Sinful Secrets Ch. 01

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Pam knew what she was doing was wrong, even as she clicked on the button to see if she had a new email from James. It was wrong for several reasons that Pam could think of, and probably several more that she couldn’t. Not that she wanted to think about morals, or ethics, or any of that crap. She wanted to think about James and the emails they had been sending back and forth. The fun, the excitement, the risk; all that made their little “affair” worth having, and worth keeping it from being analyzed. Right vs. wrong –that didn’t matter. It didn’t matter to her that she was sending naughty emails from her work computer. It didn’t matter that they were being sent and received on company time. It didn’t matter that Pam was a married woman or that James was a married man. It didn’t matter that James’s wife was one of Pam’s best friends or that James was one of her husband’s closest friends. It didn’t matter that James and Pam’s children were friends, or that they knew each other’s families. Nope, none of that mattered to Pam, and she doubted that any of it mattered to James either. What mattered were the intensity of the emails, the urgency behind them, and the question of what to do about the sexual tension that was mounting between them.

There was no new email yet but Pam wasn’t surprised. It would be hard to top that last one. What started off as “I think you would be good in bed.” then escalated to “I bet you would like to suck on my cock.” to “I would love to slide my tongue in your pussy and taste you.” and then to more detailed descriptions of what James would like to do to her. Of course, her replies were to describe her fantasies to him as well.

“I would suck your dick down to your balls and let you shoot your load far down my throat.” and “I would stroke your cock while you were ramming it in and out of my pussy from behind.” and other such fantasies. Lately, the fantasies were more in-depth and longer than they had ever been, and included such realistic plans to get together that Pam and James both knew it was only a matter of time before they crossed that line and met up in person illegal bahis to try them out. With that thought in mind, Pam checked her email one last time, to no avail, before she clocked out and went to lunch.

Arriving at her car in the back parking lot, Pam was surprised to find James leaning up against it, with a huge grin on his face.

“Get in,” he told her, “You and I are going to lunch.”

Pam got in the driver’s seat, a little bit nervous, yet excited at the same time. She asked James where to, and he told her just what she wanted to hear — right down the road to his place. By the time Pam pulled in to his driveway, she was already wet and anticipating what would happen when they got inside. Everything was left to her imagination, as James didn’t say a word to her during the ride there. But when they got to the house, James unlocked the door and let Pam in to his bedroom — a room she had been in several times, but until now, each time had been completely innocent. Not this time, Pam thought as James undressed her with an urgency that she never imagined. Running his hands over her breasts, and then down her belly, across to her ass, and then down her legs, he let out a moan before ripping his own clothes off. Pam could feel her heart racing, and knew it was only partially due to nerves.

James pushed her down on the bed, and lowered himself above her, close enough for Pam to feel the heat of his cock above her, but not close enough to actually touch him. He whispered something in her ear, just before licking her neck and sucking the tender flesh. His tongue moved over her neck, throat, lips, and finally found its way into her mouth, searching out her own tongue. Slowing down his pace, he lowered himself a little more, so she could barely feel the head of his cock against her pubic hair. She wanted him, and didn’t know how much longer she could hold out waiting. Arching her back as she pushed his ass down, he rose up and teased her a bit more. She could feel the tip of his penis as it seemed to get harder in anticipation. James licked his way back down her neck, stopping illegal bahis siteleri to suck each of her nipples into his mouth, down her stomach, and her inner thighs. He was close enough to smell her pussy, yet he licked all around it without touching it until Pam was ready to scream. Just as she was about to cum from the excitement, he thrust his tongue deep in her pussy, and she let go. With a mouth full of pussy juice, James gave Pam another kiss before turning himself around so his cock was above her mouth. Wanting to tease him as he did to her, Pam stuck her tongue out and barely flicked it over his cock, so he would feel the lightest sensation as the heat of her breath heated his cock even more. James was expecting the tease though, and rammed his cock in her mouth, filling her deep down her throat. She felt the urge to gag, but James was fucking her mouth so fast, while licking her pussy at the same time, that she had no time to act on the reflex.

“Shit, shit, shit!” he moaned, as he shot his load down her throat and filled her mouth with the excess.

Pam was close to cumming again herself, as James flicked his tongue over her clit, varying the pressure on her, while alternating with ramming his tongue in and out of her pussy. She came in his mouth again, while swallowing the rest of his load. When James excused himself to the bathroom, she thought the fun was over for the day, and started gathering her clothes.

“No you don’t, this isn’t over yet.” James told her as he came back into the bedroom.

He took advantage of the position that Pam was in, picking up her clothes from the floor, and with her still bent over he grabbed her tits from behind and brought her to the bed to bend her over it. Still as hard as he was when they first started, he slapped his cock on her ass cheeks before rubbing it against her clit, lubricating it with her pussy juice. Taking his time, he slowly slid his cock into her pussy, drawing a sigh out of Pam as she wanted to feel him deep within. Slowly filling her with his cock, James felt Pam reach behind and grab a hold of his balls, massaging canlı bahis siteleri them with her hands as she rubbed her clit with her thumb. The technique was a new one for James, but definitely not one that displeased him. With his cock buried in her pussy as far as it would reach, James starting rotating his hips, putting pressure on Pam’s g-spot. She tried to rotate her hips to match his movements, but James grabbed a hold of her waist to keep her still. After a few minutes of rotations, James picked up the intensity and speed, and started fucking Pam like the whore that she was being. Yelling James’ name over and over, Pam felt herself getting ready to cum again, just as James slowed back down and teased her more with his quick ramming his cock in her pussy, and slow easing it out, ramming it in, and slowly easing it out. Begging James to stop, Pam knew she wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer, and tried pushing herself back on his cock again, but James was still holding her tightly and not letting her move freely. He picked up his speed again, thrusting his cock in and out of Pam’s pussy as hard and as fast as he could. With James’ balls still in her hand, Pam felt her orgasm build up just as James took his cock out and shoved it in her asshole. As surprised as she was, Pam couldn’t deny the pleasure in the pain that James’ cock in her ass had caused, and she came just as she felt James shooting his load into her ass. Collapsing on the bed with James on top of her, Pam knew it was time to wash up and head back to work.

After returning to her office and dropping James back off in the parking lot, she walked into work where she felt that everyone could tell what had just happened by looking at her. Although nobody said anything to her, Pam felt that everyone knew her dirty little secret. Not caring what they thought, Pam logged back onto her computer and checked her email. There were several new messages waiting for her, and all of them were from her best friend. She read the first one, and suppressed a giggle as she thought of how to answer:

“Have you heard from James today? I have been emailing him and calling him for the past hour, and he is not responding. I even tried calling the house, but the phone seems to be off the hook. Has he called or emailed you at all?” Pam hit reply, and starting typing back to her…

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