Shower in the Dark

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Mornings at our house are always hectic, and today was no exception.

As I poured my morning coffee I heard My girlfriend Hope and her 20-year-old daughter Lauren talking about some new hair coloring Lauren wanted to try and how It had to Be rinsed out in a certain amount of time.

Then Hope left for work and I headed to our room to shower and get ready myself.

Because Hope sometimes works nights we have thick blackout curtains in our room and bathroom. They were drawn still so I turned on the light, turned on the shower then stripped down and got in.

I soaped up and then shampooed my hair. When I put the conditioner in I decided to kill the time waiting for it to work with a little self love.

I had just stroked myself to complete hardness when I heard the door open. Then the lights went out and I heard but couldnt see the shower door open. Then I heard Lauren’s voice, which came as a total shock.

“I’m so sorry Mike but I have the hair coloring in and I have to rinse it now and I broke our shower head. I turned off the water in our shower but I have to rinse my hair fast. Just dont move. I cant see anything with the lights out and it will only take me a minute.”

There was no chance to argue. I felt her slippery and naked body brush by me and her hands push me back against the shower wall, then I felt what could only be her ass push against my midsection as she put her head under the water.

This left me pinned against the wall with my completely canlı bahis hard dick nestled between the cheeks of her ass.

Nestled too low in my stunned and confused opinion. My dick wasnt confused though. Even without seeing anything my dick had gotten even harder as it felt the hot wet skin on her butt and that dangerous ground of what had to the skin between her pussy and ass.

She moved as she tried to rinse her hair and that made a bad situation worse. The movement of her body meant my dick kept rubbing against different parts of her. I swore I felt pubic hair one second then the inner folds of her pussy then the tight pucker of her ass. Over and over for what seemed like hours but can’t have been more than a minute or two.

Then she slipped and fell back against me, pushing the tip of my dick through the extra warm depths of her pussy before I felt the tickle of her pubes again.

My hands instinctively reached for her, finding her hips and pulling back against me to steady her. When she settled into place my dick was settled as well, its length running the length of her pussy, the head rubbing against her pubes and I suspected against her clit.

“One more second and I’ll be done, I’m so sorry. The floor is so slippery,” she said.

She didn’t ask me to hold her steady but she also didn’t ask me to let go, so I held her hips and held her in place against me.

That made the wiggling action both worse and better. Worse because now even standing with the bahis siteleri warm water from the shower hitting me I could definitely feel the heat of her pussy enveloping my dick. And better because at least the movement against me was less.

I’d moved past surprise into worry about the situation now, belatedly I realized. What would her mom say? What would I do if she tried to make it more and I ended up fucking her? And worst of all thats exactly what I wanted in that moment. I was rock hard. I could tell she was excited as well. All it would take would be a slight adjustment and I’d be inside her. Id never even thought of fucking her before but now I couldn’t stop thinking of it.

Then things got worse. She pushed back hard against me and I felt her leaning forward which moved the head of my dick directly onto her pussy. It wasn’t in her, but was like a train sitting right at a tunnel entrance. Any more movement and I’d be fucking her. She either didn’t notice or was determined not to admit it.

“Mike, I dropped the rinsing conditioner. I keep trying to find it but I can’t. Can you help?” She asked, not moving at all.

“Ok, it’s really cramped in here so you stand up and lll lean down and look,” I told her.

I didnt have time to move my hands when she did the opposite of what I asked and lowered herself and turned, dragging My hands up over her stomach and onto her breaats briefly before standing back up. I knew she was trying to find the bottle but i was thrilled bahis şirketleri at the chance to feel her large breasts briefly.

I had meant for her to stay facing away but as she stood she also turned toward me so I as squatted down my face moved against she stomach.

I knew what was about to happen and I figured what the hell and stuck my tongue out.

I was rewarded immediately with the feel of smooth skin, then hair and finally creamy warmth as my mouth moved down past her belly button onto her pussy. My hand on the ground felt the bottle immediately but I acted like i was still looking. I even asked her to move closer so i could feel behind her, moving her entire pussy to my mouth. I decided to be bolder and purposefully licked her before i stood up. Just a fast lick along her slit and over her clit but it was enough to taste her and feel how wet she was inside.

We were both dangerously excited and this needed to wrap up, so I told her I found it and stood up, this time rewarded with a brief nipple in my mouth.

When I was standing I moved my hand until I found hers and handed her the bottle.

She didn’t say a word, she just turned around and bent back over, again pushing her behind against me.

My hands again reached for her hips to hold her and and dick again was pressed hard against her.

I couldn’t take anymore so I held her hips and gently pushed forward, but my alignment was off and instead of sliding in, I just poked her butt cheek.

She giggled and said “I finally got it all rinsed out I think.”

Then she stood and started to leave. On her way out she said “I have to reapply it tomorrow. I may need to use your shower again.”

…To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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