Single Girl Hooks Up

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Hey lovers,

Greetings to all. Please enjoy, and comment if you want to. We want everyone to live their best life and be safe.


I had never come so hard in my life.

I felt like I couldn’t stop. Every time I came, he would back off, and tease me until I was ready again, and jam into me with hard, separated strokes, until I burst again. I lost count a long time ago. My whole body was on fire, I didn’t want to come down, and I quit caring about anything else. It went on for hours, he would alternate, from being behind me and on top of me, and roughly placing me on top of him to ride him, with his strong, rough hands holding my hips, and guiding me to gyrate into him. It made my clit grind back and forth across his pelvic bone, and I came again. My whole body was on fire, and my tits and pussy were raw, and I didn’t want him to stop. I was living every cliché I had ever heard about sex, and I didn’t want it to end.

I pulled away from him, and turned to kiss him. I could sense the aroma of scotch and cigarettes, he grabbed my ass and pulled me into him as we faced each other on our knees. He kissed my mouth, chin, neck, and collar bone, and teased my nipples. He sucked on them, and bit the undersides of my breasts, like he knew just how much I needed right then. Jesus, it was like he was in my head. After a while, we laid back down to catch our breath.

I heard myself ask him; “Does your cock ever go down?”

“Not with you it doesn’t.” He pulled me into him and kept kissing me.

I grabbed him, and pressed him to lay down on the bed, and licked along the groove of his pelvic muscles, where his abs started. I smelled my pussy on his penis, and had to lick it off him. I took his cock in my mouth, and tried to swallow it. I had never wanted to be so good at giving head before, I wanted to suck it all in and not gag, and found I could do it, if only for a moment. I did it a few more times, then took his cock in my hand, and jerked on him, while I licked the spot where his sack met his cock. I flicked it and took it in my mouth. I heard him moan, and sucked it harder. He breathed in sharply, but didn’t stop me. I jacked his dick harder, and swirled his balls in my mouth. He nudged my hand with his, and squeezed his cock and jerked him harder. I twisted around to look up at him, and saw him wanting to come. I put my mouth on his taint, and jerked him harder. He started to struggle, and I came up to his cock, and looked at him while he clenched his eyes shut and convulsed. I put my mouth over his cock and waited for him to come. He built up and arched his back, and I sensed his load in his urethra, just before he came in my mouth. I kept jacking him, he held back, and then spurted again, harder. I couldn’t keep it all in, and I felt myself coming with him. I swallowed all I could, and loved all of it, I barely noticed what it tasted like. He seemed to lock up, and I looked up into his eyes as he jolted one more time, it hit the roof of my mouth, and I took it all. He put both hands on the side of my head, and I froze with him. After some time, his grip relaxed, and I carefully licked around his cock, and slurped off of him. He pulled me up to him, and kissed me hard. I was shocked, I had never had a man want to kiss his own cum, but he licked the edges of my mouth and pulled me into him.

“Are you done?” He asked me, and I laughed out loud, and went limp on top of him.

“I can take a break.” I kissed him back, and lay across his body, feeling his wet cock go limp between us. I was tingling all over, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do now. I nuzzled into him, and traced over his nipples with my fingertips. We rolled to face each other, I breathed him in for a while, and put my hand over his cock. I smeared his cum around, and licked my hand. I wanted more.

We dozed for a while, and I was aware of him rolling me over to spoon into me, and pressing his cock into the small of my back. He stirred, and was kissing my neck and shoulders. He caressed my sides, and cupped my tits, I teased his leg with my toes, and he caressed from my hips to my toes. He shifted himself, and suddenly forced his cock into me again. I spread myself open to let him jam into me hard, and yelped as he jammed into me harder, and grabbed my thigh to spread me apart. He fucked me from behind, and I came again, and suddenly came. I felt his seed hit me inside, and froze, as he stroked a few more times, filling me up. He squeezed my tit as he shuddered, and we both went limp.

The sun woke me up, and I realized that the shades were open. I hoped that no one had seen us, and realized at the same time, I didn’t give a fuck if they did. I slowly woke up and escort ataşehir kissed him. He kissed me back, half asleep. I crawled out of bed to the shower. When I was done, I came out and dried off in front of him, watching me through half-closed eyes. He took a shower too. When he came out, he offered me a cigarette. I took it, and we laughed a bit about the events of the previous night, and went to a local diner for some huevos rancheros.


It seemed to hit me suddenly. I wasn’t deprived at all, I had had several serious boyfriends, but life never lined up to let me settle down. They came and went, and I had plenty of sex, but it all seemed to level off very quickly. I was far too willing to settle for ‘ok’ sex, as long as I didn’t have to commit. I wasn’t sure what I was holding out for. I had been through a breakup, where a guy I had been with for a few years took me on a cruise to Mexico, and we had a lot of fun. We had lots of drinks and sex, a few adventures. But when we came home, he confronted me with a challenge. To me it seemed like an ultimatum. He wanted me to marry him, but he wasn’t the guy I wanted to marry. He became angry and jealous, itemizing all the money he had spent on me, demanding to know what he had to do to keep me. I was stunned at the time, I told him I wasn’t aware that I was being groomed for commitment. He stormed out and left, and I didn’t know if I was supposed to feel bad about it for a while.

I continued at my job, where I was the head of human resources at a small manufacturing company, and buried myself in work. But after my 32nd birthday, I found I was focused on sexuality. Suddenly every office interaction seemed like a flirt. I started to feel like every guy I looked at was a sex object. My brain started to mess with me, telling me it couldn’t all be about sex, everyone was just being friendly. The UPS guy with the strong legs and great smile wasn’t flirting with me, he was just being nice.

Then one day, I got my bubble busted, HARD. My best friend and confidant at work took me to lunch one day. She was fifty-ish, and frankly quite plain. She told me that she had been hooking up with random guys online, and getting laid so much, I was a bit shocked. You don’t think about middle-aged people being horny and seeking sex, but she had been meeting people online for hookups, and had recently done a threesome, where she had been “Eiffel Towered” (I had to look it up) by two Latino guys. I was shocked, I hope I didn’t reveal it too much from the look on my face. But mostly I was feeling glad that she was getting laid and enjoying it.

This didn’t help my work life. I shifted to being very aware of the guys who were flirting with me. I was attractive enough, I have brown eyes, I am always smiling, and I am curvy in all the right places, and I laugh at all the guys’ jokes. I found myself wondering; “Would these guys fuck me if I made myself available?” It became an obsession. Everything was about sex. One day, a guy I was friendly with was in my office, and asked me if I had had any dates lately. I felt myself transform a little bit. I knew I was supposed to demure, and say something like; “Oh, I’m too busy lately.” But I heard myself say; “Why? Do you think I should be?”

He leaned over my desk a little bit, and said; “If my wife was as hot as you, I wouldn’t be asking.” It hung in the air for a second, and then we both laughed. I went home that day and masturbated in the bath for a long time. A few days later, he came into the office, and I mouthed to him to close the door. He smiled and sat down.

I asked him; “You were flirting with me the other day, right?”

He laughed, and said; “I’m glad you caught on.”

“Are you serious?”

He paused. “I wasn’t sure. Why? Are you interested?”

I smiled at him. “Not if you’re married. It’s too much. Is that ok?

“Sure it is. Are we ok?”

“Of course.” We both laughed. “Don’t be weird about it.”

We were ok, and he never hit on me again, but my imagination was still going crazy. I started to go back in time, wondering about other men I had worked with, wondering if they were flirting, or just being friendly. Realizing some of them were married, and then asking myself if I would have stopped because of that. One day, I was so hot, I went to the bathroom and masturbated for twenty minutes, I came twice. I never could have done that before.

All of my free time became occupied with thoughts of sex. I started masturbating much more frequently, at least every night, sometimes in the morning. I decided I didn’t want to do it at work, I was too self-conscious about someone walking by and smelling pussy. I realized I hadn’t kadıköy escort gotten laid in months, and it was on my mind all the time. Some of the girls at work asked me to go out one Friday, and I froze. I was afraid of what I might do if I had a few drinks in public. I took a rain check, and went home and thought about it. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but I needed some sex, and soon. I explored some porn, and got myself off, and did some online shopping. I drank a bottle of cheap white wine, and bought a black dress with spaghetti straps, and some knock-off LV heels. I made an appointment for my hair and nails, and went to bed and furiously masturbated with a vibrator. I wasn’t even sure what I was going to do. I looked at Tinder and another few online sex sites, but nothing made me want to act out. I read erotica a lot, and I wondered where the line was between fantasy and reality.

My packages started to arrive, and I found myself thinking more and more about if my actions were likely to get me laid. I stopped making plans with friends, and decided it was time to put up or shut up. So I booked a motel room in a nearby town, and used yelp to look at local bars. I found one that seemed to be lively and safe. I spent an evening getting primped, and drove into town and checked into the hotel. I had a few drinks to loosen up, and took my time getting ready. I took a hot bath, and carefully shaved my pussy. And pits. I hadn’t done this in a long time, and just doing it made me feel naughty. I used a soothing lotion to cool off. I put on my outfit and got ready to go out. Short black dress, matching bra and panties that made my boobs stand out, glossy red lips, with black liner, same on my eyes. I hadn’t vamped it up like this in a long time. I sprayed a spritz of “J’Adore” on my hands, and lightly spread it on my neck and ….inside my thighs. I paused to look in the mirror. I looked fucking hot. Bobbed black hair with bangs, great looks from my Filipina mother, and brown eyes. I stopped seeing a girl who was trying to look hot, and saw a woman who was in charge. For now. I took a breath and headed out the door to the bar that was a block away.

I hadn’t been to a bar in a while, and I had never gone to a bar trying to get laid. I had done some homework, and this one seemed to be friendly to singles and couples, with no bad reports of assholes. I saw the front door coming into view, and tried to calm down. The guy at the door looked at my ID and let me go inside. The mood was dark and….cool. Neon lights and R “Can I bum one of those?” I tried to act cool. I pushed them over to him, he pulled one out, and I picked up my lighter and struck it, he leaned into me, and I lit it. He got his drinks, and looked at me. “I’m here with a few friends. Can you wait a few minutes?” I smiled at him and nodded, and sipped my drink. He went back to his friends, and I tried not to be obvious while I watched him go through the motions and say goodnight. I looked close, and saw no ring. I realized with a thrill that he was making excuses to leave his friends and fuck me. I tried not to think about the idea that this was the first time I had ever done something like this. After about fifteen minutes, I saw him putting his pool cue back in the rack. He started walking back to the bar. I gulped my drink. I was quite buzzed. I asked myself if I was ok, and exhaled.

He came back to the bar, and asked if he could sit by me. I laughed a little and said sure. I turned into him, aware of my legs and shoes. I pulled out two cigarettes and gave him one. He pulled out his lighter, and I leaned in and he lit it. “I’m Mark.”

“Maria.” I made myself maintain eye contact, inhaled, and leaned back, exhaling. I made sure my cleavage and feet were in full view. I realized for a fraction of a second, that I have no instinct at all for this, and I loved it. “Are you here to play pool?”

He exhaled and looked up, avoiding eye contact. He laughed a little, and I was somewhat aware, he felt just as awkward as I did. But something inside me told me to keep it together. “I am. But it’s getting late.”

I thought for a second, while resting my head on my hand and smiling at him, that I have no idea what the right thing was to say. I heard myself say; “Let’s go.” I stood up, and he took my hand. I led him to the entrance, and we left. We turned out the front door to the right and started walking. I pulled him close, and he pulled back. I felt how strong he was. Suddenly he stopped and surprised me. He grabbed my head, and I looked at him for just a moment before he pulled his face into mine. He kissed me, and I felt my insides fighting over being really cautious, and wanting maltepe escort bayan to kiss him hard. He made up my mind for me, and pushed his tongue between my lips. I flicked it back and opened my mouth. He grabbed my ass and pulled me into him. I felt his cock inside his jeans, and stood and kissed him for a while. The motel was a block away.

I made myself be calm while I fished the key out of my pocket. We went in the door, and I pushed it closed behind me. He grabbed me and pushed me against the door. He cupped my ass with both hands and lifted up while he kissed me. I lifted a foot and squeezed a knee alongside him mas he snaked a hand under my short dress and found my barely-covered ass. I put my fingers under his shirt and ran up his sides and belly. I ran the other hand into his crotch, and felt his cock and squeezed. Suddenly, he grabbed the bottom of my dress, and pulled it up over my head. He looked up and down my body, with my black bra and panties. I was so happy that he wanted to look at me. He leaned back in and grabbed my ass, and kissed me some more, down between my tits, I sighed. I found his belt buckle and undid it. I reached my hands inside his pants and squeezed his hard ass. He pressed into me and paused to look at me before he kissed me some more.

I pulled him over to the bed, and he pushed me back onto it. I looked at him as he pulled off my shoes. He took my leg, and ran a hand up the inside of it to my pussy as he kissed the inside. I relaxed as he pressed on my clit from the outside, and bit my thigh. I reached down and pulled his shirt over his head. I was rewarded with a strong back and shoulders, and well-defined arms. He slid out of his clothes, and lay on top of me, smothering me. I kissed him and pulled him into me, he ground his cock against me through my panties. Dear Christ, I was ready to come already. His hands were all over me, rough and strong. He went down and pushed my panties to the side, and started licking. I started shaking and went limp, I was already there. His tongue probed and flicked, and I cried out loud as I came. He didn’t stop, jamming two fingers into my cunt, licking everywhere his tongue would reach. I felt a mix of fire and lightning inside me, and suddenly I sprayed all over his face and the insides of my thighs. He didn’t stop, and kept licking everything. I pulled my panties off, and he licked up to my tits, biting them through my bra. I arched my back, and he unlatched it and pulled it off. My hand found its way to his cock, and squeezed it hard. I heard him yell something vulgar, and he kept licking and kissing. I was so hot, I was ready to explode, I had never been so aroused in my whole life, none of my other lovers had ever worked this hard to get me hot. I was a hot bitch who needed cock so bad I didn’t care about anything.

I pushed him up, and looked at his cock. It was heavy, and throbbing in my hand. I pushed him sideways and bent to put it in my mouth. I could taste how aroused he was, and I was torn between sucking him until he came down my throat or letting him cum in my cunt. I flicked and pinched his nipples with my fingers, I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock, and he started squeezing my tits while I sucked on him. He started moaning out loud, and I tugged on his balls, loving hearing him build up. Suddenly he froze, and spurted cum into my mouth. I was unprepared and most of it spilled out of my mouth. I kept sucking him and let him fuck my mouth, lying limp as he spent himself. I started to worry I had missed out on getting fucked. I leaned back and looked at him, as I squeezed his cock. He looked at me, as if nothing else mattered. His cock never went down.

After some time, he pushed me back onto my back, and looked at me, as he started rubbing the tip of his cock on my clit. He sucked on my tits forcefully, like he was angry. I moved under him and spread my knees apart, as flat as I could, inviting him into me. He paused and looked at me, and then forced his cock into me. He pushed in hard and stopped, and looked into my eyes. He started gyrating in me, grinding all over. I felt my cunt gushing, wanting desperately for him to fuck me. Slowly, he started to withdraw, and push back in. He took an eternity to go back and forth, further each time, until he came out of me, then he violently pushed back in. His cock was a hot poker in my pussy. He started to pull out slow and jam back in hard, over and over again. I was on the verge of coming, and he grasped my tit cruelly. He put my feet on his shoulders, and bit the inside of my calf hard, and jammed me again. I started to come, but he didn’t change. I came, and he gradually pushed in faster and faster. I came so hard, it lasted forever and didn’t stop. I was crying out and not caring. I begged him to fuck me harder, but he ignored me and went at his own pace, letting it build until I lost all reason, letting him manipulate my pussy however he wanted, powerless to his fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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