Standing up he took of his shirt and started to unbuckle his pants. He didn’t stop until that beautiful young cock of his was free from all his clothes. I could see the head of his cock was almost purple when he sat back down on the couch. Trying to think of different ways to slow this down I was coming up blank. He thrust his hips at me like he wanted me to go down on his shaft. I quickly put some saliva in my hands and proceeded to jerk him off. It wasn’t what he wanted so he went back to removing my blouse and I continued to stroke him. With my blouse out of the way, he left my bra on and started to unzip my jeans. Once they were on the floor he went to remove my panties but was so over eager he tore them slightly before finally getting them off of my body.

This time I led him to the bedroom and lie on my back on the bed and spread my legs. I wanted him in my vagina in the worst way but his penetration should be slow so I could feel every inch of his cock enter me. I felt the head of his cock slip past my pussy lips and enter my vagina. Before I knew what was happening he slammed the rest of his cock into me and rapidly started to bang my pussy. He was like a man possessed and I could not slow him down. Bruce then let out a loud groan and I knew he released his fertile sperm inside of me. He stayed on top of me for the longest time and never got completely soft. Later I could feel his cock swell inside my vagina and I prepared for another fucking. Bruce moved slowly at first but I could hear the wet sounds of our coupling.

Since he would not remove my bra I pulled my tits out of the cups in hopes he would play with my nipples but he didn’t. I stuck my hand between our bodies and started to massage my clit hoping he would take the hint but all he did was keep pumping into me.

Throwing my legs over his shoulders he started to jack hammer me. The sensations to my vagina were great but they were incomplete. His cock stayed in me until it exploded for a second time and I waited until he withdrew. I started to gather up my clothes and get dressed. Bruce had a puzzled look on his face when he finally asked what I was doing.

“Bruce, I am getting dressed and going home,” I told him.

“But why?” he asked.

“If you don’t know by now you never will,” as I put on my blouse and jeans and headed for the door.

Was he young and immature of just a pig that wanted some free pussy? You tell me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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