Shopping for a Funishment

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“But I *hate* this store. Sporting goods does not count as shopping!” I pout.

“Baby, just a couple of things, and then we can go have some fun. I promise it’ll be quick.”

“But! Ugh!” I protest, but you’re already walking inside. I dread spending what always seems like an eternity in the sporting goods store. It’s always so boring, but at least there are usually muscular guys to look at. I smile as I think of the perfect way to have some fun while you shop. You’re waiting at the door for me. “I am *not* standing around while you look. I’m going to look around at some things myself,” I smile.

“You know the rules, Baby,” you say suspiciously.

“Mmmhhmmm. I know,” I smile, walking off to break those exact rules.

I am determined to find someone you would absolutely not approve of me talking to. Someone with strong arms, and wandering eyes, “maybe wandering hands” I think to myself & giggle.

The store is busier than usual today, giving me plenty of options to get into trouble with. There are plenty of wandering eyes, all wandering to the short dress I have on- one of your favorites. It hugs every inch of my curves, barely going below my ass, giving full view & access everytime I bend over. I walk to the end of an aisle and bend over, picking up an item from the bottom shelf, pretending to read the box, before bending over again to return it.

“You look a bit lost. Do you need some help finding something?” I turn to see him, his arms so big I’m surprised his shirt hasn’t ripped. I see him leaning a bit, trying to see up my dress, knowing my lace thong is in full view. He’s too eager to help for someone who doesn’t seem to work here.

“I’m not lost at all. I just needed someone tall enough to reach that shelf. Would you mind helping me?” I smile. “It’s that box right there.”

He reaches up, and I see you watching me from across the store. He tries to hand me the box I pointed out, but I grab his arm instead. “Thank you sweetie,” I say. “I love having a set of long, strong arms around me,” I tease as I lean closer. “You must work out a lot!” I gush, squeezing his arms, feeling your eyes on me. “It wouldn’t take any Van Escort effort at all for you to pick me up and do anything you wanted,” I smile, biting my lip as I look up at him.

“Anything I want, huh?” he smiles.

I nod, leaning to whisper in his ear, my nails digging into his arm, “Anything you want to do to me.” I see you staring at us still, so I kiss him on the cheek before walking away, leaving you and him to watch my ass.


You walk up behind me, grabbing my arm. You pin me against the wall, sliding your hand under my dress, pressing your fingers against my clit, rubbing slowly. “What do you think you’re doing?” You tower over me, looking down into my eyes. I can see that burning, see how badly you want to bend me over your lap here and now.

“Doing? What… What do you mean?” I ask smiling, struggling to keep my legs steady as my clit tingles.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t see you flirting with him? You have that short little dress on just to be noticed. I wonder how many of the guys in here will look over and see the wet spot in your panties, see your juices running down your legs,” you whisper against my ear, rubbing my clit hard.

“Oh, that,” I bite my lip as I smile. “Well he was just trying to um help me find something. I was being nice, that’s all.”

“Nice, huh? You wanna try another lie?” you ask, smacking against my clit. “Because almost everyone in here saw your ass as you bent over. That’s a bit more than being nice.”

“I, um, he, well,” I stammer as you rub harder, making my legs shake. I can’t think about anything other than how badly I want your cock inside of me. I look around for a fitting room, a closet, any where for you to fuck me.

“Your pussy belongs to me. I say who, and when, and where your pussy gets pleasured. Are we clear?” You watch, waiting for my answer.

“We’re… clear,” I manage to say, half moaning as I try to not cum.

“Good girl,” you say, kissing me deeply as you slide a finger inside of my pussy, fingering me furiously. I dig my nails into your arm, pressing myself against you, biting your lip to muffle the moan as my cum starts Van Escort Bayan to run down my leg.

“You really are a slut. Cumming all over your panties from just a little flirting. You’d probably drop to your knees with as little as a smack on your ass, wouldn’t you?”

“There’s only one way to find out for sure,” I press, hoping you’ll take the challenge. You smirk before turning to walk away.

“Well if that wasn’t breaking the rules enough…” I think to myself, “I will just have to keep breaking them.” I slowly walk down a few more aisles, making sure to stay where you can see me misbehaving.

The same guy walks up to me again. “You forgot your box,” he smiles.

“Oh! Thank you,” I smile, glancing around to make sure you see he’s come back for another round of flirting. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t get your name sweetie,” I say as I put my hand on his arm. I can’t see you, but I feel your eyes burning into me.

“I’m John,” he answers.

“Well, thank you so much for making sure I didn’t leave unsatisfied John. You’re very attentive to a woman and her needs,” I giggle as I lean closer.

“The real power of a man is in the size of the smile on his woman’s face,” he winks.

“Is it? Well, I’d love to find out just how powerful you really are John,” I tease as I run a finger down his chest to his waist. I look up and see hunger in his eyes, and smile as he rests his hand on my hip.

“Baby, we’re done here,” you growl. He looks at you confused. I smile, and wave goodbye to John as you half drag me to the car. I do my best to not giggle, but I can’t manage to hide the mischievous smile on my face. “What the fuck?” you growl.

“What? I was just having a little fun. The sporting goods store is usually so boring,” I protest, leaning against the car. I reach down to rub your cock. I can feel your shaft throbbing against your pants, begging to be released. And I am happy to oblige. I unzip your pants, pulling your cock free of your prision of clothes, stroking you slowly. You glare at me. Your eyes give away your anger, your jealousy, your lust.

You spin me around, shoving me against the car, pinning both of my wrists Escort Van over my head, pulling my dress up and spanking me. “You. Little. Whore.” each followed by a spank on my ass. “Fucking. Slut.” as you spank harder. My legs are shaking, I can barely breathe from trying not to scream, trying not to moan. I know you’ll stop as soon as you see how much I’m enjoying my punishment. You spank harder and harder until my knees go weak and I moan, my juices making a mess of me and my panties. My legs are soaked. You let go of my wrists, “Panties off.” you order. I look at you confused. You spank me hard enough that I yelp in pain. “Panties off. Now!” you demand.

I bend over, letting you watch my ass as I slip my lace thong down and off, handing you my panties before spreading my legs wider. You spank my clit, making my cum gush all over your hand.

You thrust yourself into me, slamming me into the side of the car. You pull my hair, pulling my ear close to your mouth. “Your pussy belongs to me,” you growl. I moan as you thrust into me harder and harder, rocking the car as you impale me, your hands squeezing my hips tighter. I feel my legs soaked in my juices, feel the electricity under your touch. You squeeze my hips tighter as my juices run down your cock.

I feel your cock twitching inside of me. I know you’re aching to cum, you need to fill my pussy, to claim me as yours. But you stop, putting your cock back into your prision of clothes. “Get in the car,” you say, walking around to your side. I look at you confused, and then get in.

“But… I just… and we… but…” I can’t complete my thoughts. I need more. I need your cock throbbing inside of me, your cum mixing with mine. I need to feel your hands on me, feel you reminding me that I am yours. I reach over to stroke your cock, but you smack my hand. I slide my hand down, start to slowly rub my pussy, which is already dripping wet.

“I say who, and when, and where your pussy gets pleasured,” you remind me.

I reach for your hand, pulling it towards pussy

“Please?” I ask. But you just drive, no teasing, no spanking. “Ugh. If you’re not going to do anything, can I at least put my panties back on?” I pout.

“No can do, Baby. John has them,” you smirk. “He was watching us. And I decided that after how wet you got flirting with him, he deserved to see how soaked your panties were.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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