Simmering Passions

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Courtney set down her pen as Charlie moved into the room, standing up to move to where he was and wrapped her slender arms around him. She smiled as her boyfriend pulled her close for a sweet morning kiss.

“Good morning,” he whispered against her lips as she purred softly, molding her lips against his as she looked into his eyes with a tender smile. “Sleep well?” he asked.

“Mmmm, sure did,” she answered, running her fingers down his back, “how about you?”

“Oh hell yeah,” he teased, remembering their night of passion. “I was worn out for some strange reason.”

Courtney smiled brightly, glancing up to him as her arms tightened. “Hmm, I think I know that feeling well.”

Charlie laughed and then pulled her in tighter, his teeth grazing over her neck. Courtney’s soft moans brought a smile to his lips as she trembled momentarily in his arms and then nibbled up her jaw to take her earlobe in his teeth and tugged. He knew this drove her wild and was rewarded with her soft sigh.

Courtney closed her eyes as his lips instantly awakened all of her senses, head tilting back and to the side a bit as she opened the access to her flesh. His tongue traced ever so softly over her sensitive ear as his leg moved between her thighs to rub at her now moist cunt trapped in the baby doll nightie she still had on. Shuddering helplessly, her fingers strove to draw him close and pressed her body to his. His tongue expertly worked its magic over her flesh before, without warning, slipped inside her ear. She cried out, her whole body trembling with desire as a tremor shook down her spine. Courtney’s nails dug into the upper portions of his arm as he awoke her lust.

At that moment, Charlie stepped back to take her by the hand and led her to the bed. Laying her back amid the tousled sheets and pillows, he watched as she stretched, her body blossoming beneath his gaze and then arched upwards as he slipped between her lips. His lips were like hot searing brands on her thighs as he began to nibble and lick her sweet trembling flesh. Darting his tongue over her cunt lips, he pushed her knees to her shoulder to give him better access and stretched out on the bed as he lapped at her cunt.

Courtney trembled helplessly, her fingers curling into the sheets as his mouth claimed her hot flesh. The feel of her thighs brushing against her breasts made her eyes close at the exquisite sensation and moaned as her moist cunt was now open to his lips and tongue.

Charlie glanced up, seeing the puckered little bud and moved his tongue down to flutter lightly over it as his girlfriend arched up in a quick jerk, gasping as his tongue made contact with her throbbing clit. He sent a new wave of desire gaziantep rus escort jolting through her as he sucked hard on the hard pearl, nibbling on it as his hands slid up her body to cup her large breasts. He could feel her trembling helplessly beneath him, her breasts seeming to swell beneath his palms as her clit throbbed between his lips. Her cunt lips swelled and filled with sweet juice as he continued to tongue her, a gleam filling his dark gaze as his tongue slid to her ass, raking over the puckered hole.

Courtney cried out in both surprise and lust, jerking upwards a bit as his tongue made contact with the musky rose-hued hole. It clenched beneath his touch in evidence of just how tight she might be and Charlie ran his tongue over it in light circles … first her clenched ass and then her dripping cunt before straining to slip his tongue inside her tight anus. Her groans lifted to his ears as she began to thrash beneath him on the bed. His tongue continued to drive her to the brink of madness and he pushed deeper into her ass as her eyes flew open, slipping past the tight barrier as her clit throbbed with every beat of her heart.

Courtney moaned uncontrollably, her whole body trembling with wanton lust as Charlie tongued her sweet ass, her nipples achingly tight as her cunt juice began to flow, seeping down her crack to where his moving mouth was. Moans erupted from deep within her throat as her cunt muscles began to clench in rhythm with her ass squeezing around his tongue. Her throbbing clit was almost unbearable as her own fingers found an aching nipple to pinch and twist, writhing beneath his hungered onslaught on the bed.

The musky taste of her ass intermingled with the sweet honey of her juices, coating his tongue as he began to move it faster, in and out. And then pulling it out, he looked up at her, growling huskily, “On your knees … hurry!”

Courtney whimpered in response, her eyes widening a bit as she looked at him and then slithered off the bed to melt downwards to hands and knees before him on the floor. She peeked back naughtily at him over her sloping shoulder, the tip of her velveteen tongue snaking out over moist lips parted for the fierceness of his kiss. Glancing erotically to his throbbing cock, she pressed her forehead down a bit, the movement of her bared back arching into a gentle crescent to accentuate the taunt curve of her tight ass. Her auburn hair was like a halo of wildfire fanned out around her slender form as she shivered in anticipation of what was to come. She couldn’t help but part her thighs a bit, revealing delightful pink lips that were swollen to perfection and panted reflexively a bit as her whole body screamed to be taken roughly from behind. Her throbbing pearl was nestled enticingly between steaming lips as the tight dark rose-colored hole of her ass opened a bit above her dripping labia. Glancing back to him for his reaction to the display of quivering holes that beg for his fast and furious claim upon the girl that was in love with him, a single drop of sweet nectar fell to the floor from between her legs.

Charlie moved off the bed to kneel behind her, slathering a generous portion of lube onto his throbbing cock. His hands spread the gorgeous cheeks of her ass and pressed the head against her tight hole. Her helpless groan was followed by the closing of her eyes and he saw her fingers dig reflexively into the carpet as she momentarily tensed up as he prepared to take her in the ass. He could feel her quivering in anticipation. “Relax baby,” he whispered.

Courtney couldn’t help but cry out as he slowly pushed forward, the head entering with a soft {pop}. Her eyes widened at the feeling of his head stretching her asshole as it tried to accommodate his size, grateful that he had stopped to let her adjust. New sensations began to trill through her as she started to relax. She could feel him push just a little more in before stopping once again, his hand sliding beneath to rub on her aroused clit. Courtney began to pant, her head falling forward as crimson waves fell like a waterfall of fire around her face. She tried desperately to relax, knowing it would only make it better as he stretched her beyond imagination, a mingle of both pain and pleasure sending a shudder down her spine.

Charlie slowly eased his cock in, inch by inch, until he was completely within her, stopping against to let his beautiful girlfriend relax. He could hear her gasp for breath, seeing the flash of silver tears lining her eyes from being stretch so widely.

Courtney felt a slight sting adding to the sensations, knowing that his size had drawn a bit of blood from her tight hole. Clenching her fingers into the carpet, she helplessly surrendered beneath him, shocked as her own body betrays her, pushing back a bit against him as her hips wiggled, adjusting to his size. And then she felt him slowly begin to move his hips, his cock starting to slide easily in her ass as she relaxed, the lube helping guide his way. She shuddered helplessly as his hand expertly strummed her hard clit, her juices flooding his balls. Her clit throbbed in delirium as he began to slowly stroke his cock within the tight recesses of her bowels, a lone tear sliding down her cheek as her ass pushed back, asking for more.

Each thrust pushed his cock a little deeper, a smile spreading across his face as he felt her began to yield. Just knowing how much she trusted him pushed him to take her a bit harder. Her soft cries and helpless whimpers only accentuated the shuddering of her body as he pushed deeper into her tight hole. He loved the way she wiggled back onto his cock, burying it deeper into her ass as it pushed against the wall of her aching cunt. His hand reached out to tightly wrap in her fiery tresses, pulling her head back as his tongue slid into her hear.

Courtney screamed in delight, the feel of his cock in her ass … his fingers on her clit along with his tongue in her ear more than she can bear. “Oh god, Charlie … I’m going to cum!” she panted. She could feel his breath in her ear and it set her on fire … the husky caress of his groans that signaled his impending release. She lurched back, shuddered as she came hard, waves of pleasure washing over her as she pushed back on his cock, crying out as tears raced down her cheeks, “Oh god … yesssss!!!”

Charlie picked up the tempo as he felt Courtney shatter in waves of hot cum as his cock slid faster, his fingers flying over her hot clit and plunged his tongue deep in her ear as she shuddered helplessly around him. He could feel her ass walls suddenly clamp down on him like a vise as her body spiraled out of control. He groaned as his cock swelled in her tight ass, thick ropes of cum blasting forth to coat her bowels as his hand pressed to her trembling belly. “Oh fuck, Court!!” he groaned, “God damn baby!”

Courtney shuddered helplessly, her body a mass of writhing need as she climaxed again and again, screaming out in delight as she felt Charlie’s cum coat the inside of her bowels. She could feel her muscles spasming so hard that sweet hot cream flowed out over his cock and through the lips of her contracting cunt as she cried out his name. “Oh Charlie!!! Oh god, yes!!”

Charlie shuddered as his cock shot the last bit of its load into Courtney’s ass she as she continued to cum. Her body jerked spasmodically beneath him as his cum rocketed out to splatter in a heated caress within her body. He slowly pulled his cock out with a {pop}, moaning as his cum leaked out to run down over his girlfriend’s contracting cunt. He fell beside her as she collapsed forward onto the floor, his body shaking hard as his heart felt like it would beat out of his chest. “God baby,” he groaned, “the things you do to me.”

Courtney moaned softly, shaky fingers reaching out to stroke Charlie’s face as she panted for breath, unable to speak as she locked gazes with her boyfriend. She could see the tears in his eyes, knowing that their love for each other knew no bounds. She could feel her own tears sting at her eyes as her trembling fingers pressed to his lips. “I … I love you so much, Charlie.”

“I love you too, Court,” he whispered and drew her into his embrace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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